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Casey Anthony – Trial costs hearing UPDATE

After a delayed 10:45 kick-off,  this morning’s Trial Costs Hearing finally got underway… with LDB & Frank George representing the Sour Grapes State, and Cheney Mason & Lisabeth Fryer once again flying the flag for Team Casey.

The hearing started very interestingly, with the State’s 1st witness, Randy Means (State Attorney’s office) denying all knowledge in relation to the particulars of the 4 counts of “lying to LE”. The other witnesses didn’t perform much better, with their total lack of understanding regarding the equation of hours worked versus costs incurred. The State wheeled out Sgt. John Allen (OC Sheriff’s office) as their last witness.

To all intents and purposes, way too many people at the Attorney’s Office, Orlando PD/MBI, FDLE & OCSO did very little aside run around like headless chickens, then attempt to duly overcharge for it.

In summing up, Cheney Mason stated: “I think it is time that Lawson Lamar’s office ACCEPTS the fact that they LOST this case.” Well said.

He also highlighted the fact that the Sheriff’s Dept. (and Deputy Kane) failed to act properly in not following up on Roy Kronk’s calls in August 2008. Cheney Mason concluded by highlighting the overcharging hydrologist who could only confirm the Suburban Drive area had never been underwater, and therefore was not asked to testify by the prosecution. Even The Laughing Guy’s claim of $31.50 for buying himself a book from got a mention.

The outcome? Judge Perry needs more time to think it all over and has given both sides until next Friday to submit additional info.

So today’s hearing just finished with a bemused looking Judge Perry… a happy looking Cheney Mason & Lisabeth Fryer – and a very ruffled looking LDB.

As an interesting side note — not only did the FBI decline to submit a request for reimbursement, but the Department of Corrections generously followed suit by deciding not to invoice Casey for 3 years bed, breakfast, evening meal (& solitary confinement) in their establishment.

CLICK HERE to see the FULL VIDEO from today’s hearing.


  1. I do believe Casey is100% not guilty of murder!! I do pray for you every day. Can’t believe how media can do this to a young girl. God Bless you Casey!!

  2. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    I don’t see how, in The United States of America, you can make a defendant pay for a criminal trial that said defendant WON? Well, I don’t see how you can make a defendant pay for a trial even if they lost, but, that’s besides the point. The prosecution made up lies and other false evidence and used them to try Casey for something (three things) she DIDN’T DO, so I don’t see how they can make her pay for that. If someone does, tell me, I’ll be happy to debate them on that, but I think we’re all pretty clear that a defendant cannot be made to pay for a case that said defendant won.

  3. I will say this, Mason is nothing but an awsome Attorney. He read and re read and nailed them all. Casey Lied on July 16th through October 25th, Not July 15th through December or should I say July 15th till 2010.. Casey should only pay less than half of that $500,000.00. The Other Should be against Cindy and George Period. Tim Miller is sueing the wrong person. Casey never called him or anything. The reason why Casey didnt show where the body was is because Cindy Barged in and said, “Dont tell where the Body is”. Leonard Padilla can back that up. Now to the Nanny case, The Nanny isnt not Latino. She is white and her name is Cindy Marie Anthony. This chick wasnt identified by Casey Anthony and Casey Told the Police Zaniada didnt have any tatoo’s. This chick does. She wants Blood money. Period…

  4. Law enforcement is who should be paying for incarcerating someone when they had exculpatory evidence that would prove her innocence, which is illegal to not disclose, and knew they had no evidence of any guilt or even involvement. They lied about a “death hair,” no HUMAN decomposition, no heart sticker ever found on forensic examination, duct tape was NOT over the mouth, no coffin flies, no biological fluid, DNA, fingerprints, and on and on. They are the ones who should be behind bars for misconduct and malicious prosecution. Ashton has a history of convicting innocent people — he has been accused many times, but they always let him off with a slap on the wrist, and Perry and Ashton along with others were sued and had to pay damages about 10/15 years ago for convicting a homeless man as a rapist with no proof and the same kind of underhanded corrupt tactics, and later DNA proved someone else committed the crimes. Now this scumbag Ashton is going to make a fortune off the book he is writing because the ignorant public with the lynch-mob mentality who bought Nancy Grace’s crock of bull are dumb enough to buy it. Needless to say, the justice system needs DRASTIC REFORM! And I agree with others that Casey truly had a “Dream Team” — most people would be getting the death penalty because 99% of the time power-hungry abusive prosecutors get away with the same kind of crap Ashton pulled.

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