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Texas Equusearch join the frivolous civil suit circus

*** LATEST UPDATE: Motion to dismiss lawsuit denied ***

Hot on the heels of Zenaida Gonzalez, it’s now the turn of  Texas Equusearch to join the frivolous civil suit circus.  Click here for the specifics.

They apparently want Casey to pay for their inability to find Caylee’s remains. If remember rightly, in November 2008 Texas Equusearch (and a bunch of other people to boot) searched the exact area where the remains were discovered – and found nothing… mainly due to Roy Kronk playing hide & seek with the remains in an attempt to secure himself the $255k reward money.

Here’s a segment from FOX News that aired on December 11th 2008 – the day “the remains” were found… but they had not yet been identified as Caylee’s, hence the continual “bag of bones” references. In this clip, Judge Andrew Napolitano covers the highly probable movement of Caylee’s remains prior to their ultimate discovery:

judge napolitano - search for caylee Dec-11-08

The hearing is set for 2:30 pm @ Orlando County Courthouse w/Judge Lisa Munyon.

Watch this space. Updates & video to follow soon…


  1. How they can sue Casey is beyond my comprehension. It should be George, Cindy and OSCO that cover their costs. Casey never told anyone to search, from what I can gather.

    I still want to know how they missed the remains. Perhaps a lawsuit will force them to answer some questions that remain about their conduct!

  2. Has TES ever found anybody? Unless they have a contract specifically signed by Casey herself, then they should have no case. My hope in these frivolous lawsuits is that the judges are fair and don’t rule against her just to punish her for being found not guilty.

  3. Marilyn C says:

    I just watched a live blog where it said the motion to dismiss this was DENIED! I sure don’t understand this at all.I also just watched a clip of Cindy on Bitch Grace 9/2/08 where she says SHE called Tim Miller in to look for a LIVE Caylee. Tim was pissed at Casey for NOT talking to him & Cindy for not helping. Cindy was explaining that while Casey was out on bail NOBODY could talk to her. If Casey did NOT talk to Tim Miller…how can he SUE her? All her attorneys have to do is look thru a few video clips & there is their proof that Casey did NOT call him…CINDY DID!!!

  4. SMDH if this isn’t the worse case of sour grapes i don’t know what is. All these plaintiffs are doing is allowing the civil defense to open the door and air some of their own dirty laundry. Is it really winning when it won’t be fair to begin with? (if this does go anywhere). Again i hope it gets thrown out, but idk

  5. I was just reading Tim Millers Interview on 12 Dec 08 with John Allen & Eric Edwards. From his own mouth he states “she never said please find my daughter”. He also said Cindy is the one who called him to come there in the first place and that she was the “spokesperson” in the family the whole time. He really never talked to Casey at all. He also states the whole family was acting so bizarre that he thought about suspending the search more than once but then thought “this is about Caylee, not Casey” and kept on with the search, so it was HIS decision to stay and search as long as he did. Hopefully this transcript will be a huge help in getting this dumb lawsuit dismissed at some point.

    • EXACTLY! I would think that would even be enough to dismiss the ridiculous lawsuit altogether. I hope that it BACKFIRES and the truth is exposed. I think this is a case of them trying to strike out before having to answer some serious questions.

  6. I was reading the TES facebook page and read a few posts where people are asking for help for one thing or another. Anyway one thing that stood out to me is that they don’t search for kidnapped people, only missing people. This is significant because when Cindy called them, wasn’t she still thinking Caylee was kidnapped and not missing? Why would she call them unless she knew Caylee was really missing and not kidnapped? I’m confused.


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