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Casey set to plead The 5th in ZG video deposition

Don’t expect anything ground-breaking in tomorrow’s much publicized non-event… that being Casey’s video deposition (from an undisclosed location) in the civil case against Zenaida “I Lost The Reputation I Never Had In The First Place” Gonzalez.

Casey’s attorney (Charles Greene) has already confirmed that Casey will be asserting her constitutional Fifth Amendment right.

In light of all that, I thought this would be as good a time as any to include the respective ZG-related video depositions from April 2009, featuring  Dr Phil’s new BFF’s and favorite grandparents, George & Cindy… so here are 2 of the more eventful clips from the depositions:

George Anthony – ZG video deposition, April 9th 2009 – Part 9/14: (CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL 14 VIDEOS)

Cindy Anthony – ZG video deposition, April 9th 2009 – Part 16/16:  (CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL 16 VIDEOS)


  1. Morgan is infamous in Central Florida. Phony money grubbing ambulance chaser! He’s shameful and an embarrassment. It figures that he insinuated himself into this circus. He gets on t.v. in his cheesy commercials talking about how much he cares “for the people”. He’s got himself an Empire down here, and our previous governor now works for Him. It’s so ridiculous. Glad Casey is pleading the 5th!

    • Marilyn A. says:

      Sherry, thanks for the info. You have confirmed what I already believed about Morgan. Every time I see him, I become nauseated, repulsed and my hair stands up. He comes across to me as an horrid greedy man. It doesn’t help that he looks like a bulldog!

  2. Marilyn A. says:

    Good Morning Casey! Just wanted to take a moment to send you some love and support! You’re probably a bit nervous about tomorrow’s deposition so I wanted to send you a few words of encouragement. This civil case is nothing more than a devious woman and her pit bulls wanting to make them selves notorious at your expense with greed as their motivator. You have a great team on your side so just keep your composure and following your attorney’s instructions. Don’t let them geode you into having or displaying any negative feelings (anger, sadness or nervousness).

    Just keep a smile on the inside knowing that we are there with you in spirit. Feel your army of supporters standing with you. Every time you feel an unpleasant feeling, think of me standing behind you with my hands on your shoulders. Think of the love and strength emanating through my hands allowing a calming feeling to spread through your body. I AM there with you.

    Keep your head up! You have already more class in your little finger than any of the haters have in their entire body. All of your attorney’s have more talent and class than any of the opposing criminal or civil attorney’s. You’re attorney’s have great motivation – YOU!

  3. Marilyn C says:

    Casey is going to do as she has always done. She is going to hold her head high & show CLASS!! We all have your back Sweet Girl!! I don’t live in Florida, but from the start I saw that Ass Morgan was trying to inject himself into Caseys case. I think I remember someone saying he tried to get on her team & when that failed, he did it by chasing other ways. Also if I remember correctly Zenaida was living at Motel 6, but claims she lost everything! I’ve never been able to figure out WHAT she LOST. The depositions at his office was nothing but a JOKE…. the world could see he was only FISHING. He was on Bitch Grace non stop stating HE was going to SOLVE this case & get Casey DEATH. Well…we see THAT didn’t happen. He even tried up to the last minute by representing the man the defense added at the end (which was not even called). Now EVERYTHING he does is so obvious (like the state) is nothing but REVENGE. I pray for the day this Sweet Little Girl can get out of Florida. We would be glad to welcome her to Texas! Casey…NOW You see that not everybody hates you. You didn’t see it before because WE did not get ANY AIR TIME!! It was better TV to show polls for the most hated woman…. like most everything else in the trial….. UNTRUE. Casey, you have more FAMILY than you could ever ask for!! I agree with others… family does not have to mean BLOOD, if that were the case I wouldn’t have much family either. Since you KNOW we are ALL here for you, I’m sure you will be just fine. Just keep in mind the IDIOTS you are dealing with, like you have in the past! Good Luck Sweetie!

    • Marilyn A. says:

      Casey, both of the Marilyn’s are in Texas! We are waiting with open arms!

    • Well said Marilyn! You know she will get through this just fine! Just as she did before! I cant agree with you any more about how the press and news never showed any of us supporters! Go figure right, I swear this world is going to hell in a handbasket, people are just so mean! If people would spend more time worrying about them selves and not everbody else, and taking the time to love each other a little more, the world would be a better place for all of us to live!! Casey is a strong person though, she will find her way again, and will be back to her awesome life sooner then what most think!

      Hope all is having a great day!
      xoxoxo <3 ~kat

  4. Casey, don’t be worried. You will do just fine. I know it. I’m there with you in spirit. You are one tough girl and if past three years haven’t broken you nothing will. Don’t worry about a thing. Everyone here has your back.

  5. Good luck tomorrow Casey. Hopefully this stupid lawsuit will be thrown out by a real judge at some point. Just another hurdle for you to get over and of course we know you will!

  6. I just heard on the news that Casey gave her Deposition. She answered a few general questions then her attorneys invoked her fifth amendment. She was angry like it was a waste of her time, but kept her cool. Go Casey! Give em nothing!

  7. They probably tried to railroad our girl with a lot of dumb questions but she kept her cool. I knew she would come through it well. Our girl is very strong!

  8. Woohoo, Casey made it through Morgan the bulldog! Better than I would have done. I would have been so po’d!

  9. YAAAAY CASEY!!! Thats it, give them nothing, and then they cant say nothing, cept’ for what they make up, and i think we have all come to realize that they are going to do that anyway…only because they have nothing better to do, and they have nothing to go on , so there for they have to make up something so they can have something to talk about….. Gezz, media people get over it already! Take this remark made by John Morgan:

    Orlando attorney John Morgan, who represents Gonzalez, said Anthony appeared to be unhappy and angry during the 45-minute deposition.

    “You could see where there’s points where she starts to hyperventilate, nostrils flaring. But there was never an outburst,” he told Reuters.

    OMG! REALLY? Maybe Casey had a a stuffy nose and it was hard for her to breath or something, or maybe it was hot in the room she was in, and how did HE know that she looked “UNHAPPY”, she was prolly’ just disgusted by all of this bs and didnt wanna be there…but, of course though they are going to grab at whatever they can and turn a stream into a river (as they always have) just to try and make her look bad. But let them say and do what they got to do, it still wont change that fact that CASEY ANTHONY IS INNOCENT! 🙂

    xoxox <3 ~kat

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