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Roy Kronk (1st T.), June 28th 2011

CLICK HERE to see Roy Kronk’s 2nd testimony, June 29th 2011

Roy Kronk. Orange County Meter reader.  Says he found a skull. Then he didn’t. Then he did. Says he lifted “the bag” 4 feet off the ground. Then said he didn’t. Then he remembers where it was. Then he forgot. Then he was gonna be rich & famous. Then he wasn’t. Then he made $30,000 from appearing on TV talking about rattlesnakes and what he could & couldn’t remember about his skull sightings. Strange thing is – every time Roy spotted the skull on his numeous RE-visits to the same spot to releive himself, it was in a different location. Oh, and he’s also famous for quotes likes these:

November 2008: Roy Kronk calls his son (Brandon Sparks), and tells him; “I found Caylee’s remains. Watch for me on TV cos’ I’m gonna be rich & famous!”  (Note: this is actually 1 month before Caylee’s remains were discovered).

December 11th 2008: Roy asks Law Enforcement: “Will my ex-wife find out about the reward if I get it?” – and – “Do I still get the reward even though she’s dead?” and “Roy’s gotta eat too!”  Same day, he tells his boss (at the scene): “Alex, I just won the lottery!”

(Sidenote: According to one of his 3 his ex-wives (Jill Kerley), Roy has a history of duct taping women, inappropriate relationships with young girls and showing a 6 year old porn – plus a bunch of other stuff to boot.)

Then OCSO ask Roy to “keep quiet” and hire him a lawyer.  He had control of Caylee’s remains for several months – plus (unlike his Son, Brandon), he refused to allow a search of his phone records. His PC was never confiscated… and he was never investigated. I just don’t trust this guy as far as I could urinate into a swamp.

Here’s Roy’s 1st testimony.

Roy Kronk (1st testimony), June 28th 2011, Part 1/3:

Roy Kronk (1st T.), June 28th 2011, Part 1

Roy Kronk (1st testimony), June 28th 2011, Part 2/3:

Roy Kronk (1st T.), June 28th 2011, Part 2

Roy Kronk (1st testimony), June 28th 2011, Part 3/3:

Roy Kronk (1st T.), June 28th 2011, Part 3

CLICK HERE to see Roy Kronk’s 2nd testimony, June 29th 2011


  1. This guy is just ridiculous , he can not keep his story together he is all over the place . He says to the cops, I was 6-8ft. away from the bag , then he says I was 30 ft. away . HE did not touch the bag , but then he says he lifted the bag 4ft. in the air and he felt the remains shift ! Dear God you can go on and on with his LIES . How could they not get this guy for lieing to the court .

    • AnnaMae Johnston says:

      I really never gave this guy much thought except to think he was being a nosy nora of sorts and glommed on to with-in-ear-shot information and kept going down to Surburban, then found Caylee- hit paydirt. But yea, going back and reading this stuff, it does make one wonder what the heck WAS going on because he says he felt something shift-Really? Then imo, it was he who caused the remains to get scattered because just maybe he came along and lifted that bag enough for it to come undone-tape and all (Cough)and that’s when the remains were scattered? Wonder why he didn’t take a photo of the bag being lifted 4 ft. off the ground-or any photo for that matter??? Not having a camera is no excuse either, he could have gone right down and bought a disposable 1 for $10- if he didn’t have one in his phone. Oh yea, I forgot, he or someone who was with him took that REAL important photo of the snake, and that was so important over the bag?…How?

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