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My super cool Amazon book review + other stuff

I’ve now read Jose’s book twice, and found it to be both awesome and a great insight into the whole trial and the build up to it. The behind the scenes shenanigans of the prosecution and law enforcement were a joy to behold. It just goes to show they all perceived themselves to be above the law and were all prepared to break every rule & try every trick in the book to get a result. In addition to 4 typos, I also counted at least 7 references to The Laughing Guy being “an asshole”. Let me know if you counted more than 7.

Having said all that, the book is still awesome… but I do still have issues with Jose’s “drowning accident” theory. Fair enough, Jose couldn’t use or accuse George of Caylee’s murder as Casey’s defense, as it was of course up to the state to prove their case – which they failed to do with flying colors. I just don’t agree with it. I still believe George took Caylee’s life that morning either via suffocation while abusing her in the house, or by deliberately drowning her in the pool. The latter being the only was I can fit the pool into the equation.

This was no accident. Nobody dies in a swimming pool accident and finishes up being dumped in the woods, unless there’s something very sinister being covered up.

In the meantime, I also submitted a review of the”‘Presumed Guilty”  book to Amazon. I thought it only right to give it 5 stars… sing the praises of the book… and highlight the ongoing stupidity of The Haters. But when push came to shove, it transpired that whoever reviews the reviews at Amazon seems to be somewhat biased, as it never managed to get approved or published.

Just to test my theory, I also re-posted the review, this time only submitting the first paragraph. That too got rejected. Interesting.

I guess they took a look at the overall reviews and decided it’d be better to keep the majority (i.e. The Haters) happy, even though 99% of them never read the book for either mental or fiscal reasons. Good for them.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say Amazon sucks, because I have a house full of their stuff… plus they got the book delivered to me the day after it came out… and I still have $370 in vouchers to spend there, courtesy of my recently redeemed Wells Fargo Reward points – but whoever reviews the reviews definitely sucks :mrgreen:

In an attempt to share my review in full, I’ve included it below. Enjoy… and as usual, feel free to post your comments below.



It’s an Awesome Read! (for those that can):

Forget the bad reviews. This book is a truly awesome read. It’s also a gripping read for anyone seeking enlightenment regarding Casey and the trial. The underhandedness of the overzealous prosecution, coupled with the corrupt & incompetent shenanigans of law enforcement were shameful to say the least… but justice prevailed in the end.

This is testament to what happens when you go into a faux murder trial with little more than a can of air and a lot of BS.

And while LDB acted in a professional manner, The Laughing Guy proved to be as useful as a tit in a trance from day 1… from his “pig in a blanket” jibes & jokes, right up to the sentencing day which he didn’t even have the balls to show up for. No wonder Linda’s 2nd fiddle beverage fetcher decided to resign straight after the trial. It was the only good decision he made in 3+ years.

Just a shame that a book of this magnitude has been reviewed by so many retarded knuckle-draggers, but that’s only to be expected, and will only serve to increase sales of the book.

For The Haters out there – this is for you:

Your reviews indicate a relatively low level of intelligence – on par with the average HLN viewer. Go figure.

It’s also not necessarily your fault that you’re retarded and you subsequently refuse to acknowledge it. There are many people out there in the same boat, so fear not… you are not alone.

But remember this while resting on your pitchfork:

Jose Baez is a legend. Like it or not, you will bow down to his brilliance every day for the rest of your sad sorry-ass lives. You have no choice. He accomplished more in 3 years than all The Haters combined could ever achieve in 100 lifetimes.

Accept it.

Casey Anthony is innocent.

Always has been.

Always will be.

Yes… you can cling to the illusion of Casey’s guilt all you like – and spew your filth over anyone that disagrees with you. Go for it. Carry on doing that. Carry on drinking from your very own BS-encrusted chalice of denial all you like. “Warrior” or not, this is one battle you are never gonna win. Your self-inherited loser-DNA unfortunately cannot be reprogrammed.

Shame on you for refusing to see through the BS. The media lied to you for 3+ years, and you were stupid enough to believe them. You also fell for the prosecution’s lies, “fantasy forensics” & “junk science” relating to the chloroform & duct tape because you couldn’t handle the truth (and still can’t).

