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Casey Anthony’s Awesomeness – “Jealousy Fuel” for the masses!

While adding a bunch of new pics to the “Casey Anthony Pics” page this morning, a strange but true fact suddenly dawned on me – so I’m sharing it with you today.

The thing is – you never really hear of anyone being jealous over Zenaida Gonzalez or Krystal Holloway – do ya? No you don’t. And why is that? Well, I can only guess that in the cold light of day, neither of them (put together) has what Casey Anthony has — and that is, total unadulterated & unbridled AWESOMENESS.

Yep. Casey Anthony’s awesomeness knows no bounds.

I’ll tell you something else too. In the midst of the recent costs hearing, probation issues, possible lawsuits, book launches, TV interviews, the ongoing media BS and all the other stuff swirling around right now, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of just how totally awesome Casey Anthony really is.

I mean, come on… How could anyone NOT love Casey Anthony?

If most people are honest (and we know they’re not), then they KNOW (deep down) that Casey didn’t kill Caylee – they damn well know it… but they also KNOW there’s a far bigger picture to the whole deal that nobody’s telling them… they KNOW they’ve been brainwashed by the media every day & night for the past 3 years. But they STILL insist on clinging to the ILLUSION that Casey is Guilty… because it kinda makes they feel better about themselves.

In reality though, they’re just plain jealous of Casey.

Here’s what fuels the jealousy of the masses (commonly disguised as hate & anger):

1. Casey’s undisputable & stunning beauty:

You gotta hand it to Casey. She’s one hell of a gorgeous chick. In fact during the trial, and even after being cooped up in a small cell for years, there’s nobody else out there that could of looked as good as Casey did – what with so little effort, limited access to make-up and an equally limited wardrobe to boot. Casey is hot, and the world knows it. It really must of driven other women nuts – and obviously still does. Casey is hotter than a faulty furnace. You know she is.

2. Casey’s celebrity status:

Yep, all any editor or publisher needs to do is include a picture of Casey on the cover of their book or magazine, and their sales will go through the roof. Casey has The Celebrity Factor – sought by many but attained by very few.

3. Casey’s soon-to-be-claimed fortune:

Right now Casey is going through the healing process, and while there’s certainly no big hurry, it’s very likely that Casey will put pen to paper one day and write her own story. That’s a multi-million dollar deal in itself – and richly deserved – even if it never gets turned into a movie.

4. Casey’s overwhelming Not-Guiltyness:

Anyone with an ounce of common sense KNOWS Casey never murdered her daughter. The facts prove that. Casey has been innocent right from day 1. She always has been – and she always will be. Innocent, Not Guilty, Acquitted – call it what you will. It all means the same.

5. Casey’s awesome motherhood skills:

It kind of goes without saying – but I’ll say it anyway: Casey Anthony was a truly awesome Mother, as everyone who knew her and everyone who testified during the trial confirmed. I’d even go as far to say she was way better than most mothers out there. Saying Casey was a bad mother is ludicrous. If it was a crime, then a lot of people had better watch out… because nearly every court in the land would be full to capacity with bad mother’s awaiting sentence.

6. Casey’s “captivation” factor:

Every time Casey appeared on our TV screens, everyone stopped to watch. Literally. Casey single-handedly, and with no effort whatsoever, seemingly brought half the planet to a complete standstill. She captivated countless millions of people all around the world for over 3 years. Kudos!

7. Casey’s ability to survive:

Yes. Casey ability to actually SURVIVE 3 years of hell locked away in solitary confinement, 23 hours day every day. For that she should be commended. Very few people would be able to handle that horrible situation. Come to think of it, most people couldn’t even handle 23 hours without watching TV.

8. Casey’s unwavering Courage:

That’s the COURAGE Casey needed throughout this ordeal, to cope with the unspeakable acts committed on by her own father.

9. Casey’s inner strength:

The inner STRENGTH Casey had to draw EVERY DAY to help her through the death of her beloved daughter – the bogus murder accusations… the grotesque animations… the crime scene photographs… and all the endless diatribe of bullshit & LIES puked up throughout the trial by a cesspool masquerading as “the prosecution”. Shame on them.

10. Casey’s unwavering faith:

Casey’s unwavering FAITH & DETERMINATION to hang in there and NEVER GIVE UP was admirable (and still is)… even when nearly everybody (including her family & “friends”) turned against her.

Put all of the above together and what do you have?


You have the one and only Casey Anthony.

Without a shadow of a doubt – “Jealousy Fuel” for the masses… but still one of the most awesome girls in the whole world ever.

So I ask you again, with all that awesomeness wrapped in one neat package…

How could anyone NOT Love Casey Anthony?



