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So, which part of NOT GUILTY do you still not understand?

Let me first add some clarity here:

The principle that one is considered innocent until proven guilty is a legal right of the accused in a criminal trial, recognized in many nations.

The burden of proof is thus on the prosecution, which has to collect and present enough compelling evidence to convince the trier of fact, who is restrained and ordered by law to consider only actual evidence and testimony that is legally admissible, and in most cases lawfully obtained, that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

In case of remaining doubts, the accused is to be acquitted. This presumption is seen to stem from the Latin legal principle that ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat (the burden of proof rests on who asserts, not on who denies).

FACT: Yes, Casey Anthony was found guilty on a handful of innocuous misdemeanors – but more importantly she was found Not Guilty in respect of the murder of her daughter, Caylee.

So to the clueless masses out there that stupidly say – “Yes, BUT, Casey was found not guilty… she was not found innocent!” – I say to you – which part of NOT GUILTY does your confused little BS-filled brain have trouble understanding? Hmm?

Hold on though. Could it in fact be that you’re jealous of Casey’s undisputable beauty? Her celebrity status? Her total awesomeness?… or her soon-to-be-claimed fortune? Maybe it’s all of the above? Or, maybe it’s none of the above, and you’re just a sad sorry spiteful piece of self-righteous trash with nothing better to do?

Let me know and I’ll tackle your comments accordingly.

Give it your best shot, and try and keep the f-words to a minimum :mrgreen:

You may proceed….


  1. Love her Smile and her Eyes! Casey is Innocent deal with it!

  2. Curious about a few inconsistencies with OCSO ad the ineptness of their investigations. Are there any who want to discuss some little known tidbits of info on this case? I believe Casey is innocent of killing her daughter; but only guilty of trusting someone she shouldn’t have. .. . .Whadda ya think?

  3. Sheesh, there are tons of questions.. .. are there on-going investigations into who killed Caylee? I don’t think CA killed Caylee. I hope they are still looking for the real killer(s).

    • They will and you wouldnt be suprize if this accures. It may keep Nancy Grace on her toes… She would look OMG I blamed the wrong Person… yeah remember Nancy the one that you felt sorry for.. This case was screwd up from the start of this case down to the Trial. The 911 calls sounded planned out, George Going to work even though his Grandaughter is Missing/dead… The Anthony’s didnt want to do a Lie Detector Test… Cindy and George lied on the stand.. Now the Probation crap. This is not Jose, Cheney’s, and certainly not Caseys fault. Its Strickland, and Prosicution. This is not the first time the Prosicution to keep vidal Information. Good thing I am not part of this case. I would be nailing them to a wall and then Reported them. They did over charge Casey. You know whats scary CPS was called out and they wished Casey Would have Protected her daughter more. That explains why Caylee was scared in the Video showing her on her Great Grandfather’s lap. Casey want their it was only Cindy… Its just messed up.

  4. Its funny you don’t debate at all but the people on this site also post nasty messages on other sites and you block all comments here?? Can you say HIPOCRIT!

    • Hi! I have no idea what other people post on other web sites, but we do debate here. We also moderate, as many people have trouble handling the truth and simply come here to be abusive. Any abusive posts get deleted. If you want to debate then you’re more than welcome! SJ

  5. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    Thank you, SJ. I’m glad there is still someone other than me who still believes in the Constitution. Also, you are absolutely right, if someone is NOT GUILTY they have to be INNOCENT, because, as we all know (and I apologize if this is too obvious) you can’t be both not guilty AND guilty. Casey Anthony was found not guilty and IS NOT GUILTY.

    • Hi Roscommon!

      Thanks for posting. Yes, the “Not guilty does not mean Innocent” line always cracks me up. I beleive the saying goes “Innocent until proven guilty”… so then you get proven not guilty, therefore you’re innocent. How hard is that to work out? It’s like saying just because today is Friday does not mean tomorrow is Saturday, lol.

      I also beleive the 4 misdemeanor charges should never have stuck anyway due to Melich going off on one @ Universal and not reading Casey her Miranda Rights.

      • Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

        Thanks for pointing that out, I forgot all about the fact Melich “forgot” to read Casey her rights, of course, they also didn’t give her a fair OR speedy trial (amendment 6) and arrested her before there was any real evidence (amendment 4). But, back to the point, you are absolutely right that if Melich didn’t read Casey her rights, they can’t charge her with lying (in fact, the interview is technically inadmissable.)

        • If you lie to a cop as to what color your eyes are….that is proof enough for them that you are lying about EVERYTHING. and you MUST BE guilty of SOMETHING. So the cops and the SA made up what she was guilty of. It is quite transparent…..but most people believe the cops and DA’s would not do this. Once a cop judges you a liar….they will NEVER ADMIT they are wrong about anything…..even with overwhelming evidence they were wrong.

