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On this Day in 2011: Casey Anthony Released

Today marks the 1st Anniversary of another truly monumental day – that being Casey’s release from Orange County Jail following the Not Guilty verdict returned on July 5th 2011.

Here are the 3 videos I posted 12 months ago. The same comments, as always, still apply.


Here’s video coverage of the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Casey Anthony FINALLY released from Orange County Jail, 12:14am July 17th 2011 (accompanied by Jose Baez).

Casey was wearing a pink top, blue jeans & sneakers… given $537.68 in cash from her jail account… and escorted outside by two sheriff’s deputies armed with semi-automatic rifles. Neither Casey Anthony nor Jose Baez said anything to reporters, prior to climbing into a SUV and heading off into the night to an undisclosed destination. GO CASEY!!!

Casey Anthony’ walks out of jail with Jose Baez, leaves in SUV – live on FOX, July 17th 2011:

Casey Anthony walks out of jail with Jose Baez - leaves in SUV – live on FOX, July 17th 2011

Casey Anthony’s Release filmed from inside Orange County Jail, July 17th 2011:

Casey Anthony release from inside OC Jail - July 17th 2011

“Casey Anthony Released”: FOX Report July 18th 2011:

Casey Anthony Released FOX Report July 18th 2011


If you remember what you were doing on Casey’s release day, post your comments below.

Congrats once again to Team Casey.

Celebrate the day!

Keep the faith,

PS. I’ll finish off this post with a few paragraphs directly from C. Rich’s acclaimed book: “The Casey Anthony Trial – The Prosecution of Beauty” – which is an amazing read. If you have an interest in this case (and I’m kinda guessing you have) then I’d strongly recommend you get hold of a copy. Details here:

The Dismantlement of the Casey Anthony Myth:

You can take your teddy bear called illusion to bed with you, if you still want to.

However, you should be very angry. You have been lied to for years and they fooled so many of you. For three years, they have made you believe that all those photos of Casey partying was her life. You thought she was a party girl out of control.

You believed it so much, that you attached motive to it. In all murder cases, part of a conviction or an element of it, is motive. The reason why someone killed another almost always needs to be answered to put someone to death. Here you took a complete and total fabrication and wrapped it all up in a bow called motive.

You were told that the reason Casey just suddenly planned the murder of her own child was because she needed Caylee out of the way so she could go clubbing. How bad do you feel now?

One person after the other said Casey was not a real drinker and most of the time would not drink and if she did, she would leave and go home early. Now we know that most of all the pictures you saw were Casey working for Tony and helping him pack the club. The woman was not a party girl. She was a young mother who tried to balance being in her twenties and being a single mom. She did better than most women in that situation did.

By almost everyone’s account, this woman was a good mom. You can thank the prosecution for bringing that to you. Again, you should be angry. Instead, so many are trying to hold on to all the illusions you were spoon-fed. You cling on to the lies.

Watching the truth come out is something else. Watching the state acting like the truth is not availing itself each and every day of the trial and still trying to prosecute the myth is something to see. Casey Anthony was not a drunk party girl and nothing can be clearer listening to the people who knew her.

Shame on every single one of you still holding on to the myth, when the truth is there for all to see. Shame on you. No way had she killed her child! No freaking way! The whole image they created was a lie and they still act as if they want to kill her.

– C. Rich.


  1. If you notice as soon as she walks out of the first door (before she says “thank you” to that guard) you can see her breath that sign of relief. I bet it was surreal to her as she walked out and smelled the air that night. With Jose right next to her…what a moment!

  2. I was on vacation when Casey was set free – watched it live from my hotel room! Happy One Year, Casey :).

  3. Marilyn A. says:

    I stayed up that night to watch and pray that no crazy harmed her. These videos along with the Not Guilty verdict still elicit strong emotions from me. I still choke/tear up with such happiness, relief, etc. I did chuckle when the reported said “We were wrong” (3rd video ) about taking Casey out the front door… hate to break it to them but they were ‘wrong’ about everything from day 1 of this case! Wrong about the chloroform, duct tape, evidence as a whole, cause of death, Jose/defense team, verdict and most importantly they were wrong about Casey!

    I love when Casey says ‘thank you’ as she’s leaving… THAT is who Casey is – NOT what was portrayed by the prosecutors and the media.

    • I still pray no harm comes to her Marilyn:) I pray for both physical and emotional safety for Casey because I suspect people will try to take advantage of her celebrity status once she can talk to the media after all the legal stuff is over.

