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Casey speaks to TV host Piers Morgan

Check out the video clips below featuring Piers Morgan on CNN last night (w/Cheney Mason), discussing his phone call with Casey…

***CLICK HERE for the show transcript — (3-page PDF document)***

Part #1:


Part #2:


Part #3:

Casey - Piers TV 6-13-2012

News report from WFTV:

Casey Piers WFTV 6-13-2012


“Casey Anthony spoke out in an off-camera interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, revealing more than she ever has publicly.

She talked about her daughter Caylee for the first time since she was acquitted in the toddler’s death nearly a year ago.

Morgan said she reached out saying “Obviously, I didn’t kill my daughter.”

“She said to me ‘the caricature of me that is out there, it couldn’t be further from the truth,'” Morgan said.

When Morgan asked her what she was most self-critical about, she told him:

“Not being honest. I didn’t trust law enforcement. I didn’t give them the benefit of the doubt which is part of the reason they didn’t give me the benefit of the doubt.”

She also talked about the jailhouse video recordings of her visits with her family, saying:

“I’ve looked back at some of the interviews in the way that I’ve come across. It looks absolutely horrible and I’m ashamed in many ways of the person that I was.”

What is life like now for Casey Anthony?

Her attorney, Cheney Mason, was on the program, saying even though she is free, she is living in what he calls “a different kind of prison.”

Mason also said Casey was not out there selling her story, but “when the time comes she will have her story to tell.”

Mason said Casey was currently reading the Hunger Games trilogy, among other things to stay entertained in her life in hiding.

Casey also dispelled some rumors, saying she does not weight 500 pounds. Mason added that she likely barely weighs 120 pounds.  Casey also said she was not moving to Costa Rica.

It was just a day ago when Cheney Mason filed an appeal for Casey Anthony on the conviction that she lied to law enforcement.”

More news/video when we have it.


  1. Go Casey!!!!!!

    I think the last year proves a lot about Casey and her character. She could have done the whole year differently with regard to the media but chose not too. She’s going to be just fine!

    I didn’t like the part where Pierce alludes to something with Casey reading The Hunger Games. For Chrissake it’s a best seller!

    Thanks SJ for posting this so fast!

    • Hi Sonja. Yes, great to know Casey is still going strong, despite the ever-present BS-circus running in the background. Even though we never got the full specifics of the Piers-Casey call, I’m sure she basically told him what she wanted him to know. The full story will come out in due course – maybe in a few months time.

      I agree on the “Hunger Games” stuff too – and no doubt it’ll only be a matter of time before the mentally deficient Haters launch a Boycott Amazon campaign for the book, or arrange a book burning. You gotta love the Haters :mrgreen:

      Thanks for posting!

      • SJ,
        I suspect Casey is gearing up to tell her story very soon. I wonder if it would be in her benefit to tell it before the lawsuit or after. I mean if she answers some of the questions in a book, then it lessens Morgan’s chances of furthering his own agenda which is to sensationalize this new trial in a way that further alienates Casey from the public. It be like she answered some of the questions he wanted to ask. I hope her story finally shuts the haters up. What do you think? Would it help or hurt her in court?

        And, should she implicated George would we finally see justice? I mean there are so many of us that want George to have to answer for his role in all this.

        • Hi Sonja!

          Good point. From a legal & logistical perspective, we can only wait and see what Team Casey have planned over the next few months – but they’ll certainly know the best way forward.

          Interesting too that Casey said she would be telling (but not selling) her story when the time is right.

          Regarding GA – I have always stated that he should be held accountable for the Aggravated Manslaughter of Caylee. But actually, as Caylee’s death occurred during the commission of a felony (i.e. while GA was sexually abusing her), that is of course considered Murder rather than aggravated manslaughter, regardless of the perpetrator’s intent.

          So yes, GA still has to be held accountable for Caylee’s murder – even though he’s crushed the car, discarded his laptop, got rid of all the trial evidence he had returned to him (and a bunch of other stuff we’ll probably learn more about in JB’s book).

          This ain’t going away anytime soon. The clock is still ticking.

