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Presumed Guilty

Jose Baez - Presumed Guilty - Casey Anthony - The Inside Story

If you’ve already read the book — “Presumed Guilty – Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” (by Jose Baez) — here’s where you can leave your comments, reviews and observations.

Also be sure to leave your reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble too.

If you haven’t already bought it, click the book cover on the left or click here to buy it from Amazon, or go get it from your local bookstore.

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  1. Can’t wait to get my copy delivered to my Kindle!

    Remember, if you read the book and truly think it was eye-opening and you want to leave a good reveiw, go to Amazon too and leave one. I’m sure all the knuckle-dragging idiots will leave bad reviews even though they say they won’t read the book…so flood Amazon with good reviews for the book!!

    • Hi Jill. Good point. Yes, it’d be great to also post positive reviews on Amazon (and Barnes & Noble) too of course. There are already a bunch of Hater reviews posted, which is surprising as I wasn’t aware they could actually read – but anyway. Let’s press on regardless.
      Thanks for posting!

      • Steve Miller says:

        Baez claimed it was an accident. Millions of kids drown in pools by accident but none of them have ever been ditched in the woods. Is Baez stupid? Definitely not. Baez fooled everybody. To know anything about this case, read the depositions by Dr. Weitz and Dr. Danziger. Baez refuses to answer Greta’s question, “How did Caylee get from the pool to the woods?”

        This is the way my Amazon review begins.

    • Great read!
      Eye opener to just how the prosecution works…(in most cases) for the ones who don’t know.
      I followed the complete trial….and I was amazed at how cose I came to thinking like Jose Baez….
      I was sick of George Anthony from the first minute I heard he was ex-cop….I felt like all the time he was keeping himself out of serving time for not watching Caylee..
      When he didn’t tell Cindy where Casey’s car was, meant he was guilty of something to me!
      He needs to have his ass under the prison for what he has done!

      Anyone needs to get this book and read it! Hats off to Jose Baez!

  2. nancywranovsky says:

    i cannot wait to read Mr Jose’s book. i believe both Casey and Jose have shown GREAT courage, dignity, {which had to of been very difficult at times} and grace. I think of Casey often and i pray for her to have peace and a good life. i wish for her to have a family one day that will love her as her parents should of. Family she can really count on, believe in and depend on.A family of her own. When i think about george and cindy i just cannot imagine parents that would throw theirown daughter under the bus. Who, as parents would not fall on the sword for their own child no matter what.ESPECIALLY when he sword is HIS to own. Her parent’s behavior is at best disgusting. and most certainly to me evidence of some of the shaddiest, sickiest, criminal shit, ever. The Lord seys “Vengence is MINE” but i pray justice will be here on earth for Casey and her beloved daughter. What i believe is sooo disgusting is the memorial that george and cindy had for Caylee. In the end they still couldn’t respect their own child’s wishes for her own child to be put to rest privately and respectfully. WHO DOES THAT?

    • Steve Miller says:

      Maybe you nice folks can grasp this. Take a look.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Ask me! I believe: WHO DOES THAT?

      …is someone who assumed great authority (in early-to-mid June), over the story that would undoubtedly come to light regarding the disappearance (and death) of the little girl.
      That, by creating a mystery with no truth *but plenty of reasonably-believable mis-information and evidence, was deliberate to replace Casey’s account (that would expose who really knew Caylee’s whereabouts and condition on June 15th: 24 hours after she began to decompose)
      IMO On Father’s Day, (mid-June); the only way to prevent an immediate family member from being held responsible was to deliberately deceive, (and conceal even the date it occurred) by creating a false ‘witness to her whereabouts’ (the Father’s Day video) and such confusion and chaos as to HIDE the truth from ever being exposed…IMO they are ‘really close’ to achieving their goal…of making Caylee’s accidental death appear TO HAVE BEEN ACCIDENTAL., after ALL has been SAID AND DONE.

  3. nancywranovsky says:

    i cannot believe i am going to admitt this but i read ashton’s book. a year ago. Hey it was the first book i could get my hands on. Listen, that book was a total waste of 20 dollars. there was not one thing in that book i didn’t already know. i paid that ass ashton, what he thought was to be his trial, turned out to be HER {casey’s} trial. Exactly what we all watched in June of 2011 on cable.was his book. he wrote that shit before the trial ever even started.EXcept for the LAST CHAPTER OF COURSE. Ashton had to rewrite that. I really believed that ashton would be fair and admit something about george and cindy. admit anything. but he didn’t. i won’t even GIVE that book AWAY. I have ordered Mr Jose’s book and will return my verdict soon.

    • Hi Nancy. Congrats for getting that off your chest at last! I never read The Laughing Guy’s book, nor did anyone ever send me a used copy for me to burn either, lol… but 99% of the reviews said it was BS. I kinda figured it would be.

      It would have been great to have seen The Laughing Guy’s face after Lawson Lamar proudly confirmed what we already knew… that being the fact that even though he thought he was running the show (with all his foot stomping and bellowing), he was only ever Lin Possible’s second fiddle in the trial (i.e. her assistant and food fetcher). I think if she’d been forced to spend another day in his immediate proximity, she would probably have contemplated suicide as a far better alternative.

      I have absolutely no idea why everyone always takes such pleasure in ripping him a new one at every opportunity. Priceless! :mrgreen:


  4. I just read Chapter 13 The Anthony Family Secrets. Casey reveals to us exactly what George did to her. in detail. That Sick POS! It will turn your stomach. The reason she lied about her job is she didn’t want to leave George with Caylee. It’s all so clear now. It is important to read it but be prepared it will make you sick.

    • I have not yet got the book, however I always knew there was something bad wrong in this case. I had listened to Richard Grund’s statements to police and I had figured out that after losing a babysitter she trusted, Casey became her own nanny. That was in April of 2006. She had lost her job at Universal at that time I knew just from her doing that alone she had some major trust issues with someone. As for money, I have a suspicion on that as well. I think that with George having a gambling problem, he would have Casey steal money from her mom and give her a cut to keep his ass out of trouble with Cindy….. of course Casey would get the blame!

    • I’m happy there is a place for book reviews here. Amazon is going crazy with the crazies. They are out in full force and I can’t purchase my copy until next Friday.

    • Steve Miller says:

      Jon, if you’re so sick about Casey being molested by George, you need to be more sick that George murdered Caylee and tried to have Casey executed.

      Jon you need to call the FBI 407-875-9976 and tell them to arrest George. Being sick doesn’t support Casey. Having George prosecuted and having Casey testify about exactly what she knows (including that George is Caylee’s father too) is the only way to support Casey.

      Let’s end all the BS 100%. When you look a Caylee and George side by side their resemblance leaves no doubt which happens to prove that Casey was molested exactly 9 months before Caylee was born. Why test George if George wasn’t banging Casey at that time? If George quit banging Casey when she was 15 George wouldn’t be a suspect at all.

      • Steve Miller,

        Casey said George quit molesting her “for the most part” when she was 15. He didn’t completely quit.

        Caylee looking like George is not evidence that he is Caylee’s father. Grandchildren do resemble their grandparent. My husband is a spitting image of his grandfather who passed on many years before my husband was born, so there is no question about him being the father of my husband.


        • Steve Miller says:

          Caylee isn’t George’s grand child. Caylee is George’s child.

          I’m not trying to pick fights with you people but its hard to ignore your hypocrisy. The American swamp of hypocrisy is bottomless. I hesitate to use the word deep because deep has a bottom.

          the hypocrites in America are in a trance. Of course they deny their trance and they deny all the self destructive events that are destroying the economy and produce the injustice directed by the media propaganda.

          To completely miss the HLN and Orlando Sentinel lies to destroy Casey is exactly the reason I’m trying to reach Casey through this brilliant website created by SJ.

          I’m talking to Casey.