      • Marilyn A. says:


        Like you, I also continue to pray for Casey for many reasons. There are so many who have and will take advantage of Casey but I don’t think she’s that “trust” everyone young girl anymore after all that has happened. I continue to pray for the upcoming civil cases to be either dismissed or for her to be vindicated in those cases too.

    • Marilyn C. says:

      Hi Marilyn A.!! You have taken the words right out of my mouth!!! I too was sitting up WAITING,PRAYING that nothing happened to Casey or Jose.I was crying like a baby & so HAPPY for the BOTH of them.I’m glad they couldn’t really hear what was being shouted at the time.I also LOVED that the media had to admit that one more time….THEY WERE WRONG.I guess they will never learn that we are not all IDIOTS! I guess they have also forgot Casey’s words to the media,”If they come attacking me,I’m not giving them shit,its sucks for them”!!! I still cry when I see her release video.Congrats CASEY & TEAM from Texas!!!!

      • Marilyn A. says:

        Hi back at’ch Marilyn C.!! Yeah, I was also crying (not admitting to ‘like a baby’ part… lol… ok, I was) from happiness but REALLY PISSED off that the damn media wouldn’t let them ride off into the night. They were putting her and the rest of the teams lives at risk all of the almighty $. I sat here watching in anger as the helicopters followed them and ecstatic when they lost sight of which car she was in…. I did the whole YEAH, YEAH when they got away… and then I was REALLY PISSED off again when the media had surveillance at the airport… I was actually scared to go to bed! I was so happy to read in Jose’s book what actually happened that night! He’s brilliant!

        The media has way underestimated not only Jose but Casey as well… lol

        I also want to give a Congrats to CASEY & TEAM from Texas!!!

  4. I was sitting at my computer waiting for her to leave the jail and swearing at the idiots standing outside screaming at them. I found two very strong ironies during the past four years. The first one was on the video where there was a lady yelling at CA for protecting Casey and calling her a babykiller, yet she paid no attention to her own child when she slammed the door on him and he fell to the ground crying. She just kept on arguing with Cindy. I found that to be abusive! The second one was Jeff Ashton. I read today that he is trying to solicit funds for his campaign and sent out a mass mailing. One of the people that received the solicitation was none other than Jose Baez! and the song plays… isn’t it ironic 🙂

    • Debbie,
      That video of the “woman” (I use the word very loosely here) who’s yelling at Cindy and slammed her son’s arm in the door is a good picture of who these “warriors” are. They are people who are only looking for trouble. That woman acts like she is so protective of Caylee, and yet she slams her son’s arm in the car door, and then just lets him sit there and cry while she is screaming the F word at Cindy. That whole situation is messed up. That kid shouldn’t have been there in the first place! That is the picture in my mind of the type of people that sit at home all day and bang out their nasty threats to anyone who shows support for our constitution and the jury system. They are losers who really don’t have a life. They have to make their own excitement. They don’t care about Caylee or kids…they are just people who are ate up with anger and can’t get past the notion that they were wrong about Casey. They truly are much more of a threat to society than Casey will ever be. Really,it’s pretty pathetic that most of them don’t know how to have an actual debate without resorting to name calling. Sad.

      • Jill,

        I never watched that video until now. You’re right! Ghetto hood rats with nothing better to do. (And I’m not implying that everyone everyone that lives in the ghetto behaves like that, but if the shoe fits…)

        Wasn’t there something more the Anthony’s could have done to stop it? Is protesting allowed in a residential neighborhood like that? Are there not disturbing the peace laws? I don’t get how that could go on in front of homes.

  5. I was watching in disbelief from home. All those people with their signs and screaming and Jane V Mitchell going gleefully from group to group getting these haters on camera saying vile things. I was thinking “this is the world I live in?” This should be a happy day! She should be walking out to her friends and family and go celebrate!! NOBODY was there for her…I felt SO bad for her, and Jose too. I wanted to hug them both.

    • Karen,

      “This is the world we live in”, you put that so well! Yes, I too was thinking about the world and questioning WTF???

      Jose said what happened with Casey and the media was a phenomenon. I agree. There isn’t really ONE reason. With OJ it was race as is Zimmerman but with Casey, there isn’t a logical reason for all this and it still bugs me when I try to figure it out:)

      Take care!

