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Book signings, boycotting & BS

Going on how the media played down (and hardly mentioned) Jose’s Coral Gables book signing gig this past Monday night, we can only assume that it went astoundingly well – much to the disgust of all the media that fell over themselves to announce it (and hoped otherwise).

OS: Readers have been asking how Jose Baez’s signing for his book, “Presumed Guilty,” went Monday in Coral Gables.

I asked store founder Michell Kaplan. “Went very well; no incidents, and he had a large and supportive crowd,” Kaplan said in an email. “He’s very articulate and makes a great case as to why it’s important that we have a judiciary where defendants have the right to representation. Also, spoke eloquently on how the media can often distort the truth.”

I’m not too sure what they were expecting to happen — maybe an impromptu shouting match and an accompanying WWF-style mass brawl or something similar — but it obviously never materialized. That just goes to show that even in FL, the Haters are somewhat adverse to showing their faces (and/or flying their flags) in public… choosing instead to troll the net, hide behind their keyboards and spew hate & filth riddled messages in all directions. That says a lot.

Go Casey!

So while the faux-“Warriors” & Haters start up yet another Boycott (whatever)” campaign… not forgetting their current (and previously failed) boycott attempts against Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Steak ‘n Shake, BenBella books, MSNBC, Jose’s Book and everything & everywhere else they can think of… I have a new idea for them… why don’t they just boycott the entire planet and subsequently sod off to somewhere else? How about mass-relocation to the newly discovered Planet Retard?  I hear the weather there is lousy, and all the girls look like Albanian wrestlers – but hey, they’d be in good company. You get what you  pay for after all.

A sparkling suggestion, or what? :mrgreen:

You gotta love the haters. No. You have.  Seriously.



  1. On the ‘official haters page’ written by Hal Boedecker (where the lowest of the lowlifes take up camp,) for the Sentinel rag, one going by the name of “Reality Check” brags how he/she stole a book from the bookstore to have Jose sign it to Caylee. All he/ she has done is prove what a lowlife he/she is. These people think they are above the law. I hope there were cameras on site to catch this lowlife thief and I hope the thief is prosecuted to the full extent of the law for theft, harrassment, and public nuisance. It never ceases to amaze me the lack of class exhibited by the haters. JMO

    • HELP!

      I don’t know where to post this, so I am posting it here. I have a question. Is this the correct timeline for June 16, 2008?:

      7:54 am Someone calls Casey’s phone from the house landline-goes to voicemail
      7:56-8:06 am Casey on AOL Messenger
      8:45 am Casey texts Tony
      9:00 am – 10:59 Casey on the computer on facebook and myspace looking up outfits etc for the shot girls
      11:47 am-12:06 pm Casey on the phone with Tony
      12:55 pm Casey exchanges texts with Tony
      1:00-1:14 pm Casey on the phone with Tony
      1:26 pm Casey exchanges texts with Jesse
      1:44-2:20 pm Casey on the phone with Amy
      (1:50 someone on computer looks for foolproof suffocation)
      2:30 GA leaves for work.. clocks in at 3:oo or by 3:00 2:52-3:04 pm Casey on the phone with Jesse
      3:04 GA calls casey

      04:11pm: she Called Cindy
      04:19pm: Called Tony
      04:21pm: Called Jess
      04:25pm: Called Cindy
      05:57pm: Called Tony

      • Lily,

        Aren’t there some more calls to Cindy in the afternoon? Referring to the flurry of calls)? Will talk more tomorrow.

      • YES THAT’s accurate.

        • EAH,

          If that is accurate and I believe it is, when did Caylee die? It couldn’t have been in the morning of the 16th, or even later in the day, as the timeline is so tight with activity on the phone and computer. Casey said Caylee had died in the morning. She said George woke her up, yelling where is Caylee.

          In Jose’s book, he does mention Casey had memory lapses and had blank spots so she could have gotten the day confused.

          I believe Caylee was murdered by George. When did he get access to Caylee? I do not think it was on the 16th, not in a million years.

          What is so strange is a facebook page for Zenieda G. was set up on the 16th of June! At 2:31 pm. Who set it up? George? And why?

          George and Cindy have been so quiet since Jose’s book came out. I wonder it they haven’t separated. I have nothing to base it on just a feeling..

          • What a face-book page set up that day?

