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Casey foots the bill for even more OCSO incompetence

So after a few more shenanigans and an uncharacteristic flurry of activity from OCSO, Judge Perry has now decided to adjust Casey’s bill and take it up to $217k. That’s still way less then half the original amount the Sour Grapes State were shooting for, but in the big scheme of things the actual figure is irrelevant.

The fact is: If OCSO and Law Enforcement  had put the same amount of time & effort into properly investigating this case as they have getting their receipts in order (instead of that cretinous piece of filth Yuri Melich and his cohorts trying to frame Casey from day 1), then things would certainly have been different.

In other news, the latest issue of People magazine features Casey on the cover, together with a story about her life “in hiding”.  They also brought out a $3.99 Casey Anthony-themed book a couple of weeks back called “Outrage: The Casey Anthony Story”. That’s all well & good… but the only real outrage is that George Anthony is still walking around as free as a bird and cashing in left, right & center… even after his serial child abuse & aggravated manslaughter of Caylee Marie Anthony. So like I say, adding $119k to Casey’s bill really is a moot point.

Here’s a recent post from Jaylyn that sums it all up quite nicely:

“I have to say I have always thought that George Anthony has had something to do with what happened to Caylee, however I don’t actually think he murdered her. I believe that that Caylee did in fact drown in the pool, however George Anthony knew that he could never allow Caylee’s body to be autopsied because her little body would most definitely show the signs of his sexual abuse. He knew that his daughter would straight away point the finger at him because he had done the same to her. He knew very well that the best thing would be to make Caylee disappear. By the time her remains were found there was not enough left for them to find any signs of sexual abuse, therefore George could breath again and start to point the finger directly at his daughter.  Every time I have heard George Anthony deny the sexual abuse allegations I have never been able to believe him and I really do think that sexual abuse really lies at the center of the mystery, of what happened to Caylee Anthony.”



  1. Mark Hedderan says:

    Hi SJ-

    My sister and I both followed the Casey Anthony trial but we have 2 very different outlooks on what happened. I personally feel there is NO WAY this woman hurt her child and that her family was behind this but my sister says that I have no idea what I am talking about. I forwarded her the link to your site and told her that iit completely talks about why she was innocent and was completely set up by the Law in this case. She says there is nothing on this site, evidence-wise that proves she was molested or that proves her father did it, just that it seems to take Casey and her defense teams word for everything. Can you please post specifically the info on why (or the EVIDENCE) that proves why this was so. Also can u explain who you are and why you are NOT just in love w/ Casey becs of her looks, thats another thing my sister says and it has caused lots of arguments at family gatherings. I have already told her about the “fake” 84 chloroform searches but she keeps saying that the reason the law is making her pay now is becs she lied about the nanny and insisted her daughter was missing and alive and even if she did not kill her daughter, but knew she drowned, she should be made to pay for those lies thta required searches. I am so FRUSTRATED not knowing how to fight this. I want her to understand but I am not that best at explaining.

    Thanks dude,

    • Hi Mark! Thanks for your post, which raises a lot of valid points. I’ll try and cover them as briefly as I can and give you links for additional reference.

      Ok. According to one recent source, 86% of women think Casey is guilty, while 11% of men say she’s not guilty. The other 3% probably couldn’t care less. The reason given for the 86% is not evidence or trial based, but instead it’s based on many females being jealous of Casey’s looks. Whether this applies to your sister’s viewpoint is debatable, but highly likely.

      The arguments at family gatherings will just have to continue on that subject for now… but you’ll invariably find that she (or he) that shouts “Guilty!” the loudest, doesn’t really have a clue about the case specifics and is solely going on the duct tape, chloroform & decomp BS they’ve been fed in the media for the past 3 years. After all, it’s way easier to do that than to fully research the case. The majority of that group (the haters & bed-wetters as we call them) also do not want to know the truth. They wanted (and still want) Casey to be guilty – but that ain’t gonna happen. Ever.

      As for me, I gotta plead the 5th on the specifics. Yes, I know where Casey is. I know she’s doing as well as can be expected… and I know she’s healing – but I can’t tell you any more than that.

      On the molestation issue: No, there is no “evidence” in this site that proves Casey was molested… but Casey does show every indication that she was molested. I also believe GA molested Caylee. Click this link to see what I mean about the abuse indicators:

      The “fake 84 chloroform searches” is a proven fact. There was never any decomp in Casey’s trunk. The duct tape & chloroform were also never used as murder weapons. The lying is very debatable too. Casey was forced into lying due to having to cover for George Anthony’s antics. The Nanny never existed, as stated by JB during the trial. I say the lying charges are debatable because Melich never gave Casey her Miranda rights @ Universal prior to her making those statements. This was one of many errors from those incompetent clowns @ LE, including their handling and attempted cover up of Roy Kronk’s calls.

      If you haven’t read my earlier post – “Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony” – here’s the link:

      Enough. Let me know if I missed anything.

      Regards to your sister.
      Later dude!

      • SJ, How do you know where Casey is? I hope she gets the help she needs. Does she know about your website? I hope she does. it might give her some hope if she knows others believe in her. I’m just so sad for her. I hope she gets well. I really do.


        • Hi Jon! Thankfully Casey is getting the help she needs. I’m not sure whether she’s aware of this website, but no doubt she’ll stumble upon it at some point in the future. One step at a time. Thanks for posting! SJ

  2. SJ, if you know where she is, maybe you know how to correspond with her? If so, you should tell her to get on this site and talk to us people who want to wish her well.

    • Like many of you I would love to let Casey know that I believe in her, KNOW all the WRONG that the LE, prosecutors, FBI, George, Cindy (etc) did to try to ruin her life. But at the same time there is no way I would want her to get online & risk her safety. With all the LUNATICS out to get her, they would find a way to trace it back. SJ has our email addresses & maybe one day when it IS safe Casey can contact us…. the ones who DO honestly believe in her & have since day one. During the trial I kept emailing Mr Baez’s office Thanking him for helping & believing in her. I feel somehow Casey is getting the message that she DOES have support. I feel like thats one of the many self serving reason George wanted to go on Fake Phil. He KNEW not EVERYONE went along with his BS. I think he is still running scared. His day is COMING! I spent the weekend watching the trial over again & KNOW WHY ASS ASHTON left the same day. A few others SHOULD have! The Judge is one of them! SJ keep up the good work for this good cause. My family is actually listening more to me now, when before they only thought I was an IDIOT!! So… Thanks again SJ!!

      • Hi Marilyn! Great post, and thanks for your kind comments. Some things can’t be rushed, and I’m not sure whether it’s viable for Casey to be online & corresponding right now, but hopefully that will change in due course. No situation ever stays the same and change is constant after all. Take care! SJ

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