How do you feel now?

You are a disgrace to Caylee’s memory.

You are a disgrace to the Constitution.

You are a disgrace to America.




  1. Marilyn A. says:

    For the July 29, 2012 issue of The New York Times best sellers list reflecting sales for the week ending July 14, 2012.

    13 PRESUMED GUILTY, by Jose Baez and Peter Golenbock. (up from #23 in the first week of sales)

    There’s a technical error for the NONFICTION PRINT & E-BOOKS but I will continue to monitor in case they’re working on it.

    • SJ – Amazon has done this to me too. You have to complain to fix this. If you have bought a lot of books from them, use that. I just told them I did not appreciate not being able to write reviews (like everybody else) after all these years of purchasing books from them. Fight back, SJ.

      • Ok SJ as a long time Amazon reviewer, I see the problem. They have red-flagged your review. Several things will keep your review from getting published (in my experience)

        1) cuss words – even though those aren’t cuss words you are using by today’s standards – ya know like “tit.’

        2) using too many quotes from the book (bc then someone has to check them all to make sure there is no copyright issue)

        3) using “big words” – this gets red flagged bc the Amazon computer thinks you might be using profanity.

        With slight editing I think you can get this published.

  2. I have a different take on Casey, I am not going to say she is innocent of everything, but I do not feel she was guilty of murder! I just wrote a story about how I feel, its Casey Anthony “Guilty of Panic” you will like some stuff in it and not some stuff in it. Its a opinion and nothing else. Check it out at just keep an open mind please?

  3. Great book- I’ve waited a long time for it! I would like, however, your opinion about this and anyone else’s who read Jose’s book. He rightfully skewers George. But he seems to give Cindy a pass. Remember early on in the book, page 72 to be exact, he gives the 3 Anthonys a hypothetical example of a situation involving incest. He writes of a “deafening silence.” Did Cindy know of George’s activities? If she did, why, esp. with her supporting the family, would she allow it to happen?

  4. Awesome review, SJ! I’m loving Jose’s book too, and Jeff Ashton is absolutely a world-class asshole!

    I really liked the part of the book where Jose describes his daughter saying that she’s proud of him for standing by Casey when no one else did.

  5. Great Review SJ! Don’t change a word. To hell with Amazon. I no longer take any credence in Amazon’s book reviews. I too loved the part where Jose’s daughter said she is proud of him.

  6. SJ,
    That was an excellent review! I agree w/ EAH. Make the adjustments and go for it! If they still don’t post it you have a very solid reason to complain 🙂
    Just want to add that Dr Spitz ruled out suffocation as a cause of death when he open the skull. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Your review gets to the point, but as JJ says, Dr. Sptiz did rule out suffocation and that I was glad of, because it totally blew the chloroform theory out of the water. I am not happy with how Amazon has allowed the “haters” to ruin the ability of those who want to write a positive review to have to deal with the rants of haters under the guise of a debate! Your review is well though out! Thanks for sharing it on here.
      I am a Baez Supporter too!

      • J.J,

        I had initially believed Dr. Spitz had ruled out “suffocation,” but I found that he has not ruled it out. I checked his testimony again, and he said the “discoloring” behind the ears–and other signs of suffocation, doesn’t always occur.

        Caylee did not die from being suffocated with duct tape: Had this been the case there would be DNA on the tape. Dr. Spitz made that very clear in his testimony. And there is no photograph of Caylee with duct tape over her face at the crime scene. That is why the prosecution had an image of a skull over Caylee’s face made.

        I don’t have the time to go into it now, but Caylee died from homicidal drowning. I will go into this more later.

        • Lil and JJ, I reviewed the tape and Spitz said It doesn’t occur each time but in a good number of times theres hemorrage in those locations in cases of over asphixiation by smothering or strangulation. which is not here, and did not occur in this case. I would agree it doesn’t totally rule suffocation. I have my doubts about an accidental drowning too.

  7. If Casey had been found Guilty

    That’s the night that the lights went out in Florida. That’s the night that they hung an Innocent girl. Don’t trust your soul to no backwoods southern lawyer cause the judge and the town got blood stains on their hands.

