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Casey Anthony Probation conference – Gretl explains it all

At a news conference yesterday in Tallahassee, Gretl Plessinger from Florida DOC confirmed Casey had successfully started her very dubious & illegal 1 year probation. She also confirmed that due to the ongoing stupidy of countless people – and their evident inability to handle the truth – Casey’s address details will not be made public.

*** CLICK HERE to see Casey’s 8-page probation document from 8/24 (launches PDF in new window)***

Here’s the video of Gretl’s mini-speech:

Gretl explains it all 8-25

And here’s a picture from after the speech, as Gretl gets tired of hearing the same BS questions from clueless journalists:


  1. On going stupidity is right! My faith in Florida is only slightly improved by the fact that they have enough sense to keep her safe. Please post a way to get on the list to follow Casey’s progress.

    • Hey. This is the info from the DOC website: “If reporters wish to be on the email list, send your name, place of business and email address to

      We’ll also be posting those regular updates on this website too. SJ

      • Thank you for providing this service, SJ. It is good to know that there are other sane people, and I’m not actually alone.

        • Hi. Thanks for your comments. In reality, there are infinitely more Casey supporters than most people imagine… and certainly way more than the media are letting on. Sure enough, The Haters are in the majority right now due to not having a life and not being able to think for themselves – BUT the balance will be addressed as we move forwards. Be sure to click the top menu link too if you haven’t already – “This Is The Reason We Do What We Do”. I’m sure you have seen it but mention it anyway just in case. It’s an awesome movie and it says it all. SJ

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