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Dr Phil’s Full Interview with George & Cindy Anthony

Here are Parts 1, 2 & 3 (plus the full PDF transcripts) of Dr Phil’s interview with George & Cindy Anthony, from September 13th/14th & 19th.

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Part 1, “The Interview”: (Click here to download the PDF transcript from Part 1)

Dr Phil w/George - Cindy Anthony, Part #1: The Interview

Part 2, “The Revelations”: (Click here to download the PDF transcript from Part 2)

Dr Phil w/George - Cindy Anthony, Part #2: The Revelations

Part 3, “The Trial – The Truth”: (Click here to download the PDF transcript from Part 3)

Dr Phil w/George & Cindy Anthony, Part #3: \"The Trial - The Truth\"

MESSAGE TO GEORGE ANTHONY:  if you’re reading this – I ask you to do the decent thing here. Give it up. Quit bullshitting. Quit blaming Casey for everything you did. Quit playing games. Quit profiting from Caylee Anthony. Hand yourself in to LE. Confess to what you actually did on June 16th and afterwards. Take your punishment like a man. More importantly, CLEAR YOUR OWN DAUGHTERS NAME so she can at least TRY to get her life back. You took Caylee’s life, for GOD’S SAKE DO NOT TAKE CASEY’S LIFE TOO you lying piece of trash and no good worthless turd of a father (and grandfather).

Excerpt from one of Casey’s “Jail Letters”:

“Come to find out that she put a Trademark on Caylee‘s name months back, never told me, and even talked about doing the same with mine. This is the same time she publicly states that she plans on writing a book about this!

B-E-T-R-A-Y-A-L!!! I‘m so sick to stomach even thinking about this. I‘m the only person who has tried to protect Caylee throughout all of this, and it kills me! All my Mom talks about now is doing a public service for herself, because she needs to. I can‘t believe my own mother is capitalizing, or trying to, off of everything that has happened.

I had written her expressing my disgust, grief, and hurt, after what happened on Friday, this is before finding out all of this. And what happens when she meets up with Baez yesterday to read my letter? She laughs at the idea of getting caught with her lunch on Saturday. Laughs!

I can‘t take it Robyn. I can‘t I‘ve done everything possible to hold my family together and I continue to get stomped on, thrown under the bus, and it doesn‘t surprise me anymore when it happens. I have too many other things to worry about and now all of this! I‘ve officially lost my entire blood-related family in the blink of an eye, in the midst of mourning my daughter‘s death, trying to exonerate myself, and figure out what steps to take in achieving these things, and I get Fucked over by my entire family. I talked to Chaplain Gonzalez about it briefly, Cliff Notes version, and she wanted to cry. She told me my feelings are completely valid, and that I have to start looking out for myself. Not that I have a choice in the matter. They chose for me.

I know I’m not alone, that God is with me. I have my newly adopted family, and I have my Cookie. It’s just hard to now have to mourn the break-up of my family, and to move on. I’m doing everything that I can to forgive what’s happened, but I can’t. I can’t. God is going to have to hold my hand on this one and hold me to that promise – to unconditionally love them all and to forgive their actions.

My heart is broken : ( “


  1. Thanks for this! I think I’ll be seeing a shrink to get over my Casey addiction, lol. This story is the gift that keeps on giving. I have to agree a little with Cindy. I think Casey has something going on medically or psychiatric. I think she needs a lot of care now, and it sounds like she is going to get it. George needs to stop going on t.v., because he’s gonna slip up.(I wish)

  2. God, this is heartbreaking.

  3. Dr. Phil admits that none of us can say what happened here, that we don’t know, but somehow it was a failure of justice to find Casey not guilty. Isn’t that just a little bit insane, psych Doc?

  4. George is right about one thing. He lost his daughter a long time ago. When he decided to molest her at the age of 8 years old. He is reason his daughter is damaged. I don’t how he lives with himself. He is an evil man!

