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Casey Anthony – Not Guilty & Acquitted – 3 years On…

3 years on from Casey’s not guilty verdict, check out the video review below from CNN featuring an interview with Cheney Mason:

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(CNN) — It was three years ago that people across the nation and around the world held their breath.

After a two-month trial, the jury in the Casey Anthony murder trial announced they had arrived at a verdict.

Anthony was found not guilty of first-degree murder and the other most serious charges against her in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter.

The nation was first introduced to Casey Anthony in July 2008. The country fell in love with her precious daughter, Caylee, who had gone missing in Orlando, Florida.

A massive missing persons search for the little girl ensued……


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Cheney Mason”s book is also released today:
Justice in America: How the Media and Prosecutors Stack the Deck Against the Accused

Justice in America - J Cheney Mason
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Immaculate Deception - The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony


  1. You know my opinion about the justice system in the USA. At least with Casey, they got it right!

    It’s a shame that the lynch mob has nothing better to do with their lives than continue to hate Casey for something she was not responsible for.

    I sure do hope that Casey has found a place where she can finally call home and a family that truely loves her and wants nothing more than her well being.

    • Jason Reeher says:

      It is clear to all fair-minded individuals that Casey Anthony would be tried by the media, who tried in vain to find her guilty, regardless of evidence to the contrary. Having been found not guilty–Nancy Grace, et al would do well to realized the definition here-Casey continues to live life as a prisoner of the media’s harsh glare and willingness to rush to judgment. Not guilty means just that; let this woman live her life, now.

  2. Lon Spector says:

    I certainly hope that SOME of what has been alleged is true.
    That Casey is considering relocating to Beleize once the-pound-of-flesh
    civil suits are are placed in the dumper where they belong.
    Casey will finally be able to live in peace, and no hater can touch her!

  3. Casey deserves to free. This is not what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear something good that she is getting on with her life and she is happy. I only wish the best for her.

    She looks breathtaking though.

  4. I hate to hear that she is still being accussed of the one thing she could have never done by so many cold hearted evil people in this world. Casey is an angel of a lady who lost the one thing she loved more than life and was put through hell by very evil people and years later they are still after her. Casey Anthony is a goddess angel trapped by a very evil people. I would do anything to help her in any way I can. Please let me know if there is anything in any way I can help her. I will do anything to support her and she will always have a friend here and I will always be on her side like I was from day one. I would give her money and I would be a bodyguard for her if she wants. Please email me and tell me if there is anything I can do to help Casey Anthony

  5. missattempts says:

    With all the hectic things going on in Casey’s life, I don’t know whether she
    has time for much interspection, but I think it might help Casey to learn a
    few things about herself that I have uncovered. I am a master of the
    personality sciences, and I know things about Casey’s make up that even
    she might not know:

    Astrologically: Casey (born on March 19) is a Pisces/Aries. She has the traits of
    both signs. A very powerful combination that starts the beginning of the
    Astrological year.

    Chinese Astrology: Casey was born in the Year of the Fire Tiger. This is a very head
    strong and freedom loving sign that cannot be repressed. That’s why all attempts
    to destroy Casey have FAILED and will CONTINUE to do so.

    Ennagram: Casey is a type 7. These are very lively people, who strive to get much
    enjoyment from life. Again. this is a very irrepressible combination.

    Numerology: Casey is number 1 person. She was born on the 19th and her entire
    birthday adds to: 3+1+9+1+9+8+6.= 37=1. Casey is as tough as they come! She’s had to be. She can beat back leigons of haters.

    Myers Briggs: Casey’s letters come out to ESTP. Casey is an extravert (E) a sensory
    person, who evaluates the world from things she SEES in her enviorment, not
    abstract concepts.(S). Her prior employment and interest in photography tells us
    that. Casey is a THINKER rather then a feeler. (T). She doesn’t nessasarily wear her
    heart on her sleeve, so that’s why people were dissatisified that she didn’t grieve
    Caylee’s death they way they thought she should. How she reacted was natural for
    her. Finally, Casey is a non judgemental “perceiving” person. (P). She is tolorant of
    others and doesn’t insist that they MUST do things to make her happy.
    Like any other person, she only wants love and acceptance. Who are we to deny her
    those things?