          I’m trying hard not to insult you people but I only hope that Casey will read the points I make so Casey will contact the FBI to wrap this case up with a legitimate conviction for the murder of Casey’s daughter she loved so much. The FBI number is 407-875-9976

          If Baez was worth half a shit he would call the FBI but Baez refused.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Steve, have you ever seen a pic of JP Chatt? He was with Amy when Casey picked her friends up at the airport on July 15th, he went to the mall with Amy after dropping Casey at Tony’s Apartment complex. [detailed by Ricardo Morales on July 16th interview with LE]

        • Hi JAK,

          I have a feeling Caylee wasn’t George’s daughter. I’ve seen a photo of Casey’s cousin Caylee looks a lot like him. That’s my opinion though. 🙂

          • I think Caylee is George’s Daughter. They look so much alike and it would explain everything. What if he is the father or he feared he was. He could have hid the Caylee’s body to cover up the incest. If the Caylee’s body was turned into the police like it should have been the incest would be discovered and George would be exposed for the monster he is. George could not take the chance.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Did you mean that JPChatt is Casey’s cousin, or did we have 2 separate people that Caylee resembles among the ‘players’ in this case. I had never heard there was other Anthony family in Orlando. (besides Lee and George…who I don’t believe sexually assaulted Casey, except in the heinous-murder story.

          • JA – You don’t believe Casey was sexually assaulted by Lee and George? So, She just made it all up.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Jon says:
            November 7, 2012 at 10:43 pm

            JA – You don’t believe Casey was sexually assaulted by Lee and George? So, She just made it all up.

            personally, I think when Casey wrote about abuse, in jail, it was all she could think of to get LE to look into Geo and other women…When Baez said that in opening statements, and it really pizsed Casey off! [I think she was looking to find who was spying from within the jail and supplying mis-information to the media.] If there had been ‘sexual improprieties’, it was Geo and other women.; Casey would have left home in March, when she turned 21.

          • I believe Casey was sexually abused by George. She has all the signs and she told Baez about it. It’s in his book. I think George was either the father of Caylee or he feared he was. When Caylee drowned he hid Caylee’s body to cover up the incest. He couldn’t call 911 and let the police have the body because then he would be caught. In Baez’s book goes into more detail of what George did to her.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Well, I guess that goes to show how wrong I can be…LOL I haven’t read it, so I guess I won’t believe it until I DO (read Baez’ book)… kind of like that Father’s Day video, that convinced even Casey, that Caylee was alive on June 15th…

          • If either George or Lee was the father of Caylee, then poor Caylee would have so many genetic abnormalities and birth defects that and would be both physically obvious and potentially unsurvivable. Two close family members such as father-daughter/ brother-sister leaves no room for genetic variation and trait differentiation. It’s impossible that Caylee’s biological father was any close relative to Casey Anthony.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Here are some of the conclusions reached by this theory.

          Absolutely EVERYONE who saw Caylee in the video, believed they had seen Caylee on Father’s Day…in mid June,

          The video was the first piece of MIS-INFOMATION; it led the MURDER STORY out of the gate…but Caylee was already decomposing by then…(Casey lived with that belief for 31 days) No wonder her behavior was erratic.

          There were periods of time that Casey wasn’t in possession of her phone, some texts that were made from it WERE NOT HERS, and the ping activities, were often bogus…On June 14th, Casey’s ‘whole world’ was in the Pontiac…her purse, phone, their belongings and her daughter; IT was out of her sight while she was at the Fusion Lounge. When she saw the car next, it was EMPTY. And that was the end if the truth as SHE KNEW IT.

          Everything that followed June 14th was according to the heinous-murder story that changed the outcome of the DP murder trial. It alerted the world of the child’s murder, and presented the bogus video that was ‘most believable’.

    • I remember watching the trial when they discussed Casey lying about having a job for two years while she was really out with Caylee every day. I said to myself right away, “She didn’t want to leave Caylee with her father.” The media was too stupid to grasp that concept.

  5. madchatter says:

    Is there any news of Jose having a book signing? I will be in the Orlando area the week of July 16th?

  6. Marilyn A. says:

    If you don’t mind paying ~$10 more than the internet price (includes S&H), you can get your copy of the book today at most local Barnes & Noble stores. Like any purchase, it costs more in the store than on the internet. You need to either call or go in because the website will list it as ‘out of stock’ since it’s not officially released yet. After I called B&N, I picked up my copy yesterday. I paid $26.95 but the extra cost was worth it for me to have it now versus the end of next week from Amazon.

    • Steve Miller says:

      My library ordered my copy for free. I have no money to benefit Baez.

      I understand that Baez is a slick con man who conned you to believe that Caylee’s body being hidden doesn’t evidence murder. That’s ridiculous.

      This is a Baez love fest at Casey’s expense. Until you accept the facts contained in the depositions you will not be supporting Casey. In fact you will be undermining Casey. The only true way to support Casey is to call the FBI to report George for murder 407-875-9976

      • Steve,

        I understand your frustration (as I’m sure we all do), but Baez did what he had to do to get Casey acquitted. Judge Perry would not allow discussion of sexual abuse in the closing arguments. There was no way for Baez to point the finger at George for murder in court. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t believe it privately.

        • Hi, Kira:
          I agree with you. It’s true Jose couldn’t bring in that George murdered Caylee, but he managed to get it across in his cross examinations of George. Did you see the juror interview on Greta? He said most of the jurors believed George murdered Caylee.

          • Let’s give George the same kind of trial they gave Casey. Let’s convict him before the trial.

          • Maybe, George will mess up in some other way. God always finds a way to make things right in the end. God didn’t let Casey get convicted. I am glad she didn’t testify in the trial. They would have broken her and ripped her apart. I didn’t want to see that happen to her.

          • Harry N says:

            Anne, you’re right that Casey would be a damaged witness because of her lies and behavior. Although she had told people about the abuse long before that jailhouse letter, including Jesse Grund a year and a half before Caylee died. She spent two years going to an imaginary job and telling people Caylee was with an imaginary nanny because she did not want to leave Caylee with George. The reality is that this type of familial child abuse is rarely prosecuted because there’s never any “evidence” beyond the word of the alleged victim. It’s always “he said-she said” and the victims are so psychoilogically damaged by the abuse that they always have credibility issues that prosecutors can’t overcome. Casey’s behavior, including the lying, can be explained by long-term sexual abuse. But it would be difficult to prove to a jury. If George Anthony ever goes down, it’ll be because of evidence that is discovered independent of Casey. Don’t think it can’t happen.

  7. I can’t wait to get my book. I had problems ordering it on Amazon, so I ordered it from Barnes & Noble, and received an email it is on it’s way.

    I want to see how right I am about what happened. The jailhouse letters from George and things he said in his jailhouse visits clearly tell us that he had Casey believing Caylee was alive, and he was trying to get her back–which, imo, is a crock of sh*t! He wanted time for the body to decompose because it would show sexual abuse, that is why he didn’t report it to 911! He needed TIME, so he had Casey believing Caylee was alive. He didn’t want Casey to take a plea bargain.

    I believe Casey is totally innocent and had nothing to do with the death of her little girl. Casey adored Caylee, and it shows in all of the photographs of Casey and Caylee….and there is no evidence to show Casey killed Caylee….



  8. I just finished the book. I couldn’t stop reading. it took me about 2 and a half days to read it.

    Baez is the only that cared for Caylee. He wanted justice for both Caylee and Casey. He fought so hard for Casey and everything was against him. He never gave up on Casey.

    Ashton acted liked the case was his and his alone. Baez rips into Ashton calling him a bully, sore loser and a coward. He liked Linda Burdick and thought she was extremely professional .

    Baez and Linda are friends. Baez thought Linda fought well and she thought the same of him. Ashton acted like a jerk and a sore loser. How come Linda isn’t backing Ashton for States Attorney? She is backing Lawson Lemar. I wonder why.

    • Linda Burdick was furious about the way that Asston embarrassed himself and the prosecution team in court. She told him to calm down after “the laughing guy” incident. He told her that she couldn’t keep him from being who he is. She knows that he’s an asshole who blew her case with the jury.

  9. Steve Miller says:

    “There’s no evidence of murder.”

    He’s not stupid. Throwing Caylee in the woods is crystal clear evidence of murder.

    Nobody on earth would take an accidental drowning and make it look like murder.

    Casey knows for a fact that when she looked in the pool Caylee wasn’t in there.