Support Casey --- Let the Waters Rise video


  1. Well said SJ on everything you wrote!! I just watched the INSANE hearing for the 2nd time & watched the blonde IDIOT try to go for the KILL AGAIN!! Did she not get a message the 1st go round?? Right out of the gate Mr Mason CAUGHT her in LIES about the amount of hours! The only thing that has me worried is something I heard Judge Sindlin(sp) Anna Nichols Judge TRIED to tell the FOOLS on HLN that this was all SOUR GRAPES & POLITICAL.They didn’t want to listen to him of course.But anyway my fear is since the one making the decision in this round is elected,plus from the trial we saw how one sided he was! He even upheld the objection in this trial about the sheriff’s dept NOT doing their job on Aug 13th.Somewhere in here someone will see how INSANE their claim is(down to ashtons book) & stop this MADNESS!! You are right,, Casey did NOT murder her Caylee.If their theories were proven LIES,there was no murder.
    They want Casey to pay all these peoples salaries that would have been paid if there were no Casey or Caylee! Why should she have to pay for all their expert witnesses? Even the ones who did NOT even testify!! This all just blows my mind.AGAIN…I am asking how can this be LEGAL?

    • Greetings! Yes, I agree w/you 100%, and wish the best for Casey. I’m wondering about if it’s possible to re-open the investigation at this case: looks like George Anthony is going away with what he done… but cashing, cashing and cashing, at the same time Casey needs to hide somewhere, because it’s unsafe for her to walk on the streets… crazy… and also, what about the “CASEY LAW”? People needs to be protected from some one like Nancy Grace and others.

  2. I thinks she’s especially awesome for numbers 7, 8, and 9.

  3. I truly agree!!! Casey is a beautiful, awesome, most wounderful person!! I have the up most respect for her. Casey is a bright shining star that will make it big in life.

  4. You’re a genius! I wish you had your own tv show or something! I also wish you were the lead detective on this case instead of that jerk Melich, so you could have saved our lovely and amazing angel, Casey, from even one day of that unjust ordeal!

  5. This is GREAT! Well Sponge George did it AGAIN! I can’t believe how he hates her! He reminds me of the father in the movie The General’s Daughter. Honestly, it shakes me up to see such betrayal. Dang.

  6. She really is! Most women out there are only hate her cuz shes BEUTIFULE! I’m 26 and me and my husband have been married since the first of this year…so things were still new with us…well i watched the case EVERYDAY this summer….and talked about her EVERYDAY!!! He got jelouse cuz’ i talked about her 24/7 lol…..I remember when they said “NOT GUILTY!” I WAS HOME AND WAS SO EXCITED! I called my husband up at work and said ” I TOLD YOU SHE WOULD GO FREE!!!!!” I SAID SHE GETS OUT OF JAIL NEXT WEEK! :))) We even had a few drinks that night to celebrate! :))

    • Kat, you are right. Casey is one helluva woman and she is sexy as hell. I think she is innocent and I hope she’s doing okay now. People like Nancy Grace are so jealous of her because she happens to be drop-dead gorgeous. Give her a break. She is a sweet, lovely lady and she looks stunning.

  7. You hit the nail on the head. Casey has been through more than most of us will in a lifetime. I watched the trial everyday this summer, and was in awe of how good she looked through the whole process. The media crusified her continously…if she smiled she was cold hearted murderer, if she cried it was aligator tears, anything she did they made an issue of it. Well, I would like to see how others in her situation would have reacted. Most people could not have stood up the pressure she was under. I have to give alot of credit to her defense team for helping her to hold up under this pressure. And I give credit to the jury for seeing the whole picture and being brave enough to judge her based on facts, not emotion! God worked in this trial..He knew she was not guilty, and wheather anyone wants to believe it or not, he still has a hand in what is happening with Casey! There are so many of us who care for her and we will stand strong for as long as it takes!

  8. Well said!!! I LOVE THIS PAGE!!!

  9. I find this page interesting. I tried sending Casey an email but I do not know if she rvcd it. Peace.

  10. Gillian Weeks says:

    YES Casey, you are a phenomena in and of yourself! Don’t let the BS get to you.. Glad you are doing well. Keep your head up! And especially when you feel like there is nobody out there you can rely on and trust- BELIEVE ME- WE ARE OUT THERE.. I feel that the ones who think you are innocent are truly overwhelming the ones who are still considered haters. Most of the haters just have some very serious mommy issues.. Sadly. Remember- You are ALREADY a success. You have overcome far more than 99% of the world ever could.. And beyond that, you have come out smiling. Life is meant to be lived, and you need to be living yours.. I with you much safety, love, and further success in your future. Caylee is watching over you.. I just KNOW it!! She was your baby girl, and now you are her baby.. You are going to be okay. So is Caylee. Things will get better. Keep up the therapy and spiritual journey, and I think everything will just fall into place from there. MUCH LOVE BOOBOO!!! =)

  11. Casey Anthony has always been a sweetheart of a perfectly beautiful angel of a lady and will always be for life. I will do what I can to always help the sweet goddess angel Casey Anthony so she can be happy and safe for the rest of her long life

  12. She did not murder Caylee. I used to work in the media, and I left it because I know how the media is: evil. Yes, the loss of Caylee is tragic, it’s so painful…but this is most painful to Casey. I really do hope that Casey can heal from this because there is so much damage. I hope she knows that there are people out there who are on her side. I wish people would use that squishy thing in their heads and not be warped by the media. Casey is NOT guilty.

