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Casey’s Pontiac Sunfire crushed

With George & Cindy apparently never turning down a money making opportunity, and with Mark Lippman confirming multiple offers had been received for the car just a few weeks ago, it seems odd that George now decides to bypass the $$$’s and have the car crushed instead. It was estimated the car could fetch up to $250k (or even more) at auction.

Back then, Lippan stated (in the video below): “I’ve had multiple offers (*coughs*) to purchase it, and that may be something that’s sold and the money donated to the foundation. They don’t intend to proifit off that car by any means.”

So, could it be that the car still held some incriminating evidence about George’s role in this case… so he thought it more prudent to have the car destroyed and out of the way, rather than put $250k+ into the fund? What do you think?

Here’s the FOX exclusive video with yesterdays “crushing” news:

Casey Anthonys Pontiac Sunfire Car Crushed


  1. The Crushing was an act of vindictiveness. The vehicle was still titled in Casey Anthony’s name at the time of destruction. With the Probation Hearing comming up and the the requirement that Casey Anthony be employed and maintain a vehicle for transportation to place of employment and reporting to court officers the vehicle keeps Casey Anthony within the requirements of the state.

    With the involvement of Strickland; it means those that wish physical harm done to Casey Anthony can now have the probation overturned to incarceration where the courts can keep Casey Anthony drugged in a similar manner as during her pretrial and during trial confinement.
    Casey Anthony’s drug testing from following her release indicated the following were induced during her time in Orange County Jail:
    Halidone, Thorizine, Mesquiline, Lysurgic Acid Dymethelyde, Zoloft, Zanax, Meta-amphetamines, Seconols, Percodan, Percocet, Tylanol3, Sodium Barbiturate. If they can’t poison her, they’ll have one of the baby buyers get a pedophile to knife her.

  2. So, why did George and Cindy crush the car. Tooooo much of a reminder….

  3. Always thinking says:

    To tell the truth if something like this happened to me, I wouldn’t want to look at that car ever again in my life! But it is wrong to destroy items involved in a crime for the simple reason that they might have to be revisited again in the future. That holds true for giving away any items as well, no matter if the other party requests it for sentimental reasons, the things should always be held in a safe place.
    This is especially true for cold cases.

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