          • I see no issue there at all Lily. George got the baby up early while Casey was sleeping. George was the one who fed Caylee breakfast every morning. I think Caylee drowned (or GA killed her) during the small hours of the morning. Casey got up pretty early but just figured Caylee was with GA. Casey told the shrink she dozed off around 9 AM. Now she’s going by recollection. Other than the text to her boyfriend, there is a gap of one hour between 8:06 and 9:00. The search of the house and the dialogue and other events Casey describes could have taken place in 5 – 10 minutes. This is a small middle class home, not the Taj Mahal. I think Casey went into immediate denial and repression, and carried on as if nothing happened.

          • Lily,

            Is there some computer evidence in the discovery documents that show the ZG MySpace was set up from the A’s computer? i can look myself but if you have a link that would save some time 🙂 Also the ZG from Sawgrass didin’t fill out the card until the 17th of June so how does one make a connection between the two? Weird stuff that’s for sure.

          • There’s also a gap of time between 10:59 – 11:47 and 12:06 – 12:55 where Casey could have dozed off and was woken up by George.

      • In the following video, CIndy says Caylee was missing from Casey since June 14!!!!!


        • Karen,

          I’ll search in discovery documents for a MySpace Zenaida page. However, Richard Grund says in his LE interview, that in March or April of 2006 Casey told him she had a nanny by the name of Zenaida Gonzalez! He said she told him word for word the exact same story in 2006 about Zenaida Gonzalez that she told to police in 2008. I think she even mentions Jeffery Hopkins in 2006 to Ric\hard Grund.

          I need to check it out to be certain, but I think Casey mentions Zenaida Gonzalez to the psychiatrist, and, IIRC, she said she thought ZG might be in this country illegally.

          It does sound like Casey knew a Zenaida Gonzalez. And I think she told the psychiatrist that ZG had babysat Caylee a few times. I know I read that somewhere.

      • This find is really weird. I think we all know about the shovel someone looked up on the internet. It never made any sense. Why would anyone look up a shovel. We all know what a shovel is for, so why search for it. They talk about Casey getting ideas from TV shows, the nanny who kidnapped a baby, and I don’t recall what else. Did someone get the idea of Casey borrowing a shovel from a

        Jose had said The Shovel is the name of a film. So I looked up The Shovel on the internet. It is so weird in light of Brian Burner’s testimony about Casey borrowing a shove. The film is a comedy about a man who borrows a shovel because he has a body in the trunk of the car, and he wants to bury it!!!

    • Oh, and I’m sure that Jose didn’t figure out what they were up to or anything! *rolls eyes* His book IS for Caylee, and for Casey, and for everyone who needs justice.

  2. The Haters are all losers and cowards just like George Anthony.

  3. Speaking of George Anthony, I’d like to point out the fact that he’s been completely silent these past few weeks. Jose Baez has published a best-selling book accusing him of sexual abuse, disposal of the body of his grandchild, tampering with evidence, multiple counts of perjury. Jose has gone on many major media outlets repeating these charges. There was an hour-long documentary on a major cable outlet in which these charges were spelled out in detail. Literally millions of people all over the world have been exposed to these allegations of multiple felonies. And nothing from George, not even a statement from his lawyer denouncing Jose and Casey and the book. Nothing.

    • And, you won’t hear anything from George. George knows what Baez said is true. George said he never liked Baez. Baez knew exactly what George was. He wasn’t fooled by George like everyone else.

    • It could still be an drowning accident. That doesn’t make George any less Guilty. George could have feared he was the father of Caylee since he was molesting Casey. Maybe, he was molesting Caylee too. He just couldn’t take the chance of being exposed because an autopsy would have to be done so he hid Caylee’s body to cover it all up. George being a cop he would know exactly how to frame someone that being Casey. In the end George is a POS who molestested his own daughter then tried to pin it all on her.

    • Nor any comments from the prosecutors who he basically accused of fraud. No word from Judge Perry who was accused of being totally biased – which he was. The silence speaks volumes. And you know Cindy has to wonder who this is she’s been sleeping with!

  4. Great post SJ! Wish there were a Planet Retard.!

    • Hi Sonja!
      No, it’s true… there is such a planet. M&M found ZG wandering around the last time they were there, lol.

