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Casey Anthony: Latest Probation Update, 8/5

In a saga where incompetence & misinterpretation rules – and plain common is still very much a rarity – it now looks like we’re still no nearer a ruling in the ongoing Casey Anthony probation fiasco. Judge Belvin Perry (this morning) has admitted it’s “a mess” and “a legal maze” – and has now decided he needs more time to research the issue and chat further with the DOC.

The decision? NO DECISION TODAY.

A video of today’s full probation hearing will be uploaded here tomorrow.


  1. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    The Goverment can’t stand to lose and only cares about money. This is proof right here. The Government is harrassing Casey for money and trying to ger her on probation. I cannot stand the Government wanting to control everything. JUST LEAVE CASEY ALONE! Casey is 100% innocent and a better person than all the Government people against her anyways.

  2. Clear: Casey Served Probation says:

    Defense today presented a mountain of case law as well as a witness from the Florida Parole Office, verifying Casey did indeed serve her parole. The “legal morass” and “mess” is just a smoke screen by a judge reluctant to take any stand. This in itself proves the law is clear cut and there is no question that Casey served her probation because the judge obviously wanted to protect the other judge that made the fraudulent ruling as well as placate the Lynch Mob, so the fact that he didn’t rule outright for Casey’s return to Orlando proves that he realizes a second year of probation would be bogus. . The only question now is, will the judge do the right thing and rule in favor of Casey, or will he rule for the Lynch Mob anyway and go against the law? Seems like he’s embarrassed himself enough already and has had enough of the Lynch Mob trying to tell him to throw the book at Casey, so maybe he will do the right thing in time. Let’s hope so.

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