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Casey Anthony’s Probation – Dumb & Dumber Strike Gold for the BS State!

Once again, stupidity and incompetence both rule and take center stage. This time it’s Judge Perry’s turn to make a farce of the law with his ruling on Casey Anthony’s probation.

Albeit predictable, I’m also disappointed by his decision to agree with Stan Strickland’s nonsensical complaint – claiming that Casey Anthony didn’t serve her probation for check fraud charges while in jail.

We all know she did. Florida DOC knows she did too. There are documents to prove it also. Both of these 2 clowns (at some point) swore to uphold the American Constitution. They have failed, yet again, to do so… and that’s the disappointing part.

Judge Perry is the very same guy that allowed & welcomed the prosecution’s fantasy forensics, junk science, flawed CacheBack data (remember “84 searches”?), the non-existent “heart shaped sticker” and a bunch of other BS into Casey’s bogus “Murder Trial”. That in itself speaks volumes for the integrity of Judge Perry, as does his latest ruling on Casey’s probation.

Let’s not forget… Judge Perry, in addition to being a pro-prosecution Judge, is also up for re-election in 2012… so pleasing the masses in Florida is obviously very high up on his personal agenda.

With further regards to Casey doing probation in jail, and if I remember rightly, The Laughing Guy himself (Jeff Ashton) suggested it and Stan Strickland took him up on it. Casey therefore has already done her probation as ordered. There are a whole bunch of lawyers and judges out there who also agree that Casey did indeed serve out her probation while she was in jail.

An almighty louse-up by the State of Florida yet again. The only right decision ever made regarding this case was the Not Guilty verdict.

I’ll leave you with these pertinent observations from

It’s obvious that Orlando wants her to suffer on probation as retaliation for the verdict, but will Casey Anthony really be suffering? She’s on probation, she’s not in jail. Realistically, she’ll either stay with one of her rich attorneys or in a ritzy hotel suite. She’ll probably be living better than most of the people frothing at the mouth to bring her back. She’ll probably be dining on champagne and caviar, sleeping on satin sheets, watching high definition flat screen TV’s, relaxing on expensive leather sofas. If she’s in a hotel, she’ll probably have an ocean view. Does that sound like suffering to you?

The people in Orlando should just move on with their lives instead of prolonging the inevitable. She’s NOT going to be suffering on probation and in a year she’ll be released anyway. Why prolong it?

Plus, has anybody ever stopped to consider that possibility that if her attorneys appeal the probation sentence and WIN, the State of Florida will have not one, but TWO shiny, black eyes!

Here’s the summary from

Casey Anthonys Probation Dumb and Dumber

The next stop in the Casey Anthony Roadshow is the much anticipated Trial Costs hearing – currently scheduled for August 25th.

This is where the prosecutors want Casey to pay for being prosecuted on false evidence and pay for the decidedly shoddy investigation it cost to find it all.  The grand total has not been disclosed. Is there no end to this chicanery? Probably not. Watch this space…



  1. Casey should be left alone and let her get her life straightend out Spiritualy, Physicaly and Mentally after all the trauma and let her grieve for Caylee in her own way privatly. She was proven Not Guilty Unfortunalty these Judges can’t let it go and Prosecution new better it’s like they have vendetta using the excuse of the law. I am on your side Casey God Bless! Hang in their!

  2. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    Ladies and gentlemen. I no longer know what to say, anymore. This is, truly, violating double jeopardy and holding previous bias against Casey. I also don’t see how the Govt. can make Casey pay for a trail she WON as the DEFENSE! They prosecute an innocent woman and NOW want to make her pay for it? This is not good, ladies and gentlemen. As a Roman Catholic conservative, I can say, if there was ANY CHANCE WHATSOEVER that Casey killed Caylee, believe me, I would say. But, guess what, THERE IS NO WAY THAT CASEY KILLED CAYLEE. If you need proof, just look at the pictures of Casey and Caylee together. I have never seen 2 happier people in my entire life. Trust me. Casey loved Caylee and Caylee loved Casey.

  3. I just read on Yahoo. Casey’s Lawyers are now appealing The Probation to a Higher Court. Let’s pray this judge makes the right decision and dismisses the Probation.

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