      • Too much laughter for one day! Now I’m picturing a giant Motel 6 with people carrying crazy looking signs all lined up to pay there bandwidth bills:)

  5. I find it kind of amusing how this is all playing out for George. Some days I swear I can literally FEEL the forces of gravity pulling this together to finally give George what he deserves. You wouldn’t believe this story even if it happened to you, SJ!

    I’ve been trying to hook up my cable for like 3 weeks & someone finally shows up today! No more than 30 mins ago, as I’m finishing signing some things the cable guy looks at me & in the nicest way possible he says “oh by the way I’m stealing your Casey Anthony book!” He then said he had been trying to find it our towns library but they didn’t have it! ( Can you believe THAT bs!?)
    We then had that obligatory and sometimes awkward conversation about her innocence and he tells me that he and his wife had been on opposite sides until the day of the verdict. He said they had been listening on the radio and when the voice from the radio announced she had been found not guilty he almost crashed the car because his wife was flipping out on him and literally SCREAMING in his face! ( I swear to god I’m not making this up!!) lol! So when she finally calmed down a few days later she started reading the actual documents on some website ( I could tell by the way he talked it was this one! =] ) & after reading the facts ( gasp!) she now saves all her hateful energy for George!!!

  6. “I hear the weather there is lousy, and all the girls look like Albanian wrestlers”

    And the men all look like “Rat Hands” Ashton! 🙂

    They’re boycotting Steak N’ Shake because Casey ate there? What idiots.

    • My husband read the book, he is a retired officer. He said it filled in the gaps for him and answered the questions that lingered in his mind and he doesn’t need to look any further. The case is solved in his mind, but not by the prosecution.

    • Are you kidding? They”re actually boycotting Steak N’ Shake?

  7. Hi,
    you know what realy puzzles me is that you don´t see any fault in Casey, wasn´t she suppose to watch Caylee, since she´s her mother? why didn´t she get up with Caylee that morning, like a mother usually does, and another question is why would she sit in jail for three years, if she realy was abused by George, that would of been the time to get back at him, don´t you think?

    • Barbara,

      Perfect mom, huh? Never for even a second did you allow anyone else take care of your child, if you have one? She was in the same house with George and probably didn’t think anything could happen to Caylee!

      Get even with George? Maybe just maybe Casey isn’t a vengeful person! And I wouldn’t think it would be the easiest thing in the world to do is to talk about sexual abuse by her father! Can’t you people cut Casey a break?

      I am fed up with this constant beating on Casey. She lost the most precious little girl in her life, and spent 3 years in 23 hour lockdown, had to sit in court and listen to “rat hands” lie thru his miserable teeth about Casey, and still that isn’t enough for the haters! Casey’s life is just as important as Caylee’s, and Casey did not kill Caylee, and faced the death penalty.

      • you make me laugh

        • You make me laugh. You bought into the Nancy Grace narrative and believed “Tot Mom” was gonna end up on a gurney pumped full of poison by the State. Instead the jury saw through the state’s bogus case and Casey walked out of jail. You may be in for an even bigger shock if, as I believe and hope, your hero George Anthony winds up on trial. Regardless, Casey is free and there’s nothing you can do about it.

        • Barbara,

          I don’t doubt you’d laugh! It’s disgusting.

          I’ll be darned if I sit back and allow the likes of you to beat on Casey! You aren’t kidding anyone! You don’t give a big rat’s butt about Caylee. Caylee is just an excuse to spew hate towards Casey.

          You want to debate the so called evidence “rat hands” and LDB presented? Let’s go for it!

          • Lily Don’t go down to their level just ignore them. Barbara is just looking for attention. We all know that Barbara is full of.

          • Ignore them? They don’t belong here, Jon. This has been our safe haven from flaming, evil hatred,

    • Barbara,
      Caylee was in living in a house with strange dynamics. It wasn’t as if Casey rented a room from her parents. Her parents, helped raise Caylee and that goes on in many families where a young mother has a child. Casey wasn’t in therapy over the abuse and hadn’t a clue how to deal with it. If she wanted revenge on George, she simply would have implicated him early on and used the not so common I was abused defense from the get go. A liar would tell their abuse story all at once and Casey didn’t. Casey told her story when she felt safe. Sadly, for you to assert she is lying about the abuse is a common reaction in our culture.

    • What do you mean, why did she sit in jail for three years? She was awaiting trial. Do you think they would just let her out if she told the police about George?

