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Why We Love Casey

Support Casey --- Let the Waters Rise video

Casey’s trial has certainly whipped up a lot of controversy & opinions out there – fulled mainly by countless TV pundits comments & “TV specials” – all purporting to know exactly what happened… who did it… how they did it… when they did it… why they did it… what they had to eat & where they went after they did it – and everything else in-between. Unfortunately for them, the actual trial itself wasn’t so clear cut. No motive. No “murder weapon”. No blood. No fingerprints. No DNA. No cause of death.

Watch the full Defense Opening Statements here if you still seek enlightenment.

All of that resulted – and rightly so – in Casey Anthony being found Not Guilty of  first-degree murder… Not Guilty of aggravated child abuse, and Not Guilty of aggravated manslaughter of a child… although she was found guilty on 4 counts of providing false information to police. The latter of which we can put down to Casey being confused & under a great deal of stress due to  her situation at that time.

Remember: Just because Casey Anthony likes to party… she got a tattoo… and she borrowed a neighbors shovel – DOES NOT mean she murdered her own daughter. FACT.  Also… convicting on circumstantial evidence & assumptions (because the prosecution couldn’t produce any REAL FACTUAL EVIDENCE) is convenient – and would have made a lot of clueless people very happy in this case – BUT JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE.

Casey loved Caylee, and Caylee loved her Mom. Those facts were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt throughout the entire trial. Sure you might wake up one morning and decide to buy a new car, or decide to hit the shopping mall or take a vacation… but you DO NOT suddenly wake up one morning and decide to kill your daughter. It just does not happen. Think about it.

Casey did not kill Caylee.

So what happens next? The Haters take to the stage… sending & making death threats to Casey, Jose Baez, George & Cindy Anthony, Cheney Mason, the Jurors – and even Judge Perry. Yep. The verdict didn’t go “as planned” for a lot of people – so they decide on threatening to kill nearly everyone associated with the trial to be the next best thing. I mean, WTF is wrong with you people?

Caylee Anthony is gone… she’ll never be forgotten… and there’s nothing in the world that can ever be done to change that… so going on a “killing spree” because you got pissed at the verdict is just plain ridiculous. Get over it FFS!

Here’s the bottom line:

The Haters out there (and many other people to boot) have absolutely NO IDEA what poor Casey has had to endure during all of this media-fuelled fiasco & accompaying witch-hunt style circus.

  • Casey lost her beloved 2 year old daughter,
  • Casey got falsely charged with the murder of her own daughter,
  • Casey spent the last 3 years in jail… actually in solitary confinement, locked up 23 hours a day in a 6′ x 8′ cell and with ZERO privacy,
  • Casey came very close to being wrongly convicted of murdering her own daughter and getting the death penalty…

And all of this happened while most people were sat in front of their TV’d – stuffing their face with pizza & watching BS “pundits” spewing their BS opinions out to anyone that would listen.

In Conclusion:

Casey was released from jail on July 17th 2011. She’ll take time to re-adjust to her new found freedom. Hopefully Casey will also strike gold with TV appearances, books & movie deals – and why not. After enduring 3 YEARS OF HELL FOR NOTHING, the girl deserves it.

Casey is young. She’s gorgeous – and (more importantly) she’s innocent.

And THAT’S the bottom line.


PS. Do you still think Casey is guilty?……



  1. Love the site. LOVE LOVE LOVE CASEY!!!

    • Love this site as well! Casey i want you to know there are alot of people that are on your side and BELIEVE you did know such thing. WE LOVE YOU CASEY!

      • CASEY I WAS TELLING EVERYBODY FROM THE START YOU WERE NOT GUILTY, NOT GUILTY, NOT GUILTY! I was so happy for you when we all heard the great news.

  2. She is beautiful, young, and deserves to live her life. I truly fear for her safety at this point and being a protective service specialist would have no problem helping to protect her. Caylee didn’t die in vain and that little Angel will be looking down at her Mommy on Sunday protecting her as well. I wish I could tell Casey the impact she’s had not only on me but millions who support her. Iv never met her but I feel connected too her in such a huge way and how could one not. I thank Jose Baez for helping this brave, beautiful, strong woman to live and I hope she dosent go into hiding I hope she comes out and speaks, writes, meets people who support her. My heart is with her and has been since day one.

  3. Casey I will give you a place to stay as long as you need.

  4. casey your hot, stop off in England on your book tour!. p.s be safe

  5. Kollin Jones says:

    I agree, I don’t think that she killed her daughter. Well, good luck folks!