  6. Dear SJ

    Thank you so much for keeping this website up and running. I need to talk to you. Please send me an email. Did Casey get what I sent her? Please let me know. I want to help.

    – Angel

  7. Lon Spector says:

    I think it’s very important that we face the 800 pound Gorilla in this case:
    Many have accused Casey’s supporters of having no sympathy for Caylee.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    I have mentioned Caylee numerious times in my many postings, as have
    others as well.
    Caylee’s loss was as tragic, as it was unnessasary. Anyone with common
    sense grieves the death of a child.
    Many people mistakenly put a rift between Caylee and Casey. If you believed all
    the press reports you’d mistakenly believe that Caylee appeared in the Anthony
    household like magic. Caylee WAS Casey’s child. NOT Cindy’s. Caylee got her
    personality and beauty from Casey, and Caylee’s father, whoever he might have
    been. Cindy helped in the rearing of Caylee, which she was only happy to do.
    Casey did feel left out. She felt that her only role in Caylee’s life was birthing her.
    If Cindy believed that CASEY was the mistake, she might have felt that Caylee was
    the atonement for the “mistake.”
    People have various beliefs about the state of the dead. What REALLY happens?
    No one KNOWS with 100% certainty. Do do so, you would have to undergo the
    process and most people would like to postpone it for as long as possible.
    In the Christian world there are two basic beliefs:

    1) Humans have an immortal soul inside their physical bodies. Upon death this soul
    either goes directly to Heaven or down to Hell, where it undergo’s eternal torment.
    Some denominations teach at a later time, the physical body is restored
    (ressurected) to be combined with the soul. The person is then judged before God
    and goes to Heaven or Hell. (Again?)
    If a person has been “good” the Pearly Gates are opened to them. If they’ve been
    “bad” they burn in Hell for all time.
    “Born Again” Christians believe you must accept Jesus Christ as your personal
    savior to have ANY hope of an afterlife. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried to be “good.”
    They believe it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be good without being “saved.” Other then that, their
    views are the same as other Christians: The physical body will be united with an
    eternal spirit later on to be judged.

    2) There is another Christian viewpoint less widely known and not as accepted as the
    above one. It states the humans have a MORTAL SPIRIT inside them, rather then an
    immortal soul. There is no immeadiate afterlife upon death. The deceased person
    has no consciouness . He would REMAIN dead except for one thing:
    The ressurection of Christ that ocurred three days after His death.
    The Apostle Paul said: “If Christ be not raised, thy faith is in vain, and ALL who have
    died believing in Christ are PERISHED. The second viewpoint holds that there IS NO
    HOPE AT ALL for an afterlife unless Christ was raised from the dead. Why? Because
    in dying Christ payed the FULL penality for Mankind’s sins. “The wages of sin is
    DEATH.” We have all sinned, with no exception.
    So what does this tell us about Caylee, AND ourselves for that matter?
    Adults and children are different. Adults have choice. Children do not. An adult can
    evaluate and chose whether he wants to TRY to be “good.” Children cannot.
    Caylee was taken from us at an age where she could NOT make an informed choice.
    The PERFECT sacrafice of Christ, “saves” her. But the Bible says; “If you will confess
    that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that God raised Him (Christ) from the dead,
    thou shall be saved.” Caylee never had the oppertunity to do that in this life. What
    happens? Many Christians believe in the “accountibility theory.” If a child too young
    to understand about Christ, God gives the child instant immortality. Caylee remains
    a 2.5 year old child for ALL ETERNITY. An infant REMAINS an infant for all eternity.
    This is an errounious theory. We must profess our faith in Christ. A child Caylee’s age can’t do it. So what happens? Caylee is raised up as a 2.5 year old. She is
    born into a fleshly body that is capable of growth. She grows into a young adult
    person until approxemently 30. She professes her faith in Jesus Christ (Alongside
    Casey, hopefully, who has assisted in her rearing.) Caylee is then transformed into
    a spiritual being, and is ready to embark on the eternal purpose of her life.

