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Casey Anthony – Video Deposition Release Hearing Today

In what seems like a revolving door of frivoluous Casey-related suits & hearings… this afternoon it’s the turn of Morgan & Morgan again, as they continue their pissing match by trying to get Casey’s recent (and very uneventful) Zenaida Gonzalez video deposition released.

Casey will again be represented by her civil attorney, Charles Greene. If the judge rules for release, it’s likely the 45 minute deposition video will be released right away.

More news as soon as we have it…

UPDATE: No decision today. A ruling from Judge Lisa Munyon is expected within the next 10 days.

Here’s the latest from featuring John Morgan making a complete asshole of himself – which he does with effortless ease…

Judge Delays Ruling On Casey Deposition Release - Casey Anthony Extended Coverage


  1. Marilyn C says:

    HA HA HA!!!! The Judge said there will be a ruling made in 10 days whether to release the depo!! At least they didn’t get it released TODAY like they thought!! I guess Morgass isn’t as smart as he thinks he is!! They were bragging all over the internet along with everyone else that it WOULD be released TODAY. WHAT is the damn rush??? I don’t get it. Why exactly do the IDIOTS want this released so bad?

    • I don’t know how things work in Florida, but I worked for a court reporting business here, and after a depo (even video there was still a written transcript by a court reporter), the deponent gets 30 days to look it over and make changes and sign that they have had the opportunity to check it over. After that, the depo is sealed and delivered to the attorney to be used at the trial. I have never heard of a depo being made public. But that’s probably stupid Florida laws… everything is public record.

  2. Grandstanding even in a hearing. If he dreams of going to the restaurant her Baez and Walters dined, then he would know the name of the restaurant.

    Civil suits in the wake of not guilty verdicts really bother me.

    • Me too, Tony. It would seem they are a mask to avoid people looking at them. Sort of like how the first person to phone the police is always the victim. If they file the civil suit before her, maybe they can keep her down and out long enough to avoid any consequences for incompetence or even flat-out corruption.

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