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Casey declares bankruptcy (talks exclusively to CBS 5)

From Phoenix CBS 5:

“Casey Anthony filed for bankruptcy protection late Friday night in Florida.

This move brings all of Anthony’s civil cases currently under way in Florida state court to a complete halt.

“This is the next step towards closure for me,” said Anthony in a phone conversation Friday evening.

Anthony is listed as a defendant in three civil suits in Orange County, FL. The most notable of those being the suit brought by a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez. Gonzalez claims Anthony defamed her when Anthony told Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies in July 2008 that a fictitious nanny named “Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez” kidnapped her daughter Caylee.

The Gonzalez lawsuit, brought on behalf of the Orlando-based Morgan and Morgan law firm seeks unspecified damages.

“She needs closure in this matter in order to move on with her life,” said Anthony’s civil attorney, Charles Greene.

In a brief conversation with Anthony on Friday night, she told CBS 5 she was hopeful the Gonzalez case would have been behind her at this point.

The case was originally scheduled to go to trial earlier this month, but attorneys for Gonzalez were granted a continuance by the judge. No new trial date has been set.

“These are the things holding me back,” said Anthony. “This is the key for me to move forward.”

Shortly before the phone conversation with Anthony, Greene was adamant that Anthony would not discuss any of the details surrounding her open legal cases.

The bankruptcy was filed in the Middle District of Florida because Anthony has lived somewhere in central Florida for 180 days. Her parents’ address is listed as her home address, though Greene says that she is not living with them. He says that address was listed because it was her most recent permanent address.

CBS 5 broke the story in September that Anthony had moved out of Florida, but Greene says she left only for a short time and then returned because of logistic and financial reasons.

The publication of this story marks the first time Anthony has spoken with a news reporter on the record since her daughter’s death in 2008.

Despite a ruling from Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeals, Anthony’s 5th Amendment protections against self-incrimination still apply because her criminal team has yet to decide if they will file for a rehearing or appeal the outstanding issues to the Florida Supreme Court.

The appeals court Friday tossed out two of the four misdemeanor convictions against Anthony. She was convicted in July 2011 of four counts of lying to law enforcement.

“This (bankruptcy filing) has nothing to do with yesterday’s decision by the 5th Circuit (Court of Appeals),” said Greene. “This document took weeks to prepare. Casey’s legal team has deliberated over this since the trial was continued, and even before then.”

The decision to file for bankruptcy does not mean Anthony’s state court legal issues go away immediately. Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez – and others making claims against Anthony – would have to prove to a federal judge the damages they seek are “nondischargeable,” meaning she would owe money despite the bankruptcy filing.

Additionally, according to the bankruptcy documents filed, the possible financial claims against Anthony include:

$500,000 – Attorney Jose Baez

$60,505 – Florida Department of Law Enforcement

$68,540 – Internal Revenue Service

$10,283 – Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation

$145,660 – Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Anthony’s total assets, according to the 60-page filing are listed at less than $1,100 and her liabilities total more than $792,119.

“All the civil cases and people making potential claims have put her (Casey) in a position where bankruptcy is the only option,” says Greene.

The bankruptcy documents list nearly 100 names and organizations that could potentially pursue claims against Anthony. Many of the names included are the defense experts who testified on her behalf during her murder trial.

“The public doesn’t know all the people who have come out of the crawl spaces attempting to make claims against Casey,” said Greene. “There are other lawsuits, other potential claims and her freedom is restricted.”

Those individuals and organizations listed in the bankruptcy document would have to file a claim in federal court in order to get money from Casey Anthony.

Ultimately, that means a bankruptcy judge could be the person who decides the merits of the civil cases against Anthony.

“Casey hoped the (Zenaida Gonzalez) civil case would be over in January. This has been an ongoing battle for close to five years,” said Greene. “Emotionally and physically, she can’t go on for another year. She needs a clean slate from a financial perspective.”

Anthony tells CBS 5 that although she values the close relationship she has with her attorneys, she does not like to be “joined at the hip” with them. She described her legal advisors to be “like family” to her.

“She (Casey) feels it’s unfair for this process to drag on. We were ready to go to trial on Jan. 2, and there’s no new trial date. She wanted be vindicated in the civil (Gonzalez) case,” said Greene.

Anthony will be required to give sworn testimony in the bankruptcy proceedings, but Greene says the scope of questioning is limited to financial matters.