  8. Lon Spector says:

    People who advocate sadistic punishment for Casey, and believe she is
    a monster, don’t know the first thing about personality.
    To know what motivates Casey-and anyone else for that matter-you have to
    understand the various personality types. In studying Casey I am 100%
    certain I understand why she behaved the way she did, and why I WILL NEVER
    Casey is a multifacisited woman. Her motivations are not only mysterious to the
    public, they are mysterious to herself as well.
    Psychology is a BUST! If you ask ten different “experts” about Casey, they will give
    you ten different answers. The “science” of Psychology offers no clues to Casey at
    So what personality measurements can we use? Things that are decidedly NOT
    scientific. Things that have stood the test of time for thousands of years:
    Astrology, (Western & Eastern) Numerology, the Ennagram, and the most recent
    Myers Briggs. Science discounts them. But after 6 years we are no closer in
    understanding Casey then before.
    There were (and are) some few people who REALLY understand Casey, but it has to
    be said that mere understanding doesn’t mean we can actually do anything to help.
    We can (and should) see to it that Casey is provided with the basic material
    necessities of life: Food, shelter, warmth, clothes etc… beyond that it’s up to Casey
    and God. All sincere people should assist in whatever way they can.
    Now, in the briefest way possible here is a description of Casey:

    Casey is forceful: Casey has many number one’s making up her name.
    She was born on the 19th of the mounth. 19 is the strongest number to have.
    Casey was born on 3/19/1986. 3+1+9+1+9+8+6=37 3+7=10=1.
    The influence of the number one on Casey cannot be overlooked.
    The number 5 is also prominant in Casey’s life. Casey’s regular name “Casey
    Anthony” adds to 5. “Casey” 13=4 and “Anthony” 28=1 4+1=5. Let’s just say that
    Casey isn’t a shrinking voliet type!
    Casey is TOUGH. She’s had to be. But not so tough that she couldn’t use love and
    encouragement and reckagnition. She’s NOT a monster. Not by any streach of
    the imagination.
    Casey was born in the Year of the Tiger. Tigers like to be first. They like to put
    themselves out there. Lindsay Lohan is a Tiger. They also gravitate towards risks
    and excitement.
    Casey can go it alone-if she has to- but like anyone else she’d like a quality of life.
    She doesn’t like to be a loner or a recluse. That doesn’t jibe with her outgoing
    Casey should know that there are people who love and understand her. Most people
    only follow public opinion. That’s why they are machines.
    Casey did what she had to do to survive.
    Casey keeps many secrets. Her first two names “Casey” and “Marie” both add up
    to 13. We all know how mysterious that number is!
    Casey is just a modern day woman who has her own unique signature and marches
    to her own tune. The fact that incited vengence seekers have been encouraged to hate her is no reason the should hate her.
    her is NO REASON they

  9. Jon Gossin says:

    @ Lon Spector

    Maybe, I am misunderstanding you but Casey was never a mistake. Thats what the haters believe. Casey is a beautiful person inside and out.

  10. Lon Spector says:

    Cindy refered to Caylee as Casey’s “one good mistake.”
    Believe you me, I would NEVER call Casey a mistake! I love her very much!

    • Cindys biggest mistake was not protecting her damn daughter who she KNEW was being molested..poor Casey, what a mother..and not to mention that piece of garbage Georgie!

  11. missattempts says:

    You got it all wrong! I never said that Casey was a “mistake.” She was
    and ALWAYS be a GEM!

  12. Jon Gossin says:

    What amazes me is the Casey Haters and the Media all love Amanda Knox and profess her innocence. Casey was the one found innocent and she got shit on. Amanda was found guilty. Amanda got Everything a book, a life, her family, a boyfriend. All that good shit. Amanda even goes to college. Casey can’t do anything. Amanda little Media Princess. I know I’m rambling but Life just is just not fair. When is Casey gonna get everything Amanda has?