      • I believe what these illogical people mean is that she was found “not guilty” of murdering her daughter only because they jury saw “reasonable doubt”. (“reasonable”? there was TOTAL DOUBT!) No one ever ‘proved her innocent” and no one ever can….except perhaps George.She was not ‘proven” to be “not guilty” either. The prosecutors simply did not “prove their case”….with their fictionalized account of what happened to Caylee. You cannot “prove innocence” in a court of law…..unless, of course, someone confesses or the defense actually proves someone else did it. Most of these people who say she was not “proven innocent” is only because they think the defense has the “burden of proof” to prove innocence….they only have the “burden” to prove the prosecution did not prove THEIR case. People who talk like this are totally ignorant of the law.

  6. Love this site. Always thought she was innocent of murder. Always suggested drowning accident spun out of control. Have been on fighting the fight for 3 yrs. So happy she was found Not Guilty!

  7. Hey Sarah. As far as I recall, I stated that Casey was working at Fusian when the pics were taken, so she wasn’t partying in the literal sense. The whole “31 Days of Partying” was a lie, And while the Fusian pics were legit, many of the other pics used by the media were taken years previously. The Blockbuster and Target stuff is irrelevant. So what if she rented a movie?

    As for being a “horrible mother” — well, Casey was an awesome mother, and far better than 99% of mothers out there in fact. Casey loved Caylee and Caylee loved her mom. Everyone that testified in the trial confirmed that. Furthermore, if being a “horrible mother” was a crime, every court in the country had better get ready, because there would be a line of “horrible mother” stretching 100 miles long waiting to be sentenced.

    I’m tackling all the lies & BS regarding this case, one at a time. My first post regarding chloroform will be posted within the next 24 hours. Your comments are always welcome.

    • Hey thanks sj, you have some good points! But what troubles me is that she did not report it from the start. She said she drowned so why not call 911?

      • Hi Sarah. Well, I don’t think Casey was “in a position” to call 911 after the pool accident. Certain forces were already against her and calling 911 (as would normally happen) wasn’t an option for her. If it had of been then this would have been cleared up back in 08. I’m sure there’s a lot more mileage left in this case too. It’s far from over.

        Let’s wait to find out why – in George Anthony’s Aug 4th recorded interview with OCSO – that he stated he last saw Caylee June 6th… and let’s also wait to see the (still) sealed evidence in this case relating to sexual abuse investigations. SJ

        • Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

          Another thing, it’s impossible to tell how someone will react to something as horrible as a child’s death. I think she might have gone into denial as a lot of people do. I also agree with SJ on the fact that she was definitely in no condition to call 9-1-1. Also, I think, as you said, SJ, that it has been proven that Casey loved Caylee and Caylee loved Casey several times throughout the past 3 years, either through testimonies or pictures of them together (for proof, go to “Casey and Caylee pics” on this website.)

        • Hi sj, interesting. I was not aware that they had any evidence sealed or otherwise regarding sexual abuse? The judge said they did not and the defense agreed. What do you think? Also curios on what you think is the family’s role? And what about cindy and Lee? Thanks

          • Hi Sarah,
            I’m not up on all the details of all the documents, but as far as I know one of the sealed documents relates to court files of the abuse & incest against Casey that Jose claimed during the trial & opening statements. The Laughing Guy actually made reference to these documents in an interview on Fox. With regards to the family’s role, I have my own theory on what happened to Caylee and why, and I’ll be posting this shortly. There’s obviously a very good reason why George decided to testify against his own daughter in a death penalty case.

        • What is the latest on the probation issue?

        • Hi sj, well at least they had the common sense to not make Casey’s whereabouts public!! I thought she may be able to serve probation in another state?

          • Hi Sarah. That could be an option moving forwards – you never know – but right now Team Casey will just be taking everything one step at a time. SJ

        • Hello sj, what do you think about the anthonys going on Dr. Phil next week? What would they even say, I wonder….?

          • Hi Sarah! It’s gonna be interesting to see them both squirming around, and from a 1 hour show I’d be surprised if they get to talk for more than 10 minutes. Also, if there had been any startling revelations on the show you can bet that info would have already been leaked out. But there’s no way (in this interview) that George is going to admit the actual role HE played in all this. There is ONE REASON why a call never went in to 911 on June 16th, and it’s the key to everything. SJ

        • Hi sj, I’ve heard Jessie Grund is now writing a book. Do you think he has any new information?

          • Hi Sarah! I’d mentioned the JG book in my latest post (link below), as he is currently shopping round for a book deal. I think he’s basically just jumping on the bandwaggon as it’s very unlikely he knows anything “new” in that sense. The same with Dominc Casey (the PI) who’s doing a book too. I think the only time we’ll really get to know what happened on June 16th 2008 will be when Casey herself writes a book – which she may well do in due course. Thanks for posting! SJ


          • Jesse Grund is a totally vindictive guy who is going to capitalize on his new found fame. As far as he is concerned, “casey is dead”?? then why write a book at all……why not just put it all behind you? He acted like he was the victim in all this…..self centered jerk.