    Did Caylee run and dive into the pool between the time that Casey looked in the pool and the time George came in with Caylee soaking wet? That is ridiculous.

    Baez wants to play us all for fools when we know he sat in that deposition.

    Please post this big so people understand the real deal right now.

    “There’s no evidence of murder.” Is Baez full of shit or is he stupid?

    • nancywranovsky says:

      STEVE, i hear you steve but tell me where is the evidence against george for the MURDER, not hiding the body and i believe with 100% certainty he murdered caylee, i say that with 100% seriousness. i think you make some good points. just for the record i was not saying Baez was spinning tails but what he did for casey was nothing short of a miracle. come on she was facing death. she walked away with her freedom. although a weird kind of freedom. someone on this page said “Im done with this issue” don’t be done. everyone on here has got something to say. i respect that. other peoples opinion’s and therories are important here and everywhere. thats what makes the world spin. shit most people in my life won’t even speak of this case or casey or george or even the state of florida. except for my husband and he has to he’s married to me and has to live with me. i pray we are all here when george anthony is arrested and steve, you will be happy, and so will i. look forward to hearing from you.

  10. Steve Miller says:

    Hiding the body is no evidence of murder? Is Baez a nitwit? Did George need to leave a sign on Caylee that stated “She was murdered by George.”

    Does anybody want to argue that issue? Or are you all going to praise Baez no matter what?

    If you actually support Casey you can’t ignore the simple fact that Caylee was hidden in the woods because she was murdered. If George didn’t murder Casey he would have called 911, like he did for the 2 gas cans. Is this too deep for Baez?

    If you can’t see that Baez is a fraud, you are stupid.

    • Hi, Steve Miller,

      This is my theory:

      TIME was George’s friend-or enemy.

      Caylee drowned or murdered, George feared an autopsy. An autopsy would show Caylee was sexually molested. He needed Caylee’s body to decompose-decompose enough so Caylee’s remains would show no signs of sexual abuse. When Caylee’s body was discovered, it was bones…and didn’t even show the cause of death let alone sexual abuse.


  11. Steve Miller says:

    George didn’t want anybody to know that Caylee died by accident, he wanted everybody to believe it was a murder so Casey would be blamed. George was worried that Cindy would yell at him so he hid the body after George made the trunk stink. If Casey happens to be executed, that’s better than if Cindy yells. Is America beyond stupid?

    Can Baez trick everybody in America, or is Baez a complete moron? Baez doesn’t appear stupid to me.

    Does a criminal defense lawyer understand simple evidence like hiding the body means murder, it can’t mean accident. Is there any American who can’t know for a fact that hiding Caylee was only because Caylee was murdered?

    Are Ashton and Burdick the only people who know that hiding Caylee in the swamp proved beyond question, she was murdered?

    When they deposed Dr. Danziger and Dr. Weitz they all knew for a fact that George murdered Caylee and hid the body.

    Ashton and Burdick know the duct tape was planted because Dr. Spitz caught the duct tape rearranged and Ashton was afraid to press Spitz.

    Was anybody watching this? I was. Or were you all listening to Vinnie Polian explaining it to you?

    • Steve Miller,

      There is an ongoing FBI investigation, according to Wendy Murphy in her book. Ms. Murphy believes Caylee was “pimped.” Photographs of Caylee are sealed.

      Hiding the body in the woods and not reporting Caylee missing for 31 days, does not mean Caylee was murdered! As I stated in a previous post, George needed time for the body to decompose so the remains wouldn’t show Caylee had been sexually molested. The fact that Caylee wasn’t reported missing for 31 days and that the remains were found in the woods, is why the prosecution and Dr. G. believe she was murdered. But it doesn’t make it true! Hiding sexual molestation could also be the reason Caylee wasn’t reported missing by George.

      For the sake of argument, if Casey had murdered Caylee, all Casey would need to do is hold Caylee under water, call 911 and reported her dead.

      George had Casey believing Caylee was alive, judging from the jailhouse letters, jailhouse visits from George. She was afraid to talk because she feared Caylee would be killed by the abductor..

      He must have given Casey some story about Caylee being revived, and that she had been abducted.
      Something like that had to have happened for Casey to believe she was alive.

      • Julie R. says:


      • JA Kalskett says:

        July 1, 2012 at 6:41 am
        lily says:
        1.) “Hiding the body in the woods and not reporting Caylee missing for 31 days, does not mean Caylee was murdered!

        …..*I agree…it only proved she was dead, as forensic science claimed “she began to decompose ‘early-to-mid June’.

        2.) George needed time for the body to decompose so the remains wouldn’t show Caylee had been sexually molested.

        …..*I say: Her body had to decompose *full 180 days” to conceal the fact there WAS NO WATER IN HER LUNGS.

        3.) The fact that Caylee wasn’t reported missing for 31 days and that the remains were found in the woods, is why the prosecution and Dr. G. believe she was murdered. But it doesn’t make it true!

        …..*I agree; to a degree…the fact her body was recovered from the woods, proves the INVOLVEMENT of someone ELSE; someone who knew that by producing the illusion that Caylee was alive on Father’s Day[mid-June]; and providing chloroform, mis-information, duct tape and the illusion murder occured AFTER Father’s Day, provided ample support a heinous-murder story, would protect the whole A-Familyl from being responsible for their involvement in the child’s death event.

        4.) lFor the sake of argument, if Casey had murdered Caylee, all Casey would need to do is hold Caylee under water, call 911 and reported her dead.

        …..That is true, but since Casey had no knowledge of Caylee’s whereabouts on June 14th for several hours, and never saw her face to face again, Caylee’s death occurred while out of Casey’s sight; there would have NOT been water in her lungs….

        OR….if she had died prior to the June 15th video, (even though drowning is the most likely scenario) THAT one FACT would make her disappearance ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to prevent one of the A-Family from being held responsible for the child’s whereabouts when she died.

        5.) George had Casey believing Caylee was alive, judging from the jailhouse letters, jailhouse visits from George. She was afraid to talk because she feared Caylee would be killed by the abductor..He must have given Casey some story.

        ….YES, I agree; and we all followed it….it was the heinous-murder story that began June 15th with the “indisputable false witness; A Father’ Day video…”

    • Asston and Burdick were going after CASEY for the murder. Surely you didn’t want that verdict?

      • nancywranovsky says:

        kira i just love that- ASSTON, thats great, with your permission id love to use that in the future. you could copyright it, even brand it. just saying

  12. Imo if Baez would have accused GA of murder opposed to covering up an accident, Casey would have been convicted on some level if not the main charge. He’d be giving credence to the governments charges of murder in Caylees death without them having proof and someone would have to pay even if innocent (which i believe Casey is). I understand the frustration though in the case that GA is guilty of killing caylee. He has a defense now IF ever charged with a crime in her death, but i just don’t think that will happen.

    • I agree with you! Baez had ONE job and that was to defend Casey and he did that to the best of his ability. He had only so much to work with at the time. I think if he could have had George arrested he would have done so. Things that sound easy often aren’t.

      It was law enforcement who rushed to judgement and I put the blame for the failure of George Anthony to be arrested squarely on their shoulders. It was their job and they failed – miserably.

      • nancywranovsky says:

        i agree with you sonja, if Jose had to spin a spiders web of fairies, he had to do what he had to do. the state of florida wanted to kill his client. i believe that what was stated in the opening was as close to the truth as he could get. for the love of GOD Jose had to deal with the craziness that is george and cindy. im telling you the behavior of casey’s parent’s made no sense and that is why and how anyone with any commonsense at all knows that CASEY DID NOT KILL CAYLEE> not for one moment did i ever believe that she did. i can’t think of a case, and i watch A LOT of cases, that a defendant’s own parent’s drives the bus that run’s you over. UNFORGIVEABLE!!! DISGUSTING!!! who stands by their nasty pig husband over their own child and granddaughter? NEVER in this lifetime. Something IS VERY WRONG HERE i smell a rat! a dirty disgusting rat. and it kind a smells at the states attorney’s office too.

        • I agree with you on every point. The family drove my crazy and I was watching it from afar!