  2. Hi Casey. We know you didn’t do it. I just I want you to know I did not do anything I was accused of either. I’m not blaming anyone. I just know it wasn’t me. d

  3. Yeah I agree Piers was reaching there with the Hunger Games comment. Stupid! d

    • Piers wanted a lot more out of that interview than he got in terms of drama. He seemed like the whole topic was beneath him in my opinion. I don’t think Casey will reveal the details to some CNN guy. Her story will come when it’s time and it’s just not time yet given the silly lawsuit mounted by Morgan. I’m happy she addressed how much she loved her daughter, her lack of maturity at the time all this happened and how Cheney spoke of her distrust when all this occurred. She has been through hel -l that’s for sure! It galls me how people even think she still owes the public an explanation. And to question her reading material??? Pfft. She was evaluated by professionals already. People need to quit digging for something they will never find because it’s just not there. She was kid going though severe trauma at the hands of her father, the media, the system, etc. etc. If she were what everyone thought she was ie. a sociopath, her behavior would have been different during the aftermath!

      • “If she were what everyone thought she was ie. a sociopath, her behavior would have been different during the aftermath!” No doubt Jon. However, I think Cindy was an abuser too in her own way. I’m going by the info I got from Keith Ablow’s book. d

        • SJ,

          Appreciate the transcribed conversation. I can hear it context better. Piers sounds a bit more empathetic. it’s interesting how things sound when we read them versus hearing them. I can’t wait for Miss Casey to show them all.

  4. Wow this made my day! A lot of people are reading the hunger games and? Did hollywood ban it Pfffssshh?

  5. Casey We knew you were innocent all the time. You don’t have to explain anything to us.

  6. Now, HLN is saying “Should Casey be reading The Hunger Games?” They will try to twist anything around.

  7. Hi SJ!!
    Yep, Piers was really trying to drum up some drama with the Hunger Games comment. Geez! But I liked how Mason just glossed over that. I’m sure the knuckle dragging Caylee Warriors will run with that…well, Jon says that HLN is already making a big deal out of it. My gosh…that’s just stupid. No other word for it…just stupid. I feel for Casey so much. She can’t do anything…read a book, watch a movie, anything without the haters picking it apart, trying to find something sinister in it. I can’t believe people live their life like that…hating someone they don’t even know. How much time do that put into that hate? Sad life that these knuckledragging warriortards live!

    Thanks for sharing SJ and have a great day!

    • Hi Jill!
      Yes… whether Casey had been reading Jaws, The Bible, War & Peace or Harry Potter, they would still have made a big deal out of it. As for the knuckle-dragging Haters, well, they’re operating at their best level as usual… many many levels below us.
      Thanks for posting!
      Later, SJ

      PS. I just uploaded the 3-page interview transcript in case you missed it.

      • Harry N says:

        What does a futuristic thriller about teenagers being forced to fight each other to the death in a kind of state-sponsored reality show have to do with Casey? That however is not the best example of how irrational these people are, and how irresponsible the media outlets that feed them are. Remember how they covered the fact that a small plane that she had once been on had crashed in Florida, killing a whole family. Serious newspapers and TV outlets actually covered this as news! The haters, of course, took this to mean she’s so evil that this plane crash and family’s death is her fault somehow. God forbid there’s a hurricane that hits Florida this season because it’ll be blamed on Casey by the nutjobs.

      • Thanks SJ for providing transcription. The Bible is violent too as are many of the greatest plays and novels ever written, not to mention half the movies and shows on tv. It was low blow from Morgan. d

  8. Now, Nancy Grace is going off about this. That woman is so ugly.

    • I freaking hate Nancy Grace. She probably has no idea what Hunger Games is about and thinks that it’s the story of a young mother who killed her baby with duct tape. She’d find issue with anything that Casey read and would make up lies to support her position. HATE.

      Casey, stay strong, girl! We’ve got your back. 🙂

  9. It pains me to hear that our beautiful girl is in her own prison and is afraid to go out in public. Such Beauty should not be hidden.