  5. In one of George’s FBI interviews on video, he is describing the day Cindy called 911 as a day when everything “snowballed”. Casey supporters who havn’t seen it should see it, because it’s pretty revealing to watch him use that terminology. One of the many revealing Georgian slips, I would say. I also like the several times he catches himself from uttering words HE thinks are damaging to him, such as “playing” (with Caylee), “kidnapping”, “in confidence”(when lying about talking with authorities in private). He should put that Bible he carries around up to his mouth to keep the little clues from spilling out.

  6. Are these videos no longer working? All I’m getting is a 3 minute add about video press?

    • Hi Cay! We had some unknown WP issues over the past 24 hours, so we’ve re-uploaded & re-hosted both videos on our own servers. They should now play ok without any further problem. They can also be embedded into other sites/blogs by clicking the envelope/share icon. Watch out for part #3 airing later today! SJ

  7. WTF is the shovel making such a big deal??? Caylee was not buried!!! Such obvious dumb questions from Dr.Philistine,the quack without a beak. Thanks for posting! Finally can view from uk via Hotspot Shield proxy server. George is sickeningly false here, why on earth they did this??? For george to wipe away his tracks with his crocodile tears? I almost feel sorry for Cindy, merely for having to wake up next to that every morning. Pity questions about what Cindys family have said are not asked! But then that would spoil the Philistines story.

  8. when will you post the third part???

  9. I think there is so much “evidence” that has not been brought to light. During this entire sad saga I find myself wanting to side with Casey.

    George seems like he wanted Casey to be put in prison. That is alarming and disturbing to me. How do any of us know what happened… truly? And since we don’t… how can we “blame” Casey. The Anthony’s believe in Christ… so they say. Their Bible’s say that Jesus died for even the sins Casey may have committed and eventually the Anthony’s… especially George… will need and are commanded to forgive their alienated daughter. If that would even be for their own sakes, that would be a good thing. George seems somewhat hardened. And I am somewhat alarmed that he is so angry that he would try to “get the truth” out of Casey in some harsh or violent way if they had contact with one another in the same location. Until George shows some empathy towards what his daughter has had to go through, then Casey is safer remaining in another state or country and in an unknown location.

    I mean think about how Casey has experienced this whole thing. She must have felt completely abandoned by her family, her friends, and society at large. She’s been set free by the jury and by God and yet she receives death threats by weak angry pathetic vigilantes. I pray for her often. I hope God can turn all this around for His sake and for the sake of Casey especially.

  10. Thankyou so much for putting these on as i can’t watch them any other way. I was just wondering if part 3 was going to be put on.

  11. I haven’t stopped watching/reading this site. I was wondering, am I overlooking the final interview with Dr. Phil or has it not been downloaded as of yet?

  12. I just can’t get over NOT reporting a child missing, yet waiting 31 days. What parent in their right mind would wait so long or a quilty parent. I agree that Casey is a very sick person, sad part she will never get the right help, especial if she has to do it on her own. I think she feels their is nothing wrong with her. She did nothing wrong at all. Well she is quilty for not reporting her child missing and I hope they pass a law that charges can be brought against someone who doesn’t report a child missing after a certain time. Casey is quilty of knowing what happen to her daughter, holding information concerning caylee’s where abouts, not reporting a missing child, lying to police and many others.

    • Hi. Read my post below for further enlightenment on the “31 Days” and the cover-up of events after that. SJ

      Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony:

    • Tlpowell……..Casey didn’t REPORT Caylee MISSING because she never was.WHY are you choosing to believe Casey’s parents ? It is documented all over the place that they have LIED since day one!! Obviously the law enforcement,state attorney,etc did not do their job & look at others besides Casey,then you would have more proof of just how much they lied.Casey IS getting HELP & NOT on her own.My feeling is that if Slimy George HANDLED everything….Casey did NOT know WHERE Caylee was.Open your mind to something other than what was has been spoon fed for 3 yrs by the media!! She is guilty of being born to these 2 IDIOTS.

