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Casey’s psychological evaluations unsealed by JP

Unsealed Reports from Jeffery A. Danziger & William A. Weitz:

Note: While there are too many specific events & pages to reference – in the 1st document – Casey’s abuse at the hands of GA is covered starting @ page 71, and Casey’s recollections of the day Caylee died (and the lead-up to the events of that day) start @ page 100.

From: Orlando Sentinel – 1-11-2012 :::

“Chief Judge Belvin Perry has unsealed two never-before-seen depositions from doctors who conducted psychological evaluations on Casey Anthony before her murder trial last spring.

The documents are significant because they represent the most recent version of Casey Anthony’s story about what happened to her daughter.

The depositions are from Dr. Jeffrey Danziger and Dr. William Weitz. The Orlando Sentinel is reviewing the documents now and will regularly update this story.

Both Danziger and Weitz were originally listed as defense witnesses before Casey Anthony’s trial started last May. But the defense later withdrew the mental health experts as witnesses, and neither doctor ended up testifying during the trial.

However, portions of the story they said Casey Anthony told them ended up being a part of defense attorney Jose Baez’s shocking opening statement to jurors.

In his bombshell opening, Baez told the jury that Caylee Marie drowned in the family pool in mid-June 2008. He also said that George Anthony knew of the drowning and blamed his daughter for the child’s death. Finally, Baez also claimed that Casey Anthony had been sexually abused by her father.

Those claims made in the infamous Baez opening were never substantiated at trial.

However, the substance of the Baez opening matched — to some extent — the accounts relayed during the Weitz and Danziger depositions.

Retired Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton relayed some of what Weitz and Danziger talked about in his book about the case, “Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony.”

Ashton said he based his writings on his recollection and his notes, not the sealed depositions themselves.

According to the book:

Danziger said that Anthony told him she “believed that her father drowned Caylee deliberately or drowned her while he was molesting her, even though she had no evidence that George [Anthony] had ever molested Caylee in the past.”

Weitz, referring to the account Casey Anthony gave him, gave a similar version of events. He indicated Casey Anthony asserted “that Caylee could not have died by accident and that George had murdered her,” according to the book.

Casey Anthony said her father yelled at her, “It’s your fault. It’s your fault. You’re a bad mother,” according to the Weitz version.

Although the jury never heard these accounts, Casey Anthony, 25, was acquitted of the most serious charges against her, including first-degree murder, in the 2008 death of her daughter.”


More news to follow shortly…


  1. SJ, I have a question:

    Do you know if this a true? I am so suprised:

    Jose Baez really saved Casey’s life… Wow…

    • Hi Angelina! I briefly covered this “breaking news” story in my last post. Looks like the NY Post started it all and everyone else is now running with it without knowing its credibility. Having said that, I think it is just a rumor started solely to try and rock the Team Casey boat and draw a response from JB or CM. Maybe also tied (directly or indirectly) to the probable release of Video #3 (?) We shall soon see. Thanks for posting! SJ

  2. Audra Blinn says:

    The truth is starting to come out! Next step- get charges filed on George for sexual abuse to Casey. There is no statutory time limit- in other words 50 years could go by and George can still be charged. LET’S GET THE BALL ROLLING PEOPLE!!! Get the ball rolling I believe will eventually lead us closer to clearing Casey’s name and maybe even finding out what the heck really happened!!!

    • I’m thinking those dumbassess down in Orlando won’t do a thing about George. They would have to admit they made up the whole case and basically harassed Casey for 3 years and they don’t want to look stupid. It’s a nice dream though 🙂

    • Audra, this is a good idea to charge GA,, but the problem is: how to prove these allegations in court? Unfortunately, here are a lot “nancy- disgraces” around, and they would simply say : this is just another lie…

    • Marion Rosiello says:

      Nancy Grace keeps saying that the psychiatrists REFUSED to testify and that is not the case. Baez could not call them to testify where they would say that Casey said she “thinks” her father murdered Caylee. The only thing she was sure of was that she saw her father holding Caylee’s wet body outside the pool.

      • Nancy Grace is full of lies… I’ve never seen someone “twist” the truth so much and get away with it. I believe her behavior is criminal. I so wish she would be sued and taken down.

  3. Linda Drane Burdick comes off as such a bitch in these depositions.

    • I know, Kira! That was my thought too.

    • Ha ha well that’s the real Linda Drane Burdick.

      • Marion Rosiello says:

        Why surprised? she came off as a bitch during the whole trial.

        I just read the whole first depostion with Dr. Danzinger. I am more convinced than ever that Casey was telling that psychiatrist the truth….as she knew it to be or speculated it could be. GEORGE HAD EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THIS….and Casey did not know what he did with Caylee.

        There is one paragraph in there that clearly shows she was abused….it is so typical of abused children to say this. She says:
        “I hate the fact that I don’t hate him for everything that’s done, everything that’s happened. I hate the fact that I can still love him, little girl wishing my dad could be my dad. I can’t figure out why I don’t hate him. Years of anger, frustration, hurt and pain. Finally, openly speaking about it, but is is painful & disturbing.”

        How many adults in interviews have said the same thing about their abuse as a child? Mostly all of them.

        Of course, Jeff Ashton tries hard to ask the doctor if she could have gotten this thought from either a book, or counseling. It is my opinion, it is JEFF ASHTON, and LINDA BURDICK, who were and still are “in denial”.

        To clear up another comment someone else made about the discrepancy where she says the abuse stopped at age 11, so how could she have speculated that George might have been Caylee’s father as she became pregnant at 18. Dr quotes her as saying: “father stopped at age 11 for the most part. Last time age 18, some more sporadic incidences, tried to fight back when I was older”.
        Of course, all you hear about on Nancy Grace is that she said abuse stopped at age 11.

        Profound words of the doctor:
        DR. Danzinger: “First, there is nothing that’s normal or usual about this entire case”.

        Jeff Ashton says to him: “So you are simply telling us what she said and not giving any imprimatur of approval to it or feasibility to it?”. And the doctor says yes. So here Nancy Grace and other media persons take that out of context to say the doctor WOULD NOT TESTIFY because he didn’t believe her…..and that that is why the defense didn’t call him. What a gross distortion of what the doctor said.
        This is all very enlightening, to say the least.