      Barbara, go back to JusticeQuest or whatever prosection-loving board you came from.

    • True. They don’t belong here. Report it to Sj and let him handle it. Arguing with them just incites more hate and theeats. Don’t give them any attention. I learned that on the amazon site.

    • Hi Barbara
      There are things that really puzzle me too. Why were the shorts that were found with Caylee’s remains two sizes too small? What mother would put on clothes on their child that were too small?? None that I am aware of… if anything, moms tend to put on clothes that are a tad too big. Why was the ladder left up at the pool when the family was so diligent in making sure it was never left up because Caylee loved to swim? Why did the Anthonys go against Casey’s wishes and have HER DAUGHTER creamated against her expressed wishes? If you even listened to anything Cindy said, her words were “she isn’t just Casey’s daughter, she belongs to all of us”

      • Debbie,

        What is even more puzzling is why were Caylee’s clothes changed from the clothes George claims he last saw Caylee wearing to the too small clothes, so small, according to Jose in his book, that the shorts tore when they were put on Caylee. Was Caylee telling Casey that she didn’t have shoes, when Caylee talked to Caylee.

        She wore shoes when George described her clothing, but no shoes were found with the little girl’s remains.

        Wow! Something just jumped out at me! Could the clothes George had described Caylee have been blood stained? This one is really tough to say, but could it be the clothes George described have his semen on the clothes, and so he changed them? There has to be a reason for a change of clothes, if they were changed.

        George could have easily described the clothes she was found in. I will check his state deposition and see what clothes he desribes then.

        • Debbie,

          I think I figured out why George’s description of the clothes, are not the same clothes the remains were found in. There was a lot of talk when the remains were found about the clothes being too small, that Caylee had outgrown them. This told us that it couldn’t have been Casey who dressed her after death, as she would know the clothes were too small. He was afraid it would bring in suspicion that he had dressed Caylee after death. So I needed a date when he said this in the State Deposition. It was August 5, 2009, which would have been after the body was found. So knowing the clothes were too small, he said she was wearing different clothes. He wouldn’t want to be suspected of changing Caylee’s clothes. Desperate basta*ds do desperate things.

          The fact remains he got away with his foul lies. I laughed when the prosecution said Cindy and George were not good liars, but Casey was a good liar! George got away with the murder of the little girl, and it looks like Cindy helped him cover up. Casey got charged with murder and spent 3 years in a rat hole and faced the death penalty for the murder of Caylee, and the prosecution says Casey is the better liar? GMAB!

          • He’s gotten away with it so far, but I do believe this will change. The one thing George did not expect is that Casey would be acquitted. He expected her to end up on death row or serving life in prison. And as we know from Jose’s book, it was George’s many lies and inconsistent statements along with the state’s weak case that led to Casey’s freedom. George knows his day is coming. Why else do you think he’s been so quiet in spite of all the allegations Jose has made against him?

      • Debbie,

        I remember when Cindy said Caylee belonged to all of them. Cindy even had a baby monitor in her room, so she could wake up and take Caylee to Casey to breast feed. She horned her ass in on everything to do with Caylee. Love Caylee? Sounds more like Caylee was Cindy’s possession, or a thing to Cindy. This awful woman even told Caylee to call her mama, and said it right in front of Casey.

        Look what kind of mother she was to Casey. In fact she had the whole family gang up on Casey. When she met Tony Lazzaro for the first time, she said to him that she hopes he had a lot of money because Casey would steal from him. Then her bast*rd brother told Tony negative things about Casey. They didn’t know Tony: he could have been a lot of rotten things, yet he Cindy and Lee bad mouthed Casey to Tony.

        Cindy is a liar:

        Casey did not steal the car from Cindy. It was Casey’s car, and it sounds like Cindy gave her permission to take money from her purse…or to use her credit card.

        This bad mouthing of Casey goes back. George warned Jesse Grund when he first met Jesse, about Casey, saying she had issues! ISSSUES!? Define those issues, George! Spell it out you lying POS! They get a lot of mileage by not spelling out the “issues.”

        They were trying to discredit Casey by saying rotten things behind her back to friends, because they were afraid Casey would mention the sexual abuse. They made her out to be a liar. Yes, she lied to police, but there was a lot more to it, which I won’t go into now.

        Casey believed Caylee was alive, and so did Jose, until the day the remains were found.