  8. Actually, the name of the song is “That’s the night that the lights went out in Georgia”. gives me chills when I hear it. But, it fits if Casey had been found Guilty I just changed Georgia to Florida and Man to Girl.

  9. I’m on chapter nine now. I’m such a slow reader. And while I’m captivated by the insight and behind the scenes, it is horribly written, stylistically speaking. It’s as if Jose just sat down and recorded his thoughts and no time was put into sorting them out. Worthy read, but if you’re like me, you might find that irritating. I actually paused and contemplated doing a edit to add some sense of order and flow to what I was reading.

    • So, you are putting Jose down Tony? Please tell me I am misunderstanding you and explain. Because I have to disagree with you right now. I thought it was an excellent book.

      • I’m saying, to the point that I have read, the writing style is poor. It reads like “and then this happened, and after that this happened, but wait, I forgot to tell you about this part from before.” That might work itself out as I continue reading. It doesn’t hurt the overall experience, but I feel like a bit more effort should have been made to chronology in the first several chapters. It would have cleaned it up.

        So, am I putting Jose down? I’m giving a critique of the narrative. A critique of how the book flows. That’s a criticism of the mechanics, not a criticism of Baez. You take it however you want, but don’t be so eager to jump at my criticism and skip over the fact that I said it was a worthy read. I’m really enjoying it. Stylistically (the way it is structured) it needs some work (that is something the editors and his co-author should have attended to; Baez is a lawyer, not an author) but the content is captivating. I actually just checked into to see if there were more comments here before I sit down to read some more of it.

        • Tony,

          Peter Golonbock wrote the book based on Jose Baez’s information and recollections. The writing style, and structure is Golonbock, not Jose’s. He put the book together to be published. His manuscripts have errors, typos.

          One needs to read “The American Prince” by Peter Golenbock, It’s a memoir of Tony Curtis. When I heard Peter Golenbock penned Presumed Guilty, I thought “Oh, sh*t, not him. I don’t know if PG’s manuscripts allow an editor to edit it for errors, typos, etc: It would explain the typos, and possibily even wrong information.

          (A hollywood columnist had editor control over her column, and editors were not allowed to edit her column before it went to press. Wow! You should see the typos, and malapropisms for which she became legendary! LOL).

          Whatever the case, The American Prince has a lot of misinformation about Natalie Wood, and it does have typos. Tony Curtis did not write the book, but I am sure he gave the correct information.

          Jose did not do the actual writing of Presumed Guilty. Peter Golenbock did. Jose gives him the information, and Peter Golonbock does a manuscript of the book material. It’s Golonbock’s manuscript that goes to press.

          Suffice it to say, I don’t have a high regard for Peter Golonbock’s writing style, or structure. I know of another writer who would not allow edits, and it has some whoppers in her book.

          • As a writer and editor by profession, I agree that the book does have some stylistic errors (none of which are Jose’s fault, at all). Like Tony said, there are several instances in which the narrative flow is interrupted by a paragraph that seems out of place. I also noticed grammar errors such as the use of “whom” when it should be “who”.

            Having said that, the book is an engrossing read. I don’t have a long attention span in general, but I can’t put this book down. Golenbock’s sloppy editing does not detract from the power of Jose’s story. I have always had a deep respect for Mr. Baez, and that has only increased.

  10. FWIW, SJ, your review stopped being a review after your second paragraph.

    • Tony, forgive me for being rude. Why are you attacking SJ? I loved SJ’s review!

      • Marilyn C. says:

        GREAT Book and GREAT REVIEW…..and I DO hope I am misunderstanding Tony putting down Jose or SJ!!! With ALL that SJ has done here….I promise there was a lot of thought that went into that review!I do have my own thoughts….but SJ says it better than I ever could & I couldn’t agree more!!

        • Aye, ya, ya! It is not a put down. Do you not understand constructive criticism?

          • Marilyn, I apologize for the tone of that comment. By the time I got to your reply, I was frustrated that people were reading my criticisms as attacks on Jose when that’s not what they were and I didn’t see why they would have been framed that way. Regardless, I could have responded to you in a more proper way, even if to just defer to my prior response to Jon.