        He says that…..but still believes

  4. SJ How can they get away with these outright lies on our girl? Now, they are saying that she told a psychiatrist that she was raped after she passed out at a party. That’s how she became pregnant with Caylee.

    • Hi Jon! By the look of it, and having gone through the 450 pages, it looks like Fox were just relaying some of the contents. I say “some” of the contents as, like the rest of the mainstream media, they only mentioned the stuff they wanted to. No mention of GA’s previous suicide attempts or his Ohio LE shennanigans though. Thanks for posting! SJ

      • Interesting to me that these documents were released just in time to save Ashton’s neck.

        • Marion Rosiello says:

          Well, Ashton released his book long before the actual depositions were released. But knowing how Judge Perry operates…..he released them to get Ashton off the hook. I cannot wait to see how he rules on the Mason filing that Ashton published his “thoughts from memory” on those depositions while they were still under seal.

  5. Audra Blinn says:

    It was a nice dream Karen 🙂 Isn’t it true that either the state of Florida OR Casey, the victim herself, can file criminal charges against George. Maybe she will…

  6. Can this finally pave the way for an indictment against GA???? Let’s hope! I look forward to the day that the FBI or even the boobs in the state of Florida march him in to stand before the Man!
    Poor Casey. I hope she is happier now, even after all that she has been through.

    • Marion Rosiello says:

      The state of Florida is NEVER going to file charges or do an investigation of George. That would be like admitting they believe Casey’s story. I don’t know about the FBI.

  7. I have read both of the Dr. W pdf’s so far. They are completely in line with what has been my objective opinion about Casey’s behavior as in the sense of not being “abnormal” but made to look this way spun by the media sensationalism.

  8. And can I also add a little opinion that does not revolve around the “facts”


    Why have I come to this conclusion? Well, being that I objectively myself have looked at behavioral mannerisms outside of the media bias which I clearly have not paid much attention to.

    1) It was apparent that Mr. Ashton would “snivel” – “laugh” = Mock in the courtroom as point out by JB and made into a serious issue at point. I guess now we the public can find even more relevance to JB persistence in the matter as his behavior clearly demonstrates a pattern as now released in these PDF documents that he has a history of “laughing” – “Mocking” professionals that may offer valid and legitimate evidence to the contrary of the states witch hunt.

    2) I would also reaffirm his immaturity and lack of professional behavior also noted by name calling a professional an “Asshole” under his breath. JB clearly called him on the carpet. If the roles had been reversed I would find equally has reprehensible.

    As far as I am concerned CA has been re-victimized by society and the law to some degree.. thankfully the law did prevail with truths. I believe this reinforces the Dr’s findings that she legitimately arms unconsiously with defense mechanisms due to the prior trauma suffered which gives someone that has suffered a prior trauma a higher propensity to deal with this type of circumstances without wanting to commit some sort of suicide or suffer a complete mental breakdown.

    • Page 30 of the second Weitz depo is something else! Baez calls out Asston for laughing while the doctor describes George holding Caylee’s dead body. Burdick jumps in with “No, he’s not! He’s not laughing!” Yeah…after seeing the trial, I think we can safely say that Asston was indeed laughing at a horrific description. Baez called him out again and again on his immature behavior.

      • I know…Kira…wasn’t that great that Jose called him out on it THERE too? No doubt in my mind he was laughing…at the vision of a dead child…I don’t even know what to say about that. So unprofessional and just TWISTED! Did you also notice that Asston implied that sexual abuse was not violent??? I mean the doctor had to point out that it is indeed a violent crime…what does asston think sexual abuse is? I mean that is the same damn thinking an abuser has…it’s not violent…I didn’t HURT them. UGH!!!!!! My gosh, this man wants to be a SA? Wow, that’s all I can say.

    • Marion Rosiello says:

      You are so right. I could not stand Ashton since the very first day of the trial. The only decent prosecutor on that case was George Frank…..or Frank George, I always get that mixed up. lol

      • Marion Rosiello says:

        And he has the gall to now say that the DA overcharged her. Can you believe the hypocrisy?

        • Oh, I know. Asston, who INSISTED that Casey was a cold-blooded killer and made up a ridiculous narrative about her killing Caylee to go partying is now blaming the DA. Asston and Burdick did a terrible job in their closing arguments, just terrible. None of what they said made any logical sense. I loved when Baez said “Where was the party on a Monday afternoon?”

  9. Thank you for the pdf links, so thankful for you, SJ.

    OK – having read through all of the newly released documents in their entirety (and glad I did so and did not rely on the media to mis-inform me…)

    We already know that the Laughing Guy is an arrogant pr*ck, and that LDB is the Ice Queen; so aside from the entertaining exchanges sprinkled throughout the depos of the doctors, that seems of little import here.

    Things that strike me as important:
    If Baez did “resign” as counsel for CA then couldn’t he be used as a witness in any proceedings against George? I may be a bit shaky on my legal ethics on this, but all of this (including the rumors, videos, doc drop, and even JA run for office) does not seem coincidence…

    On the other hand, what does seem huge here is the fact that a young woman exonerated of the charges brought upon her by the state for the MURDER of her child – Casey was found to be NOT guilty…but that doesn’t preclude Caylee’s death having been homicide…it just means Casey didn’t do it (which I never believed, but now more than ever)

    In any event, according to the state of Florida, SOMEBODY killed that child (recall the illustrious “Dr. G” recounting that it simply MUST be homicide)…and according to a witness (CA) to her (sadly) dead child in the arms of her father…much like we have known for quite a while – there was a murder…and by all accounts (Cindy’s and Casey’s) George was the last person to be seen with Caylee (alive and deceased, respectively). Further to the point, George clearly being the one discovered to be with her dead body by an eye witness.
    Casey is no longer a defendant – she is an EYE witness. Obvious a credible one, at that, unless we are to dismiss the findings of doctors and believe, instead, that Casey is simply SO cunning & deviously brilliant that she can get around as many doctors/psychologists/psychiatrists that you can throw at her, and wrap the whole world around her finger. B.S…why does the conventional wisdom/mob need to believe such horrible things about her?

