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Casey spotted in Ohio – latest BS from TMZ

Following on from their earlier BS – claiming to have video of Casey Anthony drinking a bottle of Corona on a private jet in Orlando – TMZ now claim to have the first pictures of Casey, snapped in Ohio.

I guess if you’re looking for a cute girl… average height… long-ish brown hair and ample boobs, then you’re probably gonna have an alledged “Casey sighting” every day, lol.  As you can see from the pics below, the girl of the left looks reasonable… but the girl on the right (who obviously borrowed her cap from the girl on the left) looks more like Kelly Clarkson. Nice one TMZ. Did they not have a pic of Casey coming down the steps of the space shuttle the other week too?

Good publicity for TMZ though as always. GO CASEY!!!


  1. There are a few obvious giveaways about the pictures.

    1. The earlobe size, shape, and location is wrong.
    2. The size and shape of the mouth.
    3. The cap is pulled down tight but shows too much space occupied by the oversized with her hair hanging out.

    These pics are an obvious moulage job that was half-assed thought out and executed.

  2. Definately not Casey Anthony. TMZ is ridiculus. The 2 people in the picture aren’t even the same people. Get a life TMZ .

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