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The “Lost” Jail Tapes, August 14th 2008

These 4 videos show a jailhouse visit between Casey Anthony and her parents, George and Cindy Anthony. Although other videos of jailhouse visits had been released at an earlier time, the tape(s) of this particular visit were not released, apparently by mistake. (The official reason is that they were somehow misplaced.)

The “Lost” Jail Tapes – Casey Anthony with George & Cindy Anthony,  August 14th 2008 – Part 1/4:

The “Lost” Jail Tapes – Casey Anthony with George & Cindy Anthony,  August 14th 2008 – Part 2/4:

The “Lost” Jail Tapes – Casey Anthony with George & Cindy Anthony,  August 14th 2008 – Part 3/4:

The “Lost” Jail Tapes – Casey Anthony with George & Cindy Anthony,  August 14th 2008 – Part 4/4:


  1. I’m so glad you have this site up, so I can learn more about this case. I don’t know if she did it or not. I’m thinking maybe not, or an accident. All I know is that this is sad.

  2. Specialk35freak says:

    So, in the first video…..Cindy tells Casey that the new story is that Caylee drowned in the pool. Casey says, “Surprise…surprise.” So, my question is….why doesn’t she just say..yes Mom, thats what happened and I have been trying to tell everyone that but no one believes me. Then in the second video, Casey says, “I have no one to comfort me but myself and the occasional visit, which has to be business for the sake of finding Caylee”. Then Casey says, “Seriously, this is the first time I have been angry”.
    None of this makes sense if Casey knows that Caylee has drowned. I’m sorry. It makes no sense.
    Help me understand.

  3. These tapes were played at her trail. Why are they being called “lost tapes”?

    • its called the lost tapes because the cops send Gerorge in to Casey in the jail, get her to write a letter to the sheriff,saying that she whant a meeting with her father, “if she writes the letter to the sheriff, we don’t need the lawyer”. So Casey wrote the letter, gave it to a guard, and the cops sprang into action, knowing full well that Baez would be in New York.
      Baze had to aks for it in a hearing, the cops ditten want the publick to know that they play dirty.
      Sorry for my spelling, but english is not my language, i am from Denmark.

  4. George’s reaction on the first video around 1:58. Reacting to the “media said she drowned in the pool” statement. Looks like something’s there, alright.

  5. Audra Blinn says:

    In video 1 George won’t even let Casey talk and the decides he’s done listening or rather he’s done not being able to talk and just hands the phone to Cindy!! Does anyone else see anything very wrong with this???

  6. Wow, I just watched these tapes for the second time. Cindy and George’s body language implies that they have a guilty conscious! Notice how many times Cindy hides her face when Casey mentions Caylee. Also, Casey would not be talking with such desperation in her voice if she had really killed her child. She was angry, rightfully so, because she was locked up so fast, and isolated from society. She wouldn’t have been so frustrated and angry if she knew in her heart that she had killed her child. Nancy Grace is an evil media whore who will distort the truth and lie to boost her evil ratings. To Casey, I have believed in your innocence from day one. I don’t watch the lies that media spews out. Good luck to you. I am praying for your happiness, and peace.

  7. I like the fact that at 8.10 You say that you want Caylee which makes me think they really didn’t do it. But I really wish there was more info to go on. There are so many different stories I just wish that there was only one, and that it was all facts about what really happened the day that we lost that little Angel.

  8. Kaley Peace says:

    My question is…. in all 4 of the videos above they all seem so clueless. Even when Casey and her father are talking.. your story says that Casey and George were there together when they found Caylee and that he told Casey to go off and live her life and he would take care of it.. how can they keep a straight face when they are talking on the phone? They all know what happened?

  9. Take these videos with a chunk of salt – all 3 know that the conversation is being recorded and on tape, they all know how to lie and have been proven to be great liars -all of them, I believe this entire video is a ruse or fantasy “keep repeating the story, muddy the water” and by the time the truth does come out no one can believe it because you have 3 liars pointing fingers at each other.

  10. Do other people notice how in the first of the videos’ that at 6:00 Casey seems “creeped” out and changes course about 180 degrees on GA and his conversation.

    I think that in a way the LE did Casey a big favour by arresting her and then Jose kept the Anthony’s away, allowing Casey to not be influenced by her parents. Also keeping her safe and for probably the first time ever allowing her to safely remember and not be at GA’s arms reach.

  11. GasCanGeorge says:

    GA drained the pool water also and then refilled it. Whatever happened with the midnight plumbing emergency… anyone know?

    • Hi GasCan…how do you know George replaced the pool water? I’ve never heard that but it would explain so much. Also I do remember hearing something about the Anthonys having a plumbing emergency. I remember too in a letter to Casey from Cindy that they had some flooding in the house but maybe that was because the hurricane went through. But then again maybe it was pool water seeping through the walls if George didn’t drain it correctly. Hmmmmm….

      • GasCanGeorge says:

        I read something wayyyy back but didn’t think much about it till now. I do believe the pool water was
        drained. I’ll have to go back and do some research, but if someone finds it lemme know….