      • Harry N says:

        There is no point in looking for logic when it comes to the media. It’s all about turning real-life tragedies into entertainment for the masses, and crafting a narrative that will sell to whatever demograhic they want to rile up. With Casey it’s middle-aged white women, with Zimmerman it’s black people and guilt-stricken white liberals. Truth and justice are irrelevant. To quote the great Don Henley, “We all know that crap is king”. And he wrote that lyric over thirty years ago, long before Nancy Geace and Al Sharpton were soiling the airwaves.

        • Your right Harry. I just hate when things don’t make sense. I mindscrew myself sometimes trying to figure things out:)

  6. I was already miffed about the reaction to the verdict so I watched it on the news the next day. I watched it with my family and we were shocked looking at the signs, people acting crazy, all the hate, that cops had to protect her like that! It was a teachable moment because I was able to answer a lot of questions with my children that pertained to free speech, trials, the media and why people act like ‘that’…

  7. SJ,

    Funny you would bring that book up. I’ve read a few chapters Rich’s book at Amazon and I thought I would order it. I agree with C. Rich’s position. He talks a lot about the difference in the reactions to the case between men and women citing that when going to the gym and polling men, they referred to Casey as hot, and probably not guilty while women were the opposite. I think that’s part of the reason behind the hate for Casey. The hate is SO focused though that there is more than that to it for some people.

    Did you read Ablow’s book? And if so, did you like it? I gathered from the reviews that he thinks Casey smothered Caylee even though he does paint her in a sympathetic light with regard to her parents. I didn’t want to read it if he surmises she hurt Caylee. Do you have an opinion?

    • Hi Sonja. Keith,Ablow’s book is rather a heavy read (compared to Jose’s), and he ultimately details 5 different scenarios relating to Caylee’s death. It’s a good insight into the psychological side of the case for sure. If you want C. Rich’s book just email me, ok?

    • Ablow does say that Casey did it but she did it because her family had suffocated the life out of her with the sexual abuse. He blames it more on Casey’s family than her. It’s a good book because we get to see Casey’s life in that awful household. It really makes you feel for her.

  8. SJ
    I just read excerpts at amazon of C Rich’s book. I found it very insightful what little I read. As for Keith Ablow, he has said himself that he cannot really do a proper diagnosis from a distance and can only go by what he has seen. I do not believe that Casey did harm in any way to Caylee. I believe the little girl drowned in the pool after Cindy and Casey had a big fight the night before and Cindy was so angry she left the ladder up at the pool. I believe that George got Caylee up in the morning and fell asleep on the couch after putting a movie in for her. I believe she really wanted to go for a swim and went outside and got in the pool…. the only problem was, she didn’t have her lifejacket on. She could swim great with it, but without it would be an entirely different story. I believe George woke up and went in to see if Caylee had gone in the room with Casey and panicked when she wasn’t in there.. He woke Casey and they went looking for Caylee. He found her in the pool. I believe that he covered it up and didn’t call 911 because he knew that Cindy would hold him responsible and he would be out the door in a heartbeat. It was self preservation. I have seen the very reactive Cindy and she would place blame, but never on herself even though she left the ladder up. Casey would blame herself for that because if she hadn’t taken the money from her grandmother, Cindy would not have gotten so angry with her and perhaps none of this would have ever happened.
    Jose Baez even stated in his closing arguments that he was hoping that Cindy would admit to leaving the ladder in the pool but she never did. This story was a tragedy that happens in many families every summer. The only difference is 911 was never called.

    • Hi Debbie,
      I agree too! Somehow I’m having a hard time believing GA abused Caylee. I could be in denial, but that’s me until I know what GA and Casey have to say. Today is not a good day for me and I’m feeling a bit under the weather which doesn’t help after seeing or reading about this case.

      • I hope you feel better soon 🙂

      • Hi Suzy
        I highly doubt that George will ever admit to having anything to do with covering up the fact that Caylee drowned because of his own self preservation. I don’t know how many people noticed but George seems to be very much about George and after all this has gone down he would never be forgiven by Cindy if he told the truth. Cindy is very in your face and she is a mom, That George would even think of throwing Casey under the bus to protect himself would be unheard of by her. The only way that George would admit that he did what he did would be if he was really ready to commit suicide and went through with it Cindy has forgiven George a lot of things over the years but I do not think for one moment that she could ever forgive him not telling her right away that Caylee drowned. I think the reason that he “attempted” suicide in January of 2009 was that he was scared it would show that Caylee had drowned through DNA evidence. He was not so worried about what Dr G had found because she announced it was a homicide but they didn’t know how she died, however Jose Baez had his own autopsy done on the remains and George was scared. He had no idea what had been revealed in that one.

