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30 Reasons why Casey Anthony must be innocent

Want to know 30 reasons why Casey Anthony must be innocent? Watch this video:

30 Reasons Why Casey Anthony Must Be Innocent


  1. I want to thank you for this brave video. We are in the minority. I’ve argued about this all day on Facebook and from now on I will simply share the link to this video. I’ve blogged about this at the referenced site as well. Good luck. xj

  2. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    Casey Anthony is totally innocent. I talked to a lawyer I met. and he said that she was only tried because of the media and that there is no evidence against her. Ladies and gentlemen, Jeff Ashton put this innocent girl in jail for three years and threw away tons of taxpayer money persecuting Casey, when, as anyone with any common sence knows: CASEY ANTHONY IS 100% INNOCENT!

    • couldn’t have said it better myself, thank you Patrick!! and Casey is doing so good, coming to Jesus and just proving all the hate media wrong. God Bless her and thank you again

  3. Bella Vita says:

    I think threats were made to Casey to kill her. I think she knew about her daughter’s death but I think her Father is the one who did it. I think her father killed Caylee and put her in the trunk to make a statment to Casey for some reason and then the Father went to discard the body and made Casey a part of it to make her look like she did it.


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