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Casey v ZG Update: Secret Video Deposition set for October 8th (video)

In the case hearing this morning regarding the Zenaida Gonzalez civil suit, Judge Lisa Munyon confirmed that Casey Anthony can be deposed from an undisclosed location by video link. She also added that the deposition would not be broadcast, despite the request of ZG’s clueless attorneys for another media free-for-all & possible PPV event.

Casey’s attorney, Charles Greene, also confirmed he would be filing a motion for the video and transcript of the deposition to be sealed and not released to the public… and indicated that Casey will likely claim her Fifth Amendment right during the deposition and will not be answering any of the questions. A provisional trial date has been set for April 9th 2012.

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Casey ZG Update Secret Video Deposition set for October 8th


  1. Good for her. Way to Go Casey! I’m getting tired of the Casey Anthony Lynch Mob! Such a Hateful, Ugly bunch.

  2. I am so happy that Casey’s civil attorneys are fighting just as hard for her rights!! They are trying to say that Zenaida Gonzalez LOST her home & job when this all came down. If I remember correctly, when this all happened she was living at Motel 6 & had no job…. so WHAT did she lose? If her Casey HATING attorneys would have kept her away from all the cameras, nobody would’ve even have known who she was. She doesn’t even have the SAME NAME!! Look at the card she filled out at Sawgrass Apts. It all came out in Cindy’s deposition. Mr Morgan has tried for 3 yrs to get inside this case.

  3. Finally, a site with real unbiased facts. Thank You for putting this page up.

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