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Defense Opening Statements, May 24th 2011

Defense Opening Statements, May 24 2011 – Part 1/8: (starts @ 4:09)

Defense Opening Statements - May 24th 2011 - Part 1

Defense Opening Statements, May 24 2011 – Part 2/8:

Defense Opening Statements - May 24th 2011 - Part 2

Part 2 includes reference to:

Sexual abuse.
Casey’s world.
Casey’s love for Caylee.
“Zanny The Nanny”.
Casey’s pregnancy.
FBI paternity test.
June 16th 2008 – The tragic swimming pool accident.

Defense Opening Statements, May 24 2011 – Part 3/8:

Defense Opening Statements - May 24th 2011 - Part 3

Part 3 includes reference to:

The pool ladder.
June 17th 2008 – Cindy Anthony tells co-workers someone is in her pool.
The tragedy that snowballed out of control.
George Anthony protects himself.
The gas can incident.
June 24th 2008 – George Anthony reports gas cans missing.
June 17th 2008 – Det. Wells visits house. George Anthony fails to mention “gas can fight”.
George Anthony states car “smells like a dead body”.
June 30th 2008 – George Anthony tells FBI about “gas can fight” with Casey.
Gas can & duct tape photographed August 1st 2008 (at Publix).
August 1st News crew interview George Anthony – duct tape visible behind donation jar.
George Anthony & Krystal Holloway affair & text message from Dec 16th 2008.
George Anthony breaks down, tells Krystal Holloway about Caylee – “It was an accident that snowballed out of control”.
Jan 22nd 2009: George Anthony failed suicide attempt.

Defense Opening Statements, May 24 2011 – Part 4/8:

Defense Opening Statements - May 24th 2011 - Part 4

Part 4 includes reference to:

George Anthony did not kill Caylee – it as an accident, not a murder case.
Morally bankrupt Roy Kronk’s discovery – took Caylee’s body & hid her. The $225,000 Reward.
Caylee’s remains found only 20 feet from roadside.
For 6 months, thousands of searched + hundreds searched off Suburban Drive.
EquuSearch & Police search. Area only underwater for 10 days.
August 11th 2008: Roy Kronk stops off Suburban Drive with 2 co-workers.
Roy Kronk “99.999% certain he’s seen skull”. Calls 911 same day.
August 11th 2008: Roy Kronk reports suspicious vinyl bag. Police see nothing.
August 12th 2008: Roy Kronk meets Deputy Kane. Finds nothing.
November 2008: Roy Kronk calls his son (Brandon Sparks), and tells him; “I found Caylee’s remains. Watch for me on TV cos’ I’m gonna be rich & famous”. This is almost 1 month before Roy Kronk finds Caylee’s remains.
December 11th 2008: Roy Kronk urinates in same wooded area off Suburban Drive and finds Caylee’s remains.
Roy Kronk had control of Caylee’s remains for several months.
Police “massage” Roy Kronk’s testimony. Kronk’s story changes r.e. skull.
Roy Kronk asks police officers at scene “Do I still get the reward even though she’s dead?”

Defense Opening Statements, May 24 2011 – Part 5/8:

Defense Opening Statements - May 24th 2011 - Part 5

Part 5 includes reference to:

Roy Kronk’s next question to police; “Will my ex-wife find out about the reward if I get it?”
December 11th 2008: Roy Kronk states to his Boss (at the scene); “Alex, I just won the lottery”.
Police ask Kronk to stay quiet. Kronk responds; “Roy’s gotta eat too”.
Orange County hire a lawyer for Roy Kronk.
Roy Kronk’s first media interview (on “Good Morning America”). Kronk licenses them a photograph of a snake. Kronk receives $15,000 for the “exclusive interview”.
No evidence that links Casey to Caylee’s body.
Snake autopsy.
Roy Kronk refuses to allow phone record search. Kronk’s PC not confiscated. Kronk not investigated.
Sgt. John Allen pointing at Caylee’s remains off Suburban Drive [photo evidence produced].
Caylee placed there to be found (not hidden) by Roy Kronk.
Gail St. John video’s prove, early August 2008, area where Caylee found not under water.
2 PI’s (one month prior to Caylee being found) were searching the area where Caylee was found. They found nothing.

