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Casey checks in for probation Wednesday evening

Jose Baez confirmed to Fox News last night that Casey Anthony has now reported for probation, at an undisclosed location Wednesday evening.

Jose also went on to say: “She told the officer she understands the conditions of her probation and she was told the date for her next appearance.”

The Dept of Corrections will hold a press conference this morning @ 11 am in Tallahassee, where no doubt they’ll be stating their usual predictable BS.

In the meantime, the Costs Hearing scheduled for today has now been rearranged for next Friday, September 2nd.

More news & video as soon as we have it.


  1. MacKenzie Forrester says:

    Watch Nancy Grace employ her team of bloodhounds to find “Tot Mom” and “accidentally” provoke some good old-fashioned Atlanta-style violence on her.

    • Well, that would be unfortunate should it happen… and would probably result in NG being taken out – and that wouldn’t be for dinner. Having said that, I think the people that need to know this are already well aware of it. Thanks for posting! SJ

    • mackenzie…. we can only hope!!!

  2. And nobody even knew about it especially the Persecuting Press . A Day Early too. Ha Ha

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