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Casey v ZG: Morning hearing scheduled w/Lisa Munyon

UPDATE: Judge Lisa Munyon will be making a decision on ZG’s deposition Thursday or Friday this week. SEE VIDEO BELOW.

A hearing on the motion to delay ZG’s 11/22 deposition is scheduled for this morning @ 8:30 am (Orange County Courthouse) – with Judge Lisa Munyon [more details here].

Click here to read the 3-page “Emergency Motion For Protective Order” document (PDF)

Here’s the latest report from after the hearing. Keith Mitnik is obviously just as clueless as John Morgan when it comes down to it.

Casey ZG quick hearing held 11-9


  1. John Morgan says Casey has “received a lot of benefits”…WTH??? Yeah, being tried and convicted and downright crucified in the media and court of public opinion is a real benefit…he’s an idiot! I’m sure Casey would like to be able to attend a deposition without having to be in costume, hiding. I’m sure she doesn’t like recieving death threats…but it’s idiots like him that continue to make things worse. I wouldn’t say Casey is getting any kind of “special treatment.” It’s because of the media she has been vilified. This lawsuit is just plain stupid.

  2. Beyond stupid, Jill. I think it’s more fabricating of evidence. More corruption and greed and possibly something even way more sinister underneath all of that.

  3. I just don’t see how answering most of the questions can incriminate her. Some of the questions have nothing to do with ZFG and are obviously a fishing expedition and I can see not answering those. This is so obviously not the ZFG Casey is talking about. Are Casey’s lawyers just messing with ZFG’s lawyers?

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