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Coming Soon – Casey’s Video Diary (Part 2)

With the Casey news pool currently drier than NG’s nether regions, the best we can offer right now is a claim by the Radar Online website. Apparently they have Casey’s latest Video Diary, plus a few “new photos” to boot – maybe not dissimilar to the 2 above.

In the 2-minute video, Casey reportedly says: “I’m really starting to feel good about a lot of things. It’s about time.”


Click here for more info on the video from

More news as soon as we have it.


  1. Marilyn C. says:

    I LOVE seeing Casey,especially saying things are going good for her! All the UPROAR is always about how she never mentions Caylee…WHY would she do this in public? Her thoughts & feelings concerning HER Angel Daughter are HER PRIVATE THOUGHTS!! She doesn’t have much left that has not been smeared all over the media…so WHY can’t she have at least these FEELINGS private? If she is getting paid for this…GOOD FOR HER!! I will look forward to seeing some happiness come from HER!! Plus the day she gets the hell out of Florida….then WHAT will THEY bitch about? I know…SPECIAL treatment! THEIR (haters) problem is she is living & having some kind if LIFE!! God Bless You Casey….ALL of Us here send you alot of JOY, HAPPINESS & LOVE!!!

    • Marilyn,
      I totally agree with your comment about being able to keep some things private, no one should give her flack about it. And I am so so happy for her!!!!

      • You are so right Marilyn and Jodi….They didn’t know Caylee, don’t know Casey or anybody connected with the Anthony family for that matter. Why do people think Casey needs to pour her heart out to perfect strangers? She doesn’t owe anybody anything!! I would much rather see her getting on with her life and trying to stay positive and let her grieve in private. It has been almost 4 years now, time for everyone to move on with their lives and let her live hers like every other free American does.

  2. I read about this. Casey says she is really happy. Happier than she has been in a long time. She just got back from an amazing weekend with her new boyfriend and she is glad to be home with her Smooch. That’s her new Yorkie Puppy. I am so Happy for her. Our Girl is bouncing back!

    Casey and her Puppy:

  3. Thanks SJ for keeping this site going from a positive aspect. Nice to see that good things are happening for Casey. Hoping for Casey to be able to leave Florida soon and really get on with her life.

  4. hi, Casey, glad everything is going well, I keep trying told find you once fb but all area bogus. ifs you want to txt me my # is ***** or my e-mail is ***** hope to hear from you. God Bless you my are a yr older than my youngest daughter, her birthday island in march also, 1987….. much love to you beautiful young lady.
    your friend marcy brusseau, middletown ct.

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