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M&M request release of Casey Anthony ZG Deposition Video

Following on from Casey’s uneventful video deposition this past weekend in the Zenaida Gonzalez civil case, ZG’s lawyers (Morgan & Morgan) have now made a request to Judge Lisa Munyon asking for the deposition video to be released to the media. Looks like the next pissing match has just started.

Here’s the latest from

Casey Deposition Video May Be Released


  1. This is stupid. She gave them nothing.

  2. This all about (Moron & Moron) getting some media hype and free advertising, I am sure they are doing this for the glory, because this woman has no money… she has been made so destitute becasue of Casey… she looked like she was doing good on TV! This is stupid, she did not say anything, I am so glad she was in disguise… not much the media can do but make fun of her. Stupid attorney… she was flairing her nostrIls… PLEASE! Idiots!

    • Casey Anthony’s lawyer should use as evidence (if it gets that far) where melich tells her he saw surveillance video of the sawgrass apt. and she shows NOWHERE over there. So how could she have gotten the name from this woman who was there during that month? I hope it gets thrown out.

  3. Since when are depositions made public? This is so stupid I can’t believe it!!! I hope this judge acts appropriately and doesn’t allow it to be made public. I hope this case gets thrown out…it should have been already. It’s the definition of frivolous!!

  4. Just wanted to say that here in central Florida, Morgan is the butt of many jokes. He’s ubiquitous ~ all over the t.v. with his cheesy lawsuit fishing commercials, and many billboards. Yes, he’s part of our lives, but don’t worry Casey, we are all laughing at HIM! We’ve been doing it for years.*sigh*

  5. That girl in Ohio shopping doesn’t look a thing like Casey Anthony besides that Casey’s boobs aren’t that big and no one gains weight that quickly

  6. Justice for Casey says:
  7. Thank goodness for her attorney Charles Greene phoning them with his intentions to file an emergency motion to seal the video. Seems like he called them just in the nick of time. It also seems like they just want to keep this thing going & going & going. Just like the energizer bunny lol

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