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A Message From Casey

From CMA, October 5, 2011 at 2:30 am

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you.

I want to thank each and every one of you for the love and support.

This will be the first of many posts, so this will be kept brief, and hopefully quiet.

It was a long 3 years, and I have a long year ahead, but the battle is far from over.

Everything I do from this moment forward is not just for Caylee, or for myself, but for those who have bravely stood beside me, yourselves included. A lifetime of thanks.

My love to you all, and I can promise you this, good things are to come.

I leave you with one parting phrase: “Nenikekamen”-which means “we are victorious” in Greek.

Forever and Always.

(SJ, the true meaning of AWESOMENESS belongs to you.)


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  1. Dear SJ,
    Can you bellieve CMA wrote on your site!?! How AWESOME IS THAT!! Your site is the best!!
    xoxoxoxo ~ kat

    • Hi KatM! I know… it’s definitely been a really awesome day all round. It was a great idea of yours to have a “Shout Out” page for Casey too! :mrgreen: Thanks for your kind comments. Take care! SJ

      • Hi SJ, Casey is ABSOLUTELY right) This site is truly awesome, and so are you))) keep doing what you’re doing and the real justice will be served)

  2. Casey, I’m so happy you are doing well and so hopeful. You deserve all our love and more! Casey don’t ever give up. I know it seems like a long hard road you have to travel but things will get better. I promise! I’ve been praying for you and will continue to do so. Love always Curt

  3. hi casey i hope every day from this point on gets brighter and brighter for you and you can put the past behind you!
    ps i’m sure you have read many but here are just a few more words of encouragement:


  4. Remember, every day you have people who care about you. We love you and hope that one day everyone will see how innocent you really are.

  5. Hi Casey! Consider me a friend! I will stand by you! Everyday just give it your best and ignore those people that are jerks you got real friends here I hope some good words or actions can be of help. It is so good to hear from you : ) Thanks for your response because we mean it Take Care of yourself Now! and Thanks SJ.

  6. Casey,
    YAAAA!! I’m sooo glad you wrote us back.Glad to hear you are ok this is one place you don’t have to deal with haters cause we all LOVE you!! I always thank SJ for this site cause without him we can’t share our love with you.I really hope you keep in touch.

    Tiff 😀

  7. Hey Casey! We hope you are doing great! We believe in you. You are going to sail through this probation with no problems. I have been “fighting” for you on FB and out in public. God bless you Casey. Don’t listen to the idiots and haters. Some of us have enough intuition to see that you are a good person. Our numbers are under estimated.


  8. kathleen poore says:

    Hi, Casey, I believe ur innocent! I wish we could chat! I have been following the case and u are TRULY not guilty and I hope u find happiness soon!
    Biggest fan,

  9. Gillian W says:

    Casey! Wheee! Glad to see u opening up, and gracious as always! We are always here for you mamacita. We wish you peace, joy, and love! 🙂 Keep your head up, girl. You’re a survivor, and a hundred million evil words will not change that. Once this ordeal is “in your past” I know you will thrive.. 😉 Hope to see u around O town! 🙂 Find me on facebook!

  10. Casey, always here for you. There are people out there with open minds and can see past the media hype and lies. We believe in you and always will.
    <3 Caylee and you.

  11. SJ – Do you have reason to believe this is really Casey? I hope so. I would like to think I have really communicated with her?
    We Love ya Case!

    • Kimberly Ballman says:

      I am so glad, so many good people are out there, who are sticking by Casey.
      I get so tired of people, who think they know her, because the media sold them this messed up story about her. She is innocent, and she should be supported by the people, so she can recover from yet again another horrible experience in her life. I do hope this is Casey, speaking out, again the nice words sound like her, but until she speaks to me… I can not be sure. If this is you Casey, I can only say, please.. contact me, I am worried. I am in Orlando, it would be so nice to see you again. ttyl I hope.. YOUR FRIEND KCC

      • Marilyn C says:

        Kimberly…don’t you think it is too DANGEROUS for her to start contacting us? As bad as we all want to hear from her…I want her SAFE & SECURE first.There are some CRAZY people out here who only want harm brought to her.But hopefully soon all this will change.
        Casey…I sit & watch Amanda being surrounded by family & friends welcoming her home & my heart literley breaks because your family could not do that for you.PLEASE think of ALL us as your family.I know all of us wish we could be there to support you in whatever you face on Oct 8th.Please close your eyes & remember that we will be standing behind you & beside you thru it ALL.I am a Mom & Grama & would be proud to have a granddaughter like you.My other Granddaughter just graduated college in May,if you actually had a family who gave a crap so would you! But that means that you have to care more about your kids than yourself.Honey,we are here when ever you need us!! One day this Casey Love Train is gonna hit town!! We won’t show up acting like FOOLS…but people who have more class than those other IDIOTS in Orlando! Hang in there Sweet Girl.Please give your whole team out LOVE also!! Marilyn C.