  6. I knew Casey didn’t kill her. She’s a good mom! I’m glad she’s freed! I hope she’ll have her chance for new life again. We love you Casey

  7. I think that Casey should come live a low profile life in Arizona. She would do great here. I feel for her family, and pray that everything works out for them. Casey needs to lay low for a while, and get used to society again, then cash in big time on her story. Good luck Casey!! xoxo

  8. casey supporter says:

    Oh my God, the Casey ignorant hate mongers ACCIDENTLY provided me this website. LOL! Casey you need to sue HLN for all their lies and slanted reporting. Nancy Grace has made her blood money on little Caylee with her lies and theater platform to support herself and her twins. Tell me. Do you think Nancy has exploited her TOT’S on TV?????????

  9. From the beginning, It seems as if people wanted this woman locked up before evidence was even brought forth. In late 2008 after I stopped by to visit my grandmother in Northern California. I first watched this case then because my grandmother liked to watch “guess who?” Nancy Grace. People watching liked to side with Nancy Grace. What fans don’t follow their hero? At least. I did in fact believe during the time that of course everything is a possibility. So I kept my mind open to the thought that Casey Anthony could have killed her child. But then as the evidence arrived, It all got too strange and became too circumstantial. As people saw the coincidences that were being manifested as evidence. I started to realize personally as someone who always questions everything. That there was no telling at this point that this woman killed her child at all.

    But for people it wasn’t a mystery. They already knew from the beginning didn’t they? At least that’s what they claimed. Which is one thing that makes this case so sad. Not only did a mother lose her daughter but the world humiliated her and wrongfully accused her of being the killer. I guess reason being they care about children. Which is completely understandable as children are in fact those of the future. Many people who knew Casey Anthony in the real world claimed she was a great mother. Although people who didn’t know her at all will argue based on personal belief that she didn’t care about Caylee at all and therefor wanted her daughter dead. This was in my own opinion completely biased on what happened to Caylee Anthony alone. Because Casey being a bad mother, If true. Doesn’t make her the killer and also doesn’t provide any evidence of a possible killer either.

    So now that the world was thrown off topic with what happened to Caylee Anthony. “I think we have been for a while actually.” We are able to argue about different aspects of Casey’s own life. Maybe people thought they could find more answers this way? Well that, Or they had faith in the idea of Casey Anthony being the killer without real evidence. I can’t say whether or not Casey Anthony was a bad mother. Reason being is I didn’t know her. But since we are off topic I will go through my own opinions as well. Since we are all entitled to our own opinions anyway, I will leave mine as well.

    It seems safe for many people to automatically assume Casey Anthony wasn’t a good mom for not reporting her daughter missing at all. Then deciding to party while her daughter was missing as well. Its like an enlightened coincidence, or just a big excuse isn’t it? Well actually its not. Because nobody knows if Casey was partying with her friends to celebrate her daughters death. Which in my own opinion is completely wrong to accuse someone of. But by this time everyone had already hated the woman. Thanks to the ego, The one everyone has and must express to the world around them and it successfully dragging others into believing the same as well. But one thing is for sure, Partying doesn’t make someone a killer and doesn’t point to Casey being a bad mother either, I know many people who party as well when they are depressed. Most likely as a way of coping with their situations, Not as a way of celebrating them.

    In conclusion, For the sake of Casey Anthony in hopes that she will live a good life regardless of how people accused her and probably made her feel. Its important that people realize the right thing was in fact done and Casey Anthony deserves to be free. People shouldn’t confuse justice with revenge. Especially when revenge isn’t possible without knowing for a fact that she killed her daughter. This fact also must be supported by real evidence, Not circumstantial evidence. Which isn’t evidence at all. In other words, Justice was served by letting Casey Anthony go free. Because of the fact that they had no evidence. Giving this woman life imprisonment or the death penalty would have been unjustified without proof. Because then people are just assuming they know the truth. Which of course, Does not work at all when there are questions and answers involved. Its important for people to ask questions to challenge beliefs. Otherwise there really is no evidence to believe it at all. The conspiracy theorists will likely draw on and on about what they think as well. But without evidence none of their beliefs can be supported at all.
    Maybe they hate admitting they were wrong.

    -David Scott

  10. love this site…i recently published my own website that has the same flavour as this one…(a bit more neutral than this one’s message though :)…i noticed your site doesn’t have a forum-mine does and it soooooooooo needs some picking up! feel free to add my web address to your site and i will do the same on mine…

  11. Love Casey! I always knew she was Innocent I wish her the best!

    Damn, Casey is So Fine!

