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Casey’s probation ends & the next chapter begins

Well, it finally happened. And while we’re still not convinced it should have even started in the first place, Casey’s very dubious probation period has now “officially” ended. I doubt there’ll be much to report about it due to the secrecy & safety issues surrounding the event… and it’s not even like Casey is now free to do as she pleases (even though she has every right to do so)… but we can thank a whole long list of media people & retards for that.

Anyways… irrespective of when it ended, the fact the probation is over is great news. It’s yet another hurdle that Casey has successfully negotiated and gotten through with flying colors. This (once again) is testament to Casey’s strength & bravery, despite all of the opposition that stood against her (and still does), from the public, to media, to law enforcement, to her own family.

As for the Haters, Charles Greene has a message for them: “GET OVER IT AND GET A LIFE!”

Well said dude.

Here’s the video report from WESH2 News, Thursday night, featuring Charles Greene:

Caseys Probation ends 8-24-2012

Now, once the forthcoming BS-riddled lawsuits & spurious civil cases are out of the way, I still believe this is where things will start to gather momentum and they’ll get really interesting. Just think… even right now, there are a few people feeling mighty pleased with themselves due to them thinking all this has blown over and they’re in the clear. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. They have no idea what’s in the pipeline, but it ain’t gonna be pretty.

All we do know is this: It’s only be a matter of time before Casey gets back in the bus and starts driving it.

This would have been the ideal time to finish off this post with the awesome “Let The Waters Rise” video – but I ain’t gonna do that. Instead I’m posting a totally different track. Not just because it has a totally kick-ass melancholy twang to it, but mainly due to the lyrics which I’ve also posted below the video.

The next chapter begins right here, right now.

Celebrate The Day!


Oasis: “I Hope, I Think, I Know”:

They’re trying hard to put me in my place,
And that is why I’ve gotta keep running,
The future is mine and it’s no disgrace,
Cos’  in the end the past means nothing,

You tell me I’m free then you tie me down,
And from my chains I think it’s a pity,
What did it cost you to wear my crown?
You don’t like me why don’t you admit it?

I feel a little down today, and I ain’t got much to say,
But you’re gonna miss me when I’m not there,
You know I don’t care… you know I don’t care.

As we beg and steal and borrow, life is hit and miss, and this,
I hope, I think, I know… if I ever hear the names you call,
And if I stumble catch me when I fall… cos’ baby after all,
You’ll never forget my name… You’ll never forget my name…

You’re trying hard to put me in my place.
And that is why I’ve gotta keep running.
The future is mine and it’s your disgrace,
Cos’ in the end your laugh means nothing…

You feel a little down today, but you ain’t got much to say?
Who’s gonna miss you when your not there?
You know we don’t care… you know we don’t care

Cos’ as we beg and steal and borrow… life is hit and miss, and this,
I hope, I think, I know if I ever hear the names you call,
And if I stumble catch me when I fall, cos’ baby after all,
You’ll never forget my name… You’ll never forget my name…

As we beg and steal and borrow, life is hit and miss and this,
I hope, I think, I know, if I ever hear the names you call,
And if I stumble catch me when I fall, cos’ baby after all,
You’ll never forget my name.


A Message From Casey – (October 5, 2011):

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you.
I want to thank each and every one of you for the love and support.
This will be the first of many posts, so this will be kept brief, and hopefully quiet.
It was a long 3 years, and I have a long year ahead, but the battle is far from over.
Everything I do from this moment forward is not just for Caylee, or for myself, but for those who have bravely stood beside me, yourselves included. A lifetime of thanks.
My love to you all, and I can promise you this, good things are to come.
I leave you with one parting phrase: “Nenikekamen”-which means “we are victorious” in Greek.
Forever and Always.
(SJ, the true meaning of AWESOMENESS belongs to you.)



  1. I want to personally thank SJ for all the work that has been out into this site and the support and love you have shown for Casey throughout this entire time. I myself did quit a bit of work on her behalf and her safety and protection always came first. I look at her as a friend and I truly hope that she can live her dreams and that hr dreams become a reality. She’s been a truly inspirational person in my eyes and I will always believe in her and consider her as a friend. She’s been through enough and deserves the biggest best things out of life. She’s proves she a true survivor and no matter hard she got hit she kept moving forward and will continue to move forward. Herself and Caylee will always have special place in my heart and I wish her well on her new journey.

  2. Yay! So happy & hopeful for you, Casey!! You deserve happiness & peace in your life. I feel privileged to be a supporter of a brave and inspirational woman!



  3. Marilyn C. says:

    Casey is a true SURVIVOR.She with stood more than any of us possible could have.By now she has to know that she has plenty of people who are behind her all the way on what ever path she chooses.All of us know she will make it in this crazy world somehow,regardless of what is put in front of her.I think the people close to her are making sure she has the resources to be safe and to succeed in the next chapter of her life.Good Luck Casey….We Believe in YOU!!

  4. Great article SJ:)

    I have a question I hope one of you can answer: what is the purpose of Cheney Mason asking Judge Perry to sign an order stating Casey is free from all criminal charges? Is this so she doesn’t have legal trouble should she leave the country?

