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Casey’s Probation Update: The DCA finally reach a decision!

Well folks, it had to happen sometime between now and Thanksgiving, and it has.  Following on from biased Pam Bondi’s response yesterday – and the response filed by TeamCasey this morning the DCA has finally reached a decision on Casey Anthony’s probation.

That decision being Casey Anthony will, after all, be required to commence her illegal probation sentence, starting this coming Friday 8/26. Over the past 3 years, Casey has already endured way more than most people endure in a lifetime – and she will get through this too. Make no mistake.

By the way – Pam Bondi is BIASED. No way is she fit to handle this case impartially… especially after her Casey defence Team bashing on the NBC Dateline documentary a couple of years back. She’s still pissed at the Not Guilty verdict and this is her way of showing it.

Click here to read the Court document just released – (opens PDF in a new window).

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Caseys Probation Update The DCA finally reach a decision


  1. I am sick. This is just so Wrong!

    • Hi Jon! Yes. Just as we expected, everyone is covering everyone else’s ass and trying to keep each other happy. It’s been a right fiasco from the start, but no worries. Casey will get through this. Next up is the costs hearing on Thursday which should be interestring to say the least.

      This info just in from the 9th Circuit: “State v Casey Anthony – Hearing on Costs of Prosecution /Investigation – Thursday, August 25th at 9:00am – Courtroom 6D – Before Judge Perry”.

      This is where the prosecutors want Casey to pay for being prosecuted on false evidence and pay for the decidedly shoddy investigation it cost to find it all. The grand total has not yet been disclosed. Is there no end to this chicanery? Probably not. Watch this space! SJ

    • Twitter: ArchAngelReader - Daniel Young - Littleton, NC says:

      You are right about that…
      I am a messenger from the Heaven’s ArchAngels to help us see the truth about life! Did you know that Heaven’s Angels are flying all about us right now to help us in our daily life… The ArchAngels tell me that Casey did not kill her child. Vengeance is the Lord’s – Leviticus 19:18 `You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord. Little Caylee has not crossed over to the otherside yet because of the hate towards her mom. The last word I will assure you is coming direct from Heaven: The grandfather and uncle need to confess their sins to God right now! Blessed, in the Name of Our Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Amen…

  2. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    As I said before, this will probably be appealed to a higher court. The point is, even though someone is not techinically supposed to serve probation in jail, Judges Dumb & Dumber ordered her to (yes, it still counts if it was by accident) so they can’t make her serve it again.

    Also, this “defense covering costs of prosecution” thing is ridiculous and unconstitutional; even if the defendant is found guilty the prosecution should pay for prosecution. Really, I think, since Casey was found NOT GUILTY, Florida should pay for Casey’s defense. Now, I know you’re thinking I think that just because I’m a supporter of Casey, but, if you think about it; if someone is acquitted, they’re not guilty. If there not guilty, they’re innocent, and, if they’re innocent, they were wrongly prosecuted by the government and should not have to pay for that themselves. That is a part of “innocent until proven guilty.” Also, you can’t say that policy is weak on crime because if you’re acquitted, you’re NOT a criminal.

    If there is any part of the United States Constitution left in Florida, they cannot make her pay for costs of prosecution. But, then again, it’s Florida. (No offense to the citizens of Florida, just the Government.)

  3. Marilyn C says:

    I don’t understand how ANY of this is LEGAL! I am from Texas & thought we had a bad reputation,but Florida has blown us out of the water! They just will not let go of Casey! She was found NOT GUILTY! I think one of the legal things I have a problem with is the offcials(Pam Bondi,Judge Stricland) going all over TV running their mouths,then making rulings.How can this happen? Casey needs to get out of Florida & never look back! I wish she could sue all of the talking heads on TV & start with Nancy Grace! If I wasn’t too old I would go to law school to figure out how everyone was getting away with everything they are throwing at her!I hope her Defense team hangs in there with her,since she has no family.It blows my mind that her Mom chooses to believe George over her own Daughter.This whole thing is so sad & the media gets so excited when she is ruled against.What is wrong with these people? Can they NOT see how STUPID THEY look?

    • Hey Marilyn! Perry & Strickland (aka “Dumb & Dumber”) made a right mess of things between them… and then Pam Bondi and the DCA just followed suit and took stupidity to a whole new level. Whether it’s “legal” or not doesn’t seem to concern them one bit. Maybe it just comes down to Casey Anthony being a bigger attraction for Florida than Disneyworld? Let’s see what happens with the Costs hearing tomorrow. Thanks for posting! SJ

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