Greene says not to expect any surprises.

“There are no contracts, no movie or book deals,” says Greene.

The goal for anyone going through bankruptcy proceedings is to give a person a “fresh start.” The process from start to finish could take 90 to 120 days, or perhaps longer, depending on the number of people who bring claims against Anthony.”

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Great to see the tide finally turning for Casey as she prepares to move forward with her life.



  1. I got sued for 850,000 cuz i did not have insurance for 2 weeks, .lol i filed bankruptcy and not a bit of my life changed! I pray for u girl! You’ll be perfect. Daytona beach….

    • Wow there are two of us?


      Bankruptcy was the best move for Casey in her situation. Bravo.

      • This was a smart move and one that I’m surprised no one saw coming. Best of all, it derails the bogus lawsuits. And the fact that she spoke with a legit journalist will drive the haters crazy. She’s beginning the process of moving on with her life, and that will certainly include telling her story. Good for her.

        • I saw it coming. Did you? I thought she needed to do that. So now, M&M will motion to have future earnings go to the suit right?

          • I thought she might be advised to do this by her lawyers. It’s a perfect legal move. As to the lawsuits, I think they’ve been derailed to a great extent. Morgan won’t likely get his trial /circus anytime soon if ever, and Zenaida really will have to get a job. Too bad for her.

  2. Nice pictures of Casey. Good to see her smiling she is radiant.:)

  3. She looks beautiful. I’m glad to see her smiling. I saw this on Wesh news this morning because I live in Florida. I was estatic over the good news.

  4. Marilyn A says:

    I’m very happy to see Casey smiling! I was also very happy to hear about the bankruptcy because I’ve never felt that the civil cases were going to make it to trial… but was disappointed everytime the judge denied the motions to dismiss. This is the news that I’ve been waiting for because I believe the Federal Judge will dismiss the bogus civil cases for what they are – crap!

    Go Casey and Team!! Keep fighting to clear and protect Casey from the compete madness!

  5. She does look great. I hope that she’s getting some privacy in central Florida. Best wishes, Casey!

  6. Ahhh those are recent pics???

  7. Congrats to her. Glad to see her moving on with her life.

  8. Jeff Traube says:

    Not only does she look content, but appears like a different person on the inside – and for the better. Way to go, Case.

  9. So happy for Casey! This is a good start for 2013! She looks happy and ready to move on. Everything will fall into place the way it should be 🙂

  10. Casey might be a Paralegal Attorney Greene says

    • Thanks for the link Jon…great article.
      I just watched JVM because Adam Longo was on. I can’t believe the hatred she spews at Casey. If I were Casey I’d sue the hell out of her and Nancy Grace. They wont be happy until she is dead. They bitch about Casey’s bankruptcy but how the hell is she supposed to get a job when these two are promoting their hatred. Get a life Jane and Nancy…Casey was found not guilty by a jury of her peers. She has every right under the law as you do. Casey…keep taking steps forward…show them all what you’re made of. And watch their heads explode.

      • Amen to that Jill 🙂

      • The joke is that nobody actually watches JVM and few people watch Nancy Grace anymore. Their ratings are horrible. They had good ratings way back in 2011 but those days are long gone and they ain’t coming back. Their cash cow is moving on with her life, and with the help of excellent legal advisors is winning. Bankruptcy is a brilliant move that foils the lawsuits and any chance the media had to keep milking the story. Without Casey and Caylee HLN is a low- rated low- rent network with a dubious future. Best of all those pictures of Casey smiling and looking healthy and happy must drive them crazy. Thank God for a good honest journalist like Adam Longo. He reports the story fairly, without bias, which is why Casey personally trusts him.

        • That would explain why they keep coming back to their cash cow…even to the point of constantly comparing Casey to Jodi Arias. It is kind of funny seeing how upset they get after every win Casey chalks up. All I can say is Go Casey Go!! There are tons of us out here who did not buy into the media BS, watched your trial and actually used our brain.

      • Micohhiba says:

        She may have a civil rights suit against State of Florida or individually against Lawson, Ashton, Burdick, and Frank George. This is America and you aren’t allowed to prosecute someone with evidence you know to be false for personal or political gain. The state tried to have her executed for Christ sake! How great would it be to see these state attorneys explain why they put on evidence about chloroform searches and why they tampered with witnesses in their pursuit of a conviction and a death sentence.

