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10 Questions for ZG – filed yesterday by Team Casey

From CF-NEWS13:

“Lawyers for Casey Anthony want some answers from Zenaida Gonzalez.

In a 14-page court document, there are 10 questions for the woman suing Casey for defamation. Gonzalez was served with that document Wednesday.

Those questions ask her to describe her work history, her income sources, credit cards and bank accounts she may have gotten since 2008, and any gifts her daughters may have gotten from any employees of Morgan and Morgan.

Casey’s lawyers also want to know if Gonzalez has had any contact with marketing or entertainment agents and if she has gotten any money from them. They specifically want Gonzalez to describe how she got on the Dr. Phil Show in March of this year. That episode aired in April. They also want to know if she was paid for that appearance and even what hotel she stayed at and who paid for it.

Gonzalez was offered a job with J&M Cleaning during that appearance through Dr. Phil. They also take it a step broader and ask if she has been paid for any media appearances. Gonzalez has 30 days to respond.”

It’ll be interesting to know just how much M&M’s infamous PayPal-powered Motel 6 resident has made, primarily from telling everyone about how her non-existent reputation got ruined.

Click here to download the 14 page court document (opens PDF in a new window).



  1. I love it when Casey’s Lawyers let Zenaida have it with both barrels.

  2. Marilyn C. says:

    WoooHooo…You go Mr Greene!!! WHY shouldn’t she be asked these questions? She is the one that has to PROVE how bad Casey screwed her life up (which is a joke, if you’ve done any research online of her). I am still scratching my head on how this lawsuit even got this far. After asking “What is your name”? Its not Zenaida Fernandez- Gonzalez? Done. Keep in mind that her & the Morgan bunch was all over TV saying SHE was the REAL ZENAIDA. I just saw a rerun today of her & her BS on ABS from July 14,2011 boohooing about her loosing her apt,car & job…BS!!! I would still like to see her deposition. I know Mr Greene & his team will do a great job for Casey. I wonder if Miss Zenaida kept her job Dr Phil got her. You don’t see anybody really concerned about HER not working since 2008….just outraged that Casey isn’t working! Its a crazy world we live in!!

  3. Silent Juror says:

    Interesting cant wait to hear the answers…

  4. Anthony says:

    Just read the PDF and these questions are great. Good job by the attorneys for Casey. Inquiring minds want to know lol

    • Exactly! Investigators questioned and investigated Casey on everything yet found nothing! I bet they’ll find something on ZG 😛

  5. I read on last night that Cheney Mason is going to accept the subpeona on Casey’s behalf so that her address will not be revealed but she is expected to appear in court.

  6. Well I understand the subpeona has been delivered.

  7. Does anyone know if these questions have been answered? The deadline was up last month.

  8. Casey I’m sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby girl. Through all of this media attention on the trial no one seems to think about the horrible pain u must feel everyday. I have a baby girl as well and cannot imagine the plethora of feelings u have to endure. I’m sorry for u and I hope ur getting the help and support u need honey. Because when all the cameras and most likely unwanted attention is gone caylee will still be gone.

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