  10. nancywranovsky says:

    I sometimes believe Casey shouldn’t tell anyone anything. Why give anyone the satisifaction. Could their ever be justice for Casey or Caylee? I know some believe that it was justice. Casey being found NOT GUILTY but know,no one has paid for what did happen to Caylee. I always believed that george did do something to Caylee and i believe that because it just makes no sense that if Caylee drowned why not call 911. I believe that there must of been evidence on that baby of some abuse by george. i lived in a family full of secrets. A legacy of secrets of all kinds. A family that could and did play pretend. PRETEND THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. I am telling you at the young age of 22 if my mother or father or brother told me not to tell. no matter what it was i would NOT tell. You can never understand that unil you live it. You grow up to believe that your parents are so powerful and that you have to protect the family and the secrets. AT ALL COSTS. The jail house videos say alot more than people can hear.I would not want to pretend to know the hell that was Casey’s life, with them two crazy nuitz for parents. AND BELIEVE ME ONE IS JUST AS CRAZY AS THE OTHER. Them two were so f’en crazy that it F’ed up the whole investigation. if they put Law enforcement in a twirl can u imagine what it was like to live with george and cindy. i wouldn’t of just made up friends i would of made up a whole new world where them two didn’t exist. Thats why Casey did so well in jail BECAUSE there was no george or cindy twirling and twisting Casey’s mind. Its a blessed miracle Casey’s not crazy. but its because Casey, you are a survivor and the Lord is with you holding your hand. May God be with you, never let you go and keep you safe.

    • Angelina says:

      I am agree with you, Nancy. And I understand this very well may be because I have the same type of parents (almost the same -just without sexial part of abuse).

      Anyway, I know that Casey is innocent , I felt it from day 1 inside the heart , and I prayed on my knees on evening before the verdict.

      I am so happy for Casey; the ice is broken now – you will got your life , and love, and freedom back, Casey. Go!

    • Hi Nancy – I agree with you about ‘living with Cindy & George’…..must have been a living hell. They not only confused LE, they confused everyone (almost)!

      I can only imagine the torment George is going thru, afterall, the truth from Jose is about to be released! Casey should increase her security – I don’t trust Cindy or George. They are NOT her ‘friends’!

      Hey George – sleep well at night?


    So nice to see the media showing Casey in a somewhat better light and allowing the public to see her for the human being that she is. As for the mention of Casey reading the hunger games, not a big deal, it is a best seller, you will find it being read by millions of people and I find nothing out of the ordinary in Casey reading the book. I have a daughter similar age as Casey that raved about the movie and the book. Thanks Piers Morgan.

    • Hi PM,
      Thanks for the link. I just posted the CNN video in the site for anyone that missed it.

      • SJ:

        Thanks for all you do for Casey on your site. I have to admit, I had to take a break from this ‘mess’ for a month – but, I’m BACK with a vengeance.

        George – I’m BACK! 😉

        • Hi Mimi…you’ve been missed!! BTW, I emailed you a few days ago. I’m still here supporting Casey. She has a way to go, but perhaps, just perhaps, things are turning around for her.

          • Hey Jill:

            TYVM – I’ve missed all of you guys too – just needed a little break – but, I don’t think I’ve missed a day of praying that little Caylee receives her JUSTICE. I hope we’re going to get the answers soon. I am still praying for Casey too. I want so badly to see her come out of this terrible injustice and be able to live a good life.

            I don’t know how LDB and the laughing guy sleep at night. I will always feel they knew/know more then they ever released. A precious baby girl lost her life and her mother was framed – and IMHO, I believe her parents knew everything from the beginning!


  12. I agree her parents knew from the beginning and how sad to see they went along with the idea of seeing Casey in jail. It’s obvious she was upset telling her mother it really wasn’t her fault being locked up. The way she answered her mom like questioning her “really my involvement?” as in (mom you know the truth). At this point I wouldn’t trust anyone either. If she couldn’t trust her family why would she trust anyone else let alone the media.

  13. Ps..I agree with Nancy 😉

  14. I want so bad for Casey to be free from all the people that are falsely accussing her. I will do anything I can to help Casey Anthony because she deserves the very best of everything in her life. The sweet beautiful angel has lost years of her life and her daughter she loved so much. I have all ways defended Casey Anthony from the first time I saw the news of her and I will all ways keep defending her. I would do anything to protect Casey and keep her safe

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