        • Sonja and Nancy………are accusing baez of is misconduct and perjury? ‘close to the truth’ and lying are the same thing.

          American Bar Association Model Rules of professional conduct – 4.1 and 8.4c

          he could disciplined and/ or disbarred for statements like that.

          I agree with Mr. Miller that someone, if not Casey herself, should call the FBI to investigate GA and Lee. Someone made a comment about Casey being questioned like never before…so what! Doesnt she want justice for her little girl. We all have to do hard stuff…..a lot of us have been molested, lived through hell, but we have to think ahead to the good and safety of others.

          More children live in that neighborhood…Lee and Mallory will more than likely have children….what about their safety?….protecting a neice or nephew from GA and Lee? Lee will only finish what he start with Casey.

          • Well agree with him then. I have a different opinion than you and I’m done with this issue. I want to talk to supportive people:) Have a nice day!

  13. why didnt Casey just get a real job and take the kid to a real babysitter? I dont see how lying about a job helped protect anyone other than Casey so she didn’t have to really work

    • Hi, Carlee:

      Casey lied about having a job because she wanted to keep Caylee with her 24/7 so George couldn’t get to the little girl. I don’t think she could trust Caylee would be safe with a babysitter as George was following Casey, and, I believe, to find out who the baby sitter was. The babysitter might have trusted George and let him have Caylee. George could have taken Caylee under the guise of a family emergency–or whatever.

      IMO, George is dangerous. I hope Casey stays away from Cindy and George and Cindy.

      • why oh why? then did casey not get up that fateful morning? why did she allow casey to wander through the house with george?

        im assuming that baez is instigating an FBI investigation against george on casey and caylee’s behalf…that would just be the right thing to do.

        how could an investigation get started…what does it take? and then lets include the guy who slept with casey…and caylee in the middle.

        • Hi Maime,
          If the guy you are referring to sleeping with Casey is Ricardo Morales, the statement was that Ricardo slept on one side of the bed with Caylee on the other and Casey in the middle.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            I agree with Debbie’s statement..

            ….If the guy you are referring to sleeping with Casey is Ricardo Morales, the statement was that Ricardo slept on one side of the bed with Caylee on the other and Casey in the middle.

            From my POV, I believe MANY loving mothers do this same thing…all 6 of my kids were frequent ‘guests’ in our bed…sometimes alone, and sometimes altogether…it is a naturally HUMAN thing. [besides, Ricardo NEVER SAID they (he and Casey) were having sex when Caylee was in bed with them…

  14. nancywranovsky says:

    these are the times you wish shit fall from the sky! i can’t wait to read this book! i want to say i think nancy grace is a typical, government, white christian, slave. She has no mind of her own. her opinion is shit. back in the day, my little boy said to me “stop yelling you sound just like “nancy grace” she’s always yelling at people”. i know it’s sad he even knows her name. just imagine, right, if nancy grace would of gave casey a chance. i remember when she broke the news, the story wide open, with the pictures of the car in the police garage and then the 911 call of cindy’s. i knew something was really messed up with this story. what i am wondering is this> why isn’t anyone going after george. ive been thinking maybe it should be the prosecutors who persecuted casey? i love this site. i do love casey for being a bad ass and sticking it out in jail and delivering up A BIG FAT ASS BUFFET OF CROW. I will never forget the moment when all 3 came back NOT GUILTY. I was so f’ed up watching ashton’s dumb ass face. he wasn’t laughing no more.

  15. nancywranovsky says:

    i know i write too much here but i can’t stop myself. people are asking why Casey didn’t leave, why casey didn’t do this or didn’t do that. i do believe that casey was abused by her entire family. i believe Jose when he stated george’ s a monster. When you live in that kind of toxic MENTAL craziness you ain’t living you ain’t thriving you are merely surviving. you wonder to yourself what is real. cuz you told your mom your dad was F@#$ing you and your mom said “NO he is not YOU’RE LYING” and soon you can’t figure out what is real and what isn’t. and after all that it doesn’t even matter much anyways. I believe Casey was trying to get a plan together to leave. read her jail notes. casey was so young and when you are being abused you really don’t grow emotionally it’s like drug addiction in that it stunts you. george and cindy SUCKED the life out of casey literally and then extinguished the life of caylee. you can’t dance with the devil and wake up with jesus. i also believe that casey took the wrap for alot of stolen money and cards that george was responsible for if anything george was the thief in this family and george is the one with all the funky addictions to gambling and such. casey loved her daughter that is UNDISPUTED> CASEY AND CAYLEE NEVER HAD A CHANCE ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD DID CAYLEE MAKE TO 33 months.

    • Agree with you 100% Nancy…100%. How can anyone look at this case and not see that Casey was abused? The hate spewed at her makes me sick. George is a creep and needs to be prosecuted!

    • Wow Nancy. I think you are so right on. I work with many young mentally ill moms who have PTSD and tons of childhood trauma and it’s a BIG DEAL for them to hold jobs and parent especially since many are single parents with little family support. For some of us it’s not a big deal to hold down jobs and come home and make dinner and pay bills etc. For some of us it’s not that big of a deal to have stable lives. But for people who have spent years just trying to survive abuse and make sense of it at the hands of the one or two people in the world meant to keep them safe…well living a “regular” life is a huge challenge. It’s like Caylee never had a chance and even if/when George finally blows (this is my fantasy/hope) and it all comes out, Casey still has to live this life trying to integrate abuse and trauma and tragedy and loss while trying to moving forward. I work with so many people who never recover from trauma enough to hold down jobs. Many apply for SSI and SSDI. This is all so very sad. Wiping me out today.

      • nancywranovsky says:

        Dear Kelly, thank you for helping woman survivors. it is people like you that make a world of difference in this world today. believe this to be true. no matter what your story YOU SURVIVED. KEEP IT MOVING SISTER YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! believe in yourself. you can come back fromthe dead. and feel and live and love and laugh and celebrate the very being that is you. it is not a death sentence sadly sometimes it is but if your here you survived and that is the most powerful1 the human spirit that is what need to be nourished here. everywhere peace and love to you all. PS. dear JESUS the post man delivered MY BOOK- THE BOOK -MR JOSE’S BOOK-today july 3rd. Jose is so classy and graceful i read the acknowledgements. what a guy.

        • Marilyn C. says:

          Congrats Nancy….get your tissue out.I know you will enjoy the book!!

          • nancywranovsky says:

            dear marylin c, you weren’t kidding, i bawled like a baby. i cant even comprehend this story. george and cindy, the state of florida, law enforcement, the whole dam bunch. this is the story thats hard for some to believe. now imagine how casey must of felt EVERY SINGLE DAY since childhood to have survived, got that far and still alive, almost getting out and BAM F’en george standing there with her baby, the only thing in her world that ever had any meaning. GONE. i want to know who comforts CASEY? not even her own dam mother. i can’t stand it. i know God holds casey’s hand, walks with her everyday but how awful this story is. and how awful that her own mother did not protect casey. you know casey wrote in her letters to an imate about dreams of getting outof there, the house of hopelessness. breaks my heart. i don’t want to say poor casey cuz i wouldn’t want anyones pity.but it’s just pitiful. you know casey prayed for help to come, someday, somehow, someone, from somewhere. all of us do. and it came alright, in the form of a lawyer named Jose but just a little to late.i pray for all the ones out there who live in this horrific darkness. i pray that george anthony gets what he deserves. he is a rotten piece of shit and i hope they put cindy in the very same cell. now thats justice. peace to you all let your love light shine

        • Thank you for your kind words Nancy! I love my job despite the grief and sadness in it at times. My faith fuels me I guess. He makes beautiful things. That’s a song. 🙂 Not only that I believe God is the great recylcer and can turn the darkest most evil circumstances into something good for Him because in the end, love will always win. God knows. He sees. He’s got Caylee up there and He’s got Casey down here and is watching out for her. I’m so jealous you already got your book! Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day sister! Happy Fourth!

  16. Steve Miller says:

    Casey, your decisions have been really dumb and self destructive. You can sit in your room forever or you can report George for murdering Caylee. You must be a simpleton to not understand that the only way for you to get on your feat is to report and convict George for murdering Caylee.

