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Casey Anthony – Still Innocent. Always has been. Always will be.

A lot of people WANTED Casey to be guilty – just so they could draw a line under it and forget about it.

The fact Casey was found NOT guilty stopped that from happening. I’m still not sure which part of “Not Guilty” the Haters still don’t understand.

Forget “chloroform searches“, “car boot decomposition”, “duct tape suffocation” and all the other fantasy forensics thrown up in the air by The Laughing Guy (now retired) & Linda. That was all BS, and was PROVEN to be BS. They even knew the CacheBack evidence was flawed during the trial.

Watch Jose Baez’ Opening Statements if you want to know what really happened.

So as much as the lynch mob wanted Casey to be found guilty for a crime she didn’t commit, it just ain’t gonna happen. The sooner they realize that, the better.

Casey has already been through the full circus of the judicial system (not to mention the hell of losing her daughter and being in soltary confinement 23 hours a day for 3 years) and be proven NOT guilty – much to the disappointment of the media and despite the daily rantings since July 15th 2008 from disheveled whores like Nancy Grace and others. (PS. Did anyone stop to ask HLN to help cover the “costs” of the trial, seeing as their nightly Grace-fuelled witch-hunt shows rocketed their ratings & generated them over $30m in extra advertising revenue? I think not… that wouldn’t be fair now, would it?)

The fact is – this was never a first degree murder case. The Laughing Guy and Linda knew they did not have a viable case against Casey Anthony right from the get-go, yet they insisted on wasting tax-payer money in order to try and please the masses.

Bottom line:

So what if Casey wants to write a book, sell her story, feature in a magazine or do anything else she wants. Casey doesn’t owe anyone a damn thing. She’s already paid her debt to society. If anything, it’s Casey that should sue the ass off the ncompetent  & over zealous prosecutors who over charged her and the media who vilified her.

Casey Anthony is innocent. Always has been. Always will be.

RESPECT the verdict and move on.



  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I am so happy there is a website that uses common sense!

  2. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    Casey is innocent. Always has been, always will be. That is the bottom line and you are absolutely right: Casey is 100% innocent.

  3. Casey is as Innocent as they come.

  4. so then—WHO did it???

    • Who did Casey TRY to tell OCSO who did, without jeopardizing the life of her child and possibly her parents? The Zanny .. . ..Who was the Zanny?

      Casey and her mom Cindy was going through some photos on Casey’s Facebook page and they came across a picture of Caylee. Cindy asked: “Where was this taken?”. .. .Casey said: “That’s Zanny’s apartment.” Come to find out, Cindy asked Amy about it and she said the apartment belonged to Ricardo Morales. Amy Huizenga was also a roomy with Rico. They were living in the Sawgrass Apts.

      Who was Zanny?. . .. Connect the dots. ..

  5. Casey was found not guilty…she was not found innocent…huge difference. Several of the jurors said those exact words. They said that if there were other options on the table she would have been found guilty. Period.

  6. David Henderson. says:

    Hi Casey,

    I am Really Sorry that I have not messaged you in so long, for some reason, a link that said could not display web page has popped up everytime I have tried too get on here! I really Hope and Pray, that now that it has been a year since your rightful aquittell of those rediculous charges against You, that everything is only looking up for You, and that You will be able too live the prosperous life that You so richly deserve, and that all of the hypocrites will leave You alone, cause Your Innocense should be obvious too everyone! I really Hope that You enjoyed the Fireworks 3 Weeks ago, but the Greatest Fireworks ever were on July 5, last year when you were rightfully proven Innocent! I can only keep You in my Prayers always, and may GOD BLESS YOU in all ways possible!

    Love you Casey, Please take Care!!!
    David Henderson.

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