    Why is it not possible that like 1 out of 4 girls/women (a statistic that I recall reading) she is a survivor of sexual abuse…and the most hideous and ruinous of abuse, at that. Why is that such a stretch of the imagination?
    Why is it easier to believe the hypotheses of these over-zealous prosecutors & a screwball talking-heads than the hypotheses of clinical psychologists? Where is the disconnect? Particularly with women like LDB. Such virulent hatred & pity from her that I would be interested in hearing what the doctors believe her actions and vitriol toward Casey imply, psychologically.

    Also, is there or is there not a DNA test (paternity) on George? Is there an absolute on that?

    To the State of Florida or the FBI: Eat crow and prosecute George Anthony…it is worth the money, if for no other reason, to show the world that Florida is not always a haven for murderers, sex offenders and miscreants. George Anthony posing for photos with dolphins and on cruise ships is as offensive as OJ Simpson enjoying Palm Beach golf courses…FBI – take the reigns from these clowns, call jurisdiction on the basis of suspicion of GA having committed sexual offenses in two different states, therefore over state lines – bingo, federal case under the Mann Act (even loosely, who cares?) 😉

    The more that the state of Florida releases all its un-utilized exculpatory evidence/testimony the more that it becomes ludicrous that GA not be held to answer for Casey’s allegations.
    Corroborative: Shake Lee down…if what Casey is saying is true, Lee knows it. More than likely Cindy knows/knew it, too. That level of abuse does not exist in a vacuum. THANK YOU Dr. Weitz for professionally calling attention to the “sweet sweat” remark…I, for one, appreciate the qualification of my alarm since first seeing that memorial circus years ago.

    Enlightening reads. I pray there is, finally, justice for Caylee.

    • Audra Blinn says:

      Cybthia- very good point on GA being tried by fed court- I believe you are correct. I also was thinking that the entire family knows of the sexual abuse done by GA to Casey- and possibly other people. I read somewhere, I believe from one of SJ’s posts- that a grade school teacher said that Casey showed signs of sexual abuse, hopefully this is in school files!!!

      • Could George Anthony have been charged with sexual abuse, or some kind of criminal act? He talks on the Jailhouse tape about something being settled in a judge’s chambers. The “thing he did” happened years ago, which would have occurred when Casey was very young. The Jailhouse video is dated: August 3, 2008.

        I transcribed that part of the JHV, and added the link:


        George: “Years ago when I did the thing that I did I don’t want to go into it too deep, but everything was already handled in the judge’s chambers or in a conference area before you went into court. That’s the way is is, but–”

        Link 3:

    • Well said, Cynthia. I am in full agreement with you.

    • Marion Rosiello says:

      Cynthia, great post and great analysis.

      I am not a lawyer but I doubt that even being her former attorney that he would be able to testify against George. Who is that other lawyer that was once on the case and appears on the talk shows? (I am having trouble with remembering names today…sorry…blond hair, wife of forensic expert?). But she has said on these talk shows that she cannot reveal anything Casey ever told her while she was on the case. She could only give her opinion about things while the trial was going on.

      Remember that Casey told Dr. Danzinger (I did not read the Dr. Weitz depo yet) that she was not even sure if Caylee was dead in George’s arms and did not know if had killed her either before or after he left with Caylee that day…..OR whether she had drowned in the pool accidentally. I think all three scenarios could be possible. Even if she accidentally drowned George did then dispose of her and lied to Casey and Cindy and police that he thought she was still alive.

      I have believed, ever since I heard the testimony, that he had an affair with that woman (can’t recall her name right now) and the whole truth of what happened was when he said to her “IT WAS AN ACCIDENT THAT SPIRALED OUT OF CONTROL”. Too bad she can’t recall if he said “I think” or “it was”.

    • Marion Rosiello says:

      I don’t know what you are referring to in regard to abuse “in two states”? Do you mean before they moved to Florida?

  10. My heart just breaks for Casey as I read these depositions. She tried so hard to appear “perfect” to others while compartmentalizing the sexual abuse that she suffered. It’s clear to me that she did everything to protect Caylee, never wanting to leave her alone with George.

    Casey, if you’re reading this, I just want to give you a hug. I’m so sorry for what happened to you and to precious Caylee.

  11. I really really believed in my heart during the whole trial and after that is just made sense that Casey killed Caylee. It was really difficult for me to hear the not guilty plea. I think I actually cried. I just lost so much hope in our justice system. It just seemed so obvious with all the lies and then George just seemed believable and even authentic in his emotions most times I watched him. It just didn’t seem like he was capable of abuse.The only thing that hit me with a question about any of it was the fact that I had really really prayed hard for the verdict to be exactly the right one so I trusted it was even though I couldn’t imagine how. Then I found your site on Richard Grund’s facebook page and have read almost everything except of course the stuff I’ve already seen. And it makes so much sense! I am a therapist and I am almost sick to my stomach to think that George was an abuser and Casey was responding just like so many others I see who are abused. Then last night I read the released psychological exams and I have turned around completely in my thinking. I think it’s a huge cover up. I heard on a radio program a family member of Cindy’s stated it will all come out. She too, thought Casey was guilty until she heard the truth and it all made sense to her too. I hope this information comes out in book form by someone who might be in the family soon. Anyway thank you for all your hard work and seeing BS where I couldn’t.


    • Kelly, I admire you for looking at things with an open mind and being able to come to different conclusion than what you started with. When I first started watching the trial I thought Casey was guilty but something about George didn’t seem right to me. One night I got the overwhelming feeling that I should pray for Casey. To be honest I didn’t really want to but I did and I continued too and I began to see differently. I started to dig into the documentation and by the time the verdict was read I knew that there was so much more. I believed Casey loved caylee more than anything and I believed that she was a victim of sexual abuse. I felt so much relief for her. I feel so bad that she continues to be victimized and I truly hope that the truth is revealed. I would like to see George be held responsible.I think she displays classic abuse symptom. I continue to pray for her daily.

  12. Thanks Jill. I’ll agree with you in your prayers. I’m also going to be praying George gets exposed in a way that’s so obvious to the multitudes, Casey will begin to find some favor in all of her accusers of which I was one of.