  13. Dear SJ,

    I noticed that you have not posted some of my messages for Casey. If she does actually look at this site, wouldn’t it be nice for her to see as many nice messages as possible? I can’t make you do anything… So I copy and paste my messages to a note pad. But, seriously, thank you for posting as much as you did. Thank you. It means a lot to me. Maybe some of my recent messages haven’t been posted because my computer is full of viruses and the text is all weird looking? I”ll just have to try again later. Maybe you’re just doing what you think is right, to protect Casey from a stranger? Thank you! Or maybe you’re afraid that Angel will become a success and you want to keep me away from your girlfriend? I have absolutely no intentions of coming between Casey and anyone who makes her happy. I would never try to “steal her away” from happiness. Be good to her. My prayers are with you both. I pray for her and for those around her, her friends, the people who take care of her. So you’re gonna have my prayers whether you like it or not, Charlie. I’m on your side.

    Now I’ll sit here for a while and think about what I’ve done. Such a naughty little boy…
    (Yeah, I just rush into things and let my emotions make my decisions. It gives Angel a “strong character” but it also burns bridges sometimes… Good thing Angel has wings, huh?)

    “What does the filthy Hobbit have in its pocketses?”
    – Gollum

  14. Lon Spector says:

    It’s very important that we offer up suggestions about what Casey can
    do once the phoney lawsuits are thrown out.
    Casey, (As far as anyone knows.) is treading water. Either she’s living with
    Chaney Mason or Pat Mekenna. Casey must have support close by. She is
    presently unemployable, though she probably gets around with minor alterations
    to her appearence. She probably goes to “destination locations,” as opposed
    to ‘hanging out.”
    It is true that Casey is a very unique case. She CANNOT be compared with O.J.,
    or any other “celebrity” criminal. Such persons’ have fame, wealth and natural
    built in protections. Casey comes from a modest backround. Casey’s acquittal was
    the result of Divine Providence, plain and simple. On THAT basis ALONE, Casey
    should be given a second chance. Nothing this dramatic happens without a deeper
    symbolic meaning.
    It’s so hard to propose solutions because the case is so unpresidented.
    If I WAS to hazzard a guess, I would think that once the trash is cleared away, Casey
    would find “love” with someone in her local orbit. Perhaps a bodyguard or a legal aid.
    Other “infamous” women such as Patti Hurst, or Karla Homka (I’m NOT saying Casey
    is THAT wicked) have done so.
    The main thing is Casey needs someone she knows and can trust. Messages of
    support are commendible, but Casey has no means of taking people at their word.
    There has to be some vetting process. After six years, most of the “fair weather
    friends” have departed. Casey needs people who love her on general principle.
    She needs selfless love from people REGARDLESS of what the future holds, “good”
    or “bad.”
    Essentially, Casey needs a reasonabally young, financially sound man or woman who
    can boldly proclaim: “I don’t care if she DID do it! I LOVE HER NONETHELESS!

    • I love and support Casey just as much as anyone else here maybe even more but I couldn’t love or support Casey if she really did do it. 🙁 Even, Jose Baez the brilliant lawyer who defended her and stood by her when times were bad said we must not lose sight of Caylee because her life was cut way too soon. I Love and support Casey because I know she is Innocent. The state never proved their case and I hated how the media attacked a young girl without even a trial or any proof she did it. Thats why Casey’s lawyers supported her more than they would of any other client. They really believed in her innocence and they cared about her. She was more than just a client to them. Thats just all I have to say.

  15. Hey SJ,

    Love your site always! I just finished this awesome book and it made me so angry all over again! God bless you Casey and your amazing strength, what a gal. I was wondering if you knew if there was still any way to send her money? I want to help more with all the BS she is facing in civil suits. Let me know thanks you rock lady!


  16. Lon Spector says:

    Dear Jon,
    Just want to say that I love Casey regardless of what she may have done!
    Like Jesus Christ, I love her through Grace, not through works!
    Please Google an old fashioned love song titled “All The Way,” for my viewpoints
    on this matter.

    Thanks! Lon.

  17. missattempts says:

    I just read a book that describes Casey & Jodi to a tee! The title is
    “Sunshines: The Astrology Of Being Happy,” by Michael Lutin.
    If you should get the book, remember that Casey is a Pisces 9, and Jodie is
    a Cancer 8.
    This book answers the riddles about Casey’s and Jodi’s behavior!