        • I hope she stays safe too marilyn! And I agree with you about the “CASEY LOVE TRAIN” I say we all meet up and have a big …something… i dont know what… but something to show the world that she has many supporters out here and hopefully open peoples eyes so they can see that Casey is an AWESOME person..inside and out! YAAAY FOR CASEY!

          XOXOXOX <3~ kat


  13. lisa singh says:

    we are with you 100% casey.

  14. Bella Vita says:

    <3 Strong Casey Blessings “Nenikekamen” I <3 U & Support U Bella Vita Glad To Hear From U 😉

  15. ZG is about dumb, she only did this b/c she thought she could get some money out of the deal and just wanted to get her face in the camras hoping that some one might see her and make her rich by putting her on a tv show or something…SORRY ZG BUT THE ONLY TV SHOW I SEE YOU ON IS “DRUM ROLL PLEASE” a back up person doing exercise moves, on the Shaun T Insanity Workout program, that only comes on the free tv channels, and half of the time they are blurry or freez up and you cant see them =))

  16. Marilyn A. says:

    Iluvkc, OMG, are you serious?!? Your post sounds like a hater post without the derogatory words. I’m not sure if anyone else takes exception to your post but I most certainly do. How does your post benefit Casey or those who care about her?

    In case you don’t already know, there are a lot of people who don’t have close (blood) families or for that matter don’t have families at all. If you have a close family, that’s great for you but it doesn’t put you on a higher level than anyone else.

    I happen to be one who doesn’t have a close family caused by dysfunction (abuse, molestation, narcissism, alcoholism, etc). You name it and my family has it. It took me a long time to recognize the dysfunction and how toxic my relationships were with my narcissistic mother and 2 of my 3 brothers. To stabilize my own life and that of my children, I severed ties with my toxic family members but it wasn’t easy and it took a long time. Severing those relationships and learning new coping skills has made me a better mother and grandmother. Unfortunately because it took long time, my grandchildren are benefiting more than my own children did growing up.

    If blood defines a family, then there are a lot of adoptees who aren’t really apart of their adopted families; however, I say that family is not defined by bloodline. IMO, family is defined by people who love, respect and support each other through even the toughest times. Casey has a family in all of the people who have and continue to support her. This family on here is comprised of mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters and brothers so we ‘qualify’ as a family. Casey now has family all over the world that stand by her through this and in the future. I for one am NOT going any where.

    Casey, I love and care for you as if you are my own daughter. I hope to some day hug you for no other reason than you are great but until then, I send you a BIG virtual hug and kiss with lots of love!!

    • Casey, I’m a mom of a daughter almost your age…I also come from a dysfunctional home…so I understand. I consider myself a survivor too. What Marilyn says is SO true. Family is NOT always blood. You do have a family, many people that want NOTHING from you, but want EVERYTHING for you. I identify with what Marilyn says…as a mom, I’d like to be able to give you a big hug and tell you it will all be ok…that’s what I do with my daughter. Consider me your family. You are loved.

      Stay Strong,

      • Oh, and another thing I wanted to say…don’t lose hope in humanity as a whole! I almost did because I have been hurt deeply by those who were supposed to love me the most. But I am coming to the conclusion that there really are good people, people who care and are there to help. It’s been a long realization in coming for me and I have not been through anything near what you’ve been through. Take heart and know there is still good in this world!

      • Marilyn A. says:

        Jill, thanks for adding support! I have to be honest, I did try to ignore it… closed down my computer at home, drove my hour commute to work…. tap, tap… tried to concentrate at work… tap, tap… couldn’t ignore it anymore. Some times my feelings of protection for Casey (and my kids/grandkids) are stronger than my ability to ignore them. It was an overwhelming feeling that had to be appeased… lol… it’s like that overwhelming feeling to give a hug!!

        Yeah, I realize there are people who have to put down others to make themselves feel better – my mother did this to me my whole life. It’s a sucky feeling for the recipient so I have a hard time allowing people to do it in my presence.

        I’m really sorry that you have had so much hurt in your life but we survivors are strong because of our traumas. We can form a family of people who can truly give each other ‘unconditional’ love because we understand what it really means.

        I completely agree Casey… please don’t lose hope in humanity as a whole!

        • Aww Marilyn…now I want a hug!!