    • Audra Blinn says:

      HI Kelly- I am also hoping George gets exposed and arrested. I think he will simply because one of the therapists that interviewed Casey said he’s upset to have to talk about CRIMINAL events from George. So this tells me that there is a very strong chance that criminal charges could be started against George.

  13. “Casey’s brother came to her room at night and watched her sleep” – that is very eerie and scary and very sick!! I mean if both Casey’s father and brother did that to her – they would do anything to an innocent little child – this is my opinion – maybe lee and george are responsible or had something to do with the death of caylee?? How sick – maybe lee spiked casey’s drink at that party and took advantage of her while she was out cold and made her pregnant??

  14. When this all first started I also thought Casey was guilty all the way up to the day of the verdict. I mean, I had a small amount of doubt but I didn’t look too much in to the case and received any and all of my information from HLN ( which now makes me disgusted in myself for believing in the first place). The minute the not guilty verdict was read I wasn’t completely shocked but thrown off a little as I assumed she was a dead woman walking. So I hopped on the Internet and started to look for the actual documents and evidence that was presented and all of the interviews and tried to piece it together myself. The more I read in to things it became more and more obvious that what they were saying about Casey just didn’t make sense and that GEORGE had to have done something. In the beginning I assumed that he had just helped her bury Caylee but I just could tell that his emotions seemed to be a little more forced and insincere or sometimes just plain creepy! Well, after a few weeks ( and some intense arguments with my BF about my obsession with Casey!) I let it go and tried to move on from it as she had already been found not guilty. But I soon found myself unable to sleep because it was almost everyday that the media was STILL calling her a baby killer and all of these awful things. It just bothered me so much that these news anchors couldn’t let it go. ( or see the truth!) I mean they were supposed to be the professional ones here! Soon I was sleeping maybe 4 hours total every night. Now, I am not a religious person by any means ( no church ever, not even on Christmas) but one night while laying in bed I started wishing in my head that the truth would come out and Casey could move on and be happy again. This became a nightly thing and of course I started to realize I was basically praying. Finally, a couple of days before the video diary and these depositions became public I finally decided that maybe I should actually pray to God. It felt weird at first but I just kept asking God to help show the world that Casey was not a murderer and to bring George to justice. I know that it wasn’t just me praying for this but all of you guys too! So I just wanted to share that experience with all of you and encourage you all to pray for Casey even if you’re not a religious person!

    Oh and as far as the content of the depositions go, Dr. Weitz made it pretty clear that Casey doesn’t suffer from a mental disorder but that Casey was sexually abused. I also love that he makes a comment about the fact that George has an extensive and professional knowledge about evidence and that it’s possible for George to have been a “dirty cop”. I wonder why Ashton seemed slightly offended by that statement. Hmm… But the thing I found most interesting was that beautiful shiny nugget of information when Casey said she put Caylee to sleep in her PJs and when George presents Caylees body to her, Casey realizes the clothes Caylee had on were too little for her and Dr. Weitz goes on to say that yeah, she would notice that because she’s a perfectionist. Of course Nancy Grace ( not Nancy drew, bitch!) won’t ever mention those things. Just like she won’t bring up the fact the George has already killed someone in a car “accident.” Or the fact that he had another wife before Cindy and they didn’t bother to tell Casey until she was in middle school. Or the fact that George and Cindy separated because Casey caught him having an affair! Also, I remember reading somewhere that George had a huge gambling problem and lost a huge amount or all of the family’s money. Not to mention MULTIPLE attempts of suicide! If a suicide attempt isn’t proof enough of someone with an incredible amount of guilt inside themselves I don’t know what is. There are so many characteristics of George that just scream murderer! Well ok, now I’m just venting so I’m gonna stop here and get my thoughts together.

    Thanks for making this website and giving me a place to share my thoughts on Casey where I wont get bullied in to thinking something I really don’t believe!

    • Yep, Dr. Weitz’s testimony on George’s past was VERY interesting indeed.

      HLN is a freaking cesspool. Grace, Politan, Velez-Mitchell and all the rest are total hacks.

    • Marion Rosiello says:

      This is the only forum where intelligent people with discerning minds can voice their opinions and not be bothered by the thousands of STUPID COMMENTS that are posted on other sites showing articles about Casey. However, I do read those articles and respond to the most egregious comments just to TRY to educate (or make fools out of) these sheeple who only believe what they hear from Nancy Grace, Jane Valez Mitchell, and Vinnie Polititan….not to mention the total BULL that some of their so called psychologists, criminal profilers, body language experts, former prosecutors, etc. come out with. At least some of the defense attorneys have something real and intelligent things to say… when they are not being shouted down by these clowns on HLN. One of them actually said on JVM’s show last night that she believes George had something to do with it….. and JVM practically had a convulsion. LOL.

      This forum gives me new hope that there is INTELLIGENT LIFE ON THE INTERNET and in this country.

      • Exactly! I find it interesting that all of the messages on this site seem to be well thought out, grammatically correct, informative and the users don’t attack each other on a personal level and don’t treat people as if their opinions are worthless. While reading comments on “legitimate” news source website I’ve noticed that certain people will sit there literally ALL DAY ( and they want to talk about anti-social behavior!)  watching the comments roll in and if you leave a comment suggesting any idea that doesn’t match theirs or you defend Casey or her team, they basically spam your comments right off the boards. Usually with the same generic comments saying that I must be a baby killer or a member of the jury or her team. 

        My FAVORITE accusation is that I MUST be Casey herself! I mean, how highly do these people think of themselves? Do they really think that Casey is sitting at her computer trying to talk to them personally? Or that she is desperately seeking them out to personally answer only their questions and that their word is final? I mean, these people can’t seriously think that by dedicating a significant amount of their lives and resources to hating someone that somehow their life will be better from it? They are the same people who claim to be ( good) Christians, but in their eyes, they’re the most perfect human beings ever created and that they’re the most perfect parent a kid could ever wish for. When in reality they’re sitting on their computers, ignoring their OWN kids while sadly at the same time teaching their kids intolerance and that it’s okay to bully others and use offensive language towards those who don’t agree with you.