  12. BTW I want to state my position. If there are other Christians who are supporters of Casey and her family, please join with me in praying for their spiritual and emotional healing. I don’t know what the deal is about Casey rejecting her parents like the media puts forth and I am neutral about the alleged molestations of her, but they all need prayer for healing from Caylee’s death and also for themselves. I am studying psychology and hope to go into Christian counseling, and from reading Casey’s jailhouse letter about the nightmares of George standing over her bed it is indicative of some sort of traumatic memory. However, traumatic memories can be very garbled and confused when someone has repressed them and they start to come up. There is a saying that the eyes are the windows of the souls; I can see there has been drastic change in Casey’s eyes from before and after Caylee’s death. I pray for her healing spiritually and emotionally, and that God puts the right counselors in her path so that she can receive what she needs.

  13. Casey Anthony will always be welcomed to stay at my place if needs a place to stay. I would defend and protect her with my life

  14. Whether you think Casey did it or not. . there is no doubt that she is smoking hot

  15. I love this site and how you say your words so carefully with wit! Very clever, right to the point, and excellent word choosing. You can make a good argument! v

  16. I just hope that the reports of her cashing in already are true & that our lovely Casey can then have the lifestyle she so richly deserves.

  17. I think that I shall never see a girl as fine as Casey.

  18. caseyishot says:

    Casey Anthony is the most cutest woman ever to come out of Orlando FL hands down.

  19. No. She is the Cutest woman to come out the whole state of Florida.

  20. Casey, you are smart, and beautiful. You know I wrote to you over 100 times. Come stay with me. You know I will shelter you. Call me Casey…..859 285 2926

  21. This site has got to be a joke, started to incite the public even more. You stated in the ‘Want to Comment’ section that stupidity will not be tolerated. Well…..if the shoe fits. Just how do you think Caylee Anthony died? Someone out there just decided to kill her, and wrap her with things from the Anthony home? Some other dude did it, is that your defense of Casey? I will never believe anything other than this is a bogus site set up by morons who are sitting back laughing at the SAD people posting here claiming she is innocent and deserving a wonderful life.

    • Hey. Do you really think “the public” need any inciting? They’ve been brainwashed for the past 3 years, just like you have. This site is in place to expose all the myths, lies & BS regarding the trial – and enlighten the masses to the truth.

      With regards to what happened to Caylee, I will be covering this subject in detail very soon.

      In the meantime, if you can’t handle the truth and you don’t like our site, then don’t come back again. You will not be missed. Stick to watching NG & HLN instead with all the other idiots. You’ll be in good company for sure.

      Casey is innocent, and she does deserve a wonderful life. She was also an amazing Mother. I wouldn’t normally waste my time on posts like yours, but I made an exception in this case especially for you. It’s obvious you are one sick spiteful bitch. SJ

    • Marilyn C says:

      I don’t think this site is a JOKE. I was so happy to finally find a SUPPORT CASEY site because I was starting to think I was the only CRAZY person that saw another side of all the BS that was fed to me non stop on TV when I was reading something completely different in documents. It was like the talking heads were not reading & watching the same as I was! I am not some young uneducated idiot,I just happen to be someone with medical problems that confines me to bed & too much time, you can learn a lot if you take the time, instead of relying on the media. I hope if you are going to BASH Casey, you do go to all the other million sites that are the lazy zombies. Start by going back to the start of all this & read or watch GEORGE & the detectives. Thank You for this site for me to come to & hope Casey can see there ARE people who DO believe her. Probly for the first time she is getting to see what a real family is like with her defense family. I wish her some joy in her life.

      • FAYE WARNER says:


  22. I agree with Marilyn C – People actually deleted me off of facebook as a friend for agreeing with the verdict. Great video – whoever did the editing did a fantastic job. I would love to see your site profile other cases of the missing. Hundreds of thousands of people could use 30 sections of the million seconds of coverage that goes toward frying Casey Anthony.

  23. Let us not forget Jose Baez. He was the one who believed in Casey and fought so hard for her. He is the reason she is Free. Jose Beaz is a Hero in my book.