  13. I believe Casey Anthony is 100% innocent and stand behind her 100% do she have a website set so people who wants to help her financially can do so?

  14. Jonathan Freeman says:

    Hey Girl
    PLease ignore all the cray crazy wrong people trying to bring you down and get in your buisness. just because it was o tv doesnt mean they have the right to impose themselves into your life. your totally awesme and even if you cant leave your place thats ok because there will be lots of things you can and still live a fully enriched life. take up painting and paint your life away. there are dozens and doezns of fun things you can do and even if you get bored, you can never give up. like the rest you deserve the best which means never subcombing to discrimination and hatred from anyone, even tho you feel betrayed but you gotta stay positive for yourself
    here i compiled a million things you can do for the rest of your long successful life, and here goes! 🙂
    listen to the spice girls and relax to a couple of great drinks
    relax on the floor and take cute selfies
    write tons of stories and draw a whole bunch of fun comics mabye even of u!
    run on a indoor bike and drink a ton of water and be safe and dont slip and fall
    design beanies and knit towels and draw cards like christmas cards and more for impovershed kids all over the world who would love to meet u.
    listen to a fun album by melanie c called northern star and melanie b called la state of mind
    realize that emotional healing is in books so read and read and read! ebooks work too.
    cook and make meals that taste delicious and imagine these going for a future lover. mabye someday your dream lover will rescue u or you them, never stop hoping!
    write song lyrics and put down a few ideas for a good solo album singing karaoke albums and covers of justice seeking singers like joss stone and metalica. whatever you do, do not let the pain simmer inside. a good book is called WILL THERE REALLY BE A MORNING? BY FRANCES FARMER about a wronged movie star in the 40s who was brilliant and talented but the system turned on her and had her commited to horrible awful mental hospitals that abused her but she never stopped believiing in her innocence and the truth which is they suck. but the best is that she overcame thier bullshit accusations and lived to tell. see even in the face of hatred someone can still thrive and overcome it all and live a even better life.
    meditation videos on youtube that show how to relax on your own.
    cause even tho you feel silenced, and horrified, you can live past these horrible circumstances)
    so lets recap. theres a millon things to do which include solitude but a fun solitude. books video games and music and comics and humor like the show mad tv which used to be funnier and better than the lame s.n.l. …sooooo…….once more…it may seem your all alone but guess what your not. billions of cool people adore u

    • Vanessa Wilson says:

      Hi. Love your comment. And I’ve been hoping to reach out to someone else who loves and supports Casey. Please get in touch if possible.

  15. Alex Terrance says:

    hugs!!!! we are censored from reachin u but never think your the most hated woman cause its not true at all…there are dozens of hurt women who are afarid to come out of the shadows but dont be weakened and never surrender to the zombies. fuck em u are timeless and the tears arnt in vain cuz u are so much better than the bullshit hate. GIVE urself a break cuz ur only human. ok? can you do that for us, your fans?

    • Vanessa Wilson says:

      I hate it for her. It’s terrible that she has had to live her life in fear. It breaks my heart what she has had to go through.

  16. Vanessa Wilson says:

    I’ve never hated Casey, and I have never really believed that she did this horrible thing people accuse her of. I love and support Casey Anthony, and I want her to know that as well. I also support her parents. Caylee was a precious little angel and will be forever loved and missed.

    • Jon Gossin says:

      You shouldn’t support her father George. You should read some of the things George did and said to his only daughter. I support Casey and her Mom but not her Dad.

      • Vanessa Wilson says:

        You could be right. I really don’t know anything about George. I just know that Casey couldn’t have done this. She’s an amazing person. And her mom seems like an angel as well.

        • Vanessa, I totally agree with you about Casey. She is indeed an amazing lady and because she is incredibly gorgeous, most women are jealous and hate her.

      • Vanessa Wilson says:

        Hi John. Followed you on Twitter. If you want, you can follow my @LoveUDearCasey account.

  17. Vanessa Wilson says:

    Casey, we love you and always will!

  18. Vanessa Wilson says:

    Hello all fellow Casey supporters! Hope you have an awesome day!

  19. Vanessa Wilson says:

    One more thing for today. I swear, this is the only place where I can openly support Casey without getting slammed for it. You guys are amazing. If anyone wants to chat about Casey, or anything else, email me. I’d love to hear from some of you.

  20. Vanessa Wilson says:

    All who loves and supports Casey, if you have Twitter, follow me: @LoveUDearCasey !

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