    Not reporting George has been dumb from when you were 8, but now with the testimony of Weitz and Danziger who know your story is true should have been truthful. They either believe you or they don’t. For both of them to be silent when they know that George is guilty is obstructing justice.

    You need to listen to me right now. Every additional day you wait and delay, that is another wasted day in your life. Charles Greene is a real idiot. You need to hire a lawyer who knows his shit.

    The lawyer you need to call is the president of the American Board of Trial Advocates.
    203-583-8634 Mike Koskoff. Ask Mike to represent you. You can see the huge cases Mike won.

    You need to blame yourself for making bad decisions. You need to call the FBI to report George. After you looked in the pool and Caylee wasn’t in there she didn’t run into the pool to drown herself. George smothered her in his room and then dunked her into the pool and got his sleeves wet.

    You don’t understand the evidence or you would have told Baez that claiming it was an accident is ridiculous and definitely not true. Baez has you under his spell with 20,000,000+ people. That’s how dumb all Americans are. They made a God out of Joe Paterno when he kept silent about Sandusky. That’s stupid. Can you understand how stupid Paterno was to protect Sandusky?

    You need to call me right now and we can get the show on the road.

    • yes casey…do it, do it right now!!!!! it is imperative that you take control of your life, stand up and let the investigation begin…..start with polygraphs on george and lee and your mother…..let them polygraph you to get the truth out and throw your family under the bus…call the psychiatrist, who know you are telling the truth, to the stand….pronounce to the world that you are not a mental case.

      i dont understand why baez would not call these esteemed physicians to the court and clear your name and reputation… now it is up to you….stand up and be a woman

      you state the abuse stopped at age 15…..its been 10 years that you held your silence, the whole world knows now since the trial and baezs book. there is no longer a reason to hide from it…its all been exposed, you have nothing to be ashamed of and it would give all those ‘anti casey’ a chance to hear it from you….it will help them understand.


    • How can you call an 8 year old child “dumb” for not reporting abuse? She was a child!!!!!

      Ease up on Casey. She will proceed when she is ready. She has been through hell.

      • nancywranovsky says:

        thank you kira, couldn’t of said it better. not one of us can pretend to know what it has been to be casey anthony and THIS SHIT IS NOT HER FAULT. all in due time my friend i promise you. can anyone imagine being casey and just wishing you’d of got out sooner, just F’en ugly regret, wondering why why why God? have you EVER had that feeling? there is no time limit on murder.

    • nancywranovsky says:

      DEAR STEVE i just want to ask you does not the state of florida have to go after george? i know casey can file a civil suit which by the way i think she should but how can she file murder charges? you see, i know no one wants to hear this but i think that ship has sailed.the ship im talking about is of course is george being held accountable for caylee’s death. Baez states that there is no proof george did anything to caylee. i think that evidence is gone. i don’t know how you would fight the state of florida but so far what i can see is that the state of florida and the truth are strangers and that they are already full to the brim with crow. what i would love to know is where are the clothes caylee had on that morning before george changed her into the size 24 months shorts. im wondering why he changed her unless there was, obviously, some kind of evidenced on them. im convinced the change of clothes really shows georges guilt of murder.i will tell you this is true, george has himself another victim he can’t help himself. and that is going to be the ship that sinks. and i know that is sad. and then the state of florida can put themselves on trial for murder and sentence themselves to death. thank you steve and peace to you, you seem to have alot of wisdom.

  17. If Casey presses charges against George she will be grilled harder than ever before. It will be worse than the trial. There is no time limit. She will do it when she is strong enough. The most important thing is her mental health. I do not want to see her broken. Yes we want justice for her. But, She has to do what is best for her not us.

    • I agree with you Jon. It has to be in her time and when she is strong enough to take this on. Plus, i bet she can’t get into any of this right now with this dumb lawsuit coming up. Also, it’s her word against his word and if he were on trial, she would be evaluated by shrinks for the defense and who knows what they would come up with. It would turn into a circus again. However, if the FBI could find something out on George…perhaps from his computer, his home, they might be able to find the proof needed to bolster her claims because within the court system, her word is shot to hell right now. She needs help with this and it seems like too much with this lawsuit coming up.

    • Jon, very well said, Casey’s state of mind is more important right now. she deserves to get her life together and be strong and hopefully the comments of people that care will help her. God Bless you Jon, and God Bless you Casey!! Hang in there kiddo!!

  18. Marilyn C. says:

    I have so many things I want to put on here reading the book,but I would fill the web site up! I will start with just an example & you can stop me SJ if I go overboard! Mr.Baez writes “They prosecuted this case by discussing everything but a murder. And this was the end result. If you are outraged by our approach, you really aren’t looking at it from a legal perspective. As I said, whether or not Casey was abused is irrelevant to the question of how Caylee died, but so is her behavior during the thirty days. The prosecution made a big deal of her clubbing and partying. What does that tell you about whether there’s been a murder? These are all irrelevant facts, but what made them relevant was the prosecution’s approach, not ours. If you can understand that, you can understand it all.”
    I think some of the things I’m mostly enjoying is the SIDE BAR comments!! HOLY COW!! I hope everybody reads Jose Baez book to see the TRUTH!

    • Hi Marilyn!
      Feel free to keep posting interesting excerpts from the book in here. No probs. Most people are still a few days away from receiving their books, so don’t worry about going overboard.
      Thanks for posting!

      • Steve Miller says:

        Convicting George is the only remedy to support Casey.

        Casey will always be tormented until George is convicted.
        Casey will be forced to testify and that means cross examined.
        The ridiculous claim by Baez that Caylee drowned by accident protects George and destroys Casey.
        Baez created Casey’s disaster and Baez refuses to contact the FBI to prosecute George.
        Both shrinks divulged the truth to Baez, Mason, Ashton, and Burdick on April 13 which means they all knew Casey was innocent and still conducted their witch hunt with the nerve to claim it was an accident.

        These are facts for all the hypocrites including the haters. Will the hypocrisy ever end?

        • This claim by Baez that Caylee drowned by accident had to come from Casey herself.
          The statements made could also be a lie from Casey to protect someone?

  19. Marilyn C. says:

    Here is another Excerpt: Ashton, after his underhanded trick to inform George and Cindy what Casey was going to say against him, he was sure George would turn on her and be a star witness for the prosecution. But that didn’t entirely explain Ashton’s giddiness. Here’s one reason he was so giddy: because George was his witness, Ashton would take a larger role in the trial. The other reason he was giddy was that he was sure George was going to make a great witness. George had been a media darling, and Ashton was sure that George had experience as a law enforcement officer, he would come across well on the stand. But I knew George a lot better than Ashton did. I had spent nearly three years with the Anthony’s in their home. I didn’t think George would come across as credible on the stand and I was sure I’d eat him for lunch. Ashton thought he was gaining a strong ally through his machinations, but he would be sadly mistaken come trial time.

  20. As far as I’m concerned Jose Baez has obliterated the whole case against Casey with the info in this book. In science they seek the simplest theory that explains the most facts. Jose proves that Casey’s version of events explains the facts better than the state of Florida’s theory.

  21. Harry N says:

    I have long believed that the prosecution of Casey was a terrible miscarriage of justice, but having read
    Jose’s book I now believe it was one of the most corrupt abuses of state power in America. Essentially
    the State of Florida and the media conspired to railoroad an innocent girl onto death row. And by doing
    so they gave a complete pass to a man who is a cowardly pedophile. I truly hope and pray that some day all the hatred that is directed at Casey turns to the person who truly deserves it, George Anthony.

    • Marilyn C. says:

      Harry….you put it all in a nutshell.I’m not a spring chicken & never seen this kind of injustice!! I am shocked that Judge Perry is still on the bench!!

      • albatross234 says:

        I’ve wondered if both Perry and Ashton have joine the Masons ….

      • Steve Miller says:

        Marilyn C has never seen this kind of injustice because she has no direct experience with the system. The system is corrupt. Hypocrisy rules America. This case is the cornerstone proof of media propaganda that has put all Americans into a trance of hypocrisy and irrational behavior. That was the reason I wrote JUST CAUSE JUST FACTS.

