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Why Hating the Haters is such a bad idea

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I handle The Haters. That’s an easy one. I don’t. I know they’re out there (even though the numbers are dwindling) due to some posts we receive. That can’t be helped. But what I don’t tolerate are any hate-related comments in this site. Thankfully the filters pick up 98% of the hate-filled BS and I delete the rest. Simple as that.

You see, “hating” is a very crappy thing to do and it’s also very counter-productive. I see it like someone supporting a football team but spending all their time hating against their next opponents or local rivals. Why waste time & energy doing that when you’d be far better off supporting YOUR OWN team?

Following on from that, a few people even suggested we start up a “We Hate The Haters” site or FB page or something similar, but that again would be a waste of time. Why even acknowledge them by dedicating a website to them? It wouldn’t make any sense.

Instead I prefer to concentrate on the POSITIVES – and I do that by getting the TRUTH about the Trial out there to as many people as possible – or should that be as many people as WANT to know the truth.

The thing is, a lot of people don’t. They have a closed mind on the subject. They were somehow privy to vital information & critical evidence that even the multi-millions of dollars blown by the deplorable prosecution couldn’t produce — and they “know” Casey is guilty. More to the point they still WANT her to be guilty just so they can draw a line under it and walk away. Nothing would have pleased them more than a death sentence being handed down to an innocent person. At least they would have “got” someone for it – and they could have celebrated accordingly. Sickos.

In fact while writing this post, the following comment was posted on one of our 300+ YouTube videos: “I don’t care whose found guilty, only that someone is!!!”  That’s the typical anyone will do approach for you.

As for finding Casey guilty – that’s just NOT gonna happen. Ever. Casey has been innocent right from day 1. She always has been… and she always will be. Innocent / Not Guilty / Acquitted – call it what you will. It all means the same. I’m not sure which part of NOT GUILTY many people still don’t understand.

So look, it doesn’t matter one bit WHO it is… Jose Baez, Cheney Mason, Lisabeth Fryer, Geraldo Rivera, LDB, The Laughing Guy, Pam Bondi, Perry & Strickland, Nancy Dis-Grace — even the awesome Casey Anthony herself — everyone is “doing their thing”… they’re doing what they’re meant to be doing… whatever that may be… good, bad or indifferent… and they’re operating at their best level. It’s just so happens that the torch-bearing Haters are doing the same. The only difference being that they’re operating on a much lower level than everyone else.

For example: Even with far more important stuff going off out there… like terrorism threats… Libya… numerous horrific child abuse cases… hurricane Irene… earthquakes… 69 teenagers slain in Norway… EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THAT, all we ever heard from The Haters was: “WE DUN CARE BOUT’ ALL DAT – WE WONNA KNOW WHERE CASEY IS!!!”

WTF? I mean, really… WTF?

In addition to none of the Haters having a life, I can only put their actions down to them either being jealous of Casey’s undisputable & stunning beauty… her celebrity status… her soon-to-be-claimed fortune… her overwhelming Not-Guiltyness (I just invented that phrase)… her total all-round awesomeness – or maybe all of the above. Either that, or they’re simply sad sorry spiteful pieces of self-righteous crap, with nothing better to do but hide behind their keyboards and spew out garbage. It’s gotta be one or the other.

A lot of them also choose to hide behind their fake interest in “Justice For Caylee”. Yes, we all want justice for Caylee… and hopefully one day that will transpire – but you do not get justice for Caylee by acting like an asshole… disrespecting the verdict or by disrespecting & hating on her mom.

Anyways, like I said – no big deal. Regardless of all factors… we all plough on and “do our thing” and I plough on here doing my stuff with the website. I only posted this because so many people had asked me for feedback on the subject and I got tired of replying individually.

In the meantime, and above all else… all we can do is hope & pray that Casey heals so that one day she too can move on with her life. At some future point she will. Casey certainly deserves to, because she’s already endured & survived a hell of a lot more than most people out there could ever endure.


Support Casey --- Let the Waters Rise video


  1. KSinCFL (Karen) says:

    The fact is there are people whose minds are closed. They don’t care about the truth. Look at all the incidences of “hate” and you will find it stems from ignorance in most cases. I’m not referring to “ignorance” as people being “stupid,” I’m talking about people who are not exposed to or willing to consider “both” sides of an issue. I’m sure any expert on bigotry will back me up when I say that “hate” is a bi-product of ignorance.

    The hard core Casey Haters have followed this case from jump. Their opinions and understanding of the so-called “facts” were reaffirmed over and over, time and time again through 2 and a half years of endless tabloid entertainment shows. They closed their minds to any contrary factual based opinions long ago and just like members of the KKK, Skin Heads and Al Qaida, those people will fight to keep their hatred. I personally have NO USE for people like that because in the end it isn’t about Casey Anthony, it is about the complete and utter disrespect and disregard for the Constitution of this great country and the Civil Liberties and Civil Rights of a fellow citizen.

    So to all the Casey Haters: Go ahead, hate Casey as a person all you want. Hate what you erroneously “believe” she did. Men and women have died fighting for your right to have that opinion. It is your right to not like her, but damn it don’t mess with her civil liberties because then you’re messing with the rest of us too! Then you are no better then those who attacked our country 10 years ago!

    The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is a few days away. If America was founded on the principles adopted by many of the Casey Haters, those terrorists would have selected a different country as their target! For it is the VERY SAME FREEDOMS Casey Anthony Haters wish to deny Casey that the terrorists likewise deplore and attacked us for. Think about it.

  2. I just stood up at my desk, raised my fist and shouted out loud “HEAR HEAR” like I’m stuck back in the Salem Witch Trials or something. I find it fascinating how many people seem to believe in a good vs. evil type of world. Even if that were true, it sure seems people have evil and good mixed up.

    She’s already endured & survived a hell of a lot more than I could handle, that’s for sure! I admire her strength greatly.

    Not-Guiltyness is now my word of the day – thanks for coining it!

    • I would agree that people form opinions based on the behavior the accused portrays , then compared it to an overgeneralized “normal” reaction or what they think they would have done. I fine it silly
      same with the revenge thought process… people should pay for the actions they do, but evidence should be the name of the game ,and points from all sides should be considered- not quick to take sides / go to a black and white world for the taking of extremes is ridiculous on either side of the spectrum.
      With Casey I do not know if she did it or not but the evidence the prosecution had was not enough to convict..( and even I would have voted to let her go based on the evidence they had)..nor did the media help for after being found “innocent” by our system she should be able to move on with her life, and be given the chance to make something out of herself… why, I think trials should not be broadcasted for most of the time regardless people want to see blood , and we need to make sure guilty or not they get a fair trial. It would be best if we trained our children from a young age in schools how to be objective, how to analyze data, recognize a poorly constructed experiment, etc….

  3. I have been watching the Casey debates on FB. It is interesting to me how the anti-Casey crowd does not consider legal logic to be real logic. They say that is all courtroom reasoning and anyone with common sense knows for a fact that Casey is guilty. I actually think there is a real, legit reason why we proceed the way we do in a court of law – but the haters don’t see it that way. I find it very disturbing, because I really think we should assume that acquitted persons are innocent. Otherwise what’s the point of having an objective legal system in place? Why not just throw people out on the street to the angry mobs? The way our culture is going, I really think a large number of people would be okay with it.

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