        I hope Casey stays away from this family. They’ll set her up again. This time to have her committed to a mental institution for the criminally insane. As I recall Alba mentions that possibility.

        I pray a lot for God to keep Casey safe….. I am sure others are praying as much as I am…..

  8. Casey’s behavior is entirely consistent with some one who’s been subjected to severe, long-term sexual abuse. Read Jose’s book and you’ll understand everything. And read Keith Ablow’s analysis of Casey’s psychiatric records, which I believe is on this site. No one thinks Casey is without fault, we simply believe she is innocent and was treated unfairly by the media and the state. And that George Anthony is the one who should have been charged, and maybe some day will be.

    • Harry N,

      You’re right about George. He won’t get away with killing the little girl.

      • God always makes things right. He had Jose defend her and she was acquitted. Then, he kept her safe. Just when you think all the doors have closed. God will open a window.

    • I have read Jose’s book, Harry , thanks and I still have a lot of questions.

    • Hi Harry,
      I believe that Casey is guilty of only one thing in the death of her daughter and that is not calling 911. I do not believe that Casey put Caylee’s remains in the woods or anything else that the prosecution had claimed

  9. Sonja,

    Sorry, it was inaccurate. It wasn’t a “face-book” page set up, it was a MySpace page set up. It was set up between 2:30 p.m and 2:52 p.m, at 2:31 p.m.

    George allegedly left for work at 2:30 p.m, but it have been a few minutes later he left. We only have his word he left at 2:30 p.m. Could it have been a few minutes later?. How far is work from his home? How long would it take him to get there?

    I found a timeline on another site, and it reports a “Zenaida MySpace” page was set up at 2:31 p.m.

    ■2:30 p.m. – George leaves home to go to work @ Lexus, Winter Park, FL
    ■2:31 p.m. – Zenaida MySpace page was set up. The profile includes a picture of Dora the Explorer; Birth sign: Pisces; Location: Miami, FL.
    ■2:52 p.m. – Jesse G. call Casey’s cell ph = 660 secs.
    Casey tells Jesse G. that her mom was no longer moving out and that her parents were getting a divorce. [LIE] Casey also told him she had to find a place to live because she couldn’t stay at home. Jesse said he heard Caylee in the background. [discovery doc p. 1517]

    • P.S.

      I didn’t say it was a “lie.” I got this from another website, and a copy and paste of the Zenaida MySpace alleged set up page.

    • And we all know George’s word is shot to h#ll.

      That page you mention, makes me think of the searches in march to missing children’s sites. I know I’m getting really out there with the old conspiracy theories, but the Anthony’s sure did profit during and after.

      • Sonja,

        I thought of the missing children sites, too. LDB questioned Cindy about those sites in the State Deposition.

        • Jon,

          The problem I have with totally ignoring the haters on Amazon, is they put out false information about Casey and millions of serious readers see it and accept it as fact. That is why I think it should be corrected. You needn’t agrue with the haters, just correct the false information they put out there, and let them name call and sing to the choir.. The court of public opinion is what is hurting Casey now, and I feel it should be corrected when false information is put out there by the haters. It will not just go away. It never did with O.J. Simpson, or Scott Peterson.

          I am waiting for George to be shown up for the pedophile he is, but in the meantime the correct information needs to be put out there.

          I have changed the minds of two people with the accurate information. These people believed Casey had killed Caylee in cold blood, and now they believe she is innocent. I think this can be done on a larger scale: the millions of serious readers need to see the true facts. .

          • But, if you keep posting on Amazon you are going to get people like Kerry Lott threatening Casey. The people on Amazon are bullies that’s it. It’s all about hurting someone else. You post there and they are only going to attack you and threaten Casey. You are not helping Casey by responding to these bullies.

          • Jon, who were you addressing with the comment about Amazon?

    • Hi Lily,
      You know it was those exact documents that started my search for what had gone on back in 2008. The police had released a ton of discovery docs and I read them. It did not make sense to me that George had said Casey and Caylee had left at 12:50 pm that day and then he went and watched the food channel, yet there was a high level of computer activity on the computer between 1-3 pm including the zenaida myspace thing. Right away I thought George was lying and Casey had never left home in the first place that day. Another thing that has consistently bothered me was George insisting he remembered what Caylee was wearing because that was the last time he saw her…… In my opinion, the only way he would remember what she was wearing would be if he knew it would be the last time he saw her. In four years ,my opinion has not changed!