        That is the reason I can see through the tidal wave of hypocrisy and the ridiculous lie by Baez that Caylee died accidentally. Caylee was murdered by George before George woke up Casey at 9AM. Casey looked in the pool. Then in a few minutes George came into the house with Caylee soaking wet, making it appear that she drowned.

        If Baez was a dumb ass, it would be different. On April 13, Baez sat in the deposition and listen to Dr. Weitz and Dr. Danziger explain the exact truth that Casey told them. Instead of wasting time reading Baez crap, read the April 13 transcripts of the depositions so you know exactly what Baez and Cheney Mason heard.

        Give Casey credit for telling the truth. Give Casey credit for firing Baez. Give Casey credit for knowing she could trust Dr. Weitz. Give Casey support. You people are supporting Baez who purposely destroyed Casey when he concocted the ridiculous lie that Caylee drowned by accident.

    • Steve Miller says:

      Harry, call the FBI 407-875-9976 and file a complaint against George for the murder of Caylee.

      If all you people would do that every day, the FBI might do their job and quit protecting the Florida State’s Attorney witch hunt to fry Casey.

      The FBI isn’t protecting George. The FBI is protecting law enforcement. That’s the cockeyed swamp of hypocrisy we need to celebrate on July 4, 2012. George Washington wasn’t a hypocrite. All the men who fought and died to create America and wrote the 6th amendment to guarantee fair trials for innocent suspects are being disrespected by hypocrisy that is white washing Baez.

      If Baez represented Casey with the witnesses he had George would have been arrested on the spot and Casey’s reputation would be admired. Hypocrisy is never going to support Casey. The truth will support Casey. Screw Baez and his fake book.

  22. nancywranovsky says:

    Dear SJ i would like to personally thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this site. i don’t think you realize what you’ve created here, besides opening a big fat can of whoop ass on GA i think you have something real special here.people are talking, you are opening minds {very hard to do, generally} and opening peoples you are amazing and God bless SJ and all on this site. peace and love have a safe and happy INDEPENDENCE DAY !!!

    • Hi Nancy!
      Thanks for your kind comments and your posts. Always appreciated, as is everyone’s ongoing contribution to the site. That’s what makes it what it is.
      Happy Independence Day to you too!

      • Steve Miller says:


        Thanks for your spectacular website. You know when I offer a compliment its genuine. If we all consider this youtube we can get the murder solved. I hope Casey watches it.

        Thank George Washington for getting a jury trial in the 7th amendment. If that jury wasn’t sequestered Casey would be locked up waiting for her execution George was praying for with his Bible on his lap. Baez protected George when he claimed it was an accident. That’s a fact, not an opinion.

        Baez is a disgusting turd because he protected George. Baez is smart. If Baez was dumb you people could make excuses for him.

        Do you really want justice for Casey? Hasn’t Casey suffered enough yet? Can you people grasp that you must be in a trance not to call the FBI 407-875-9976 to demand they do their job. Their job is to solve the murder of Caylee and thereby protect Casey from the 99.9% of Americans who listened to the lies of HLN and the Orlando Sentinel.

  23. Hi friends! My copy finally arrived just now:) Better late than never as they say. Have a happy Monday everyone!

  24. I purchased the book the day it came out. I was so excited I ended up getting the first copy (at my local b&n) before they could even open the box to put on the shelf. I’m only on chapter 7 but I couldn’t wait to post something on here. Of course its living up to its expectations of a good, HONEST, book. Just like Jose said there would be things in there that the public never knew. It is still so heart breaking continuing to hear about those certain events. I’m also repeatedly shocked and amazed at the lack of professionalism in law enforcement. Its sick! I knew at that time they were certainly going about things in a disrespectful way but oh boy, the things I never heard. Wow. How dare they. How dare they act like that and treat her that way; like she wasn’t even a person. Corrupt. They should all be ashamed. But little did they know the Casey and her team they would be dealing with. That Casey is an incredibly brave and strong person. They thought they could run her down. Ha! Powerful character right there by standing up for herself against the world for something she did not do. I was and am still impressed. I don’t think many of us could withstand all that and come out stronger. Anyways this book is a wonderful read. I’m learning so many things not only about the trial but also about Jose Baez himself that I never knew before. As excited as I was for this book my anticipation for Casey’s book is greater. That will truly be the day!

  25. I’ve only read a few chapters so far, in between tending to the children, and here are my impressions. We see GA, who we know is meticulous about details, admits to knowing where and how long the car had been sitting prior to being impounded! Without revealing too much, GA distances himself from said crime from the beginning and is so low, that he sends LeeA. over to deal with the situation when Cindy calls him (GA). Jose Baez, succinctly, puts together and makes sense out of everything I read in his GA’s police statements. GA manipulates the entire situation to no end.

  26. I just got my copy yesterday and I can’t put the book down. I had so many questions before and many of them get answered in the book.

    I know Jose Baez a great lawyer but he seems to be a great author, along with Peter Golenbock. The book is very well written.

  27. Marilyn A. says:

    Love this 5 star review titled ‘Changed my mind’ posted July 5, 2012 on

    “If you have not read this book do not comment. I have been the most casey/bias hater ever. I would have pulled the switch on her myself. I could not put this book down. It mad sense and if I ever go on trial for anything I want him. This man cares. I could go n forever but won’t . Who killed caylee. No one. Who hid the accident. I believe george did and Cindy is not innocent.”

  28. nancywranovsky says:

    i just finished Jose Baez’s book. i first want to say that 92% of parental sexually abuse is never reported. although Jose does say in his book that the trial was NOT about sexual abuse, the story of this family and the death of this baby Caylee is about parental incest. everyone asks WHY would She not tell what her father was doing. the question is not why wouldn’t she, why wouldn’t anyone who is in this situation tell SOMEONE. the question is why would she/they tell. Noone can ever know UNTIL…it is you it is happening to. the fear, pure, sheer, and horrific fear. that is why. now put upon THAT the perpatriator standing there yelling at you, with your baby girl’s soakingwet, limp, dead body in his arms! i believe Casey, i believe Jose and the book was excellent. Jose is brilliant. he is also REAL, kind, caring, human being who i believed cared about the truth, i truly believed that. who can read this story not be affected, bawl your eyes out and THANK GOD for Jose, Casey’s courage, her strength, her faith, her determination, and the fight she had in her to stand the storm. and for the jury THANK YOU GOD FOR THE JURY. i will write a review on amazon as soon as i can digest what i have just read, my mind is in a twirl. i read a review before i read the book. someone saying “the book read like fiction blah, blah, blah…well,let me say, this is not fiction, my friend, THIS is real. it is just really hard to fathom for some because it is absolutely disgusting and bothers me to my very soul. i really do reccomend MR. Baez’s book. God bless all children Everywhere. peace

  29. Julie R. says:


  30. nancywranovsky says:

    i think it would make more sense if GA and cindy would of lobbied for new laws in florida that if you own a pool you have to have an alarm than the law they did lobby for – not reporting a child missing. you know you cannot watch a child 24/7 although we try. just like you cannot watch a childmolesting monster 24/7 either. i just want to say i don’t think anyone should call casey names, tell her or suggest that she is stupid in anyway. i know it is fustrating all the sure that EVERYTHING is NOT in Jose’s book. thats not possible. here’s talk of casey and Jose doing this or that to get george charged but really isn’t that the state attorney’s office responsibiity. shouldn’t everyone be writing florida? you know casey lied. lieing to law enforcement in the eyes of the law, there’s no coming back from that. L/E takes that personally. like HOW DARE YOU?? HOW COULD YOU?? WE ARE THE LAW! they will never believe her. and evidence is DNA, fingerprints, at this point a videotape of george doing what ever it is he did to caylee. how was jose suppose to blame george when he was telling the jury “there’s no evidence of ANY murder here” that was her defense. it is not a lie. the evidense is gone.i know this makes everyone mad but dumping a body is not evidence of a murder. caylee anthony is not the only unsolved child murder in the is sad and it sucks but it is not casey’s fault. you know casey wasn’t just molested and than got pregnant at 19 and than got charged with murder. that girl had to live in that house with that pig and try to grow up and than try to protect caylee! there was life, day after day after day ,yrs and yrs none of us know anything you think the “disgusting badly assault”was the only incident she told jose? it was a trial. a trial about a young girl facing the death penalty. anyone taking jabs at jose has probally never been molested and never had their baby murdered and never faced being murdered by the government and most certainly never had their own parents betray them which is just despicable. now think about this. what about cindy? don’t you think cindy knows? maybe. i know she knows a lot more than she wants anybody to know, she knows. cindy knows what george did to casey. if anyone wants to give cindy a list of things she should do and phone numbers she should call to turn her ownself in? and call her a few names, she’s living with the monster. that monster is her husband. everyone seems to believe cindy is so innocent think about it if she’d of believed her own daughter and protected her none of this would of ever happened. and caylee would still be here and george would “be in jail for the rest of his freaking life” thats the law in florida.