    • Gascangeorge,

      All I know about the plumbing emergency was that it happened before the 16th? I think I read the 9th but don’t quote me on it. Cindy wrote a letter to Casey many months later saying that Caylee’s room had been flooded or that a pipe burst yet when ppl looked into the layout of the house, there were no pipes going into Caylee’s room. Some think that Cindy discovered something flushed having to do with Caylee which prompted her to call the authorities?

      I guess ppl think it’s strange that Cindy mentioned it months later to Casey in a letter, almost as if it was some code for something.

      • GasCanGeorge says:


        I remember that CJ,,,,,Was Cindy trying to provide yet another alibi? Like the infamous
        MySpace post? I wouldnt doubt it

          • Cindy says…..”.” I don’t know if Jeanene told you, about the water pipe we had broke on Friday, we had water from the pipe outside of Caylee’s room, leak into her room, mostly in her play corner – carpet was soaked and walls were damp. Everything is drying out but the carpet smells bad. (I better watch how I describe it they may take it for discovery). It’s amazing how even clean water can smell rancid after it sits for a while. Fortunately one of our church friends was able to come out and fix the pipe…
            Checks to plumbing dated 7-1-08

          • GasCanGeorge says:

            Rose, thanks a bunch! So this happened right before the MySpace entry. Okay, Cindy always seems to have an answer for everything long before it actually happens which for
            me always raised a red flag. She seemed to have the “Nanny story” down pat as well as Casey’s moves those 30 days, She dropped a story like she wrote it, or memorized it which leads me to believe Cindy Anthony is more involved and knew earlier on…IMO…..

          • GasCanGeorge says:

            Yeah, so where are the clothes that CAylee had on when she was with Cindy on the 15th?

            I always thought the video of Caylee visiting her great grandfather was odd. Odd meaning

            Caylee seemed scared, scared of Cindy Anthony! Just my own observation…..

          • The plumbing “incident” is also 1-2days ahead of the impromptu yardscaping where they used something like 23 bags of cement DURING a rainy pre-4th of July weekend when no cementing should have been done.

          • GasCanGeorge says:

            Hi Holly, how are you?

            Thanks for the reminder! I am hoping this case eventually reopens!

            I think I find out something new every time I dive back into this case!

  12. After reading Baez book, listening to these really puts things into perspective.

  13. If it’s true that they drained the pool could it be because there was DNA evidence?

  14. AnnaMae Johnston says:

    It also seems this flood could have been around the same time somebody was laying down a lot of concrete. I have tried to look at the photos, but I’m almost sure there was some kind of hose bib or water pipe in the general area of where the new concrete walkway was poured-in order to pour it, one would have to dig down a few inches . The kitchen pipes are also somewhat close to Caylee’s bedroom, but then again…the carpeting itself could have been flooded by excessive carpet cleaning in the 31 days and pipe breakage used as an excuse for cover up.

    Always interesting to go back and read to get more of a prespective of what all was done in the weeks prior to July 15/16, 2008. Still fishy that the date of Jun 8th was used as the 1st date of Caylee missing, so soon after CA left overnight to visit her father and Casey taking Caylee with her-There was a strong reason why she didn;t want to stay in that house with GA around. jmo.

  15. AnnaMae Johnston says:

    I watched GA’s reaction every time on those jail tapes and to say it is scary is putting it very mildly. It seems control was in order every time. The way he sat there with such a smug look on his face, the way it was put up. I’m sure Casey was correct when she said she was given a script or a list of demands. So evident she was hooked/forced into playing a sick game, a game that eventually almost cost her life behind bars or worse.

  16. Does anyone have information where and what Casey and Caylee were doing when everyone thought Casey had a job? Why did she need to lie about working and telling her parents Caylee was with the nanny? IMO There was red flags way before the “accidental drowning”. Why are they not investigating George and Cindy?

    • It was in Jose Baez’s book they hung out at various shopping centers and the beach. She lied about the nanny to protect Caylee from George. Casey felt she couldn’t trust anyone with Caylee. So, she got up and dressed for work and got Caylee ready like she was going to drop Caylee off at the nannys then got to work. George worked at night so she couldn’t leave him with Caylee during the day. Since George raped Casey she could never leave him alone with Caylee.

      • Jon,
        Thank you for your reply. I will read Jose Baez’s book since I have many questions. Not sure what to believe though. With the upcoming civil suits perhaps more information will come to light. I feel Casey needs to come forward and testify at civil suit. She should have nothing to hide and has nothing to be afraid of. Just put it out there and see where it goes.

        • I think Casey wanted to testify at the trial but Baez wouldn’t let her. Ashton would have ripped her apart and broken her. This time she nothing to fear since a civil trial is all about money.

  17. bubblybrunette says:

    ok my two when cindy says the media says caylees dead, that she drowned in the pool watch george. his head pops up and he looked ahead at dont tell then when she says surprise suprise he looks down like he has a sense of relief

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