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Casey Anthony – ZG case hearing (9/1)

A case management hearing is scheduled @ 8:30 this morning – in relation to the civil suit filed by a woman we’d nearly all forgotten about, Zenaida Gonzalez.

ZG & John Morgan whine on about their client’s “reputation” having been “ruined” over the issue – but they forget the fact that ZG never had a reputation to ruin in the first place… and any ruining of her non-existent reputation was solely down to the media circus & speculation – and not Casey.

Jose Baez & Co. have stated all along that this lawsuit is frivolous, because Casey had awlays maintained that this woman was not the Gonzalez she knew.

Casey Anthony has a civil attorney for this case, Charles Greene, who’ll be requesting Casey’s deposition (scheduled for October 8th) to be taken at a location unknown to the public. The location had earlier been announced by Gonzalez.

Rest assured that if anything remotely interesting happens today, we’ll post the details here. You can also tune in to “In Session” to see it live, although it is only expected to last around 30 minutes.


  1. good luck casey

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