      • Jon, quit being so defensive. I’m not attacking SJ at all. Please take a moment to separate your own emotions about this case and this blog and it’s author from what I have written and read it for what it is. A review is an assessment of a book. After the second paragraph (perhaps the third) SJ stopped assessing the book and started talking being critical of the other reviewers and pseudo-reviewers. I understand why. I respect SJ’s passion for this and I don’t fault him for choosing to address that crowd. I don’t know that I said anything SJ didn’t already reveal that he recognized, considering that he reposted his review without that segment.

  11. SJ are you a guy or a girl?

    • LOL Suzy I could be very embarrassed here but I always thought SJ was female! Please forgive me SJ if I am wrong.

      • I think SJ is a man. I detect male writing style. I also thought I saw a pic of him too at one point. SJ is a dude, I’m sure of it.

        • Ok – enough of the gender speculation already, lol. It’s too funny. Yes, I’m a Dude as rightly deduced by EAH. I’m surprised nobody ever asked me before :mrgreen:

          • Marilyn C. says:

            SJ….I think I can speak for several of us on here.It NEVER MATTERED if you were MALE or FEMALE.The work you have done here says it ALL!! I think as close as someone got to asking was when they thought you were the Pastor hiding Casey!!! Seriously….we all appreciate YOU & your work here,not male or female!!! I think my name kinda gives away my gender!! Yall have a nice day!

          • Not an issue with me. You have done a great job with this site. I appreciate all of your hard work!

          • I knew you were a guy all along. Not sure how I knew…but I knew. And I echo everyone else; thank you for all you do. Exposing the lies and standing up for truth is an awesome thing. I can only imagine what kind of garbage you have to wade through daily. Casey is blessed to have you on her side.

  12. Hi Folks!
    Thanks for all your posts regarding my Amazon review. My Amy Huizenga joke (in reply to EAH’s advice) will certainly take some beating.

    Overall though, I think we’re all in agreement that the book itself does have a few flow & typo issues, but overall it’s still an awesome read.

    As an author & copywriter myself, I know it can sometimes be difficult to keep the flow going over an extended period of time – but in this instance we’ll attribute the aforementioned issues to Peter Golonbock, who I guess did the best job he could do.

    I also just checked Amazon, and noted Jose’s book to be rated #1 in Books/Law/Criminal Law and #16 in Biographies & Memoirs/True Accounts. Go Jose!

    • SJ, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your review.

      I sincerely hope you will take Tony’s constructive criticism into account and edit your review so that it can be posted on Amazon. I suspect Amazon is very busy removing abusive comments from ‘the haters’ so I imagine they are reluctant to fire them up anymore than they already are. There is a serious lack of common sense over there!

      If you do keep trying to submit an edited review and they continue to not post it, please keep us informed. That is very interesting information.

    • I too noticed typos in the book. If there are factual errors in it, this has given fuel to some reviewers to say that Jose is a liar. One thing is for sure, the book will go through more than one printing, so they have a chance to correct. Maybe they can correct fatual errors and typos before the paperback comes out. I don’t know if any of you noticed the review that calls Jose a liar bc he got the headlines wrong for the day he was in Walmart looking at the tabloids and bc he quotes Casey as saying “oh well oh well” instead of “surprise surprise” when she finds out about the drowning theory. The reviewer goes on to say this is the tip of the iceberg and that the whole is a pack of lies. So you see how trivial they can be in trying to prove Jose is a charlatan. Overall the book is excellent, but it needs to be revised at some point.

      • SJ – did you get your review published?

        Btw I do not mean to insult Golenbock. Overall an excellent product. My I ask what other factual errors were noted by the rest of you?

        • The haters are ridiculous to theorize that typos = factual errors. Hell, many popular books from highl reputable publishers have typos. I know that I’ve seen some in the Harry Potter books, for example. Editors don’t always catch everything.

          • The depth of their prejudice is unbelievable! Now they are over on Amazon claiming that Jose’s book has only sold a couple thousand copies and he is manipulating the NY bestsellers list to make it look like people are buying the book! Ha! Should I laugh or cry?

      • The haters are going to pick it apart no matter what is in the book. They will never accept anything less than Casey is Guilty. The fact that it is getting so much attention is a good thing. Some are never going to believe it.

