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Dr Keith Ablow’s Trial & Verdict Analysis

Casey Anthony Trial: Is George Anthony Hiding Something? w/Dr Keith Ablow, Fox News – (includes George Anthony’s attempted suicide hoax and his serial molestation issues):

Is George Anthony Hiding Something with Dr Keith Ablow

Casey Anthony’s Parents know more than anyone else – w/Dr Keith Ablow, Fox News – (includes analysis of George Anthony’s serial molestation, Casey Anthony’s reaction and Krystal Holloway’s testimony):

Casey Anthony\'s Parents know more than anyone else

Dr Keith Ablow’s Theory on Casey Anthony’s “31 days” behavior / Fox News:

Dr Keith Ablow\'s Theory on Casey Anthony\'s 31 days behavior

Casey Anthony: Post Verdict Analysis w/ Dr Keith Ablow & Judge Napolitano / Fox News:

Casey Anthony Post Verdict Analysis w Dr Keith Ablow & Judge Napolitano


  1. LvsPnthers says:

    I have always believed Casey did not murder Caylee. I don’t know if Caylee was murdered or died accidentally. I believe George could have unintentionally killed Caylee while molesting her and put her in the pool to make Casey believe that Caylee drowned and then he told Casey to keep quiet and he would deal with “things”. I also believe Caylee could have downed accidentally. I have no doubts that Casey is a victim of sexual abuse. I have lived with an abuse victim and she lied about EVERYTHING, literally everything! Even when there was no reason to. She acted out promiscuously. She made things up that never happened in addition to lying. The behaviors are so obvious.

    This prosecution was a joke from the get-go. 84 searches for chloroform — oops, after the jury is already deliberating, they admit it was only once and tied directly to Casey viewing her boyfriend’s Facebook post, “win her over with chloroform”. The FBI forensics people disputed Vaas’ air testing machine as well as findings of abnormal amounts of chloroform in the car and on Caylee’s doll. The car was sprayed down with Febreeze and had cleaning products in it. The FBI says the chloroform findings in the car were within normal limits. The doll was wiped down with a clorox wipe. The FBI got another doll and wiped it down and both dolls showed the same chloroform levels. Wake up people, Casey did not use chloroform on Caylee. There isn’t a shred of evidence to support that she did.

    There was no duct tape found across Caylee’s skull. Two pieces of duct tape were barely snagged in some of her hair and Roy Kronk had moved that skull twice, and I’m not saying it was intentionally done by him to cause problems — it happened, that’s all. Law enforcement/prosecution is syrmising that they could take the tape and put it across the nose and mouth. But they have no evidence to support that. Could have. Might have. That tape just as easily could have been on the bag and got snagged in the hair when the bag was opened by Kronk and the skull rolled out.

    That’s it. That’s the evidence? An abused, grieving young mother who acted “badly” for 30 days according to “normal” people, searches for chloroform that didn’t exist, duct tape that can only be traced to George, duct tape that cannot be proven to have been used the way LE/prosecution alleged. Casey was crucified for 3 years over a Hot Body contest that turns out to have taken place before Caylee disappeared! The testimony about that contradicted the statements given in 2008! Which would be more accurate, statements given closer to the event or testimony 3 years later?

    This case was weak. The charges were not proven. The Jury reached the correct verdict. Now people should step back from the emotional frenzy that HLN, etc., have whipped them into and LEARN just how weak the evidence was. It’s time to move on with life and stop threatening people! Put your energy into doing something for your community to make it better. Hating Casey is a waste of time and energy. I truly hope that everyone will just move on and that Casey can also move on safely, more healthy with help, and productively.

    • Hi LvsPnthers. Thanks for your awesome post. You basically summarized the entire Trial in 5 paragraphs and very accurately! SJ

    • WOW! You, LVS stated it so beautifully. I am in total agreement with you that hating Casey should cease. Anger and hatred only turn inward on those spewing it. So sad really!

      Now on the Jurors. My goodness, why can’t we, collectively, as mature adults realize they DID THEIR JOB. We need to move on from the foolishness and work towards a more productive goal. I just pray Casey can fully recover from what she’s been put thru and make a good, decent life for herself.

      I pray everyday for God to reveal to the world what happened and who is responsible and is punished.

      May God bless Casey, Jose’ and the entire defense team. They were up against what seemed to be insurmountable odds – yet, they DID IT!

  2. SJ Here is an article I found you should read on Casey’s sexual abuse:

    • Hi Jon! Thanks for the link. I already had it and plan to include reference to it in a future post. It is very unfortunate, but Casey does match the full description in Linda M. Fossen’s article on the subject. A lot of that also ties in with Dr Sally Karioths’s trial testimony from 6/29, which I’ll be uploading to the site in a few days time. SJ

      • This was very hard article to read. it broke my heart to think Casey could have went through something like this. How could her family do something like this to her their own daughter? It is a wonder she survived. Her family are monsters.

  3. bubblybrunette says:

    i agree that the media created this story and worked it up by feeding lies to the public just to have a smear campaign out on casey from day one. its sad becuz even i bought into it at the beginning. i said please nail this bad mom she had to of done something. but you know what???i looked beyond nancy grace and dug deeper and when i did i knew their was no way she couldve harmed her sole life and soul caylee. she loved caylee and tried to protect her.. but she couldnt protect her from george…unfortunately. this is why the sunshine law is a bad thing to have becuz now everyone has already formed in opinion on casey and she is portrayed still to this day as a monster when she should be portrayed as a grieving mother..

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