  11. Jane and Nancy are tabloid hacks – no one with a functioning brain takes them seriously.

  12. Great to hear the news and it is really great to see Casey smiling and looking just as beautiful as ever. I will always be on her side and if there is anything I can do to help her in any way I will. I will always wish her the very best of everything Casey Anthony wants

  13. There’s that smile !

  14. bubblybrunette says:

    hey there. im new to the site.. but i wanna say i at first thought casey did something but then researched the case and i stand behind casey 100 percent..its such a tragedy that she had to lose her daughter, her pride and joy and im glad to hear she is moving on. she deserves to..what i love is how nancy grace claimed how casey would try to cash in and oh wait she hasnt.. i believe casey deserves to move on and i hope she find happiness someday.

  15. I agree with all you guys. My favorite part of the whole thing is watching HLN explode everytime something new happens. They were wrong about everything they said. They said she was a sociopath, wrong, narcissist, wrong, she wouldn’t be able to stay out of trouble, wrong, she wouldn’t be able to stay out of the limelight, wrong, she would crave the cameras back in her life, wrong, she would testify because she craves attention, wrong, the biggest: she would be found guilty, wrong, the list goes on. Of course they also said that anyone who believed that she wasn’t guilty of first-degree murder was a crazy person who drank the “Casey-Kool-Aid”. We know that was wrong and they are all just a bunch of lying exploiters. I saw Adam Longo on JVM, he seemed out of place due to his integrity and all. I heard he was leaving Florida for a job somewhere else. I look forward to more of JVM’s meltdowns. LOL!

  16. The haters are in a frenzy, accusing Longo and his station of paying Casey $500,000 for a brief phone interview and a few pictures. Longo enraged them by treating her fairly and presenting an unbiased story. So they defame him by throwing false accusations of big payoffs. They seem to think Casey’s already been paid millions in secret by various media companies. Pathetic. I almost feel sorry for them. The object of their obsessive hatred is healthy, free, and with the help of great lawyers and good friends is fighting back and progressing with her life. It must drive them crazy. If the bankruptcy judge dismisses the lawsuits they’ll really lose it. So will those segments of the media still hoping to wring more money from Casey and Caylee.

    • Longo works for a station in Arizona…he left Orlando awhile ago. He is being fair and unbiased and that’s why Casey talks to him. Sick how now they’ll spread rumors about him. But really, should we expect anything else from the knuckle draggers?

    • They are such idiots – Casey would never be able to file for bankruptcy if she received huge payouts for interviews. There’s no way of hiding that in your financial records.

      • Kira you’re using your brain again, they don’t want you to do that. You’re absolutely right, you can’t hide deals past or planned from bankruptcy courts, it is illegal. I think in Florida it is like 5 years and a whole ton of money. They’ve been blinded by their own manufactured hatred. At this point, it is getting pathetic.

  17. I really feel such disgust for people that really have no clue what they are talking about posting their hate, anger, judgements with the audacity to even attempt to bring God into any of their own emotional issues where deception leads their tongues.

    It is time for these people to move on. Focus on your own lives. Casey has a right to move on with hers and be free n safe as anyone else. She was a great mother~loved her daughter~and did not harm her.

    Especially, ANY of the so~called professionals who have a legal oath n responsibility to their own professions~that includes the “talking heads~who have rallied the public for mob outrage and ignorance”.

    In due season when truth n justice previals (as so far too date all has gone in the right order) there will be accountability to every false allegation, hatred/anger w/o compassion, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to every dynamic that this case revealed and the errors of most everyone who threw themselves into the mix of this families personal issues and Casey’s own charges and case. Which btw she was found “NOT GUILTY”..

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions~however, the Legal System has ruled “NOT GUILTY” and that is that.

    I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that the truth behind George whose entire soul and every prior action displays a person who wouldn’t take responsibility for any of his own actions and has secrets that he believes are hidden as he threw his own daughter under the bus. One day those secrets will come to the light. I believe will vindicate Casey beyond a shadow of a doubt that no matter what lies and/or denials that have been apart of her past or any of her wrong doings.. For anyone to endure the upbringing and dysfunction behind close doors that is obvious to anyone really trained in their professions can share that Casey is a textbook victim of emotional and physical abuse.