      • The defense could not prove in this court that George is the one who found her in the pool and dumped her in the woods to make it look like someone else murdered her. ….or even that he murdered her. Perhps even Casey does not know how it all happened. So they had no choice but to imply that he had something to do with her death. He and Casey, I believe, were so intimidated by Cindy that that is why they kept it all a secret. Now this is only MY theory… good as anyone else’s. We may never know the truth. But it is MY belief that Casey did not murder her daughter.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Neither Cindy nor Casey would alert LE that Caylee was missing, not as long as it ‘could have been George’ who had taken Caylee in mid-to-late June, to visit his family in another Florida city.

    • Sj, i’ll be waiting for your posts! Maybe you can shed some light on so many questions we all have!! Great insight. Thanks..

  8. Hello sj, hope all is well. What did you think of the Dr. Phil interview? Sounds like alot of denial to me. What’s wrong with these parents!

  9. Hi sj what do you think of the anthony parents interview? Seems like alot of denial huh?

    • Hi Sarah! Yes, total denial from both of them – especially George pulling the “Caylee overdose” out of his hat then flatly denying his affair with Krsytal Holloway. Did this guy ever put a foot wrong in his life? There’s no end to his talents, that’s for sure. Should be interesting see the next installment of this BS-trilogy tomorrow night, 9/19. SJ

      • I’m surprised his used car business failed, lol. He’s a genius, con the fillings right out of your teeth! Maybe he should try televangelism. He’s got the hair for it!

      • I would not trust George as far as I could throw him. What kind of “evidence” of sexual abuse by him could the defense show? It isn’t as if Casey could have taken videos of George molesting her. Or have tape recordings of it. That is why most of these kinds of cases are not believed…by the parents, or any others in a family. George is an ex cop and very slick… his interview with Dr. Phil (a joke) he claims he more or less believed the whole story the police told and the flimsy evidence. Surprise surprise! LOL.
        My opinion of this case is that George had something, or all, to do with it. I think he is the one who dumped the body hoping to make it look like a murder by someone else. I think Casey did not know where he dumped her body until it was found in December. (and don’t even get me started on Roy Kronk’s involvement). I think the defense could not accuse him of murder at the trial… they simply said he “found the body in the pool”. who knows, maybe it WAS an accident and little caylee got into the pool by herself. Then it is also plausible that both Casey and George tried to hide this from Cindy because she would have been livid with both of them that they did not watch the child in the house that day. (George’s words according to Baez: “your mother will never forgive you for this”.) This can never be proven of course…..George is just as much a liar as Casey is accused of being. Did someone expect him to admit he abused Casey as a child on the witness stand? (like Nancy Grace who claims there was not a ‘shred of evidence” to prove this allegation.)

  10. Love you Casey! I knew you were innocent from day one. I looked into your beautiful eyes and I knew you could not have done what they said you did. Love always Curt

  11. ashley nicole says:

    Hi sj!
    Youre Awesome. I absolutely love this site: fabulous idea!.. so I just got into a huge fight with someone about Casey.. they think she’s guilty, and feel bad for the parents lol!! Err it makes me so mad!.. just wanted to show some love:) oh and as always I adore ya Casey! Xo

    • Hi Ashley Nicole!
      The haters are beyond help and are never worth getting worked up over. They don’t know any better. We should take pity on them really. After all, they can’t help it if they’re mentally challenged and can’t separate fact from fiction. The Laughing Guy was the same – only difference being that he made $1m+ out of being an ass, lol.
      Thanks for your comments and your ongoing support!
      Chill :mrgreen: SJ

      • ashley nicole says:

        Lmao! Very true.. but I do feel sorry for them, it’s a damn shame how ignorant they all are and how quick they are to jump on someone! Evil, it’s pure evil..anyway thanks for the response:) and as always much love for Casey;)
        Ashley Nicole xo

  12. I totally agree she is innocent…. These people and their wanting to hate her is just plain stupid… Really people are that shallow that they can’t get over this one trial. Everyone says she is “famous” because of this trial but I am sure she would love to go back to the way it was before her poor innocent baby girl was murdered! Everyone needs to leave this poor girl alone and look for the person who really killed Caylee. Which come on we know who that is! Keep your head up girl you have nothing to be ashamed of you were a great mom and you are beautiful woman.

  13. I don’t know whether to shake my head or applaud this site. I see people’s comments about her gorgeous eyes etc and wonder if that’s the reason some people believe she’s innocent. No ones denying she’s a very attractive girl but I find the mentioning of this shallow and somewhat irrelevant. I also don’t agree with determining that those with a difference of opinion are “mentally challenged”. I hoped this site would rise above labelling and judgement, especially when CA had to endure so much of that. I’m all for defending what we believe in, it’s how we express it that makes the difference.

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