  24. Casey u know who i am. I wrote to u over one hundred times, I have a place for you. Clothes. Food. I am waiting.

  25. Justice has prevailed. Good luck to you Casey. You have my heart.

  26. Dear Casey,
    From the beginning I knew that you were innocent. I knew that everything they said about you were all just a bunch of lies. I watched everyday of your trial, watched any thing about your trial. People said that I was stupid for doing so, that it was just a waste of my time. Anytime I brought your name up to anybody they would say the rudest things. And I would just ask them “do you really think a mother who loved her daughter so much would actually kill her and lie about it? Think about it and then tell me what you think.” I wanted to send you money in jail because I felt so bad that you were there. The only reason you were in jail was because America loves drama and without it nobody will be able to function. So they blamed you. The number one cause of death in the state of Florida for child deaths is drowning. I cried when they said not guilty to the three big charges. I was so happy. I got happier when they released you from jail ten days afterwards. I want you to know that I am here for you. your not alone in this world. There are people who believe you, care about you and want only the best for you. I hope you have another little girl, and I hope she doesn’t get taken away from you so tragically. Little Caylee Marie will always remain in my thoughts and so will you. I hope that things work out for you! 🙂
    ( -Shelli

  27. Casey you have support here in North Carolina from me, my son, and my husband!!! Stay Strong sweet girl!!!! 🙂

  28. Casey, keep your head up and stay strong! You are not alone. You have many here that love and believe in you!


    • THATS RIGHT! she is such a strong women!! Imma’ tell ya what… i have found this site and i LOVES IT!!! I think i have posted on every page that i can lol….well nevertheless….its people like us that will help her get through what she is going through…even though we may not know that we are helping her we really are….who is to say that she might run across this site while looking on the internet….she will for sure feel the love that we are sending out to her…and she will know that the whole world is not haten on her!!!!! We loves ya case!!! keeps ya head up and keep on keeping on! <3 <3 <3 ok…going back to my family and frinds now…lol…they are outside and im up here typN to you…lol later…


  29. CASEYYYYYYYY! LOVES YA! I so know you will prolly never see this lol….but what the hell……im still going to say hello! At the house in good ole’ greenville NC…grilling out…a few drinks…a few friends…and “as always” i had to bring my girl up! seeing i have never met you…i still feel like i know ya!….but i hope your doing well…..and its friday night…so i hope your relaxing after a long hard week! I know i am chick! ha ha…well keep it realS as YOU ALWAYS HAVE WITH NO PROBLEM….and have a blessed weekend love! xoxo ~N~ NC……………………………………………………….

    <3 kat and the rest of the fam! :))

  30. I am not even religious and Casey had me praying. Her courage and strength are inspiring. Not many could do what she did. STRONG and SMART and BRAVE is what she is. She is also a perfect example for police reform and the desperate need for corruption to be cleaned out.

  31. I love you casey. hit me my up girl call me i send you oxoxoxoxox. be careful and take care babe.

  32. I also am totally in love with Casey! I was soooo glad that she got found NOT GUILTY! I hope she is somewhere enjoying life and having fun now! She needs to party and not look back at the past. She is a beautiful, wonderful young lady (as far as I am concerned, the MOST beautiful girl I have seen), and she is INNOCENT ! All the haters just need to shut up and leave her alone! I will support her no matter what she does , and I say that proudly! At this point, it no longer matters what happened; she has been found innocent, so it is a moot point now. Caylee (unfortunately) is gone and hating Casey will never bring her back. If it were to come out that she did commit the murder (which it won’t), I would STILL support and love Casey unconditionally! The past is the past. Casey deserves to go out and enjoy life–she no longer has to worry about being found guilty and she has no children to hold her down, so she can have as much fun as she wants.. That may sound cruel, but I don’t mean it to. As mean as it sounds, it is true, and she DOES deserve the best life has to offer now. I LOVE YOU CASEY!!

    • Thanks for posting this, it just sums up what so many of us feel. I don’t think it sounds cruel and mean at all to wish a very special person the best life has to offer. WE LOVE YOU CASEY!!

  33. SMorris says:

    Thanks, Robin. I appreciate your comments. I have been told that I am being insensitive when I say that she should go out and have fun because she now has no children to hold her down. We are all sorry that Caylee is gone, but the fact remains that Casey indeed doesn’t any children now and she DOES deserve to go out and have fun and enjoy life.I don’t regret saying that at all, because it is true. Our focus now must be on Casey rather than Caylee. Casey is a beautiful and blamelss person and to me, she is a perfect angel, and my support and love for her is unconditional and unending.