      • BTW, I did check out the review that you mentioned, EAH, and the person who wrote it can’t even form a coherent thought, much less discredit Jose. She should be arrested for abuse of ellipses.

  13. Jessica says:

    Just wanted to say I thought your review was accurate, informative and enjoyable to read! 🙂 Shame on amazon for not publishing an actual review of the book & allowing that unfiltered BS on its website instead. That being said, it’s pretty great how many people ask me about my book when they see it sitting on my coffee table. All of my girl friends give me these wide eyes like “you bought THAT book?” it’s kind of awkward at first but then I realized they’re just as interested in the TRUTH as I am or they wouldn’t even have said anything about it. So then I tell them to basically just read chapter 14 to get a better understanding of what really happened! Then I show them the Caylee breakfast video & it’s a wrap. Every single person that comes to my house basically gets a free course in Casey Anthony is innocent 101. & some of them even come back for my advanced lessons in George Anthony is a pedophile 201. & believe me when I say that they all leave as A+ students. But seriously, I also wanted to say thank you to Mr. Baez, you truly are an inspiration & an amazing lawyer that WILL be watched & imitated for many years to come! You just may have inspired this 22year old girl to put her passion in to helping those who cannot help themselves especially when the ENTIRE world has turned their backs on them. I can honestly say you’re my hero!

    P.S – Casey, you’re a very beautiful( inside & out!!!!), extremely intelligent & multi-talented woman that deserves the very best things in life. I know your new reality/life can probably get a little exhausting at times & so lonely it feels like a nightmare but there’s just something about you that tells me you’re going to be more than happy & loved. The people in your old life were basically incapable of feeling or showing those types of emotions. Still, I know because of that – your emotions are 1000x deeper & stronger. You’re going to meet great people that want to show you what it’s like to be loved with no devious plans in mind. I just know you’re going to feel true, unconditional, passionate, fulfilling love because you deserve it!.

    • Hi Jessica!
      Sounds like you have an awesome Academy deal going on there with the different modules & advanced lessons option :mrgreen: It’s always fun to enlighten people to the truth.
      Thanks for your comments and thanks for posting!

    • I’m laughing so hard right now! I give friends Casey is innocent 101 lessons too!

  14. He talks about it on one of the interviews. I don’t recall his exact words. George told the FBI (or LE) that there were photos of Casey in compromising positions, and other kinds of porn. I find it hard to believe this is the case because if they were on the internet, as George claims, it seems we would have seen them splashed all over the internet.

    • Hi Lily.
      George starts talking about the photos in his FBI interview @ the 7:45 mark in Part #1 below, which continues into Part #2. He talks about 1,200 photos of Casey being “out there”.

      Part #1:

      • SJ,

        Thanks for the links.

        I have a problem with these photographs of Casey, some in compromising positions. If they were on the internet, someone would have profited from them. It’s been 4 years and no photos have surfaced. We only have George’s word these photos exist, and I dont believe a word out of his mouth.

        Larry Flynt had offered Casey a million dollars for a spread for his magazine, and she hasn’t taken him up; on it. He found photos of women before: Amber Frey, for one. If there are photos of Casey out there, he would have uncovered them, imo.

        • Lily,

          If those photos were on the Anthony computer they would have been “leaked” by LE or by the state under the guise of “discovery” so fast it wouldn’t even by funny and NG would have had them plastered all over her show for 3 years straight. They don’t exist IMO. OR they are not of Casey at all and are just porn sites visited by George, or people George had been having online “sex” with. If it would have been bad for George, LE would not leak them and just let George say what he said to make it look worse for Casey.

          • Like George’s first wife said, he’s a pathological liar. I don’t believe anything that he says about Casey. The part in the book where Jose says “This man hates his daughter” and Cheney agrees is so sad.

          • I agree with you, Karen. The photographs don’t exist or they’d have een splashed all over the internet.

    • George is a jerk. Casey is still the same sweet girl she always was. How could a father talk that way about his daughter. You think you know someone. It was obvious he was setting her up.

  15. SJ

    LDB was behaved professionally for the most part. I didn’t think it funny how she dressed like Casey at jury selection though:) I didn’t get the joke I guess!

  16. I saw your review on amazon! Go SJ!

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