         Part of me hopes that when the truth is finally common knowledge and ACKNOWLEDGED in a public way that these people realize the tremendous amounts of lies they were told. I also hope that the people who made names for themselves by spreading and encouraging hatred and violence against another human being are ashamed of themselves. I mean, if Casey is a monster because she would profit from a book about her OWN life and her own daughters story, what do these people have to say about their creepy leader who accused her of her own daughters murder and convinces the whole world that if they bought anything from Casey herself they would be immediately sucked down to bowels of hell if they so much as mentioned Casey’s name, yet he’s the one that released a book FIRST, of course with Caseys name all over it because that was his only selling point. He knows nobody cares about him or what he has to say anymore … But how is that ok? He is still making a profit off the story of a dead little girl! Whether it be the story of his time spent on the case or just him rambling on about his hatred for Casey and Jose, the point is that a little girl had to lose her life before he could even write a story! I really can’t understand the thought process of people who continue to blindly support Ashton when he’s a complete hypocrite. The private thoughts some of these people have must be just absolutely horrifying.

        • If you want to see some real crazy, go to the JusticeQuest forums. They think Asston is a god, and they run off ANYONE who suggests that Casey is innocent.

  15. I believe the story about George and the drowning, but i still dont think casey is telling the truth about not knowing what george was/or did do after that. i really believe the kidnapping story was for money, george and cindy got alot of attention while they were looking for caylee, alot of donations. casey you sat in jail and held a lie that your parents were making money off of on the outside along with the state and media. jose im sorry, although he did save your life really hasnt done a good job at making your story look believable because his fat head is all over every news channel right along with everyone else glad you kicked him… cheney is awesome, he will help you get the truth out, if you are willing to say it.

    • Mason was awesome in calling the media out on their lies. I still laugh at the image of him flipping off the reporters.

      • even reading the documents and listening to him, jose was more sarcastic and argumenative showed alot of “cockiness” which is still showing with his interviews to this day. mason tho, always shot back with a more confident sarcasim like i dont care what you think about me, its not a pissing contest i just know im right… i love him

  16. SJ…I’ve noticed quite a few posts where people are saying they used to think Casey was guilty UNTIL they started reading the documentation and digging into the case, and STOPPED listening to what the hln talking heads have to say about it. Bravo…to those who have the courage to go against the crowd (haters), think for yourselves and come to a logical conclusion. And Bravo to YOU SJ…thank you for this site.

    I believe this case has major ramifications for the future of our justice system. This case has brought up so many different issues and these things are being exposed. I think that is why those of us who care, care deeply. We are being accused of not caring about a little girl that was lost, but that is the furthest thing from the truth!! I don’t think justice for anyone comes about just by throwning someone (anyone) in the slammer for life or possibly even taking their life to avenge the loss of another life. The truth is we want the REAL truth…we want the real person responsible HELD responsible. It is being proven that IF people will just take the time to go over the “evidence” or lack of…if they will read the depos and LE interviews with those who were involved they will come to a completely different conclusion than the hln talking heads. Remember folks…they DON”T care about truth…they care about ratings and money. I have listened to NG since the depos came out and I can’t count the number of times she lied…those who have not taken the time to read the depos won’t know she is lying…and they will blindly believe her. Again, this case has ramifications for the future…are we going to become a nation of people who live by sound bites from those who want us to believe what THEY want us to believe? Or are we going to be a nation of people who take time to find out the truth for ourselves? I do believe we have seen throughout history what happens when people quit thinking for themselves!

    I can’t understand WHY this case effects me so…I do not personally know Casey or anyone involved, and yet I pray continually that the truth will come out. Again I think perhaps it’s because this case involves so many issues. I do care about a little girl who lost her life…I actually care about TWO little girls who lost their lives…one lost her life in a pool, either by accident or intentionally and went on to be with the Lord; another little girl lost her life slowly…each time her father came into her room to do unspeakable things to her. This little girl learned to cover it up…to smile, to act like nothing was wrong. She craved love and no one gave it to her in the way she needed it. That in my eyes is as tragic as the loss of Caylee. I am passionate about this!!! I’ve lived it, so I know so I don’t want any haters telling me I don’t know what I am talking about. I KNOW the damage done when you start to open up and you tell someone you trust and they don’t believe you…in fact they BLAME you. I believe Casey was abused, extremely abused…I believe she told her mom and she said what Casey said she said. Casey exhibits so many symptoms of abuse. So yes, I care about Caylee and she is gone WAY too soon, but I also care about Casey who was stripped of her life at a young age and has had to suffer for it. Those of you who have not experienced this will not understand…be glad. So haters…you act all holy if you want about “justice for Caylee”, but really all you want is someone to point your hate and anger at. If you wanted justice for Caylee, you would want to dig deep into the case and find out what really happened. You would most definately QUIT watching Nancy Grace and JVM! Caylee loved her mom…and Casey loved her little girl…you can tell!! Not ONE person testified differently…they said she was a great mom, they had an amazing relationship. But go ahead haters, keep listening to the BS that you are fed nightly…ignore the testimony, ignore the fact that George has had ALL kinds of issues in his past and can’t even keep his “thing” in his pants while he’s supposed to be searching for his granddaughter. He’s not searching because he knows shes dead! Keep believing that a loving young mother used chloroform to knock out her kid, duct taped her mouth shut, put her in trash bags and threw her away. And keep hating…cuz that would make Caylee proud and that’s such a great way to honor her. (sarcasm)

    Sorry…I got carried away, but it’s something I feel very passionate about. If we don’t start believing victims of sexual abuse they WON”T come forward and none of our kids will be safe!

    Ok…climbing down from my soap box now.

    Casey…hang in there! The truth will come out.