        • Morning Debbie,
          Yesterday for the first time I went on youtube to watch The Untold Story of Caylee. It was very sad. I too noticed George all about himself how much he suffers for missing Caylee and mentions he misses her smell. He feels her in the house and maybe her little soul will be there until the truth comes out. You know her grandparents have everything that belonged to that little girl (clothes, toys including the death certificate). Shouldn’t Casey have that instead? Maybe they don’t mean much to her because they’re material things. Cindy also said she didn’t want to wipe Caylee’s fingerprints off the mirror. I probably wouldn’t either because I have a 3 year old. Even though Cindy is the way she is (in your face) if the drowning was really an accident then he and Casey should’ve had enough balls to tell the truth.

          • Hi Suzy
            I have watched the untold story also and I do realize that it is very very hard to lose a child from your life no matter who you are. I think that now that Casey is out of prison and after she is finished her probation she may get together with her mom and they will decide together who gets what of Caylee’s. Casey should get the death certificate as Caylee was her daughter. I am in total agreement with you that Cindy should have been told straight off and 911 should have been called but unfortunately that is not how their family dynamics seem to work. Can you even imagine looking for a child that you have been told is missing only to find out later that she died in your swimming pool? I think that would be a nightmare! and much, much worse than if she had been told straight away.
            There is another series of videos on youtube called the lost tapes, it is in four parts. The one part is where Cindy says that the media was saying that Caylee drowned in the pool and Casey replies “surprise surprise” very dryly. If you keep watching and watch all four videos you get to see George talking to Casey and saying things like “We have to go on now without her and it will be hard” and “I should have listened to you more” Parts throughout those tapes make me think he is acknowledging Caylee has passed away without letting Cindy know about it. If you get a chance, watch them and let me know what you think:)

        • Hi Debbie, I have to watch those videos and will back to you soon 🙂

  9. I stayed up all night. I was worried what those crazy people might do to her. I was relieved when she got in the car. Those crazies tried to run after her. I liked how they stopped at the parking garage and switched cars then 5 cars left in different directions. She walked out with her head held high. Didn’t even look at all the crazies shouting shit at her.

    • I waited up to see Casey leave the jail. I remember while watching and waiting for her to come out, listening to the news reporter, stating she wouldn’t come out the front door They will try to take her out the sally port. That is why I stayed focused looking for her to come out of the front. I couldn’t imagine Baez doing anything but walk her out that front door with her head held high because she was found “not guilty”. I was very excited when I saw them come out and get into the vehicle. I assumed they would have a plan in place to keep the crowd away from them as they left. It was definitely a bizarre scene to watch. But I was so happy to see that she was finally out of that hell hole of a jail. I was so grateful when the helicopters could no longer observe where they went. I would like to say she was free at last, but we all know how that turned out. Good luck Casey when you are finally free……… and that shouldn’t be much longer!

  10. I hope and wonder if George will ever have to pay for the abuse he caused Casey and Caylee Anthony? My prayers are with Casey Anthony!

  11. Hi all 🙂
    Does anyone know if George’s DNA results were ever unsealed and if they weren’t why not?
    Also, there may be a discrepancy that’s really bugging me. Casey said she overslept that morning and awoke to an empty bed when GA woke her up at 9am. But, supposedly, Casey was on the computer at 7:30 am and GA was on at 11 am searching for suffocation info on the 16th???
    Do I have this right?

    • JJ,

      Hello:0) From what I understand, and someone can correct me if I’m wrong is that the results are still under seal. From what I’ve read, I’m not certain an official DNA test was even done on George and here is why: the FBI looked at Lee’s dna results and could conclude based on Lee’s negative test that George was also not the father. Children of incest have more than the regular amount of similar strands because DNA comes from two family members. From what I understand, it was only the media that reported George’s test as being negative. In the trial, Lee’s test was the only test brought up. It’s one of the things in the case that makes many of us go hmmm because it’s been stated the George’s test was negative yet nobody can find a copy said test. This is why people conclude it’ss sealed evidence. I think the only way to find out if it is indeed sealed is to look at whether a motion was filed for a DNA test specifically for George Anthony but even then the motion could be sealed.

      Another blog that looked at the close closely had a commentor that understood DNA and compared the DNA of Caylee, Casey and Lee. This person concluded that George could not be the father yet others argue otherwise.