    • Marilyn C. says:

      I will let SJ answer this…my guess is so there are no more STUNTS likeJudge STRICKLAND pulled!!

    • CJ,

      Cheney Mason said in an interview that he wanted Judge Perry to sign an order so what happened before won’t happen again. He didn’t go into any detail, but later I learned he had been talking about some “fake documents” about Casey violating probation.

    • Hi CJ,
      It’s basically to stop any BS-related “issues” as Casey moves forwards with her life. We all know what they’re like for changing their tune at the drop of a hat, so Cheney wants to make sure this time around. Whether Judge Perry with sign an order to that effect is yet to be seen.

  5. Way to go Casey! You breezed through probation with no problems at all, much to the dismay of the haters. Just keep looking forward, putting one foot in front of the other and you will be fine. You will show those who are blind to the truth that you are a true survivor. If you were my daughter, I’d be very proud of the way you have handled yourself this past year. You are making great strides. Keep your head up, reach out to those that really care and above all else lean in toward God…He’s got your back!

    Good luck to you!

  6. Stevan Davis says:

    Nancy Grace tonight at 8 & 10 will be taking callers questions about Casey.

    • I couldn’t stop laughing during Nancy Grace’s show it was too predictable and ridiculous (I could only stand about 20 minutes though). She’s a despicable human being the things she does to people just to make money. The funniest part was when Nancy Grace kept talking about how criminals can’t help, but get in trouble it is a compulsion. Yet Casey Anthony didn’t break her probation either time she served it. Idiot. But I digress, this whole thing is unfair and horrible. I can’t imagine what she feels like on top of losing her daughter all of this. It is outrageous. I pray that she will heal and be able to live a good life.

    • Last night I was briefly watching Nancy Grace and had to turn it off to avoid how upset I was getting. People are so blind and continue to say and believe the prosecution. Come on aren’t these people in HLN professional? Can’t they show a little respect and intelligence that Casey is innocent?

      • Suzy

        You are expecting too much from HLN and Nancy. You should know that by now. I don’t watch HLN or Nancy.

        • You’re right Jon I am expecting a little too much because I was hoping that by now people have heard both sides of the story. To hear Robyn Walensky among many more freely claim that Casey dumped Caylee’s body in the woods is upsurd. We live in a world of corrupct politics and brown nosers.

        • Hi Jon,
          You hit the nail on the head. If you wanna watch golf, watch The Golf Channel. If you wanna watch BS watch NG & HLN. If you don’t wanna watch golf or BS then just don’t tune in.

      • Suzy, they can’t say that they made a mistake and that Casey is innocent because that will ruin their ratings. That is terrible and ashame!!! Nancy Grace was proven wrong again and again in this case and can’t admitt that. It’s a shame , but it’s the way she feels she has to be. Anyone who knows this case fair and square knows Casey is innocent, that was proven 100% Casey is such a strong person to survive all she has been through and the way I see it, May God Bless her heart, she’s a winner for surviving so much in her life!!! God Bless you Suzy and may God Bless Casey!!

    • Ugh, I’d love to call in and tell Nancy what a bitch she is, but she’s not worth the effort.

    • And HLN is tabloid trash TV…none of those people are professional. They’re the bottom of the barrel in terms of “reporting”.

      • Kira,

        HLN is a disgusting dirty word . I liked life before i knew it existed. I thought their ratings would lower after Casey was acquitted and they had nothing more to talk about. I was wrong.

        • Actually their ratings have gone down considerably since the verdict, and it was never that highly rated to begin with. I think it’s 40th in the cable rankings. Unfortunately that’s enough for Time Warner to justify its existence since it does make money. But I doubt any of the Time Warner or CNN executives are proud of it.

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if all the positive people could call in and get through on that show? Let NG know exactly how disgusting everyone thinks she really is and put the accusations where they really lie, in my opinion she is a murderess for the two people that have committed suicide after being on her show and her grilling them. JMO!

      • NG exploits the twins.

        Drew Pinsky’s show wasn’t much better than Nancy Grace.

        My dream is to live long enough to see Lucy & David, Nancy’s twins, write a “Mommie Dearest” book.

        • Imagine having Nancy Grace as your mom.

          • Stevan Davis says:

            Did Dr. Drew discuss Casey tonight too? What did he say? I have very little respect for him even if he is a notch above Dr. Phil. I think Kieth Albow is smarter than both of them together. Those two guys are just entertainers.

  7. Casey wishing you the best in life and what ever decisions you makes with the support of good people around you 🙂

  8. (((Casey))) We love you, sweetie. I know that you will go on to do great things. Enjoy your freedom!!

