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Casey Anthony Back in Florida – Geraldo / Jose Baez Interview (8/21)

Casey Anthony is back in Florida, according to Jose Baez.

Jose also went on to confirm that most of Casey’s so called “friends” turned out to be types of people who chose to capitalize off the situation, far more than they were concerned about Casey or Caylee… and further confirmed that Casey has had “limited contact” with her parents.

Here’s the “Geraldo At Large” interview from last night. It’s obvious from this that Geraldo can never quite decide which side of the fence he’s on:

Casey Anthony Back in Florida - Geraldo Jose Baez


  1. Thought it was a great interview. I hope for the best w/ Court of Appeals…xxxj good work! xj

    • Hi Jenne’! Yes, the interview was good… although Geraldo commented on the TMZ Ohio pics (in the intro to this piece prior to the interview) and confirmed they were of Casey – even though he never asked Jose about it… then in his Facebook post after the event he stated Jose had said Casey “did not have a friend in the world” – which was not true. So like I say, he just needs decide which side of the fence he’s on. I guess that depends on who he’s trying to apease at any given time.

  2. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    Jose is absolutely right. Why do so many people get joy out of Casey’s misery? It’s her life and people, especially the media, are trying to ruin it. However, I think she will be able to live a normal life with friends etc. in due time. Hopefully with the “Michael Jackson” case coming up soon people will stop hating Casey and let her get back to her life.

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