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Jose Baez threatens lawsuit over claims from washed-up retarded PI Dominic Casey

Jose Baez threatens lawsuit over claims from washed-up retarded PI Dominic Casey:

Jose Baez, the Florida attorney who represented Casey Anthony in her 2011 murder trial, threatened to take legal action Wednesday over a private investigator’s claims that the lawyer had sex with his client and said she killed her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

“I unequivocally and categorically deny exchanging sex for my legal services with Ms. Anthony… I have always conducted my practice consistent with the high ethical standards required of members of the Florida Bar,” Baez told People Magazine. He went on to say, “Legal action is forthcoming.”

In court documents that went public last month, investigator Dominic Casey claimed Baez told him in 2008 that the mom killed her daughter and hid the girl’s body. The investigator also said Casey Anthony effectively paid Baez with sex because she didn’t have enough money…


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  1. Lon Spector says:

    Just another lame attempt to slander Casey for the sake of the Almighty Buck.
    Fear not however because Casey has proven herself more then capable of meeting the
    challenge. She can take whatever they spew out.
    Let’s give her the support and recongnition she deserves as the brave lady she is!

  2. Anyone with any intelligence knows Dominic Casey is full of it. Baez will win. I think Casey may have had a crush on Jose Baez. I always thought they would make a cute couple .

  3. Lon Spector says:

    I always thought that Casey was a “1960’s girl” trapped in the 2,000’s.
    Her need for freedom above all illustrates this. Casey is “Ruby Tuesday” from the
    Rolling Stones. But even more, she’s like the subject of the song “Touch Me,” by
    Jim Morrison and the Doors. It’s too bad they couldn’t have met.
    The final line of that song applies to Casey: Despite all their attempts to destroy her she’s

  4. Lon Spector says:

    Our song for Casey is “Ben,” by Michael Jackson. Google the lyrics!

  5. Lon Spector says:

    Tomorrow marks your 5th year of freedom! But then again, you were a person who always
    knew REAL FREEDOM lies WITHIN! Play the song “Too Many Walls” by Cathy Dennis!
    Also, Casey’s asperations remind me of the rock group from the 80’s “Toto.”
    They sang “Hold The Line,” “Ninety Nine,” and “Rosanna.”
    I hope that Casey watches the official video of “Rosanna.” But for a few unfortunate turns of
    fate, the dancing woman in red could be Casey!

  6. Casey is the greatest most absolute perfectly beautiful ultimate goddess angel of a lady in the world in every way. I will always support her in any way I can and I would do anything to help keep her always happy, healthy, and safe from any kind of harm so she can live a very long happy life. Casey deserves the very best of everything nice because is a true goddess angel who endured the attack from evil people. Casey will alays have good people that will always help her, support her, and protect her always in every way. Casey will always have true friends that will always be here for her to help no matter what she needs

  7. missattempts says:

    Final message, I promise! I intend to leave this country! It is NOW an empty husk!
    Casey, YOU WILL WIN! Your case was connected to current affairs in ways the average
    person was ill equipped to understand. You will prevail in ways that the average person is
    ill equipped to understand.
    YOU WILL PROFIT FROM MARRIAGE, just as you profited from the legal system because
    you have Jupiter in the 7th house of marriage and the law. You will come out on top!
    I’ve done what little I could to be an advocate for you, but now it’s time to go. If I could change
    just one mind about you I’d be happy.
    My good-bye song for you is “Until It’s Time For You To Go.”

  8. Off topic,,, but are you are aware Jeff Ashton was exposed as a paying member in the Ashley Madison hack? I searched your blog site, and don’t see any posts on it.

    Anyway, its just another example of how unethical Ashton was and still is.

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