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Team Casey Fights Probation With Emergency Motion

As expected, Casey Anthony defense attorney Cheney Mason filed an emergency motion late Tuesday, asking to quash an order by Judge Stan Strickland that requires Casey to report for probation. After filing the motion Tuesday, Mason said Casey does not plan on turning herself in.  Here’s the latest update in this ongoing fiasco from…

Casey Anthony - Defense Fights Probation With Emergency Motion


  1. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    Ladies and gentlmen, I just found out, that the judge was kicked off the case due to previous bias and statements against Casey. I mean, he’s a judge, he is being biased and, obviously, wrong. The not so honorable judge Strickland said something about how he can’t believe she was acquitted. If anything should be impeachable for a judge, this is it. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT A JUDGE, SOMEONE SUPPOSED TO BE HONARABLE, CANNOT REALIZE THAT CASEY IS 100% INNOCENT!

    • Awesome news! Strickland has proven himself to be an asshole, going by his “nanny” comments in the video in this post (and his previous biased comments as highlighted by Cheney Mason). I hope Stan and Jeff Ashton will be very happy together. They make a great couple, lol…

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