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Casey Anthony: The Closing Arguments – Revisited

With all the recent BS surrounding Zenaida Gomzalez, Morgan & Morgan, the video deposition, the proposed deposition video release, Casey’s illegal probation fiasco, the jail video unsealing, the trial costs debacle, the corrupt Tim Miller & Texas Eqqusearch suits and such like… it’s sometimes easy to forget just how many different people lied their asses off and went out of their way to try and falsely convict Casey during the trial.

As I’ve said all along, this was never a “murder trial” in the first place – and that’s exactly how it turned out. But in light of the BS-fuelled media witch hunt that carried the trial along for 3+ years, there’s no getting around the fact that Jose Baez, Cheney Mason (and the rest of the team) did a truly outstanding job in defending Casey. At the end of the day, justice was done.

With all that in mind, here are parts 12 & 13 from Jose Baez’ Closing Arguments. The 2 clips I’ve included below not only highlight all of George & Cindy Anthony’s lies, but also blows away all the fantasy forensics & junk science concocted by the cesspool prosecution, as they tried to falsely convict Casey and appease the brain-dead haters.

Not having seen this footage for well over 3 months now, it made interesting viewing. Let me know your thoughts.

Defense Closing Arguments in the Casey Anthony trial, July 3rd 2011 – Part 12/18:

DefClosing Part 12

Defense Closing Arguments in the Casey Anthony trial, July 3rd 2011 – Part 13/18:

DefClosing Part 13

 Click here to visit our Closing Arguments page to watch it all in full.


  1. Thanks SJ. I watched this and then went back and watched George up on the stand and all I can say is that he gives me the total creeps!!! He lies about everything…I have no doubt he is involved in all of this and that he molested Casey…and possibly Caylee. I really hope someday the truth comes out. I hope Casey stays far far away from this man!!

  2. George creeps me out! Look at the way George is glaring at Baez. He looks like he wants to kill him! Baez ir right George cares only about George! I feel sorry for Casey having him as a father.

    • I agree 100% Jon! He is a scary man…I can’t imagine what growing up with a dad like that would do to you. Have you ever seen someone dance around a question like he does? I’m so glad the jury saw him for what he is…a deceiver!

  3. Wow, Baez was a rockstar in his closing arguments! Unlike the prosecution, who ended their arguments with “look at the Bella Vita tattoo!” (which to me, was obviously a tribute to little Caylee and NOT a declaration that Casey was free to party). Baez made the prosecutors look like amateurs.

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