    • Marion Rosiello says:

      Jill, I could have written your post myself….I feel the same as you do. I too am passionate about “truth” and how untruths affect people’s lives. I am passionate too about this case because I had a situation in my own family where a beloved family member was unjustly accused of something and NO ONE would listen to BOTH SIDES of the issue, from both parties, but me. I keep telling people, and my family, that you cannot base an opinion on false premises…..and THAT is what most people do. They believe what they want to believe….what is convenient to believe, and won’t devote the time and energy it takes to seek out the truth. It is a sad commentary on Americans to see how biased they are….I don’t know how we ever actually get a jury that is not that way and doesn’t think that way. Everyone I know who does this are usually just going by their knee-jerk reactions…and believe THAT is the TRUTH. This whole case has become, and always was. a family “soap opera”…..could you imagine this storyline being on General Hospital? I can. This is probalby why the case took on so much attention with the public…..they KNOW families like this. Thank God the jury on this case saw through the nonsense presented to them in court. Some of them have stated that they hated finding her “not guilty” because they continue to believe she was “guilty of something”…..the prosecution just didn’t prove WHAT.

      The conflict Casey must be going through is palpable. I too understand the “love/hate relationship” as it is something that I can relate to. This girl was and still is trying to protect her father…..and states in deposition she can’t figure out why she can’t hate her father. Very sad.

    • Great post, Jill. I feel the same. I really trust: our Lord will take care of whole mess, one day. For now the best thing we can do: is to pray, and hope , and wait. …this day will come…
      I’ll be happy if some haters will be able to find and read your post, then stop and think. we’re all need it: to stop and think in ours crazy & busy lives, just sometimes.
      Thank you, SJ and everybody!

    • SJ,

      I so agree with you in your statement and believe that you’re doing a really awesome job in TRUTH, LOVE and Seeking the Justice that is obvious. Not just for Caylee/Casey~~but for EVERY single young person who has ever been through or suffered so much.

      Especially as Americans we look to our Justice System to stand for real justice, truth and equality according to the Law and Constitution for EVERY ONE fairly. To hold everyone who is to be considered “a professional” to the OATH of their office~to the highest of standards for the people, by the people for ALL EQUALLY w/o discrimination or bias. It is our moral duty.

      ONE DAY WE ALL STAND in ACCOUNT for what we did or didn’t do when expected to keep in line with the values that we hold near and dear to our hearts. We are all apart of the human race to make our lifes count here as faithful stewards of everything good and just. to create in us all a right spirit.

      Good night to all and May mercy and grace touch each of us. We never know when challenges can touch our own lives. To treat others the way we would hope to be treated. <3

  17. Hi Jill! Great post.

    I’ve also seen an increase in readers posting here, saying they were “sure” Casey was guilty – until they took it upon themselves to dig deeper and check out the facts for themselves. It’s those posts (and many others) that make all the hard work that goes into this site worthwhile. It’s also exactly why I launched this website in the first place… that being to enlighten people to the truth — or at least to try and enlighten those that *want* to know the truth – which is still (even now) a very small percentage.

    It’s just way easier (as you rightly said) for the masses (Haters) to take NG and her cronies words as gospel… yeah right… so if NG said it then it must be true. Those NG fans obviously never read my post from way back regarding the real NG (see link below for anyone that missed it).

    And yes, way too many people STILL “get off” by pretending to be “Caylee Warriors” and hating on her mom. It’s sad… worst than sick & twisted in fact… but you know my feelings on the haters anyways from my earlier post this week. We don’t hate-back in return though, because that would take us down to their very low level… but rather we take pity on them instead, for all the reasons I mentioned.

    As the saying goes — “When the student is ready, the master will appear.”

    In the meantime, we plough on with our mission AS ALWAYS.
    Thanks for your post and your kind comments. SJ

    The Real Nancy Grace (reposted):

    • Marion Rosiello says:

      I just read your repost of your post The Real Nancy Grace. I knew all those things about her but never really heard what happend in the Melinda Duckett case when the family sued Nancy Grace show and Nancy of course? I think it got dropped but never heard the details. Do you know?

      The woman is a witch! but look at all her followers….. they are just as bad as she is….. STUPID as the day is long!

  18. H. Conkle says:

    I noticed a nugget in Dr. Danziger’s depo. Check out page 82 where he talks to Casey about her check fraud case. She tells him “I’m on probation for that which will run out, and then she said at some point, January 23rd or 24th [2011], it will be time served will probation.” In other words, with all three prosecutors sitting there, the doctor recounts her telling him she was serving probation while in jail. Of course after the verdict at the probation hearing before Judge Perry, Burdick and George both denied ever knowing about it (and Ashton was “retired’ and not at the hearing). Well, here’s the truth they are lying. Of course only Casey lies. When they do it, it’s something else.

    • Yeah…when they lie, it’s not lying…they “misspoke”…just like Yuri on the stand…yeah…right!!

      Good point H. Conkle, very good point!

  19. Marilyn C. says:

    I am just so HAPPY to see so many ex haters FINALLY see the TRUTH & come here!! I am amazed at how many people daily have found our site… sorry… SJ’s & Casey Supporter Site!! I was happy when I felt like I was alone in my beliefs (which was Casey being not guilty since day one) with nobody to talk to. SJ works so hard to provide this site for ALL of Us who BELIEVE!! I LUV every day seeing the numbers grow here!! As usual GREAT JOB SJ, especially here lately keeping up with everything thats being thrown out here!!

    • Just to be clear where I stand: I was never a “Casey hater.” I always suspected she acted the way she did (lying, frozen affect etc.) due to her dysfunctional upbringing. It all made sense to me because I was saturated with HLN news and Nancy Grace and tons of other resources out there. The first hint I got was when the verdict came back after I had really prayed it would be a just one. I never hated Casey however. I think it was God who showed me that He knows truth. We may not see it. Or it may look like something else but in the end He is in control and has dibs on all truth. And to be honest I still have some questions. But overall I have come to the conclusion that George is very involved. And to be honest with you I also think Cindy knew for years he was abusing Casey on some level. I really do. Also Richard Grund, Jesse’s father had a vision where he saw Casey laying in the back yard. It’s in the tapes where he was interviewed. Richard said he knew then that is where Casey died. He didn’t know how. Just that he saw it. He also said he saw the back of a large man taking her away and he had no idea if that was an angel or a man. (probably an angel as I don’t think George is that big). I mean you can take what you want from experiences like these. I’m just saying little snippets and hints here and there have moved me from where I stood on this whole thing. And I think it’s God talking. Whoever said 2 little girls lost their lives is so right! I pray for mercy. I pray George will actually come forward at some point and confess.

