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We are the #1 Casey Anthony Support site. Dedicated to the conviction of George Anthony for the Murder of Caylee Anthony.

Here you can keep fully updated on all the latest Casey Anthony news, views & happenings. We’ve also included extensive information & videos regarding the trial, together with opening & closing statements by the defense & slip-shod prosecution… key trial witness testimonies… audio, video interviews, PDF docs & related TV shows from before, during & after the trial… Casey’s release… Casey & Caylee pics (and load more stuff too) – so go ahead and explore the site.

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Let’s spread the love… spread the word… and show our support for Casey Anthony!

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  1. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, someone’s gotta have the guts to stand up and say it. Casey Anthony DID NOT KILL her daughter and actually defended Caylee from George Anthony. She did what she could to defend Caylee from George Anthony and that deserves to be commended.

  2. You have made all the same conclusions asmyself. Theres maybe just one difference….is it possible George & Cindy convinced Casey to hide Caylee out , so they could start a non profit for missing children and end their financial worries. Maybe she was with a relative or empty house. They had planned to find her…after the money rolled in. Unfortunately something went wrong and Caylee died. Of course George did the whole drowning stunt on a hysterical Casey. Casey couldn’t testify because she would incriminate herself. She didn’t mean for her child to die!! She thought Cindy, the master brain and criminal dad would be able to pull this off and they would all walk away rich. NO DOUBT GEO MOLESTED THAT LITTLE GIRL, no history of doc appointments etc. ….and Cindys a nurse…how weird.Maybe Geo checked on caylee where they hid her and did it, then staged the pool incident.

    Why is everyone else in this case walking away from the law scott free and Casey still gets crucified?

  3. I love you Casey………be strong at heart. I’ll support ya….”Junie. C

  4. Wow… this site is quite an Oasis for those that think otherwise, when you consider all the vitriol that is on other sites, especially at SJ, good job on gathering up all this info and posting it! Casey has a cool last name! 🙂

  5. Raul Alvarez Jr says:

    I really would like to send her some money. She really needs it and I want to show my support to her. Life only gets better. I am a Iraqi war veteran and I want to give her my support cause this is America where the innocent shouldn’t have to suffer from bigoted assholes. May you live the rest of your life in peace and I hope you get your life on track. Please give me an address to send cash or money orders whatever to show my support.

  6. Hey casey I hope ur well and that one day you will live the life u so well deserve. U are such a special person beautiful inside and out of course beautiful is an understatement. Ur stunning and I envy the lucky man who ends up with you. Iv so wanted to be a great friend to u and I would be given the chance you deserve and need all the love support and friendship we here are all willing to give u. I plan on sending u some more money to help u as much as I can. Always know u have a friend in california who support services u defends u and will always have ur back. We may never meet but u and cays hold a special place in my heart that no one will ever replace. I love you both. P’s I hope u have been enjoying the snow cones from the snoopy maker I sent u

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