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** CASEY ANTHONY RELEASED 7/17! Click Here for More Release Videos! **

Casey Anthony walks out of jail with Jose Baez - leaves in SUV – live on FOX, July 17th 2011

 Hey folks,

Just because Casey Anthony likes to party… she got a tattoo… and she borrowed a neighbors shovel – DOES NOT mean she murdered her own daughter. Casey did not murder Caylee. If you still believe otherwise, then you have some very serious psychological issues you need to deal with.

Remember: Convicting on circumstantial evidence & assumptions (because the prosecution couldn’t produce any REAL FACTUAL EVIDENCE) is convenient – and would have made a lot of clueless people very happy in this case – BUT JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE. Get over it – and get a life!

The Verdict…

Watch the full Defense Opening Statements here if you still seek enlightenment.

Here’s what Jose Baez said during the OPENING STATEMENTS on May 24th 2011, which just about sums it all up:

“At the end of this case, when you go back home… and you’re back in Clearwater, and you’re sitting around the dinner table… and someone says to you, “Why did you find Casey Anthony not guilty?”… you’re gonna say – “Well, I was fed a wealth of information, like a V… all this information came… but it all boiled down to one thing… they couldn’t tell me how she died… they couldn’t prove this was a murder… they couldn’t prove this was a manslaughter case. There was no evidence of any child abuse. And that’s why we voted not guilty.” – Jose Baez.

In summary:

Congrats to Casey Anthony, Jose Baez, Cheney Mason and the rest of the Defense Team on an awesome job… and on demolishing the lies & fantasy forensics concocted by the prosecution. Congrats too to Judge Belvin Perry Jr. for holding it all together, and to the jury for the sterling job they did in cutting through all the BS and reaching their verdict.

*** Click here for more Casey & Caylee pics ***

“Caylee has passed on far, far too soon. And what my driving
force has been for the last three years has been always to make
sure that there has been justice for Caylee and Casey,
because Casey did not murder Caylee. It’s that simple.” – Jose Baez

*** Watch the full Defence Closing Arguments here ***

“Well I hope this is a lesson to those of you who have indulged in media
assassination for three years, bias, prejudice, incompetent talking heads
saying what would be and how be. I’m disgusted by lawyers who have done this.
And my colleagues have condemned this whole process of lawyers getting on cases
that they don’t know a damn thing about.” – Cheney Mason

*** Watch the full Defense Opening Statements here ***

“The best feeling I have today is when I go home and my daughter asks me,
‘What did you do today?’ I can say ‘I saved a life.’” – Jose Baez

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  1. I believe her innocence! Thank goodness for the court ruling in her favor!

    • No matter what happened then. The fact is she was found innocent and only God has a right at this point to judge her. Remember this woman will never be able to hold, touch, kiss or watch her sweet child grow up. She is innocent but will suffer for the rest of her life.
      We weren’t there and have no right to judge her.

      Casey go on and be the person you need to be. Caylee is in Gods hands and who’s better. You are as well. Stay around positive people and don’t even think about the negitive ones , there just bored and they think your an easy target. PROVE them wrong.

      Take care, Linda

  2. Baez, Yoou are confusing reality with fantasy Even your own team thought she was guilty including yourself and Mason, you had a job to do and I’ll give you credit that you pulled a rabbit out of your hat at the last moment! When your daughter is old enough to see what a sleeze you really were and wants nothing to do with you, not paying child support and withholding, her daily needs as a father, Not being there for her, because you were too busy with Casey to take the time to realize, you lost in the long run, with 3 years lost for your own daughter you can’t get back!

    • Me,
      You’re full of sh*t! Jose didn’t pull a rabbit out of his hate: it’s called “REASONABLE DOUBT!”

    • I’m just reading “me”‘s comment now and cracking up, since Jose’s daughter is in her mid-20s, not a child. I think she’ll understand that her father had to work a lot :).

    • At first I was enraged when Casey got acquitted. And I really thought she was guillty, only because of all the media coverage. But then I read Jose Baez book, and my mind began to see the light. I truly believe Casey is innocent and that she is a victim of a set up or maybe she is even covering for a loved one out of love and respect. I hope one day she can live in public in peace and not have to hide.
      After reading the book I have my suspicions of who ended poor Kaylee’s life, but I cannot say because Itruly do not know the truth, which I have learned the hard way, by assuming Casey was guilty. I had no right to judge and I still don’t. God knows who hurt and killed Kaylee, and that person will one day face true judgement. Casey, hold your head high. I’m sorry for the loss of your precious daughter. May you one day have peace.

  3. missouri says:

    me says, you are a sad excuse for an adult. What do you benefit by attacking the person Baez, his marriage, his parenting? Get a life of your own.

  4. John Klager says:

    Not guilty! Leave Casey alone.

