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Casey’s video: More Jealousy Fuel for the masses!

After a relatively quiet start to 2012, the floodgates definitely opened yesterday with the release of Casey’s first Video Diary update!

 I believe we were one of the very first sites to post the full video… quickly resulting in many other sites & major news networks linking to the post & video (including CNN & Fox). That was awesome in itself, but a couple of hours later (and with 200,000+ YouTube views thrown in for good measure), all that resulted in the perfect storm and an impromptu server meltdown :mrgreen:

So if you checked the site a few times yesterday and got a blank screen and/or a strange error message, that was the reason. It happens that way sometimes. No worries. Thankfully we were only down for a few hours, but we’re already gearing up to move to new servers to save any future repetition.

To say yesterday’s video caused a Media frenzy would certainly be a gross understatement. Whether the video should have been released in the first place is still up for debate, but if it was an insider leak (and it looks like it was) then no doubt heads will roll.

In the video, Casey looked healthy & well (and just as awesome as ever) as she talked about her new PC, phone, camera… her new dog… and her future plans for after probation.

Make no mistake – Casey Anthony IS Titanium!

Here’s Mini Update #2 (all 9 seconds worth) – just in:

Casey 9sec Video-2

Quick Update: The original video we uploaded has now had over 333,000 views in the first 36 hours:

WE LOVE YOU CASEY!!! :mrgreen:

PS. Here’s a link to one of my earlier posts — “Casey Anthony’s Awesomeness – “Jealousy Fuel” for the masses!” It kinda explains how Casey never fails to bring out the best (and worst) in some people with effortless ease – and the reasons why…


  1. Marilyn C. says:

    Hi Everyone…WHAT a day yesterday was huh? I couldn’t get on here at all,even up till the am this morning! Looks like Our Sweet Girl knows how to make an entrance!! I am surprised all the TV’s didn’t blow up with all the crap spewing out! It amazed me just how much analizing they could do on a 4 min video! I think I wrote on another site that I was so happy that Our Sweet Casey got Asston off of the TV!! I was getting deathly sick of seeing him on every channel! Looks like she outsmarted him AGAIN! For all these people who wanted nothing to do with her sure did get it in gear to see the video(including crash our site).I was just HAPPY to see & hear from her & know she is doing OK….it just hurts me that they are picking her to pieces.We Love You Casey!!

  2. Glad you’re back and running! Hope you get some more supporters from this lil media blitz too>3

    take care, sonja

  3. Thanks so much for reporting and supporting Casey. She has a friend in me! So glad to hear she is well and hopefully protected.

  4. So awesome that you are in good spirits! F— the media! Don’t let ’em get to you… you are a strong woman. Things will get better, looks like they’re already starting to. 🙂 Stay safe & healthy… never back down!

  5. This is my first posting on her entire case since it started. Casey…….you go girl. I hate the ducking media. You go through a trial by jury….your peers….and they say not guilty. Outstanding, but the ducking media and people and their bias opinions fuck Shit up. They said not guilty…..not guilty is what I say. BTW……..she’s still a fine woman. Love ya girl!

  6. Ashton is Bitter says:

    Watch this revealing clip from the Orlando newspaper today. In it, a bitter, troubled Jeff Ashton spews what apparently is over a decade of repressed hatred for his former boss, the Orange County State Attorney. Sounding like a small child who didn’t get the toy he wanted from Santa, Ashton lashes out in pathetic frustration, demanding that the State Attorney treat him like a good boy. Watch:,0,3084945.story

  7. Loved the second video as well! Love the Nose ring!

  8. Nicki Fan says:

    Ugh, SJ. TLC is showing a new documentary called “Caylee Anthony Case” and they’re being mean to Casey using their OPINIONS. Can you upload this so we can point out the flaws?

  9. Sorry your computer was hacked Casey, but glad to see you are doing good. Hopefully you will get an early termination from probation and will be done with it by February. Moving on to your new life will be great with that behind you. It was rediculous that you were ever put on it anyway, since you had already completed it. There are plenty of people who continue to wish you well. Keep your head up!

  10. Dr.g special just on tv what a fucking joke.

  11. M Whitten says:

    I thought the videos were so mundane and pointless and I wondered why anyone in the media would give it any attention at all. It was obviously not meant for anyone to see, and it was labeled a diary for God sakes. I’m sure Casey knows that if she wants people to see a video, she could start a website and charge people $19.95 a month to hear what she has to say.

    Everyone was all like “she didn’t mention her daughter!!!” Um, yeah, why would she mention her daughter. It’s been over 3 years. I’m sure Casey doesn’t go around all day mentioning her daughter unless it’s relevant to a conversation.

  12. The videos are a good thing, right? Casey will likely be done with her probation in just a matter of weeks and can continue to put out those videos like any other person who chooses that option, right? Personally, I believe it is a great option for her and she may get more offers to do more activities simply based upon her success with these videos. Millions and millions have viewed them already. Not too many people have such a following; either out of admiration for Casey or because they are jealous of Casey.

    • Yes! The Videos are a Good Thing! They were the best thing to happen! People were starting to forget. Now it gives her another chance to cash in. Who knows an Interview, Book, Movie She deserves it too after all she has been through!

  13. WOOOT!!!

    Love your new hair and glasses! Makes you look sexy as well as pretty smart.

    Casey looks completely different.., I’d never have recognized her, though I hope it won’t put her safety and chances of anonymity at risk.

    All the best to you in the future Casey. Hope everything works out for you, and you’ll get the happiness, peace and love you deserve!

  14. Casey and hew puppy were on Wesh News of Orlando Florida last night

    Here are some pics. They are so adorable!

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