  31. If Casey wants to have any hope of changing 99.999% of the populations’ court of public opinion of herself, she needs to go to the FBI, let them give her a polygraph and hang George out to dry. I know Cindy phoned Yuri Melich on Jul 23/08 and left a voicemail message: “If Casey did it, she had to have help.” Everyone knows Cindy had been on the brink of divorce with George, due to his excessive gambling. Casey if you want to change the publics’ current perception of you, go to the FBI, take a lie detector test and have George charged, potentially with the death penalty that the State wanted to charge Casey with.

    • Perhaps the FBI could also subpoena the polygraphs taken by George and Cindy when they “practiced” before refusing law enforcement? The ones referred to in the book where they take them with their own attorney and fail, take them again, and the results are inconclusive. ( Although maybe the results are protected under attorney-client priv?

  32. HI everyone!

    I thought the book was fabulous. I posted my five star on Amazon and it’s awaiting it’s 48 delay before posting. I guess I had A LOT to say as it was 2000, mostly words. I’m post the last paragraph here, because much of what I discussed, we already know:)))

    Without giving more of the book away, we understand even more that the media creates the news it wants us to hear about without regard to fair and balanced reporting and how the media inspires the common person to rage. One person from the media even remarking it was the easiest case to report on, because the cops fed them what they wanted the media to report in a failed attempt to taint the jury pool. I learn about Casey’s character as it pertains to being a victim of sexual abuse and why she could not have possibly killed her daughter that day OR buried her in the woods. Chapter after chapter paints the picture of Truth. Truth about a staged crime scene where 15,000 people supposedly searched only to turn up nothing while the Anthony’s send their own P.I. to the exact spot where she was later found thus implying the body had been moved. Page after page, the writer gives us factual evidence that demonstrates that Casey Anthony did not kill her daughter that day in June and her determination to vindicate herself by never taking a plea, even when her entire legal team begged her to do so. Lastly, we learn the Mr. Baez became very stressed by all the corruption during the trial that he began to pray every morning in church before going to court and his days began to go better. I believe God, used Mr. Baez, to free this innocent woman and in spite and of all the hatred the media, law enforcement, prejudicial judges inspired in everyone – justice was served. It had to have been divine intervention because the book demonstrates that every single odd except the truth was against him.

  33. Allyson says:

    I was sure Casey did it. I was on the bandwagon like everyone else. I was angry at her. Until I read Jose Baez’ book. After I finished reading it, my friends and family couldn’t believe it when I told them, “I don’t think she did it. I understand the ‘not guilty’ verdict now”. I’m embarassed to say that I got all of my trial information from the media, primarily HLN. But, when I read his book and read through all of the facts and evidence — and really started to visualize the scenario of what Casey claims took place, it just clicked and made sense. George Anthony has always given me the creeps. There was something really ‘off’ about him, but I could never quite figure out what it was. I wanted to believe he was a grieving grandfather and that could explain some of his odd behavior. After reading the book, I have a whole new perspective on everyone and everything involved in the case. Casey may have been a liar, a thief, a “slut”… but that doesn’t make her a killer. Should she have called 911? YES. Without a doubt. I think the rest of the world could possibly “forgive” her if they’d a.) read the book and learn the facts. And b.) if Casey would come forward and admit that she should’ve called 911. I think a lot of people (myself included) have the hardest time with that fact. I also have to wonder if there are any members of the media who have read Jose Baez’ book and have also had a change of mind? Will they be brave enough to admit it?

    • Yay Allyson! I started off like you…believing Casey was guilty, but as the trial went on I began to read the discovery and transcripts and things started to click for me. By the end of the trial, I really didn’t think she did it. I believed the story of abuse because she had so many symptoms of being a sexual abuse victim. As Jose said…something was just not right. Her lying did not start when Caylee died…she had been lying about a job for years. I asked myself. “why would someone do that?” and then I thought, because the only one that was available to watch Caylee while she was at work was George because he usually worked in the afternoons and evenings. So, it made sense that she would want to protect Caylee from George. Also, when George said, at the memorial for Caylee, that he missed the ‘sweet smell of her sweat” I was totally creeped out. Who says that? At any rate, by the time the verdict was read, I was relieved that Casey had been found not guilty. As for calling 911, she didn’t call because George told her not to. Remember, sexual abuse victims are told to lie, to cover stuff up…it’s what they have to do or else. George had control of her…for years he controlled her. So glad she is finally away from him! I can’t believe the hate that is spewed at her…if only people were more like you and would just open up their minds to see things differently than what the media is telling them. It’s really scary how so many people blindly follow/believe what is told to them through the media. To these shows, it’s all entertainment. Even the death of a little girl. How can ANY of the networks or their employees (Nancy Grace) cry about “blood money” that may be made off a book, when they used Caylee’s blood for money for 3 years. So sad and messed up!

      • Hi Jill! I’m going to quote what you wrote “Also, when George said, at the memorial for Caylee, that he missed the ‘sweet smell of her sweat” I was totally creeped out. Who says that?”

        I think the only people that can say they miss the scent of a child is a mother or a father or someone “really” close to the child. I have a 3 yr old toddler and I love her scent and love to smell her, but I’m her mom and we have a mother daughter bond. My mother babysits her and she also mentions she loves her scent, but my father would never know because he’s never gotten that near to her. I think he’d feel a violation of privacy, stepping out of boundaries or crossing the line you know too close for comfort type of thingy. This George creeper sick fk (excuse my language) definitely stepped out of line and violated trust. Who the hell does he think he is? I’m getting pissed off here as I’m typing this, but wth was he doing smelling this little girl?

        • Suzy,
          I agree. My kiddos had a scent too…and when snuggling with them you could smell it. However, George saying he misses the sweet smell of her sweat. I don’t know. I know I would be pretty creeped out if my father had ever said something like that about my daughter. Personally, I think everything about George is creepy. Everything. He seems so fake to me. Like, he tries so hard to come across as a “good guy” to cover up his true self. I rewatched some of the testimony he gave and when he denies his affair with Kristal he says “ha, that’s really funny.” Instead of just saying “no, I did not have an affair” (which I don’t believe AT ALL) he has to say stuff like, “that’s really funny.” Like saying, I’m such a great guy, how can anyone even think I would do something so ridiculous. However, we know from Jose’s book that he was on the internet a lot looking up porn and prostitute sites. Another thing he said that helped me see through him is that when he was asked if he had sent a text to Kristal saying “I can’t live without you” He said, “I see that’s come out, so yeah, I did that, I’m not going to deny that.” Wow…so if it’s “come out” in the media he knows he can’t deny it…but if it hasn’t been revealed with positive proof, he will deny.

          Ugh…he is one f’d up guy for sure!

          • Morning Jill I definitely would be a pissed off mom if my dad or a male figure besides her dad would say that with a questionable WTF? You know many can justify that because both of them lived in the same Anthony house he had access to anything and in this case he really did. People who portray perfection lack it. I’m wondering if he was even molested at a young age. Something must have also happened to him that can prove why he’s the way he is. Once I’m done reading Jose’s book I’m going to go back and read Keith Ablow’s a second time and analyze his personality…on a mission hahaha. Not really that’s not my job, but really it’s addicting not to be sucked into this case. I really hope there is an investigation going on and that this case isn’t over yet.