      • Debbie,

        Whoever did the Missing Children search in March, is the one who did the Zenaida MySpace page. I think it was George. Possibly he planned to give Caylee away and claim she was Missing, but things went wrong, and he raped and killed her. The best laid plans of mice and men…..

        It also bothers me the description of what Caylee was wearing. But what is so odd is she wasn’t wearing the clothes he described, nor was she wearing shoes or anklets as he said. That is so puzzling. Also, another strange thing. In one of Casey’s interviews with police, she said she had talked to Caylee and Caylee talked about her shoes!!!!

        Was that really Caylee on the phone? Shirley Pleasa said she had received two calls from a child. On the second call it sounded like a recording. Could George have played recordings of a child, and did he on the child’s call to Casey?

        Casey wanted to believe Caylee was alive, so I don’t think she’d question a voice being Caylee’s or not.

        Could Caylee have been alive for a few days after the 16th June? Wendy Murphy thinks so. And Jesse Grund said he had heard Caylee in the background on the 24th of June, when he talked to Casey.

        • Lily I don’t believe she was alive after the 16th and certainly not on the 24th because typically young children of her age would want to talk on the phone and if it rang would be bugging mom to talk and Jesse certainly would have remembered that. Find the video of Casey talking with Lee while she is in jail and watch it, substituting the word George for Zanny….

          • Debbie,

            You’re right. I based Caylee being alive mostly on the clothing, the description George gave in comparision to what the remains were found in. I think he lied to cover his ass. The clothes were too small, and he was afraid people would think Casey didn’t put those clothes on her as she would know they were too small.

            I based it on the calls from a child Shirley Plesea received, and a call to Casey who believed it was Caylee. I still believe someone tried to make it appear Caylee was alive, and placed the two calls to SP and the one to Casey.’ Casey was in denial so I can see why she would believe it was Caylee. As to Jesse, it could be he was simply mistaken.

            When I put it together about the clothes to my satisfaction, I think George lied about what she was wearing to distance himself from the too small clothing the remains were found in.

  10. Can anyone give me the link for Jose Baez’s facebook page. The link says the page is not available.

      • Jon,

        I won’t go on Amazon, but I still think inaccurate information should be corrected. This isn’t helping Casey by not putting out the facts. If Kerry Lott threatens Casey he can be reported to Amazon, and they’ll delete his posts or ban him.

        Jon, I understand your fears about Casey, as I have them myself…but, in order to change minds, accurate facts need to be put out there. There are millions of serious readers who read Amazon, and we shouldn’t allow the Kerry Lott’s to keep us from posting the facts. It’s not going to stop him by laying low. It never does.


        • There are millions of serious readers who buy books on Amazon, but there’s nothing serious about so-called reader reviews on Amazon. It would be different if there were a requirement that only people who have actually purchased a particular book could post a review. But everyone knows anybody can go on Amazon and write a “review” of Presumed Guilty or any other book. It’s useless and in this case becomes just another forum for Casey-obsessed lunatics to spew their hate. I highly doubt that very many regular people read those “reviews” and form their opinions based upon them.

        • Lily

          But it just Incites more hatred. I don’t want to see some nutcase like Kerry Lott hurt Casey. If something happened to Casey I would be very sad. It’s been over a year now since the trial ended and people are stil hating on her. It’s not right she can’t live her life.

          • Jon,

            I am not going to Amazon, but I was just making a case for getting the accurate facts out there. I guess it boils down to I don’t want to take a chance on the Kerry Lott’s hurting Casey. I won’t go there…but it hurts seeing all the inaccurate information the haters are posting.

          • All we can do is pray that Casey stays safe and is being protected. In some ways it’s a miracle that she was forced to spend a year in Florida without anyone finding her and hurting her. I’ve always felt that the level of hatred against her was somewhat exaggerated by the media, but that hatred does exist. We should always pray for her, and pray that some day the truth will come out and both Casey and Caylee will see justice.

          • Lily

            I understand what you are saying but things will get better. Look at Amy Fisher she turned her life around and she is being left alone.

          • Jon,

            I guess all I can do now is pray that Casey stays safe. I will ignore the haters on Amazon. Maybe little Caylee is watching over her mama…


  11. Who is boycotting Steak & Shake? Is this for real?

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