      • Kelly…I thought Richard thought Casey was guilty. That’s what it seemed like to me when I saw him on TV interviews. He did say Casey was fun to have around…and I even think he thought that she was abused both sexually and verbally (just what it sounded like to me when he talked). I remember he said something like “when Casey hugged you she would get up under your arm, like she wanted to be protected.” I found that very telling…but yet I still was under the impression that he thought Casey was guilty. Do you know…am I wrong about this? Hope so!!

  20. I re-read the evaluation just to be sure, and I was very suprised that the fact of GA throwing his father through a plate-glass window was never brought up, re. GA anger issues.

  21. Hey Jill. You know to be honest with you I’m not really sure where Richard stands but I don’t think he really knows either. I do know from the interviews with the police he had really bad experiences with George and at one point he thought Casey wanted to use Jesse’s shower to get a hair sample to set Jesse up. But I have also seen where he has compassion on Casey as does Jesse. They are both very aware of the fact Casey was hurt in this family. I personally think Richard is protective over his son because his son got hurt. You know I did find this site through his facebook and am grateful for that. I think in time, God will show Richard just like He has shown many of us. Richard loves and seeks a relationship with God and God honors that. I actually knew of him before all this happened. He’s part of a whole group I regularly follow as I keep my eyes on the middle east and prophecy and some of the demonic in the world. Russ Dizdar, L.A. Marzulli, Doug Hamp and others. I seek truth like crazy. Really grateful when I find it. Often surprises me too. It’s okay to be humbled.

  22. When i watched the verdict live my first thought was wow nancy the Devil grace will probably f***ing quit spreading all the lies she has told about this case on tv WRONG!!! I believe nancy made more money off this case then casey anthony ever will .To say no blood money for Casey is crazy to me people will be secretly buying casey anthonys book in the millions and No i did not get that number wrong once nancy the Devil grace tells her sheep the name of it.

  23. I just finished the second Weitz deposition. I’m so disgusted with Asston and Burdick – they are sarcastic, defensive, and extremely disrespectful to the witness. Just because Weitz had George’s number and recognized that Casey experienced psychological trauma, these clowns thought they had the right to be rude and swear at the man. Good on Weitz for not taking their crap, and good on Baez/Medina for holding them accountable.

    • ITA Kira. If I were Asston or LDB I wouldn’t have wanted that depo to be unsealed because I wouldn’t want to expose my horribly unprofessional, childish behavior to tho world! Did you know Asston wrote about LDB dressing up like Casey in the blue hoodie shirt and white sunglasses when they were driving to court one day. I guess they thought it was all fun and games. So glad Jose put them in their place. BTW I did not buy or read Asston’s book. Would not waste my time or money!

      • YES! When I read about Linda dressing like Casey, I was horrified. What a classless woman, making a mockery of a situation where someone was on trial for her life.

        Asston apparently blasts the jury pretty harshly in his work of fiction. He’s such a petty jerk.

      • Jill, where did you read about LDB dressing like Casey?

        • I read an article that said it was in his book. I’ll try to find a link.

          • LDB dressing like Casey is mentioned in Jeff Ashton’s book on page 228. Not only did LDB buy the identical shirt Casey was wearing when she was arrested and handcuffed, but LDB bought same sunglasses Casey wore.

  24. This is from a review of Asston’s book:

    “There are parts that are funny.. like when Linda Drane Burdick dressed up in a “Casey Anthony” costume (blue hoodie with the number 82 from Target & white sunglasses) as a joke for the ride to jury selection..”

    • Both Ashton and LDB are very unprofessional, and the sad thing is the people of Florida will probablly vote for Aston to be SA.

  25. Some above mentioned GA being brought up on fed charges. Could a citizen start a petition asking that he be investigated based on the psych reports and Casey? ( A thought – maybe not that smart – but a thought)

  26. I use the TSI a lot with my patients. I think it was interesting that Dr. Weitz actually interpreted the Trauma Symptom Inventory incorrectly. The TR scale does not stand for “trauma”. The TR scale actually measures “tension reduction (TR) behaviors” (i.e. harmful behaviors that people use to reduce tension such as using drugs, cutting oneself, etc). So when he concludes that a low TR score means Casey has no history of trauma, he is actually drawing an inaccurate conclusion. He made a similar error with the DSB scale, which he said stood for “dysphoria” (which means depression). The DSB scale actually stands for dysfunctional sexual behaviors, which have nothing to do w/ dysphoria.

  27. What Casey Anthony’s psychiatry records tell us — Did Casey really kill Caylee?

    Read more:

  28. Wow! So many great, and caring, posts. Do y’all remember when Casey is casually chatting with law enforcement and they handcuff her. If that was me, I’d be really upset. But she just kept on talking with them as if totally not upset. Turns out she’s had plenty of practice. I’m sure there are many good people in Florida, but the State has really gotten a black eye with this travesty. Remember the little girl, Hailey,from Florida, that NG followed for at least a year after her disappearance.? Her whole family down to the second and third generations were strung out drug abusers. No attempt by Fla. to even keep the kids in school. As for Ashton, if this is what they have to be District Attor., hang your head in shame, Florida.. One theory I have heard about the “grieving grandpa” is he feared Caylee was his child and planned to kill her so that would never come to light. Interesting how even her little bones were burned. (Sorry, tragic, not interesting, is better choice of words)

  29. Yes Vickie… Caylee was cremated against HER MOTHER’S wishes. Makes you scratch your head in wonder, doesn’t it. And that didn’t raise red flags to the investigators? I believe George thought he was caylee’s father too…so if she did drown, there is your motive for cover-up. Because sexyally abused people often feel deep, deep shame that could explain why Casey at first tried to protect her abusers. That is not far-fetched at all. If she was 18 and Geo raped her, she could be manipulated to believe it was HER fault. To those who say she would not have said all those nice words to Geo while she was in jail, I am here to tell you that you know nothing about the manipulation and tactics of a molester.

