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Casey Anthony: Judge shoots down M&M’s BS and denies motion to delay ZG deposition

From CF13 NEWS:


“A judge has shot down a request to delay Zenaida Gonzalez’s deposition in her civil case against Casey Anthony.

Late Thursday morning, Judge Lisa Munyon denied a motion to postpone the deposition until after Gonzalez’s attorneys at the Morgan & Morgan law firm can depose Casey without her pleading the Fifth Amendment.

Casey Anthony’s lawyers called the motion a tactic to try and keep Gonzalez from answering questions about how much money she may have received because of this case, But the judge’s ruling now enables Casey to hear what Zenaida has to say before she gives her own statement.

Another hearing is set for December to decide if Casey will have to answer questions she refused to answer during her initial deposition. The civil trial is scheduled to begin in April.”


Now Charles Greene has unceremoniously knocked M&M off their high horse, we may finally find out ZG’s real name… who added the “Z” to the “C. Zenaida Gonzale” on the Sawgrass guest card originally filled out by Harry Garcia… where the mysterious “Fernandez” name appeared from… and maybe even the contents of ZG’s PayPal fund which M&M set up for her.

More news & video to follow shortly…

GO CASEY!!! :mrgreen:

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  1. Awesome! Now Greene needs to make sure it goes public! What’s good for the goose…
    Zenaida didn’t fill out the card at Sawgrass, Harry Garcia did. But it is mysterious how the “z” got put on there. I’m sure someone at LE did it just to make their case look better. Just another example of doctored evidence.

    • Oh WOW! Morgan You lyin’ Sack Of Shit! The Only Question that Casey should have been asked is Did You Identify Zeniada? No Or Yes! If she said No! Then Case Closed. Zanny The Nanny does exsists. But she isnt Mexican. Thats right she is White. Her name is no other than Cindy Anthony. I got the q from Lee Anthony. “The Fight” Cindy told Casey, ” You are an unfit Mother and I will take Caylee away from you” Cindy put her hands around Caseys Neck and started to use Presure. That tells me Casey was framed by her own Parents. All this stuff occured after Cindy and Caylee came from the Nurcing Home (Great Grandfather and Great Grandmothers) Caylee knew it was her last day on earth… (which was the 15th of June not the 16th) Caylee acted normal when her Great Grandmother was talking to her but when her Grandmother (Cindy) she didnt look or communicate very well with her. It’s sad this little Girl Never made it past her 3rd Birthday. We Love You Caylee Marie Anthony…

  2. This Greene guy knows his stuff!

    Don’t mess with Casey!

    You go Girl!

  3. Go get her Casey! Casey is not afraid 2 fight!

  4. Finally the parasites are being revealed and chinks of truth about this case are getting through to the publics awareness.

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