      It’s certainly something I have wondered simply because we have never seen a test yet we have George’s test yet Lee’s has been released.

      • Correction: Lee’s test has been released while there is nothing on George’s test. It makes me wonder if a real test was ever done. I think they may have used Lee’s test to rule out GA as the father but who knows with this case.

        • Sonja, thank you so, so much for that detail! I remember hearing that there are 2 ways to test for paternity, one of which is more accurate. Not sure if it’s mitochondrial DNA and there were comments suggesting that the more accurate of the 2 wasn’t done, but, we’re going back a couple of yrs when I read it and don’t recall where unfortunately. Back then, I was reading so much material on this case my head was spinning! But, Jose said GA was neg, and didn’t dispute it in his book, so, forensically, it must have been acceptable to the defense. I’d still like to know why it wasn’t released. Strange. It appears to me that GA got “a pass” from LE in terms of a thorough investigation and it keeps nagging at me. I also cannot shake the fact that not only was he in the Delivery Room, he was standing at the foot of the table!! So, I took a survey and asked a bunch of women I know how they would feel about their dads watching them give birth. Everyone except 1 was appalled at the thought of it and replied w/ a very firm “no” and verbalized that it would be “inappropriate and uncomfortable”. The one who said she thought it would be fine qualified her answer by saying “as long as he was at the head of the table and being supportive”. This is extremely bizarre, suspicious and creepy IMO and I agree that He was petrified that Caylee’s DNA would reveal his incest. In the book, Casey says that when she saw GA holding Caylee it looked like she had been in the water for a while. Maybe she wasn’t murdered. Maybe, George knew it was too late for CPR and rather than risk an autopsy, he didn’t call 911, buried her in the woods and told Casey she was nearby which would account for her reaction to the news that a child’s body had been found near her home even though the identity had not yet been confirmed. Do I think it’s possible that GA was beginning to abuse Caylee? Yes.
          I’m just not convinced he murdered her. In either scenario an autopsy would need to be performed and GA was terrified of something, that’s for sure.
          Steve, I hope you’re reading this. It’s just another possibility.

          • What I am very curious about is what was Caylee wearing when George showed Caylee to Casey after she had “drowned?” She was wearing outgrown clothes when her remains were found, but it’s not clear what she wore when Casey saw George carrying Caylee. Does anyone know? TIA

  12. I believe Caylee was murdered but by George. I no longer believe it was an accidental drowning. It was cold blooded murder. Caylee was at the age where she was talking, and GA was afraid she’d tell where he was touching her.

    I think it was more than touching on the 16th of June, it must have been penetration. Touching wouldn’t show on an autopsy, but penetration would definitely show on an autopsy. That is why GA needed time to cover the condition of Caylee’s body.

  13. Here’s another very creepy thing but I don’t recall if it was testimony or in an interview or what but, Cindy, with a smile on her face, said that Caylee liked to swim naked b/c she liked the sensation of the jetted filtrated water coming into the pool on her “bottom” if I remember correctly and I thought Whoa!! What??!….there is no way a child would request this UNLESS it had been purposely introduced by someone first. So, someone took it upon themselves to remove Caylee’s diaper/pullups, take her over to that jet, and hold her there. Does anyone recall this?

  14. That is sick! Why would Caylee like to swim naked. Why would Cindy be alright with this?

    • It is sick, Jon. It caught my attention immediately. Whoever introduced Caylee to this likes it themselves obviously. I’m trying to find that statement/video b/c I want it verbatim. I’ll post it when I find it.

      • WTF is this for real? Why or how would a 3 year old know or comprehend the sensation of water on their bottoms? I think toddlers love to swim in water and sometimes they like to be naked just like barefoot, but to say that Caylee “like” that sensation on her bottoms is probably because someone introduced it to her and told her it feels good. OMG I hope this is fake.

        • Hi Suzy 🙂
          Last night I spent hrs trying to find that video. Cindy was explaining that Caylee “liked” to swim naked and she spoke of the pool jets and how she liked the way they felt and I could almost swear she said “on her bottom”. This is why I’m going nuts trying to find it.
          I’m starting w/ the trial vids. I haven’t done the Dr Phil interview yet. It’s out there………just need to find it so, I can be completely accurate here and honestly, I should have found the tape BEFORE I posted. Others, from other forums have commented on what Cindy said, but I want the video b/c that’s where I saw it. Still trying.