Defense Opening Statements, May 24 2011 – Part 6/8:

Defense Opening Statements - May 24th 2011 - Part 6

Part 6 includes reference to:

June 16th: The day Caylee drowned.
June 20th: Casey runs out of gas for first time.
Casey calls Tony Lazzaro – they break into shed & steal gas cans.
After filling car with gas, Casey opens the trunk.
Tony Lazzaro smells nothing. No sign of any decomposition.
Casey puts gas cans back in trunk.
Police question Tony Lazzaro, he states he smelled nothing in or around the car.
June 24th 2008: George Anthony files police report. Alleges “fight” happened.
Tony Lazzaro’s apartment complex with dumpster [photo evidence produced].
Casey was staying there. Threw garbage in trunk of her car and forgot to throw it out.
This is actually where “the smell” comes from.
Garbage [photo evidence produced]. Police take garbage (“evidence”) and dry it out so it does not smell. Garbage intentionally dried out by police. Destroyed evidence.
Garbage in car for close to 3 weeks.
Car is towed June 30th 2008.
Tow truck driver smells nothing. Tow yard company send out notice after 4 days.
July 15th 2008: George & Cindy Anthony pick up car from Tow yard.
George Anthony asks witness to open trunk of car.
States he smells “dead body” in trunk.
George Anthony does not call Casey.
July 15th 2008 (same day): Cindy confronts Casey about Caylee. Calls 911. Cindy relays to George that Caylee hasn’t been seen for a month. George says nothing.

Defense Opening Statements, May 24 2011 – Part 7/8:

Defense Opening Statements - May 24th 2011 - Part 7

Part 7 includes reference to:

Forensics regarding the car. FBI lab state they cannot confirm the 1 hair found in the trunk came from a dead body.
The search dog – returned inconclusive evidence due to false positives & handler bias.
Same dog taken out to Suburban Drive. Nothing discovered by dog.
The air sample. Dr Vass flawed experiment & bias specifics.
Prosecution searched all Casey’s clothing & home – taking every piece of clothing Casey had. Tested for blood/stains. All came back negative. Tested all Casey’s shoes for soil samples from Suburban Drive. All negative. Textile fibers (found on Suburban Drive) tested & compared to car & home content. All negative. Duct tape tested. No fingerprints found. Duct tape tested for DNA. No DNA found from Casey or Caylee. No forensic evidence to tie Casey to this. More tests carried out – all came back negative.
Prosecution trying to tie Casey to the car evidence, of which there is none.
Details on false statement given by George Anthony regarding chasing Casey down the 408 in Cindy’s car. Toll records didn’t exist.

Jose Baez Statement:
“At the end of this case, when you go back home… and you’re back in Clearwater, and you’re sitting around the dinner table… and someone says to you, “Why did you find Casey Anthony not guilty?”… you’re gonna say – well, I was fed a wealth of information, like a V… all this information came… but it all boiled down to one thing… they couldn’t tell me how she died… they couldn’t prove this was a murder… they couldn’t prove this was a manslaughter case. There was no evidence of any child abuse. And that’s why we voted not guilty.”

The prosecution in a murder case is supposed to prove their case beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt.

Defense Opening Statements, May 24 2011 – Part 8/8:

Defense Opening Statements - May 24th 2011 - Part 8

Part 8 includes reference to:

No cause of death. Homicide by undetermined means.
Jury is asked, individually and collectively, to render verdict of not guilty.

——- Defense Opening Statements End——-


  1. I believe George put that baby in the back of Caseys car. Without Caseys knowledge. Casey talks of the car smelling and she abandoned the car for some reason. I still am not certain who placed caylee in the woods. I believe a some point casey found the baby in the trunk. I also believe that George knew that car was at the amscot that casey abandoned the car there what I really would love to understand are the jail videos of George Cindy and casey. I realize every one is aware that they’re being taped. That is dysfunction. At its worst or best?

  2. I will admit that I was a staunch believer that Casey was guilty until I read Jose’s book, I watched the entire trial live believing she was guilty. I am glad I bought Jose’s book now revisiting the trial and the complete lack of evidence presented – I have done a 180 and now believe Casey is completely innocent and I am disgusted that the state of Florida never looked at George Anthony – Jose says in his book that Casey told him George called her twice during those 31 days – once at 3PM on the 16th to tell Casey he “took care of everything” -evidenced by phone records Casey had no access to, and again on July 8th or 9th – I believe to tell George that the car was out of gas at the Amscot.

    Jose’s book was fantastic 5 times better than Ashtons (I read both). Jose did a better job Investigating than the state ever did, he says in his book he tried to disprove what Casey told him about what really happened and he couldnt – the evidence speaks for itself, Jose changed my mind.

  3. Everytime I hear Jose say the line “I am just George, your average everyday Grandfather” I crack up
    especially at Georges “my dick just got kicked in” look on his face

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