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UPDATE: Appeals court sets aside 2 of Casey’s convictions

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. —The Fifth District Court of Appeals has ruled to set aside two of Casey Anthony’s four convictions from her 2011 trial.

Anthony was convicted in August 2011 of four different counts of lying to police. She claims that she is a victim of double jeopardy.

“We reject Appellant’s first and third arguments, but conclude that double jeopardy principles require that two of her four misdemeanor convictions be set aside,” the court’s ruling reads.

Click here to download the full appeal (opens PDF in a new window)

The court found that giving false information is not the same as giving false statements.

Two of Anthony’s convictions still stand.

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Great news!


  1. This is best news. Now Casey is free of Everything! I bet Casey is very happy. She should party!


  3. This isn’t as good as we thought only 2 were dropped. There are still 2 left. Gonzalez Lawyers say that means Casey will have to testify in the civil trial.

    • She will still appeal the final two counts to the Florida supreme court. Morgan and his scuzzy client will still have to wait a while before they get to put on their freak show.

      • Hey guys, Cheney Mason said he considered it a victory and that he hadn’t made up his mind yet if they were going to continue to pursue appeals. The State hasn’t decided whether to appeal this ruling either. As I understood the ruling, they accepted the double jeopardy argument and said that the charges shouldn’t have been 4 specific “statements” to law enforcement, but 2 events of giving false “information” (defined as one or more false statements). Giving false information occurs in events separated by time therefore, she only gave false statements in two specific separate incidents so therefore, she was guilty of 2 counts of giving false information to law enforcement, not four separate arbitrarily picked lies. So, I don’t believe that this has an effect on the civil suit as we hoped, but it could have an effect on the amount of money she has to pay because she is only legally guilty of half of what she was found guilty of due to the misinterpretation of the Florida statute. Probably, not the big amount of $200,000, but the smaller amounts spelled out by the Florida statute per charge. I’m no lawyer and it might not be much, but who knows. Plus, just a factoid, this means that she should have been released the day of the sentencing (or walked out of the courtroom the way, I believe it was, Cheney Mason predicted), since she had already served the check sentencing and when given time served, plus good behavior, she would have served more than necessary.
        I’m glad that they mentioned in their ruling the Miranda rights issue and how the Universal questioning was iffy on that. I really wish they would have more closely considered that because Miranda rights are extremely important. But, I digress, it’s probably the best that Florida is going to ante-up to.
        Anyway, I don’t think that the civil suit is going to be as fireworky as they think. Do they really think that Charles Greene is going to just allow them to ask totally irrelevant probative questions? Do they really think that Casey Anthony is going to say what they want her to say? Think again, just like the trial, it isn’t going to be what people expect. Hopefully, like the trial, the right verdict is reached.

  4. I would like to tweet, email, or correspond with Casey. Life must be hard under such scrutiny.

    • I doubt any of us will ever have the pleasure sadly. I love to do that same. I miss her. I was a friend of her online and a point in time and am I highly supportive of her and love her to death as a friend of course 🙂

  5. Upon first read, what stands out to me is that the opinion as it relates to the Universal Studios interview amounts to “if they weren’t being mean to you, then you have no claim.” It’s odd because the conditions that they said were absent in the bedroom interview are present in the Universal interview, but they use the same doctrine to dismiss them both.

    I’ll need analysis from someone with a lot more understanding of the case law than I have.

  6. That’s great for Casey!

    Gonzalez’s lawsuit is an absolute joke.

  7. Casey isn’t giving up. Cheney called her to tell her about the news and she said ” We keep fighting “.

  8. Marilyn A says:

    I love that picture of Casey and Baez!!

    Although I feel that all 4 convictions should be reversed, I’m very happy that the Court of Appeals ruled as they applied the law instead of how the public wanted them too. I hope that Team Casey continues the fight on the basis of factual errors in the ruling. The interview at Universal Studios was indeed hostile and a classic police interrogation. I also feel that Casey should win the appeal for all 4 of the convictions based on her rights not being read to her before the interrogations.

    Congrats Casey! Keep on fighting for what’s right!

  9. Casey Anthony declares bankruptcy; talks exclusively to CBS 5

  10. So Baez is not charging her and or is that just what happens if you owe someone something. Idk, but Casey can could on our support and love and hell Money for those of us who have it which I don’t but Iv sent hr money anyyay because well shes my friend and I love her and will continue to do everything I can to love, protect and support her in anyway That I can.

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