          • Hey JJ

            Sorry to hear you’re going nuts I’m sure you’ll come accross the video soon LOL.
            Now I’m going to ask you if you’re a guy or a girl (sorry I had to ask) I still don’t know if SJ is male or female. 🙂

          • I remember this JJ! I thought it was so weird Cindy said that. I think there are so many sexual/boundary issues in that family we will probably never even hear about! Ugh!

  15. Hi Kelly and Suzy 🙂
    I’m female Suzy and guess what? I just found it…FINALLY!!

    Start at the beginning. It leads right into it. Speaking about the jets and how they would remove her swimsuit before getting out of the pool b/c Caylee liked to feel the jets on her body and it became “a thing” they would do at the end of her pool time. Cindy says “She’d like to go over and feel it”…..Baez says “Yeah, well, who doesn’t?” Cindy replies, “Yeah, It feels good on your back and (she hesitates and grins sheepishly) your bottom so, yeah…..” and then she sort of shrugged it off. In any case, somebody initiated removing her swimsuit. Why not just leave it on? And when did they start this? At what age? It’s potentially stimulating and inappropriate IMO! She was 2 yrs old and probably even younger when this started. Kelly, I am so glad you remembered this and felt the same way when you heard it and you are 100% right! There are real sexual/boundary issues in that family.

    • I remember Cindy saying that too…gross!! Thanks for finding the video JJ and FYI you never even have to leave this website to find videos…SJ has them all posted here.

      • You’re welcome Karen 🙂 I tried to locate them here but they had black screens and wouldn’t load at all. It took a few hrs on YT to locate it b/c I had to go through so many but, that’s OK….I got to re-live why I had a very sudden, strong conviction to pray for Casey back then and still do. I know w/o a doubt, it was from GOD 🙂

        • Thanks again for taking the time JJ. Casey gets off probabation one month from Monday and I pray every day she will be okay!

    • Ewww, that is gross! I love how Jose sarcastically said “Don’t we all?” when Cindy talked about Caylee enjoying swimming naked by the pool jets.

      • Oh, I know Karen….it’s coming up fast. She’ll be covered in prayer, that’s for sure and GOD willing, surrounded by good ppl, and loving friends 🙂

      • Kira, yeah, that seemed like an awkward moment for Jose…but, I’m glad he brought it up again. I don’t remember Jose discussing it in his book, but, I’d love to hear Dr Ablow’s opinion on this, if he has one.

    • JJ,
      Silly girl thanks for letting me know you’re a female lol
      So I saw the video and in my opinion if something inapropriate was going on while Caylee was swimming Cindy wouldn’t mention it. It’s just unfortunate that the way this case is and the sexual abuse that anything is a possibility :-/ but at the same time some people think this behavior is normal because they’re so used to it.

      • Hi Susy 🙂 So, you liked my formal gender description!
        See what happens after 25? LOL I agree w/ you in that she mentioned it b/c she didn’t see anything wrong w/ it…to her it was harmless although she seemed a bit embarrassed talking about it, and to be honest, had they kept Caylee’s swimsuit on and the word “bottom” wasn’t mentioned, and she didn’t appear embarrassed talking about it, I probably wouldn’t have thought much about it either b/c there’s nothing blatantly sexual in that to me. But, the boundary was crossed when they purposely removed her swimsuit BEFORE holding her in front of that jet. Had they not started the nudity thing, who knows if Caylee would even have cared about it. In my wildest dreams, it would never even dawn on me to do something like that.

    According to Richard Hornsby, Casey is done or should be done probation.

    • Hi PM!
      That’s interesting. I’ll check it out and see what I can find. Having said that, I’ve never really cared much for Hornsby, not since the email exchange I had with him last December (see link below).
      Thanks for posting!

      Richard Hornsby – finding amusement in Caylee’s death:

      • I can see why you would not care for him. I didn’t care for his coverage of the trial. Not amusing at all! I came across this info on twitter- The interesting part was there is a link included that was from a 8/7/11 DOC site that stated her termination date is 7/16/2012.

      • SJ, are you super positive the email address for him was legit?
        The responses are completely unprofessional and moronic!
        Friends of mine posted to a certain celeb on FB. The page looked totally legit, photos and all, but turned out to be someone pretending to be that person, so just wondering.

        • Hi JJ,
          Yes, unfortunately it was legit. No doubt. I emailed him directly after his moronic Tweeting.

          • Pretty pathetic SJ. He wears 2 faces. My hope is that Cheney Mason will pursue the entire lot of them. I loooooved what he said after the verdict!

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