  5. Bunny Smith says:

    I have been watching this news story since it all began. I BELIEVE YOU CASEY ANTHONY !!! I’m so very proud of you, through the entire trial, no matter how hard you were so strong. And I couldn’t be more impressed or proud of your attorneys. What an excellent job they did. Congratulations on your victory, and may life bring you happiness in the future. Sincerely, Bunny Smith

  6. At a recent press conference, Orange County, Florida Sheriff’s office has admitted to providing false evidence to prosecution in the Casey Anthony case. The Sheriff is refusing to let employees answer questions about the case after this week. See link beginning first few minutes and then starting at 25 minutes 53 seconds. Also, the lead defense investigator is quoted in an article as being certain Casey Anthony is innocent, and he criticizes the Sheriff’s office and State Attorney’s office for poor job investigating Caylee Anthony’s death and for lying about Casey Anthony and trying to have her executed..

  7. you americans are so crazy. even if she might have killed one girl…your soldiers are doing genozid with uranium depleted ammunition all around the world, but you do not care and run wild about a maybe, could she, i believe blabla. amazing oN what you weight your issues and follow your fox propaganda.

  8. Ireland says:

    This is a very funny YouTube video that shows the losing prosecutor during his multiple national television interviews following the verdict.

  9. I am happy she has a support website. Innocent until proven Guilty. Those who do not like the verdict should move to a dictatorship where they kill you when someone points their finger at you. Please watch my youtube videos search for GoTimothy. Casey needs to sue Nancy Grace for $50 million – youtube dot com/GoTimothy

    • R Sterling says:

      I’m with you Timothy! I USED to like her until I actually started paying attention to what she was saying! If you don’t agree with what she is saying, then she will cut you off and go to someone that agrees with what her opinion is….it is absolutely disgusting!! I’m not sure if you have been following this closely, but I just recently came upon a site called The JB Mission….I haven’t really gotten to read it all, but I never realized all that was actually going on with the police and investigators. It seems to be an interesting read…….Just thought I would tell you about it in case you didn’t know about it!!

    • I can’t even watch Nancy Grace anymore. She is a disgrace with her fantasy reporting. Here’s a “bombshell for Nancy, ” Maybe Casey will sue her for that 50 million and win!!! I will put that in my list of things to pray for. Justice for Casey!!!!!

  10. R Sterling says:

    I am SO elated that the jury came to a “not-guilty” verdict! I have always thought that she wouldn’t get a fair trial, due to Nancy DisGrace and the other media outlets! What ever happened to the saying “Innocent until PROVEN Guilty” theory? I am very proud of the jury and think that they should file lawsuits on all that have, basically, defamed them! Nancy DisGrace, Vinny Politan, just a couple to name…..If they would have been defending Casey and the jury came back with this verdict, they would have reacted the VERY same way that this Defense team reacted! If they were Prosecuting this case, and they would’ve gotten their “Guilty” verdict, they would have been reacting the VERY same way that they Defense Team did! The Prosecution DID NOT prove their case! We should be thankful that this jury DID THEIR JOBS!! They didn’t allow for emotion to take over……they FOLLOWED THE LAW, and we should thank them for not being influenced by all the hype and media! THANK YOU TO ALL THE JURORS THAT PUT THEIR LIVES ON HOLD AND UPHELD THE LAW…..from Kansas!!

  11. I Am Happy for her, i hope she does speak her side of the story. it seems everyone has just ganged up on her and attacked her and her family. i hope she comes to michigan

  12. I have watched a video of her boyfriend calling 911 for a seizure she had and I am worried about her health. Watch this video I made. Does anyone know the results of her medical diagnoses? Her boyfriend said she changed and a seizure means brain damage, medical condition, which means she is not responsible for her actions or thoughts, depending on the damage. I have a spare room she can stay in Michigan if she wants. I get hundreds of death threats a day for my videos. But I have good security. lol

  13. Allison Rister says:

    I found this article about where Casey went when she got out of Jail –

  14. Chris tyler says:

    I believe she is innocent. It was a horrible accident. The press and Nancy Grace had this poor girl convicted even before she went to trial. I feel so bad for Casey. She doesn’t deserve it. I also think people are punishing her for being Beautiful. I hope she gets to tell her side of the story and turn this all around. I wish her the best.

  15. That first 911 call, the police should have figured out Cindy was a total lunatic. Cindy is not normal. No mother ever accuses their child of murder. In fact it’s the exact opposite. If police would have told Cindy that Casey murdered her daughter, if Cindy had any love at all for Casey, she would have said, “my daughter is not a murderer”. That is what a normal mother would do. Love is unconditional. I don’t expect the police to have love for Casey. But mothers should love their daughters unconditionally. My mother loved me unconditionally. If you accused me of murder, my mother would said, “he didn’t do it, if you have proof he did it, it was an accident, if you have proof it wasn’t an accident, then he had a good reason to do it”. Because that’s what love is. It’s unconditional.