          You seem like a pretty awesome person. I call that syndrom of wanting to protect someone the “Momma Bear syndrom”. I get it quite often with my kids. I felt like you…I wanted say somthing about that post…just didn’t want Casey to have to read it since it was so cruel…but I’m sure she is quite aware that there are cruel people out there that have nothing better to do with their time. She probably handles it better than we do…lol. Thanks for your support…I’m glad to know you, even if it is virtually!

  17. Marilyn A. says:

    Aww, thanks Jill! My awesomeness is 100% matched by all of the other supporters including you!

    I also haggled over the decision to post a response…. Will it be deleted? Will I highlight it if I replay? Is it better to ignore?… then I started thinking (usually dangerous)… What if it’s not deleted? Why shouldn’t it be addressed? How will it make Casey feel?… etc, etc… but as you already know, I couldn’t leave the extremely cruel uncalled for post unaddressed… 8-P

    It’s also my opinion that she probably handles it much better than we do… I have no problem letting that kind of stuff just slide off when it’s directed at me but not when it’s directed at those I care about. As I stated in another post, Casey has more class in her little finger than any of the haters have in their entire body. I’ll take one Casey over ALL of them!!

    I’m also glad to know you! We stand together WITH Casey!

    • Well, said. WE STAND TOGETHER WITH CASEY!!!!!!! Be strong and things will get better, they always do, you have already been through the worst! We are here and ready to stand upwith you no matter what!

  18. It’s great to hear from you, Casey! I am with you, trust you, and I’m very much sure that everything will be OK. Joy will nak–nak in your door, one day. Please keep faith. I don’t remember who said it: “If It Does Not Kill You, It Will Make You Even Stronger”, but this is right.
    We Love You, Casey!

    • “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

      I second all you have said in your post 🙂

  19. Casey,

    I am praying for you, always. Please, don’t lose hope. God loves you <3


  20. Hey girl. Keep your head up. There are people who believe in you. I’m glad you are safe…. If I knew you in real life, I would lend you an ear : )

  21. Hi Casey,
    Just want to say I am so glad to hear you are doing well. I have been praying for you constantly and sending you good thoughts and energy. You have tons of support and love all over and I can tell from your post that you know that. Please keep your head up even when the days seem to be tough and long and darkness sets in all around you. Without the storm clouds, we never truly appreciate the sunlight.
    Peace and love to you.


  23. Casey, if you do read this, blessings to you, hope you are headed forward and living life (as a Christian) to the fullest – at least the fullest you can with having to hide from ‘those people’. Am sure you know this but there is a a ‘we support Casey’ fb page where the dear woman who runs it tries her best to keep only the support for you going, and to the best of her ability, deletes the others!!/WeSupportCaseyAnthony Hope you get to come out of hiding and hopefully the attitudes of those who have chosen to be horrible to you without causes, will change. Maybe a book from you? Also, so sorry about not only the death of Caylee, but the abandonment from your parents, esp. George. We just can’t change some of the things that life hands us. –Cindy-

  24. Casey,
    Good Morning I hope you’re doing well.So I seen the E true hollywood story on you I’m just glad Ms. Sims was there to defend you!! And they didn’t completely slaughter you thank god. I know that one day you will be able to live a normal life and all this will soon blow over!!!
    I hope you have a great day today!!!!!
    TIFF 🙂

  25. Would love to hear a shout out from Casey to those fighting for her. I’ve seen it all now. I believe we’re fighting for your rights as an American. Please speak up and let us know it matters to you. You matter to us!

    • Jim, we are likely only days away from seeing Casey a 100% free woman. She is approaching her 6 month point of probation without incident & is eligible to apply for a relocation of probation. The State of FL Probation Office could also decide to CLOSE HER CASE. After all of the letter writing, emailing, and phone calls to that particular probation offcier I an almost certain they will END her probation as of March 1 2012. I could be wrong about it ending but there will definetly be an application for transfer of probation. BET ON IT! Once the civil suits are over and she is able to speak freely I believe we will hear more.

  26. Hi Casey, I just wanted to let you know that I have always felt sorry for you that you suffered under the control of your narcissistic mother Cindy. I understand you wanted to adopt out Caylee, but Cindy wouldn’t let you. Cindy had no right to force you into being a single teen mom. I understand when you would be out in the evening with friends after Caylee was born, that Cindy would text you and tell you to get home, that you’re a mom now. I blame Cindy for forcing you into motherhood. I hold Cindy responsible for this mess.

  27. You are finally past your probabation, Casey, and this is to wish you well. I know you are a Christian, you are going to be as mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy as you can be, after all that has happened in your life. We are hoping and praying for your success, for a wonderful future ahead for you. Many blessings!

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