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Charles Greene on ZG’s deposition & deception

After more than 12 hours of questioning, ZG’s deposition ended around 9pm last night. According to Charles Greene, ZG’s “memory became dimmer and her deception became clearer” as the deposition progressed.

Here’s a buoyant Charles Greene and a burnt-out looking ZG commenting on news after the event:

ZG after depo news 11-22

We’ll post the depo transcript/video as soon as we have it.


  1. Mr, Greene,
    My name is Julie, I have stood by Casye’s side since day one. I wrote to her over 100 times over the three years she was in jail. I know she knows my name. Please mention it to her, she can call through private call, anytime. I have safe place for her to go when this is over. I want no money, and no media. Just want to help Casey. I miss writing to her so bad. Could you please mention my name to her. I sent Birthday cards, letters, and pictures to her. Like I said at least 100 times. I have contacted Baez, Mason, her parents, everyone I could think of. Please sir, just mention the name. Thank you so much. My resources are running low. I have even bought clothes for her.

    • I wonder what her dumb Parents had to say…. I think they did this Crime Not Casey. Casey saw it and was told by Cindy and George to Lie and go on with her life like nothing ever happend. She was accused of Lying and stealing money and she was found Guilty of those things but that is it. She should not have lied and stole money from others. But does that equal Murder? No. Zenaida, get the fuck over it. What you said to your daughter, “I can’t afford you” is nothing short of shameful. You dont ever say that. That makes the children feel like a liability and feel un wanted… Oh heres another thing you dumb Bitch, GET A JOB and stop Having us pay for your children that you made.

  2. This civil suit it outrageous, just plain stupid. It’s a waste of court time, and, with our poor economy it is costing the tax payers thousands of dollars.

    I propose we get up a petition and send it to the Attorney General requesting the Civil Suit be dismissed because this lawsuit is a financial burden on tax payers. Ms. CZG has not been slandered. Most of the world believes Casey is responsible for the death of Caylee.

    Casey is innocent and should be left alone. Enough is enough.

    God Bless you Casey.

    • Lily:

      I’m with you re: the petition ~ where do I sign? CZG was merely questioned at the beginning of this tragedy. She’s the one who pur her face and name out there. This whole lawsuit thing is ridiculous, IMO.

      SJ: Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do. Casey is a winner IMO, and I thank God she has YOU in her corner. Let’s go get ’em! 🙂

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