    Lightbulbs should have been flashing in your head saying, “Cindy Anthony is a lunatic, who has no love for her daughter”. It makes you wonder why police ever believed her in the 1st place. Maybe all law enforcement had mothers that didn’t love them, and so they thought that was normal. The police believed every word Cindy said, when they should have ignored every word she said, just by listening to that first 911 call, where she was accusing her daughter of being a murderer.

    I love the quote Casey Anthony told her mother Cindy in the visiting room of the jail. Cindy asked Casey what she wanted her to say to the nanny and Casey said, “mom, tell her you forgive her”. It was as if God was speaking through Casey Anthony. And as if the devil was speaking through Cindy.

  16. Evidence says:

    Watch how the judge absolutely will not let the jurors know the truth about the prosecution’s corrupt chloroform evidence. He is aware that the evidence is false but insists “I don’t know about any false evidence” like he is in denial and just doesn’t want to hear it. This trial was rigged for a guilty verdict and this video proves it. Thank God the jurors had the sense to realize what they were seeing was a lynch mob with no evidence. When you click on the link, you can forward to 10 minutes and 45 seconds at the bottom of the screen. That’s where the judge rules that the jurors don’t have a right to know the truth.

  17. CossackB says:

    I was completely unaware of this case until the verdict. The Jury was the best combination
    that could have been assembled. It was the standard hanging jury of 7 Catholic Women
    and 5 Catholic Men. This is the kind of Jury that real criminals try to keep from having.

    The jury had 2 people trained with the expertise as physiologists to know that the Prosecution
    tried to Dazzle them with faked DNA brilliance. In this case it didn’t work. With DNA both
    the lineage and gender of the victim MUST be identified first. The prosecution claimed it could
    not establish neither relationship or gender of the body found.

    The prosecutor’s expert also made a giant mistake in constantly stating one item. That was that
    the body found was of a “Naturally Blonde Haired Child. Caylee Anthony has/had Reddish-
    Brown Hair.

    The Jurists were smart enough to see this and sided properly. THAT MEANS CAYLEE ANTHONY MAY STILL BE ALIVE.

    Next is the Legal procedures: The Jury had an experienced Criminal Trial Prosecutor/Lawyer
    in it’s membership. This person picked out every violation of the law that the prosecution
    committed in it’s fabrication of evidense.

    I had my PC’s memory overloaded when I looked at the video of her arrest interviews. Hence,
    the video and internet connection were moving very slow. I and the jurist (Probably) caught the switch
    of video from the real Casey to an Actress. Casey Anthony was Originally brought into the
    room wearing the single bar coupled type hand cuffs. When the actress was switched in; a masking
    picture of Casey Anthony covered the actress’ head and shoulders and she was wearing
    the standard 5inch chain type hand cuffs. You don’t need to slow your PC to see the difference
    in the 2 types of cuffs from second to second.

    Casey Anthony’s real friends from work slaughtered the prosecution over the misrepresented
    photos of Casey that the prosecution said were from after Caylee’s disappearence. Casey Work
    friends posted their own copies of the majority of the pictures online and identified that the
    timeframe was from Halloween 2007 to Easter 2008.

    The Judge himself was probably the biggest voice of exoneration of the trial. His sentence of
    3 years and 1 day and the release date being 17 July 2011; show that Casey was never bailed
    or bonded out of jail. Time out on bail or on bond do not count as time served.

    The judge and jury did an exemplary job and should be commended.

  18. Here is an eight minute speech defense attorney Cheney Mason made today.

  19. Corrupt Prosecution says:
  20. I too believe in her innocence…But the picture at the top of the page 4 from the left seems kinda erotic…Not complaining…

  21. Taxpayer Dollars at Work says:

    The government says they spent nearly a million dollars on their no evidence case. All that money down the drain just because they were mad at Casey and it wasn’t their money, it was the taxpayer’s money so they spent it like drunken sailors.,0,3640216.story

  22. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, there is no way at all that she is guilty. If Casey did not want Caylee, Casey would have let her parents take custody when they tried. Casey loved Caylee, and, therefore, CASEY DID NOT KILL CAYLEE!

  23. Thanks for opening my eyes to the casey Case!

  24. LOVE4CASEY says:

    CASEY DID NOT KILL CAYLEE! And you know what, at the very end of all you peolple’s finger pointing at Casey, you best believe you will eat every word of it… I have been here since day one of all the case and the more I kept my mouth shut and my mind and eyes open it has all came out right before my eyes and all it took was Reading and listing…. so do me a favor, gettcha minds set right until you start judging somebody!!