    Who most people could never have handled all that she has been through with the strength and dignity that she has. When she lost her child, is the victim and protected those she loves. Her family which at one time is all she had and all she knew. Praise God for all those who have stood faithfully by her side, showing her that there are good people left in this world. Working on herself and has every right one day to earn income for anything she choose to do. Everyone else has made money on the back of her pain. With lies at that. Yet, they accuse Casey of lying and evils. The old saying.. worry about the log in your own eye instead of the speck in another. Couldn’t apply better.

    Casey has many career paths to choose from. Taking photos which she loves. Paralegal which her attorney Mr Greene says she is gifted at. She certainly has been through enough to be an advocate to those who are or have gone through some of the similiar things that she is having to overcome and work through.

    All I know is I am really sick and tired of how over a year later that people have nothing better to do with all their negative energy and judgements. Towards her, the jury, the attorneys and anyone who supports her or has an opposing position to theirs. Last I knew… this is a FREE Country and where most declare the importance of TRUTH~!!

    It is pretty sad that the majority right now believe lies as truth… and truth as lies.. and are so mixed up that if the entire details n facts were right before them…. the bondages that they are in is more reflective or their own lives and NOT that of Casey’s.

    Well to end this… Casey you do have those who believe in real justice and truth… who support you with understanding and even the dynamics of your own upbringing that really isn’t anyones business for the entire world to be making their positions known. Who cares what others think.. You know and that is what counts.

    Take Care… God Bless you…

    thank you for this site… is wonderful that you all have had from the onset getting the facts out as they are for the most part.

    • I couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks for sharing!

    • Marilyn C. says:

      Cheryl……What a GREAT post!! You have written so much that so many of us that have been coming to this site,it seems like forever now.You said so many things that we all feel and have for so long.Thank you,I just LOVE it when I read that there are many out there who DO get it & wish Casey only the best.

      SJ……We have waited a long time to see that BEAUTIFUL SMILE on Casey’s face!! Thank you for posting it for us to see.Yes….it has been posted other places…but usually with some crap about it. These pictures BELONG HERE!!! I hope everyone from the old bunch & new people are doing OK.Thank God things hopefully will go in a good direction for Casey and she can get away from all the blood suckers! God Bless you Casey and we are still here with support!

      • HI Marilyn,
        I’m still here…I will always show my support for Casey. The more I read about this case the more I see how Casey was railroaded from the beginning…and how the investigation into the TRUTH never happened. They wanted Casey from the beginning because of the lies she told and they never wavered. George is one of the creepiest people I’ve ever seen. Can’t believe they didn’t even LOOK at him!! You would think that investigators would want to know WHY a girl feels the need to lie for YEARS about going to work everyday and dropping her child off at the nanny’s house. Perhaps so she didn’t have to leave her child with a molester???? I mean seriously, if people can’t put 2 and 2 together (as Georgie Porgie himself said on the stand) then there is no help for them. If I were an investigator and I had seen George talking about the “sweet smell of her (Caylee) sweat” I think I would have looked at him a little harder. But NO. It was never, ever about getting to the truth. It was about putting on a good show. And a good show they put on…but fortunately the jury wasn’t there to see a show. They were there to weigh the evidence; and that’s what they did. They didn’t listen to Nance Grace, or JVM…they weighed the evidence and could not convict her even though that was the ending to the show everyone wanted! Good for them!

        So now I hear that George is paying for Casey’s place to live…If this is true, I’ve gotta believe that he is running scared! I gotta believe that HE is the one that is trying to get back into good graces with Casey so she won’t spill the beans on him anymore than she already has. She holds the keys in this…he knows that! However, he still is her father and he has mentally abused her for years. I hope he’s not trying to pull any of his old tricks with her.

        Those of us who have been on this site since the trial aren’t going anywhere…I too want “justice for Caylee.” I believe that justice will come when someone starts digging into George’s background and the truth comes out!

        • I find it highly unlikely that Casey has reconciled with George or that he’s paying her rent. I wouldn’t put too much creedence in a People magazine story.

    • Won’t happen. And Morgan knows it, but he has to have a way to keep his publicity stunt rolling for a while longer. Federal courts and Federal judges don’t play his game, and he knows it. The judge will never grant his motion because he has no right to interfere in Casey’s bankruptcy. He has zero standing, and unlike state judges, Federal judges aren’t elected and don’t care about media frenzies.

      • Get a damn job, Zenaida! Your 15 minutes are up. If there’s anything negative associated with your name now, it’s because you’re keeping this shit alive in the media.

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