  18. Jodi Arias is reading Jose Baez’s book Presumed Guilty on Casey. Cool!

  19. Lon Spector says:

    I’m pleased to see that Casey is out and about! I always suspected that she might be.
    Let’s hope a new page has been turned and that Casey can rejoin the Human Race.
    She’ll have enough people to welcome her back.


    Casey is living the good life in West Palm Beach Florida. She was seen jogging around town and at the Women for Women 5k run as a volunteer. She looks Great!

  21. The latest issue of Investigation Discovery is out. Though the title is misleading Women who kill, The content is very favorable to Casey . It also Includes an interview with Cheney Mason.

  22. Lon Spector says:

    There is no need to moderate comments ANY MORE! Casey is free! Casey has WON!
    I knew this would happen for years, because I knew the REAL Casey. The “inner” Casey,
    devoid of media infulence.
    Now Casey can get on with the rest of her life. She can fill God’s destiny for herself.
    And to think, we ALL predicted it here!

  23. Karen Camosun says:

    Hi Casey. I have ALWAYS felt SOOOO sorry for you!!!!!!!!! I have a narcissistic mother. Life is IMPOSSIBLE with a narcissistic mother. I recommend you read the book “Will I Ever Be Good Enough”. Fascinating read by a doctor with a PhD. She says when your narcissistic mother dies you will only feel RELIEF.

    Casey please write to me if you feel you need help with your narcissistic mother. I know you wanted to give Caylee away as an infant & i respect that 100%. I am pro choice. Your mother FORCED you to keep Caylee and then when you wanted to go out at night she texted you to “get home you are a MOTHER”.!!!!!!!!

    I have a 17 yr old daughter & i have had 1 abortion and 1 son. I do NOT believe in having a baby if you don’t want a baby. Casey I understand you want to do a interview with NBC. The only hope you have is admitting the truth. But Casey, please, explain how Sindy factors in. She FORCED you to keep the baby she claimed was only “a tumor”. Casey I have a mother like yours. Many other people do too. Casey if you tell your true story and include the truth about your mother, you will find some who can sympathize with you. Tell the truth. God loves you.

    • Casey loved Caylee from the time she was born. The reason she may have wanted to give up Caylee is because she feared George would molest Caylee just like he molested her. She also thought George might be the father of Caylee. She told her father this. But, she always loved her daughter and vowed to keep her safe. She was so proud of Caylee. Caylee gave Casey’s life meaning thats why Casey went of the deep end when Caylee drowned. Casey did the best she could do in protecting her daughter.

  24. Lon Spector says:

    Another reason things are changing for Casey, is that she is in the midst of her first
    “Saturn return.”
    Approximately 30 years after a person is born, the planet Saturn is in the same place
    as it is when a person is born. Many people turn over a new leaf at the age of 30.
    Many holy figures such as Jesus begin their missions at the age of 30. So did the Buddha.
    People find that many things in their lives change at the age of 30. (Official adulthood.)
    Casey is tough and up to any challenge. She has the luck and tenanisty of a person
    born in the Year Of The Tiger. The proof is in the pudding, and Casey has provided us with
    plenty of proof of her survival ability.

  25. missattempts says:

    Also Casey’s Sun is in her 8th house. Casey and company ALWAYS keep ’em
    Photography studio? Not quite sure. Private Investigator/photographer? VERY POSSIBLE.
    And goes along with the mysterious 8th house!

    • i wish Casey luck in her impossible relationship with Cindy. I blame Cindy for this whole mess. Cindy was an RN, why didn’t she have “the talk” with Casey about birth control when Casey was a teen dating several different boys. Then when Casey wanted to adopt out infant Caylee to Kio Marie, Cindy put a stop to that. Then when Casey wanted to stay out partying with friends on a week night, Cindy would text Casey at 9:30 pm to “get home now”. Cindy should’ve “let” Casey adopt out Caylee. Being as controlling as Cindy was, if Cindy wouldn’t “let” Casey adopt out Caylee, then Cindy should’ve taken care of Caylee whenever Casey wanted to go out and be young and party, like other young adults in her age category. I blame Cindy for this whole mess. How is Casey supposed to deal with Cindy?!

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