  9. Hey there Casey!!!! you got through it sweetheart!!! you made it through 3 years in jail and through your probation. You are a strong woman and you are a survivor of so much!!! Your strength as a person is unmatched Casey and I say congratulations to you. I have told you this before and I will say it again. You are a winner sweety!! Let me say that again, you are a winner!!! Don’t forget it, caring people know that to be true so let that fact make you smile!! The day you were acuitted and that look of relief came over your face was so AWESOME!!! that was a great moment that you so much deserved. You went through hell and back in your life, and you made it through it!! Guess what that means casey, your a winner and a survivor sweetheart. yes I am repeaing that, but it is something that you need to hear over and over and know it to be true!! If you ever need anything Casey, I am here for ya, don’t forget that sweetheart and smile, and be happy!!! And you came to Jesus , that’s an absolutely wonderful thing for you to do and Caylee is forever with Jesus, always know that, she is Happy for an eternity, just imagine that, the Happiest that you can possibly be, Caylee is that Happy every day for eternity. Let that fact also make you smile. God Bless you Casey Anthony

  10. I’m so glad that Casey is finally free and am proud to say I support her. Never have I seen anyone treated as horribly as Casey has been treated by the corrupt media and the corrupt State. And yet she has survived and I believe in the end she will be redeemed in the eyes of the world and it her tormentors who will live in shame. I believe that time will come sooner than anyone expects.

  11. Too bad I can’t post photos, but here’s a quote I read today that makes perfect sense!

    “TIME & KARMA”

    When a bird is alive…it eats ants.
    When the bird has died…ants eat it.
    One tree can be made into a million matchsticks…
    but only one matchstick is needed to burn a million trees!

    Circumstances can change at any time…
    Don’t devalue or hurt anyone in this life…

    You man be powerful today, but time is more powerful than you!- Unknown.


  13. SJ

    On the lighter side of things, I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your song pick for Casey and the music you added:)

    I wanted to share a song with you.

    Recently, listening to my kids listening to Katy Perry’s song, Wide Awake some of the lyrics remind me of when the day we know will happen when Casey gets to tell her story and become victorious over her adversities: I’m wide awake

    “Not losing any sleep
    I picked up every piece
    And landed on my feet
    I’m wide awake
    Need nothing to complete myself, no

    I’m wide awake
    Yeah, I am born again
    Out of the lion’s den
    I don’t have to pretend
    And it’s too late
    The story’s over now, the end “

    • Hi CJ,
      Awesome Katy Perry lyrics (just watched the video for it). I went with the Oasis track as it was like the song was written especially for that day. When Casey does finally become victorious, I’ll post that video.

      PS. Your profile pics looks great btw. We could be sisters! :mrgreen:

  14. Stevan Davis says:

    Geee I’m not sure Mr.Green doesn’t think WE are as weird as the haters. I hope not. I hope he refers to people more exreme than we are. I have heard that some guys send her love letters and expensive gifts.

    • Steven Davis,

      Thanks for the link.

      I am not going to try to second guess what Green means. He needs to explain himself as the haters will have a fiield day by throwing it in our faces.

      Supporters have worked hard to get the facts out there about Casey, sent her gift cards, money, and offered Casey food and shelter. As long as she has us supporting her, Casey will never go hungry or sleep out in the cold. We’ll continue to stand by Casey thru thick and thin.

      I am offended by Green’s description of us. I take what he said personally.

      • TZ

        I think he means stalkers. Stalkers can be just as dangerous. They will stalk a celebrity they claim to love. Then, when they feel rejected by that celebrity they become dangerous and will try to hurt or kill them.

        • Jon,

          I hope so.

        • Hi Jon,
          Yes, Charles Greene is referring to those who are obsessed with love or hate for Casey for whatever reason. We are long-time Casey supporters and will continue to be. He is not referring to regular supporters with his comments (see below).

          In addition, and while I can’t speak for any other sites out there, I am in regular contact with Team Casey and I know for a fact that this website (and our combined efforts) are greatly appreciated.

          PS. This is the original quote: “There are those that hate her with an obsession, and there are those who love her with an obsession, and that’s scary,” Greene said. “Some of those happened to be crazy enough to try to hurt her.”

          • You cleared that up perfectly. I never took it to mean anyone on a support blog anyway:)

            “love her with an obsession” says it all and it’s not referring to a supporter (IMHO).

      • Stevan Davis says:


  15. There are supporters (like us) and then there are stalkers. Greene is probably referring to people who write letters saying that they’re destined to be with Casey – those types are out there and they can be quite scary.

  16. SJ,

    thanks for a great website where supporters of Casey can really hear the real truth about this case. My interest at this point is about George Anthony. Have you heard any info at all about any investigation or questioning going on in regards to his role in this case or possible leads to prove he is a pedophile with other victims coming forward because of his behaviour? Just curious…..

    • Hi Bill,
      Thanks for your kind comments.
      It’s gonna be a slow process with regards to GA, but the wheels are in motion.

  17. My only question is if she did nothing wrong why didn’t she report her daughter missing right away? That has bothered me all this time bc I have a 5 yr old and if something was to happen to her I would report it right away. In my eyes that’s what made her look guilty and the fact she was at parties. I’m not trying to bash on her or anything like that, this is just something I am trying to understand….

  18. people react to death in strange ways i watched my uncle die back in 2010 at age 39 of a heart attack and it had no effect on me even when the funral happened nothing some of us are just wired different

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