  30. I was really pleased to hear that Casey might be staying with the church that Steve Camp pastors. He seems like a great guy with a great history as a believer and I just bet you if this is true then Casey is probably in very good hands and has help with at least baby steps toward some healing in her life. This whole thing is just so crazy! I mean WOW! To have things appear one way and REALLY appear that way with the way the media slanted it all along only to be completely different. I mean for her to even go to the store must be this huge undertaking and risk. I thought I had heard there was a paternity test but was that ever really shown anywhere where it said it wiped him clean as the father? Because I just keep thinking he is Caylee’s father and George could not have the risk of that ever being found out and maybe he was threatened by that or maybe things were so tense and Casey threatened him and he got scared and killed Caylee. I mean who knows? I just hope the truth eventually comes to light so she can gain some favor in the public eye so she can live her life.

  31. Yes, there are some of us who think GA is still in the running as little Caylee’s biodad. Supposed to be difficult to get any DNA from bones except Mitochondrial (MtDNA) which is mother’s. So where to go? Try paternity test requested by Jesse Grund. Surprise! Policy to get rid of after 90 days. All soft tissue is gone. Someone saw to that. Grund test took longer time than usual to be reported. Techs could see (if GA was biodad) that little Caylee was result of close relative cohabitation? Statements made that Lee and GA are not the father. But Lee is not father because of DNA testing. Nothing is ever shown from lab tests that GA is not the father. As far as that goes, I don’t believe Lee is the father, but how could he be proven not to be anymore than GA since soft tissue not available? Thanks, Jill and Kelly for all your insight and caring that justice “roll down like a mighty river.” A little addition” At the trial when Govt. lab witness Heather S. took stand. Ashton barely let her get a word in re: DNA.

  32. I personally don’t think these depositions should have ever been released. I find it interesting that the media selected only the ones they wanted to. They never brought up how George had anger issues in the past … I’m getting really sick of people saying Casey wasn’t abused. How do they know? They didn’t live in the Anthony home. As per usual the media makes George Anthony out to an angel. My favorite is when Nancy Disgrace and all those other talking heads on HLN say ” He was a former cop” Give me a break I forgot just cause your in Law enforcement apparently means you can’t commit a crime…GIVE ME A BREAK!! This all makes sense as how Casey behaved. There def had to be abuse going on in that home. I wish the best for Casey in life. Just look at the pictures she was nothing but a loving mother to Caylee. The media has no right to report where she is living. Let her live her life in peace! I will say one thing Judge Perry was right about the media. They turned it into a circus and soap opera.

  33. Wow you guys analyze this pretty good! Now after hearing what Casey told Piers Morgan it is clear to understand why she regrets her behavior when she watched videos of herself with law enforcement and the lies she said to them. In the beginning her not knowing the whereabouts and well being of Caylee believing she was ok and alive was the biggest lie at the cost to protect her father. A monster who has betrayed her, her entire life. Of course she was acting normal for those 31 days because she really hoped Caylee was alive. Any mother who went through what Casey did would be in denial. I’ve been reading these reports and trying to let it sink in is making me nauseous at the thought of an imperfect justice alright, but against Casey. Even though the media is a huge influence there came a time that I thought she could do such a thing just because you hear BS of mothers killing their kids and recent horror stories going on these days. The media is dispicable in many ways. Deep down inside I wanted to come to the truth and like many of you I was obsessed to the point I’d get into arguments with my fiance. I am so glad I came across this site because I truly feel that coming here has answered a lot of uncertainties. None of us really know exactly the whole truth, but the little we do know is that Casey is innocent and I know GA will come forward and confess the truth. How much longer can this go on?

  34. Steve Miller says:

    Casey was there and she saw Caylee’s dead, soaking wet body in George’s arms. That is the truth. What makes that claim by Casey to the shrinks the absolute, undeniable truth is that Caylee had been changed from her pajamas into clothes she had outgrown. Casey could never dream up that observation about the clothing change. The fact that George murdered Caylee and changed her clothes is the action of a nervous perpetrator. It is similar to George’s decision to call police 8 days after he murdered Caylee to report 2 missing gas cans from his shed. To not recognize that bizarre behavior (that is not in dispute) is ignorant. To not recognize that nobody would ever take uneaten scraps and put them in the trunk of their daughter’s car is ignorant. This coincides with the wreaking odor of Caylee’s dead body that George planted in Casey’s trunk to frame her for his murder.

    If a normal person sat in jail for 3 years on a false charge and knew for a fact they had been framed by their father, they would make that clear to their lawyer. The fact that Baez and Mason were at the deposition when the shrinks testified to the fact that George murdered Caylee but have all decided to bury that indicates a serious mental problem exists for Casey, Baez, Mason, Dr. Weitz, and Dr. Danziger.

    This is where we’re at this moment in time. The remedy is to force the FBI to investigate each aforementioned person involved including Ashton and Burdick. The only way to solve this case is by prosecuting George Anthony for the murder and molesting of Caylee, and the molesting of Casey. Casey would be forced to testify and we will resolve the entire fiasco.

  35. Steve Miller says:

    I spent 9 years in prison. I have met a huge number of criminals including child molesters. Prisoners are paranoid. Because I never ratted on anybody many prisoners trusted me and spoke to me. This is why I have an ability to recognize certain traits of criminals. George Anthony fits the pattern. If George Anthony had nothing to do with the murder of Caylee he would be able to testify clearly on the witness stand. He wouldn’t be quibbling about duct tape, where and how he buried his pets, things that don’t implicate him in the murder.

    That is completely separate from his hiding his sex fling with the lady who gave him money.

    Since duct tape became a huge part of the evidence in this case his testimony about duct tape does matter. Dr. Spitz testified that when he examined pictures that the duct tape was in different locations. That had to be due to the cops taking the pictures. Duct tape doesn’t move by itself. When Spitz testified about the movement of the duct tape, Jeff Ashton shut up and sat down. Baez should have pursued that on redirect with Dr. Spitz. Baez is too good a lawyer to have failed to pursue the re-locations of the duct tape with Dr. Spitz.

    It is hard to accuse Baez of any impropriety because he got an acquittal. However, defense lawyers live with prosecutors and judges. Their clients come and go (to jail usually). My purpose is to be as accurate as I can and let the chips fall where they fall.

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