  34. SMorris says:

    I just wanted to add that I hope Casey can find some way to make skads of money on this whole thing! She deserves to get filthy rich from all this so that she can enjoy the kind of life that she wants and deserves!

  35. Casey would want us to remember her little girl too that she loved so much. Caylee was the light of Casey’s
    of life and she misses her little girl so much. Support both Casey and Caylee.

  36. It ‘s good that we all support Casey but Casey would want us to remember her Caylee too.

  37. I didn’t say that we shouldn’t remember Caylee ! I said we now need to FOCUS on Casey. There is a difference.

  38. You said that you would support her even if she did kill Caylee. Casey would never dream of hurting her child. Casey would be very hurt by what you said. Maybe, it came out wrong and I misunderstood you. Casey loved her little girl and did her best to protect her. Casey misses her little girl very much. Yes, we should support Casey but remember Caylee.

  39. SMorris says:

    OMG ! Jon, you are totally misunderstanding my statements! Please STOP! I didn’t say we should forget Caylee or disrespect her! GEESH! Give it up! Focussing on Casey does NOT mean forgetting Caylee, nor does it mean that we aren’t sad about her death! Nor does it say that Casey didn’t (or doesn’t, if you prefer) love Caylee! I never once said any of that! And my statement about supporting Casey no matter what was meant only to show that I will always support Casey, not that I think that it will ever come out that she killed or even hurt Caylee (because she didn’t)! Please stop the attacking because you are really off base!

  40. Sorry, If you thought I was attacking you. I didn’t mean to. I support and love Casey too. I just thought you were forgetting Caylee. I’m sorry I misunderstood.

  41. i think that everyone was so focused on convicting the innocent mother that the press never even mention another possible suspect and it didnt seem like they were looking for anyone else either…

  42. I hope it get better for her, she has been through alot and needs to be able to get on with her life. The media has driven the woman to become a hermit. I hope the media gets a big lawsuit for herassment. Your always welcome in dallas

  43. I pray for time to heal and the public opinion to disappear so miss anthony can move on and live her life happily!!! God bless the United states justice system and freedom of the not guilty… May justice be served and the true criminal George be brought to trial!!!

  44. Personally, I think Casey should be voted the Most Beautiful and Lovable Woman in the World ! There is NOTHING that I can find to hate her for! But there is ALOT to love her for!

    Casey, I don’t care what may or may not have happened–I still LOVE LOVE LOVE you ! You are an angel on earth and entirely blameless of everything!

  45. While I agree that Casey is innocent – there is no evidence, and the prosecution didn’t even have a story for how she might have done it – I do not think it is evident who killed Caylee. And I don’t think any of us will ever know. Sad, but sometimes you just can’t do anything about something.

  46. The way this was written I could swear it is you Casey who is writing all these facts, and started this site yourself…….we think alike.
    One thing that bothers me about your Father… in the site where he is showing us the donated boat for missing children, he is going off with words and “ALMOST” said “so kids don’t drown in pools, but quickly stuttered into saying something different and also gives the look of “holy shit what did I almost say here”
    I caught that Casey!
    I feel he covered for a POOL ACCIDENT, but you didn’t have a thing to do with killing her, I know that deep inside, I do also believe you were fooled into that somehow, just not sure of the preceding events prior to being scolded and made to feel guilty for “being Stupid enough to leave her unattended”.

    Your Dad was very stand offish and hard to deal with on the stand during the trial, but why would he be if he stood by his statements that you were guilty, he should have acted more accommodating to the Defence lawyers if he wanted you put away for good……something just isn’t adding up with all this……
    Casey you have to keep your distance just to save your Dad’s ass, That way everyone is still blaming you and it will look that way too, the old shell game, the same one used on the car to mislead everyone. You have been tried once, can’t do it again, your safe, Dad isn’t though…….. Just saying.

    BTW Casey………he forgot one other very important detail ( like the boat )……

  47. It has been 4 years since Casey was found innocent and I still have to say that I am grateful that she was cleared of all wrongdoing. I have loved Casey from the beginning and still do! She is one of the most beautiful and lovable women ever, and she deserves every good thing that life could bring her. It is a shame that she has had to drop off the radar the way that she has. I was hoping that she could have done a book deal or movie deal about the terrible ordeal that she was so unfairly put through, so that she could now be profitting financially and living comfortably as she deserves to. I always believed she was innocent and still do. But at this point, it no longer matters. Regardless of what happened, Casey deserves to be happy and free and living well financially. Casey, you are beautiful and an awesome person and we will always adore you!

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