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Casey’s First Video Diary Update

I received the following video yesterday, featuring Casey Anthony’s first ever Video Diary update… and maybe the first of many.

Check out the full video and post your comments below.

Here’s Mini Update #2 (all 9 seconds worth) – just in:

Casey 9sec Video-2

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Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony


  1. Casey, you rock! We all support you. I would love to rock your world sometime

  2. Russ Bartlett says:

    Casey is innocent, it’s that simple. The court did it’s job when it comes to giving justice as required by law. It is sad that so many people have to hold on to some belief that was formed from the media who made money off of villianizing Casey. The sad thing is before the case was even taken to court Casey Anthoney was already being attacked. Thepoor girl has lost her daughter, give he a break, my good lord. You know when something is easily believed, it’s probably a lie because lies or designed for everyone to believe. The truth on the other hand is often hard to believe, and the truth is Casey was found not guilty, plain a simple.
    To Casey, I wish you the best in your future. I am sure you will have a tough road ahead, you are a beautiful woman, and the sad truth is that the world isn’t fair, and unfortunately you will have to live with that.
    Peace and keep that beautiful smile going, it will get better!!!!

  3. Simplynotdivine says:

    When will HLN and Lenny P finally stop analyzing everything Casey does or wears. I hope that you finally get some peace from both of them so you can move on.

  4. I think all of the people that say Casey is guilty are idiots. They remind me of the witch hunters in the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. The state of Florida failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey was guilty of first degree murder, second degree murder, aggravated child abuse, or aggravated manslaughter of a child. The state of Florida had all the resources and time to present their case, but failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey committed the crimes that she was put on trial for. I commend the jurors of Casey’s trial, because of their bravery and integrity that they displayed throughout the trial and especially during the deliberations. Casey Anthony was found not guilty of said charges, by jurors of her peers. Leave Casey alone, she was found “Not Guilty”. Good luck Casey, I hope you make millions of dollars and I hope you are able to move on with your life peacefully.

    • seriously there was no proof, but then again I would have been burned as a witch back in the day I was prosecuted at the age of 23 for having sexual relations at a party with a 17 year old in the state of texas so I am a extremely hateful of the legal system, it was a party i was intoxicated, really I was supposed to ID someone at a college Frat party????

  5. Daniel Braden says:

    Hey Casey,

    I didn’t pay much attention to all the tv coverage. Staying back can really allow you to see everything with fresh eyes. I hate the fact that you have to deal with all the hate by everyone and the networks. People wanna believe what confirms their own bias. Hang in their. On a completely note, your a smokin hottie. 😉 Keep your head up. Look me up sometime if you want.

  6. Casey

    You are Awesome! I support you100 percent and always will ! Never let em win!

    Go Girl!

    Loved the video!

  7. All the best for you, Casey! I hope the New Year will bring you a chance to start anew & be happy :]

  8. SJ, How come you never posted the pictures of Casey’s new puppy? They are up at and all over the internet.


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