          • Also Jill,

            Remember how he addresses Casey? He sounds like a boyfriend sometimes with his, “hey beautiful”… I would be uncomfortable if my father talked to me like that. What do you think? Am i making much ado about nothing with that comment?

          • Sonja,
            Yes…the way he talked to Casey while she was imprisioned for murder was very disturbing. I mean…I guess I can understand, “hey beautiful” but it was over the top, you know? BUT what got me even more than telling her how beautiful she is was when he started talking about her weight. “be careful, you don’t want to put on too much weight while sitting in jail” I mean, if that were me I’d probably say “WTF Dad…I’m sitting here in jail for murdering my daughter and you are worried about my weight?” It seems to me like they (Cindy and George) thought they owned Casey…she was theirs to do with as they pleased. I mean, no matter how you slice it, George is a weird bird!! A creep to the max! How anyone can’t see that is beyond me.

    • Marilyn C. says:

      Allyson….if enough brave people like yourself comes forward & speaks out,then maybe there is hope some others will too.

  34. Steve Miller says:
  35. I don’t know how far anyone here has read, but did any of you catch this? So I’m on Ch 16 and something just hit me. It’s the section where Jose talks about the duct tape and how George denied ever putting it on the gas can because of the way it was on it. He replied that he would do a neat job about it. This is what I think since Cindy worked during the day she probably wouldn’t have time to clean the house. George’s shift started at 3pm which gives me the indication that he cleaned the house? This shows he was good at keeping or making things “neat” aka clean the house and of course getting rid of evidence aka the body. WOW!!!!  

    • They were all very clean. George has a very selective memory. You’ll see that in the testimony about the pets ( when you get to that part). Have fun reading:)

    • Hi Suzy
      Yes I read the entire book in two days LOL. Lee had said long ago that his father “detailed” all their cars. He was the one that cleaned them all out and up once a week or so. Also during the trial, it came up that there were no finger prints on the gas cans….. they had been wiped clean, and then George basically accused the police of putting the duct tape on the gas can and sloppily, stating it wasn’t him that put that duct tape on there, he wouldn’t do it in such a way…. and the only people that had the gas can during that time were the police. I actually laughed when Ashton asked him about the duct tape on the gas can and he came up with that remark!

  36. Julie R. says:


  37. Just an FYI everybody. If you take a photo of yourself with Jose’s book and post it on his Facebook page, he will send you an autograped photo of him pointing at the laughing guy! You just need to private message him your address.

  38. Jose is on The View right now and imo they are just being AWFUL firing question after question at him. Joy B is a piece of work and Whoopi is sitting there rolling her eyes at the audience.

  39. sonja, try this link. if it doesn’t work and you use facebook, just type his name in the search box

  40. What a great read! Did you-all catch the rapport Jose has with Cindy vs. his (deserved) disdain for George? When he hypothesizes early in the book about a situation where a defendant was subject to sexual abuse, the 3 of them (GA, Cindy and Lee) were noticeably silent. He implies Lee and Cindy knew. How could she stay with him? She supported the family, too, so it’s not like she was financially dependent on him. When I found out last summer that Jose and Casey had won, I was with my husband in the hospital. I pumped my fist in the air in joyous, unanticipated celebration. I say unanticipated because it seems like on every level the Constitution is trampled on in this country. Let freedom ring!

  41. Suzy, If you clicked on the link I provided, you will see it’s the correct one. There are people with their books posted all over it!

  42. Parker Stanton says:

    I pre-ordered “Presumed Guilty” at Amazon primarily to express support for Casey & Jose. What a pleasant surprise when this exciting book read like a fast-paced novel that you can’t put down. So much information about trial procedure, forensics, and the buffoonish idiocy of Jeff Ashton. Great book!

  43. Jose’s book made the NYT Bestsellers List? Awesome!

  44. Alice Peltcs says:

    I very much enjoyed reading Jose Baez’s new book Presumed Guilty. I felt he and the defense team got treated unfairly by the Judge and the prosecution and the media. I watched the trial on TV and was amazed at how one sided everyone was. I’m so happy Jose had the guts to continue defending Casey when everything was against him. He did an absolutely fantastic job! I especially liked the part in his closing when he pointed to Ashton and referred to him as the Laughing guy. Thanks to Jose for his dedication to the case. I loved the book!

  45. I loved Jose’s book it gives greater insight into the Anthony family dynamic, I think Baez had to walk a thin line or he could have ended up a witness in his own case.

    From Jose’s perspective you can see just how odd this family was, Cindy is batshit crazy too.

  46. A bunch of theories have been said here but not the one I think may have happened and I’m interested to see if anyone besides me thinks this way.
    Lets say George raped Casey and they produced Caylee (this would explain why the Father has never been brought to light) Casey not wanting for whatever reason (probably fear) to tell anyone (her Mother/family) didn’t. She catches GA doing inappropriate things with Caylee and tells him that she will tell everyone he is Caylee’s Father and what he’s done to her… in an attempt to shut her up he drowns Caylee in front of Casey and tells her it’s all her fault and she will go to jail ect ect and basically uses scare tactics to keep her quiet (he’s an ex-cop so it’s not out of the question).
    Keep in mind I watched here and there about the trial when I had time… I didn’t really have an opinion on it one way or another (I wasn’t there; I wasn’t a juror, so really my opinion doesn’t matter). But lets be honest here, with what the public knows… there’s really no way to know anything or to know who’s telling the truth because I don’t think any of them did tell the whole truth including Casey. This case just interests me in the sense that no one will ever really know what happened because there is nothing but circumstantial evidence and it points in every direction.
    I feel like this would explain why Casey lied so much… she was there and thought (from being told by GA) that she would get in trouble and who would they believe an ex-cop or a supposed “party girl”
    I think GA made her help hide Caylee’s body (which would also explain the heart over her mouth and several other occurances) too, so that he could threaten her with the fact that she would at the very least be an accomplice to murder.
    Again I’d like to state I do NOT know all the facts but I don’t feel like anyone does so please don’t attack me for my opinion I just wanted to see if any of you think this is a plausible scenario. And why or why not?

    • Also this would explain why Baez didn’t go after George and present the full story to the courts. As prosecutors the burden of proof is on them. As defense all you have to do is prove the Prosecutors do not have sufficient evidence to PROVE beyond doubt that the defendant is guilty. Why would Baez make Casey out to be an accomplice when all he had to do was prove that the prosecutor didn’t have enough evidence?


        • The reason it hasn’t been investigated because they want Casey to be guilty. So now it’s closed. Casey didn’t testify out of fear and no one would believe her. I’m glad she didn’t because they would have broken her forever. She has been through too much already. I think Baez saw this and didn’t put her on the stand. I believe George will get what is coming to him in another way. His type usually do. It always comes out eventually one way or another.

    • Good Theory.

  47. I read Ashton’s book. It was ok, now I’m waiting to read Jose’s book. I’m not team Casey nor Team Ashton. I cannot seem to figure this case out and its really mind f**king with me. Have a wonderful day

  48. JA Kalskett says:
  49. JA Kalskett says:
    • JA Kalskett says:

      Caylee and JPChatt…

      In one of Ricardo Morales’ interviews with LE, he describes Casey came to the airport (July 15th) in Amy’s vehicle to pick-up the group that had returned that day. He mentions that Amy and JP went to the mall, after Amy dropped Casey off at Tony’s apartment. The mall was where Cindy found Amy, who took her to Tony’s apartment, before the 911 calls tp OSCO.

      • Yeah I’ve seen those photoes before. I see resemblence there too lol.
        Who knows huh?

        • JA Kalskett says:

          And JP was at the airport when Casey picked-up Ricardo and Amy; JP must have been at the mall when Cindy got Amy to take her to Tony’s.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          I still wanna see a pic of Cecelia. I think she had been blurred-out of the one with Geo. And there was one with sunglasses. But I bet she has arm tattoos…LOL and curly hair.

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