  25. Everybody here! Stop and think. It wont hurt but just think about it. Put the facts together in full deteail, and ask yourself’ this one question: “Where did this all begin?” Want an answer dont ya? Well, if you dont know, then maybe you have some home work to do no doubt. All Casey did through this whole thing was put everything into the most trusting people’s hands and that was her unforbided parants, George and Cindy. I mean for god sake they both worked together to frame her for FAME! George and Cindy for cryin out loud this ain’t Hollywood, and better yet, reality doesn’t fit well in a real muder…. and for Casey keep smiling that beauiful smile all good things will come your way….:} love,ya

    p.s. Casey, you will make millions of people see just what a very very strong woman you really are, when that day comes when millions will see the look on there faces…lol ok well i have to go for now but not for long….xoxox

  26. This made me cry when I found out she was innocent. :’)

    She doesn’t deserve any of the hate she is getting…

  27. Jose Baez Tribute

    I think you should put this on your site SJ

  28. Jose looked great every day. Good looking suit, well goomed and the proscecuting attorney didn’t even comb his hair before a national camera apperance. I was at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Weston Fl during the trial. We were so happy when we heard the verdict. Wish you would sell authograph pictures.

  29. As I watched parts of this case unravel to the world, and I heard the hatred for the mother Casey, there was a part of me that thought “What if she is innocent?” The public’s mob mentality upset me very much. My oldest son called me, and said he thought she could be innocent too. In the end the court made the right decision. But what saddens me the most, is that she must miss her daughter so much, and cannot even mourn her loss, without the world telling her she is no good. Very sad for her and her family, they way they were all torn apart.

  30. I am not a hater & I like alot of your points you are making on the site. I have the same concerns about how the evidence was presented and I think the prosecution should of been more prepared than they seemed to have been.

    Unfortunate that this case has been such an outlandish one which causes alot of people confusion because of the moving pieces. Definately the media caused alot of miscommunication and to much focus was around her “partying” as they put it. What people don’t realize is that she was being a young adult where 80% of young adults her age do the same thing. I was a single mother at her age and went out to release steam in the same manner. It’s a hard balance especially when you have judgemental unsupportive parents as she had. They seem to be perfectionists which I think is why she lied so much to them. To make them think she was perfect when she really wasn’t. So she could meet their expectations of her.

    It’s hard to know what to believe or not to believe honestly. Only God knows the truth and that is all that matters cause those involved will be judged by him and him alone in the end. It’s a sad circumstance that people need to let go of.

    My only issue with her innocence is that I still find it hard to understand all the lying and back tracking she did during the investigation. That is where my concern is….. she knew what happened and chose not to tell the truth and wasn’t scared not to tell the truth and lied, lied, and lied to cover up lies. She may not have ultimately killed her, she was involved and was an accessory of the crime unfortunately. To me, covering up a situation even an accident is just as bad as commiting the crime yourself. Me as a mother, I find that hard to take that after the cops knew she was lying and she knew she was caught that the truth didn’t just come out to what exactly happened. she continued to lie.

    I’m not saying she is crazy or that she killed Caylee we don’t know anything really. Both sides of the spectrum can only assume. I do disagree with the extend of verbal conviction on this site on how George was involved as you say (rape, incest, etc.)…. because honestly……. Casey does lie too much to be believable or to trust.

    Honestly, the whole family is a dysfunctional one and needs alot of help. I hope they get it. I think there is a long history of issues, abuse possibly, etc. etc. I think everyone should let Casey be and move on with her life – the people involved in this tragic death of Caylee are the ones that have to live the rest of their lives with the mistake that happened and I think that is more of a prison than anyone can imagine. Living inside with the death of someone everyone loved. I would hate to live in the secret the rest of my life like they will have to.

    Keep up the interesting insight and God Bless Casey and the whole family.

  31. albatross234 says:

    Casey Anthony freed soon.

    No one has mentioned that while Casey lied about having a job to LE, usually a $200 fine takes care of it,, But LE can lie to you without penalty. She was never read her Miranda rights, yet Casey talked & talked during her “interview” thinking as most innocent people do, that if they are innocent they have nothing to worry about

    Casey has told over the years, of her 10-year history of sex abuse by her father & brother, yet not a hint of an investigation has ever been ordered.

    Casey, you have toxic parents, and they will never care for you as much as they do $.

    Casey, don’t change a thing. I like you just the way you are.


  32. Steven Douglas says:

    Funny… we just dont want to accept a verdict when it doesent please us. This young lady lost her child for whom she obviously loved. Its likely that the horrible incident was some sort of accident and panick set in. This girl is not evil. She hopefully has someone she can talk to. I do believe the family knows more than what has been revealed. Most people wanted revenge and blood. An innocent person would have been sent to prison. This child was not a victim of homicide and there is no proof. An accident. Maybe negligence and i dare say could happen to anyone. God Bless The Anthonys. Their lives are never going to be easy. I really dont think George will be indicted… He may actually be the only one who knows what happened… But a murder rap or even negligence is just not likely.

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