      • i dont think we will wever know the truth . But do you really think that if the baby was drowned and george was involved and dispose the body, Casey being the way she is, was going to spend all those years in jail , without sayiing the truth, Its obvious she has issues with her father, even saying he molested her, so how come she took jail time for him ? that doesnt sound as someting she will do? and if she hated his father so much, and knew he was a molester, why she didint mind having that little girl around him all the time, even alone? I am a mother, and i will never leave my child with someone i couldn trust or knew had done bad things… The bottom line, she went to trial, and is free and that we must accept… at this point that family is so caught up in lies, and stories that the truth is far away to be known… but as a mother, even if we believed that baby drowned and it was an accident i will never understand, how can you at the very next day, go out, rent movies, stay in bed with the boyfriend and party like nothing ,,,,thats just not what a loving mother will do…no way..

    • I do agree!!!

  13. Is Cindy completely medicated in these interviews? She is slurring her words all of the time! Uggg!

  14. AWWWWWW…..she sounds so sad in this letter…..bless her heart!! sending prayers wherever she is in this mean world!! I hope she gets well soon ……… <3 🙂 <3

  15. Excuse me… but why should her parents question her movements? Why should they verify her employment? (Gosh as a mother of a 27 year old…. I would never ever do that!!) Is Casey not an adult????? hindsight… absolutely….. but seeing the beautiful photos of how Casey was with Caylee…. would I… as a mother… ever think that my daughter had done something to my granddaughter…NEVER. Leave these people alone…what parent would ever want to believe or could believe that their own daughter had done something to their ONLY grandchild.

    • I think they should question her movements because they were supporting her. If you are the mother of a 27 year old, would you continue to try and have full control over your child or would you encourage that adult to be more independent? Would you notice if your child was pregnant or would you chalk it up to athleticism or fibroids? They don’t want to be left alone. They want the spotlight.

  16. You do an AMAZING job here on this website. Is the third interview posted yet?

  17. are you going to have part 3 on here or is it already here and I just havent found it

  18. sally-anne chandler says:

    I cant seem to find part 3 on the net ether, I’m so interested to watch it. Will u be uploading it at all SJ?

  19. George! Really? She drugged Caylee? He KNOWS that is not true!Even the haters know that at this point. George was shaking when the first degree murder charge came back not guilty?Really?If he thought she accidentally killed the baby by drugging her, why would he want her to be convicted of first degree murder?And he just now comes out with this theory, first time Cindy ever heard that out of his mouth? He said he didn’t want her to be put to death. If that were true, he’d be so RELIEVED when that first charge came back innocent! IDK, maybe he is just a mass of contradictions and improprieties with a strong dose of scariness and greed. But I don’t believe him. And he can’t blame it on Jose’ anymore.

  20. George wanted his daughter to be put to death that way and take the fall for the crime he committed. That way suspicion would be taken off of him. He is an evil man!

  21. He is definitely a dark riddle.

  22. George wanted his daughter to be put to death so all his wrong doing will will disappear… why they aint said anything about giving them all a lie test… or is it that Casey lettin then digg them self a hole? Are what’s on that cell phone Casey had that she told lee did’nt work anymore…. casey i love you… :}

  23. On interview part 3, Cindy doesn’t seem concerned about Caylee. She said, oh George wanted guilty verdict because of what Casey put him through for 3 yrs, but is not concern that a guilty verdict should have been because of what happened to Caylee.

  24. nancywranovsky says:

    WHAT THE F@#$? did i just hear george say he took a voice stress test? notice he didn’t cal it a lie detector test. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD are you kidding me? i bet my own life that is not the truth nor reality. FOR SURE that would be all over the news. How could i miss that? What voice test would that be? sticking his thumb up his own ass? Does george realize it doesn’t count if he gave it to his ownself.

  25. I am shocked there was not one question asked to George about the duct tape, the duct tape that “disappeared”

    I would have asked these questions of George:

    what happened to the Henkel brand duct tape you brought with you to that command center?

    why were there 2 phonecalls between you and Casey during those 31 days and what was said?
    specifically the phonecall on the 16th of June

    How did you know that car was out of gas and that it had been sitting for 3 days at that gas station?

    Why did you call Caylees vagina a “pancake”?

    Why did Caysey not see a Gynocologist until she was 19?

    Why did you lie about having a job and borrowing money from Krystal Halloway?

    this was not a hard hitting interview in any way shape or form

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